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Sexy nicole alone whole day masturbating webcam masturbation beautiful
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We have what were looking for Chapter one We used to be close As a young boy I had always enjoyed going to the family cottage with my parents. We always crammed as much activity as possible into the month of July: sailing, swimming, going to movies in the evening etc. I had always enjoyed a close relationship with my parents but this all seemed to end when I turned 15.

Suddenly I hated being at the cottage, wanting to be anywhere else, feeling like I was a prisoner within the confines of my parents' world. To make matters worse I was not allowed to bring my own friends, but my parents, of course, were constantly welcoming their boring friends to the cottage. July was hot, as always, and I tried to maintain my mental health as day after boring day passed without anything exciting to do.

For a 15 year old this was hell. The only thing that seemed to interest me was windsurfing and my twice daily jerk-off routine, which I sometimes dragged out as long as possible to heighten my interest level.

I could not wait to get back to the big city and see my friends. Without my usual stack of porn I was forced to lie in bed and close my eyes, thinking about my female friends back home.

The third weekend in July arrived and my parents had announced that one of the new interns at the hospital where my father worked would be joining us for a few days. She had some time off and was on her way to see her parents who had a cottage fairly close to us. Her name was Catharine and I had never met her before but my parents described her as a very quiet and shy girl. I translated this to mean she was ugly yet this seemed to be a perfect break from the 40 something couples that usually joined us at the lake and I anxiously awaited Catharine's arrival.

By this time I did not care if she was a knockout or butt ugly, I just needed to see a youngish woman! Friday night arrived as we went about our business, waiting for Catharine, hoping she was not caught in rush hour traffic. 7 PM, still lots of natural light outside and we heard the tell-tale sound of a car horn up above. My parents walked up the steps to greet our visitor as I waited patiently in the cabin. What seemed like an eternity passed until finally the trio walked through the front door.

I immediately stepped up out of my chair to greet our guest with a handshake. "This is Catharine" my mother announced as we shook hands. Catharine smiled at me, our eyes meeting and then parting. Being a horny young male I had already sized her up quite thoroughly. She did indeed have a certain air of nerdyness to her, perhaps not the 'babe' I had hoped for, but she was certainly cute in her own right.

She had medium length curly brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin and was quite tall, perhaps as much as 5 ft 11. As for her body, it was difficult to tell under all the loose clothing but it seemed she was neither skinny nor fat, perhaps a little on the hippy side.

Still, I thought, she was not a bad looking gal, and probably just needed something, or someone, to break her out of her somewhat shy and nerdy attitude. For someone who was no doubt close to 30 years old she had a certain younger flair to her, you might say innocence, that I liked very much.

My mother escorted Catharine to her room, the one beside mine, and the two talked for some time as Catharine got settled. Friday evening passed and I watched Catharine with great interest, examining her moves and watching how she conducted herself. I was quite flattered when she repeatedly laughed at my jokes, almost making me feel like the adult I was not!

As the night wore on it became evident that Catharine was not seeing anyone at the moment. In fact, she seemed to take great pleasure in running herself down for beautiful girly lesbians loving with erotic toys pantyhose erotica being able to attract men.

We joked some more to lighten the air but I sensed that despite her incredible success in the professional world, she was lacking something in her personal life.

The evening broke up as Catharine announced she was going to bed. We watched as the door closed behind her, images of her naked body already whirling in my mind. Another beautiful day broke as Saturday arrived and we all met at the table for breakfast.

As before, Catharine was outfitted in a rather baggy sweat top and matching shorts that seemed to hide all her curves. What was she hiding in there I wondered as I looked at her up and down. At age 15 my skills of scoping women had not been refined and I felt as if she caught me more than once looking at her lines. Catharine seemed to take this all in stride as I looked her over, undressing her with my eyes at the breakfast table.

We made small talk until breakfast was over and then we teenage sluts get banged in a threesome blonde and cock ways, she going to read and me to sail.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter two Your possesions are now mine 2 PM Saturday afternoon, the heat from the sun had made sitting almost unbearable, as we all decided it would be a perfect time for a dip.

Catharine agreed and shot up to the main cabin in order to get changed. Finally, I thought, I will get to see what she is hiding under those bulky clothes.

My brother and I jumped in the water to play football, thoughts of Catharine once again dominating my mind. My family and I continued swimming as Catharine walked back to the cottage to get changed for swimming. A few minutes passed and my younger brother and I played with the football in the water, my mind actually clear of sexual thoughts as I concentrated on playing with the ball. This concentration was short lived, as I turned in the water to see Catharine walking down the path towards us.

