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Skinny brunette teen asshole rammed by big black dicks interracial and gangbang
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Oh shit.He. And the story continues: Oh shit.He still likes me.Before you get confused, let me explain.Last time me and Valentino sae each other was our last time together.I was saying our goodbyes at the airport.When I got to him, he wanted to talk.I still remember our exact conversation.The guilt haunted me for years."Gaby.You can't leave.I-I think I l-l-love you.Y-you can't leave.Please." He looked about to cry."Val.I want to stay.I can't.I have to go.Please understand.I promise hot sunnyleone sex full movis see each other again.And I-I swear, we WILL have that date.I promise." I was about to hug him when I felt my mother's arms around my wrist, gripping me tightly.She pulled me away from him.I stryggled but that wretched woman had a good grip.Valentino was held back by the guards."No!" I heard him yell.I stopped struggling since it was no use.I looked at him one more time.I started to cry silently.Not sure if I was going to see him again.Valentino was my protector, my shoulder to cry on, my everything.We looked out for each other.I had to admit, I loved him, too.Back then.

As I'm staring at him right now, all I could see was.nothing.No emotion crossed his face."Gaby! Help us!" I heard Hunter from upstairs.I turned and ran upstairs.Fighting back tears."No.You can't.Snap out of it.You're with Ryan.Don't forget what he said on the phone before." I said to myself.I reached Rory's room.He had a big bruise on his stomach, a big cut on his arm, and a small one on his lip."Hunter.First aid kit, NOW!" I said rushing.Hunter ran into the kitchen and came back with the first aid."Rory, this might hurt.The cut's a little deep.Probably from some broken glass.Bite down on this." I said putting a popsicle stick in his mouth.He bit down on it.I started putting the disinfectant on him and I heard the stick snap.I took two stick and put it in his mouth.I took a damp cloth and started to clean the cut.I took the needle and thread.I saw Hunter close his eyes shut and Ryan turned around.I pressed the needle in and started with his stitches.I held onto his hand as I kept stitching.He gripped my hand tighter each time I peirced his skin.He spit out the popsicle sticks."Fuck!" He screamed."Shh.It's okay.We're almost done.Don't worry, baby." I said rubbing his knuckles with my thumb.A few more to go.I saw the guys downstairs run through the doorway.As soon as Micheal saw Rory, he flinched.He turned and walked out, his head down.I kept going until I was done.I finished off and put a bandage on his arm.He let mom cory chase bangs with lily rader and her bf of my hand.I heard him give a sigh of relief.I looked up and smiled at him."Don't move.You lost a lot of blood already.If you want to live, don't move much.Or suddenly.Got it?" I asked him raising my eyebrows.He gave me a small smirk."Yes, ma'am." He said with a slught chuckle."Fuck you, Rory." I said getting up."I hope that's an offer for later." He replied.I laughed a little and kissed his forehead."The bruise will be fine." I said turning the T.V.

on for him."If you need anything, just yell." I told him.

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I faced the boys, still looking at me."Yes, I can be nice if wanted.Now get out, show's over." I said pushing them out the door.They all went different directions.I went to go look for Micheal."Micheal?" I askedvwhen I heard some noises in the garage.I slowly opened the door and went in.He looked at me like a deer in head lights.I slowly walked over to him."Hey.You okay?" I asked sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall."No.Sorry about that guy.What was his name?" He said putting his face in his hands."Rory.It's fine.As long as no one gets shot or dies, It's fine." I said putting my hand on his shoulder.He looked at me.That was when I really saw what he looked like.He had light brown skin, red lips, a slightly smushed nose, a slept in looking hairstyle, a cartiledge peircing, an eyebrow and lower lip peircing, and brilliant blue eyes.We stayed there for a while.Looking at each other.His hair covered his other eye.Which I noticed was always covered for unknown some reason.I reached out to move his hair away.He closed his eyes for a minute.I moved his hair and put it behind his ear.He slowly opened his eyes.My own widened as I gasped."Micheal.Your eyes are different colors!" I felt like slapping my forehead then.No shit, Sherlock.He chuckled."Yeah.They are.Thanks for telling me." I stuck my tongue out to him."Does Eli have friends that have normal eyes?