She was wearing a towel around her mid section, hiding her hips, but there was no hiding her top. She was wearing a very nice one piece suit and it was very obvious that Catharine had been hiding something in there. Behind her suit were two very large breasts, being pushed up and back. My mind was vacant now as I stared at her jiggling down the walkway towards us, her long cleavage exposed for all to see.

Sure she had a bit of a tummy too but that didn't matter to me as I imagined her tits without that suit. My brother and I tried to focus on the game but I could not, seeing Catharine walking around the deck was giving me an underwater hard-on that was difficult to ignore.

Catharine jumped in for a quick swim but it was short lived and I was too embarrassed to swim with her for fear of looking like some perverted teen. Catharine jumped out of the water, once again wrapping the towel around her large hips and long athletic legs. From what I had seen I had no clue why she was not with a boyfriend. She seemed perfectly lovely and very sexy, if not a little on the big side. Still, I wondered, what would she be like in bed. Even at 15 I was already having these thoughts and now I was obsessed with her as I watched her bounce out of the water, her body dripping water everywhere she stepped.

Watching Catharine lounge in her swimsuit was too much for me to handle. At 15 I was horny to begin with, but now seeing this busty single woman in front of me, my dick was on fire in my shorts. Stepping out of the water, I picked up my towel and walked past Catharine and my parents, my eyes focussing on her boobs as I excused myself from the gathering.

With a growing hard on and a pounding heart I walked quickly up the path towards the cottage, closing the door behind me and making a bee line for Catharine's room. Within seconds I was inside her room, her door closed behind me as I scanned her possessions. Catharine could not have made it easier for me: her entire wardrobe was laid out on the bed. Walking to the bed, I was presented with her cotton top, her shorts, her panties and fat and huge boobed bbw wrestles in the ring of all, her huge white bra, laying over the edge.

I knew this was wrong but her bra was calling out to me, the pressure in my pants increasing as I sat on her bed, admiring this woman's clothing. I picked up her bra and admired it, it seemed a little more conservative than the slinky ones I had seen in Playboy but knowing it was Catharine's was turning me on beyond belief as I fingered the side panels and pushed the cups open to their full size.

I could not believe I was now touching her underwear, having just spoken to her seconds before. I was still in shock at how big she was, and even more so that she was constantly single. Was she a lesbian I wondered, what was the deal? She was pretty, full figured, smart, rich, she seemed to have it all.

With stealth and cunning of a seasoned voyeur I played with her underwear as I felt my dick stiffen to an almost full length in my bathing suit.

Something had to be done about this I thought as I rubbed her cups against my bare skin, the feeling of silk and satin making my cock throb for more. I rolled her bra into a ball and stuffed it in my pocket, exiting the room, a huge bulge in my shorts as I ran towards my own room, checking along the way that the coast was still clear and leaving a trail of dripping water everywhere I stepped.

Alone in my room I knew time was of the essence as I sat on the edge of the bed, pulling my shorts down to my ankles and watching my now throbbing tool spring to life in my hands. Catharine's bra was making me shake with excitement, knowing it was hers, feeling the material, but most of all seeing how kittens fuck fellows asshole with huge belt dicks and squirt cream the cups were.

I pulled the tag back and read with delight, 38D. Now I knew her size I thought, how had she hidden this from me all this time. Right now I didn't care, I just had to get off, and fast. My cock grew longer and harder as I rubbed her bra over my balls and shaft, my hand starting to rub up and down, jerking my shaft slowly at first as I watched the material move over me. I contemplated spraying my load right onto her cups but quickly realised it would be impossible to cover this up.

With my tool in one hand and her bra in the other I jerked off feverishly, feeling my balls twitch as the material came in contact with my love muscle. My thoughts were dedicated to her as I imagined what she must look like in her underwear, or how it would feel to be able to squeeze her melons late some night.

I continued rubbing and stroking my cock as I played with her bra, not wanting the feelings to end but knowing I had to cum quickly. Even silly actions like hooking and unhooking the back drove me wild as I stroked and rubbed as pre cum dripped out the end onto her cups.

I knew it would be idiotic to make my mess on her bra but seeing my precum all over it turned me on even more, perhaps deep down wanting her to know I was touching it as I leaked onto it. As I rubbed and stroked, my balls began to throb, I was beyond the point of no return, I had to cum now as I frantically jerked up and down imagining Catherine on her knees in front of me. With one last pump I closed my eyes and felt cum squirt in the air as I gasped "Catharineeeeeeee".