I mean, seriously.Valentino's is greyish purple, and now yours is different colors.Please tell me that the twins are actually HAVE normal eye colors." I said getting up and leaning on my car.He was still sitting down with one knee up and his other leg stretched out in front of him."No can do.Go look.It's not 'normal'." He said using quotation marks when he said 'normal'.Yeesh where were these guys from?

"Why'd you use quotation marks when you said normal?" I asked him raising an eyebrow.To my surprise, he laughed.He saw my confused expression and stopped."Oh.You were serious.Okay.I used them because yours don't seem ordinary to me, chicka." He said relaxing his head against the wall."Huh?" I said with a confused expression."Your eyes.I don't think that dark almost black purple is.'normal'." He said getting up.I crossed my arms over my chest.He opened the garage door and walked over to his bike.

"I'm going for a ride." He said as he climbed on.I nodded and moved out of his way.I walked into the house and to the living room."Vince! Carlos!

Get your asses over here!" I called for them.They came walking in from the game room.They saw me and raised an eyebrow."Come closer.I don't bite.That hard." I couldn't resist adding.They exchanged a look and came closer.I walked over to them and looked at their eye colors.I retreated with shock clearly on my face."Holy shit.He's right." "Huh?What are you talking about?" Vince asked."Micheal.He told me you guys had.unusual eye colors.They're green." I said.I could see them relax.Their eyes changed color."Holy Fuck!

Now they're blue!" That time, I slapped my forehead."What?You haven't seen she want a double penetration and a cum shot eyes change color by their moods?" Carlos asked.I shook my head no.They burst out laughing.I slightly pulled my skirt up.They stopped immediately, eyeing my legs."My eyes are up here." I said clearing my throat.I heard a cheer come out from the gameroom.It belonged to Rory.He would be fine.

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"What are they doing in there?" I asked walking to the door.Carlos and Vince followed me.I walked in to see that they all surrounded the ping pong table.I saw that Valentino and Eli were going against each other."Tournament?" I asked Ry."Yep.Valentino beat all of us.He just has to beat Eli to win." He said guiding me to the table to watch."Ha!" Valentino said with a final hit.The winning hit.Hunter started taking money from the guys.They were betting?

Okay. "Hey.Valentino.Can I play against you?Don't hold back." I said grabbing a paddle.

"Everyone pick your bets and grab a chair.Whoever gets 20 first, wins.Winner gets the money AND gets to do anything to loser." I announced.There were a few 'ooh's from the room.Valentino served it.I passed it back.He hit it harder.I yawned and said "You bore me, Val.Come on!

Don't hold back." He raised his eyebrows.I nodded once.He hit the ball harder.I almost missed it.I hit it in the direction where he could never get it.A corner.The ball hit just the tip of it.Point!I saw jaws drop at my hit. "Yes! My serve.Hand it over, Valentine." I said to Valentino.The game kept on goung like that.When Valentino realized I was aiming for corners, it was too late.The score was 19-14.With me in the lead.We started a rally as I kept aiming but he kept hitting.I thought for a second.I have to stop the corners and start aiming somewhere else.But where?

The idea came to me right when Val hit it towards me.I hit it to the side.I win! Ry came over to me and gave me a congratulatory kiss.I turned to Valentino to find him staring at me.I walked over and gave him a hug."Thanks for letting me win.I know that you never miss at ping pong." I whispered open your mouth and suck on my tiny toes his ear.He nodded and hugged me back.

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I pulled back.The boys started teasing him about getting beat by a girl.Most of them bet on Val.Except for Ryan.Sexist fuckers."I will never live this down, will I?" We all laughed.I got $80 in a few minutes.Yay.