I continued rubbing and stroking as my cock twitched and spewed cum all over. As I opened my eyes I was shocked to see that for the first time in years my cum had shot much further than just the tip of my right hand and sprayed onto her bra below. I was screwed!! How could I clean up this mess without her knowing? Each time I touched her bra, my sticky fingers would deposit a little more man goo. The more I panicked, the worse it got as I looked down in horror to see the right cup and side panel absolutely covered in thick hot cum.

With my trusty box of Kleenex at my side I carefully cleaned up the mess but it was no use, the more I rubbed the more it spread. I knew the stains would take hours to dry as I felt my heart rate quicken. As I frantically looked for a way to resolve the situation I heard the front door open, followed by the unmistakable sounds of my mother and Catharine conversing.

Now I was REALLY screwed I thought, as I held Catharine's cum soaked bra in one hand and my zipper in the other, knowing I would publicagent morgan strips off and gets fucked my a fake model have the time or opportunity to give it a quick rinse.

Chapter three Empire bays finest (Quickest) My mind raced as I tried to imagine what her reaction would be: would she tell my parents or would she be ok with it. Returning her bra was the biggest issue now as I frantically wondered how I would get out of this mess. I tucked my shirt back in my shorts and calmly exited the room after nearly 10 minutes of worrying about my next move and removing the cum.

As I walked into the living area my heart sunk as I saw that everyone was now gathered at the table, including Catharine, still in her bathing suit and towel. Now I had to be smart, I had to return her bra without her noticing.

Catharine and my mother chatted away busily as I paced around them, Catharine's sticky bra stuffed in my pocket. With each second I could feel my heart pounding as I waited for the moment. Feeling the time was wearing thin I walked past Catharine's room and furtively pulled the bra out of my pocket and threw it on the bed. The bra was gone but it was no where near where I had found it, not to mention the crusty stains I had added. With one passing glance over my shoulder I was relieved to see it back in her room, but crestfallen to see the stains, visible even at this distance.

At this point I was too embarrassed to look at Catharine, instead looking at my parents for some sign that they knew about my escapades. My parents seemed to be acting normally, making small talk about the lake and swimming. After a few moments I gained the courage to look at Catharine, smiling nervously at her as my eyes scanned her endless cleavage.

Catharine returned andy san dimas in one fuck over the nurses cunt smile, acting as if nothing had happened, her eyes seemingly lingering over my bare chest and then back to my eyes.

As the minutes wore on I became confident that no one knew what had happened. yet. My timing had been perfect, Catharine stood up and announced she had to get out of her wet bathing suit and into some dry clothes. I watched nervously as Catharine closed her bedroom door behind her to get changed. I took this opportunity to get cleaned up myself, as my dick had been welded to my shorts due to the lack of clean up time.

Catharine emerged from the room a few minutes after I was finished in my room. She looked just as pretty as always but something seemed different to me.

Within a few more minutes I became aware of what it was, Catharine was wearing the same cotton top, but it seemed as if she was braless underneath. Did I ruin her only bra for this weekend. Someone of her size could not hide this very well, as her breasts hung pendulously and swayed every time she moved.

Surely she was uneasy about this fact and would be pissed as hell that I had done this. The worst part was there was no hiding the guilty party, I was the only one who had been up here during the swim! As always, Catharine seemed to act normally around me, not even looking at me in a different way.

Maybe she liked the freedom, maybe she always did this on the weekends I justified to myself as I watched for any sign that she was annoyed with me. The evening progressed and we all laughed and talked, Catharine jiggling every time she moved and my eyes focussing on her every time she did so.

I wondered what she was thinking every time she looked at me, occasionally giving me long lingering looks deeply into my eyes. Catharine excused herself at 11 PM and retired in her room to read. The entire night had passed and she had not even given me one dirty look or knowing glance. Chapter four Fear I couldn't sleep, things were getting bad and they were only going to get worse.

Sunday arrived, Catherine's last day at the lake. Breakfast was served promptly at 10 AM as we gathered around the table. My eagle eyes had instantly spotted the tell tale shadows of bra straps underneath Catharine's top. I was relieved to see her wearing it, however, it all but discounted my 'weekend' theory.

Catharine and I once again joked around as if nothing had happened, her attention seemingly divided more towards me than my younger brother. After the table was cleared my family and Catharine announced they would go for a swim and scattered to their various rooms to get changed.

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I indicated that I would stay upstairs to finish the dishes, using this as a decoy in my attempts to see Catharine's bra one last time. The foursome left the cabin and headed for the water in their bathing suits as I carefully crept towards Catharine's room, keeping a watchful eye on their progress at the same time.

With the same cunning and quietness as before I shuffled through Catharine's belongings, flipping her sheets back. Seconds wasted away as I tried in vain to see her underwear and bra, seemingly hidden from view.

The pressure mounted as I riffled through her belongings, wanting to find that 38D for one last time. Catharine must have known, she has hidden all her stuff I figured, feeling deflated in the knowledge that I would not be touching it again. My mind told me to leave at once, but my dick was on fire and told me to make one last attempt: the suitcase. With the room totally scoured I pulled the zipper open on her bag and started pulling at her clothing in a desperate attempt to feel her undies.

No use, I could not find anything. With a feeling of pure dejection I pushed the clothing back in her bag one piece at a time. Just as my fingers were pulling the zipper closed I sensed the light in the room change, what was that I wondered? With my index finger and thumb still on Catharine's bag I looked up to see Catharine, her bathing suit dripping wet but her hair dry, with her hands around her back.

Catharine slowly, silently walked into the room and closed the door behind her as she stared at me with a menacing look. I was sooo caught I family sex mom and dad as she walked towards me bringing her hands around from her back. 'Looking for this?' Catharine said, breaking the silence, as she stretched her bra out to show me the cum stained panel and cup. "Ummmm, ummmm yes ummm I was, I'm sooo sorry I went into your things, you aren't going to tell my parents are you?" I begged as I stood up to make a quick getaway.

Catharine and I stood face to face, my eyes flicking over her eyes and her soaking wet suit. "Why did you do this?" she asked, stretching the side out to display the stain. I could not decipher if she was upset or joking as she stood in front of me, with a nervous smile. "I mean, I put it on yesterday and it was all wet so I took it off to look and then I realised it was soaked in cum so I had to let it dry all day!!". "I know, I know and I'm sorry, and you didn't have another one did you?" I asked in a sympathetic tone, hinting that I had seen her boobs hanging free.

"No I did not, was it that obvious?" Catharine asked in a sheepish tone. "Ummm well I noticed, they are very large so it's hard not to notice" I added, not wanting to sound like a complete perv.

'But you looked GREAT' I assured her, wanting to butter her up a little. Catharine smile openly now, looking down at her assets, "well thanks, but you know I need this to hold these back and you messed mine up pretty bad" Catharine replied looking down at her heaving chest.

"I know, and again, I'm so sorry" I replied staring directly at her massive chest. "Please don't tell" I once again pleaded. "Well I have a deal for you, Catharine" blurted. I nodded my head, knowing I was at her mercy. "If you show me EXACTLY what you did, I won't tell a soul" Catharine commanded, walking towards me and pushing me onto the edge of her bed and dropping the bra on my lap. "I was hoping it was you, I am so flattered that you did that and now I want to see how you did it" she said, amazing even me.

"You are?" I asked incredulously. 'Yes, but now I want to see exactly what you did, can you show me please" indianpornvideos com indian porn videos classical indian sex in room tube porn demanded, winking at me as she crossed her hands over her chest.

Her wink and desperate tone of voice had suddenly made me feel like the power had turned from her to me as she watched my every move intently. 'Well ummm I suppose I could" I conceded, knowing it was the least she deserved short of a full apology. 'So you want to just stand there and watch as I do what I did pump tits and anal fuck. "Yes that's right" Catharine responded.

"Do you want me to cum all over it again" I added, not wanting to ruin her clothing again. "Yessssss, even more than the last time" "You don't mind if I mess it up again Catharine".

'No, I want you to" Catharine added, obviously very excited at this prospect. As Catharine watched, I picked up her bra and started rubbing the sides and pulling at her cups, making them as big as possible just as I had done the previous day.

Catharine watched on in delight as I played with the cups and dragged them along my bare thighs and against my now rising bulge. "Does that turn you on?" Catharine asked, her eyes flicking over my increasing bulge as I fingered her bra and rubbed it against my bare thigh. "Yess, just knowing it's yours makes me so horny" I added, staring directly into Catharine's eyes.

'Cmon, let's see what you have, I don't have all day' Catharine demanded, seeming impatient now as I watched her wet suit drip on the floor. Catharine's eyes bugged out as I slipped my shorts down past my hips to the floor as my sexy and erotic masturbate girl watch part on prick jumped out to life and into my waiting hand.

Catharine gasped out loud as I rubbed the cups of her bra against my cock and then stroked it up and down, my eyes flicking from her bra to her face and then to her chest. "Mmmm that looks really nice, nice big head too" Catharine commented. "Do you like watching me jerk off' I asked as I pumped up and down a little faster, rubbing her bra against my balls, showing her exactly what I had done. "Yesssssss, you're making me wild here, keep rubbing, I want to see you cum all over my bra" Catharine moaned as she squirmed visibly.

Seeing Catharine in this state made me think I had the upper hand as my desires for her accelerated. Catharine watched on with sheer delight as I stroked my cock with one hand and rubbed her bra against me with the other.

I suddenly became aware that her nipples had protruded through her bathing suit, looking much much larger than ever as I stared at them, making her self conscious. "Your hard nipples are turning me on Catharine, can you rub them and make them bigger" I asked, wanting to see what she could do for me. Catharine moved closer and granted my wish as she slowly dragged her thumbs across her nipples, causing them to shoot out more than ever, making large marks in her wet suit.

Seeing Catharine like this and feeling her bra on me was surely enough to make me cum but I needed more and wondered if I could convince her of this. As I continued stroking I closed my eyes and thought of very non sexual objects and removed her bra from my pecker.

As I opened my eyes I saw the disappointment on Catharine's eyes as my cock became smaller and less hard. "I'm a little nervous I guess" I stated to her with a quick nod of my head towards my cock, hoping she would take the hint'. "Cmon, please hurry, we don't have much time" Catharine responded, "please keep rubbing". "Do you think you can help me, I feel it getting softer, I must be nervous" I asked, hoping she would take the bait and at least kiss me or let me rub her tits.

To my surprise Catharine responded, " Well I can give you a hand job, but that's it, it'll be like when you jack off but I think I can make it feel a lot better but DON'T tell anyone" Catharine indicated in a loving and caring tone.

Catharine smiled as she knelt down in front of me on the floor, her bathing suit still dripping wet as she batted her eyes up at me, licking her lips.

Was she going to suck me too I wondered, for now I was trembling with the excitement of having this cutie jerk me off in her own room. I had felt another person's hand on my tool before but never an older woman! Catharine smiled as she watched my semi erect cock come to life, breathing on her hands to make them warm. I waited and watched as Catharine looked directly into my eyes as she picked my cock up and looked at the sides and the bottom, gently rubbing it to make it harder.

"Let's get you nice and hard' she whispered, still inspecting every angle and touching it lovingly. "Mmmm that feel elegant cutie is gaping pink twat in closeup and having orgasm polishing and thongs good" I moaned as Catharine began stroking it up and down, making it 80% hard and still growing in her hand.

Catharine had such a warm touch as she stared into my eyes to see my reaction, my eyes flicking over her face and bulging breast section of her bathing suit. By now my dick was fully stiff as Catharine rubbed the entire shaft up and down, her breasts beginning to jiggle as she increased the pace of her rubbing. 'Mmmm that's a little better, your cock is nice and hard now" Catharine rejoiced as she rubbed me up and down, her whole body shaking as she pumped up and down.

Chapter five Touching me Ohhh God Catharine, you are soo good at this, you are driving me wild" I moaned as I watched her warm hand rub along the full length of my throbbing cock. "It's been a few years since I have felt a nice cock, tell me how you like it" Catharine whispered as she cupped my balls for the first time and played with my aching knob with the palm of her hand.

"Ohhh don't stop, you are doing it so well" I moaned, "so much better than when I do it". "Good" Catharine replied, increasing the pace of her stroking. "There is one thing you can do Catharine" I asked sheepishly. "What is it honey?" she responded without missing a beat. "Well ummm, you know how I kinda came onto your bra". "Ohh yeah" she responded. "Well ummm, ohhh jeez this is good don't stop, ummmm can I maybe cum all over your bra when you are wearing it" I asked, still sounding very sheepish.

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"Well we can do that, or you can just cum on my bare breasts sweetie, would you like that?" Catharine responded, looking down at her incredibly long cleavage. "Ohhhh yessssssss" I responded, please let me cum on your tits, I mean breasts" I moaned, not believing she would let some young punk see her tits. "Tell me when you are ready to cum and I will pull my suit down a little and you can spray it on my tits". "Mmmm okay" I responded, knowing it would only be a matter of time before I was spraying my load all over her.

Catharine continued rubbing my shaft up and down, occasionally lifting her free hand up to tweak my stiff nipples, causing shooting feelings to fire into my balls.

As much as I had dreamed about fucking her, I was lost in the moment and more than satisfied to have her hand all over me. Catharine was squirming a little herself as she watched the expression on my face, my eyes telling a story of pure pleasure.

"Can you cum for me soon" Catharine asked, looking around to make sure the door was still closed. "Ohhh yesss I think so, make your hands wet and I will cum soo hard" I indicated as I let go of my grip on her bra and slid my fingers along her neck and down her cleavage to find her nipples. Catharine looked down as she jerked me off to see each of my hands on her nipples, pulling at them through the suit, making them ultra hard. Catharine made no effort to remove my hands from her breasts as I pulled and tweaked her nipples through the suit and squeezed her jugs, alisa wears gloves during her fucking session every inch of them.

Very shallow moans could be heard escaping Catharine's mouth as she looked down to see her breasts getting rubbed and her nipples tugged through the suit. Catharine leaned over my prick, her mouth mere inches from the head as she allowed a rope of drool to travel from her lips to the head of my cock. Catharine looked back into my eyes with pure delight as she forced the spit up and gina ryder in her third scene of all time my cock, rubbing faster than ever as her slick wet hand moved over my cock like a tight juicy pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss, I am sooo close, keep doing that" I moaned as Catharine's slick wet hand slid easily over my throbbing tool, passing over my head each time and then rocketing back to the base and then my balls. "Please let me see your big breasts now and let me cum all over them" I asked, pulling at her suit and her nipples and sliding my hand inside at the same time.

"Ok" was all Catharine replied as she removed her left hand from my thigh just long enough to pull her straps slowly over her shoulders and down to her waist, as she squirmed out of the tight suit.

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Catharine held the material over her chest just long enough to tease me as I started pulling at her straps to see more. Catharine took the hint and slowly pushed the cups over her breasts and let it fall to her waist. "Holy SHIT, those are big" I exclaimed, staring directly at them. "Do you like" Catharine asked, arching her back to let me see all of her. I was amazed at how she had hidden something so large, as her breasts hung very low under their immense weight, almost grazing her lap as she knelt in front of me, licking her lips.

With Catharine topless I knew I would explode soon as my eyes scanned her face and chest and back again. "Ohh please finish me off, I'm dying here" I moaned, feeling my cock throb and pulse. Catharine pushed her suit lower, allowing me a full view as she resumed rubbing the base of my shaft and then towards the head. Sitting directly on the edge of the bed I lifted up slightly, pushing my rod out as far as it would go, trying to impress Catharine with my length.

Catharine did seem impressed as she lovingly watched my cock as it slid in and out of her wet hand. "If you like my tits you'll cum all over them" Catharine taunted me as she stroked me faster and faster.

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"Ohhh I am soo close, do it faster, make me cum all plenty of lovely bitches happy to see jock striptease and hardcore I moaned, watching Catharine's bare breasts jiggle and bounce as she rubbed. Catharine jerked like a seasoned pro as she rubbed and squeezed my balls with just the right amount of pressure.

"Catharine I am so close, keep rubbing, please don't stop, I am so close to shooting all over you" I groaned as Catharine increased the pressure under her palm. 'Cum all over me" Catharine instructed as I felt my balls release under her rubbing. "Cummmmmmminggggg' I moaned as a small shot of high velocity cum hit Catharine squarely on the lips, followed by a huge wad of man goo that squirted into her lower neck and upper chest area. Catharine chanted quietly now, "ohhh yess cum on me" as load after load hit her chest and neck area.

Catharine took the head of my cock and aimed it at her nipples, draining the last ounces against her rock hard nipples, causing moans to emanate from her mouth as she looked down to see my cum on her huge nipples. Catharine's neck and chest was absolutely covered in my cum, not to mention the small amount on her lips and chin as she continued milking me until I was dry, her body covered in my goo. "Ohhh my god you are soo good" I exclaimed, a feeling of utter relief in my body as I stared at Catharine's cum soaked tits.

"I liked that too hon, I'm so hot right now, but I have to get out of here, I don't want your parents knowing I jerked you off" Catharine stated nervously. Catharine pulled her suit back up to her midsection and, quickly slid her fingers between her legs to satisfy the pressure in her pussy.

"Now I have a reminder of you" she stated as she picked up the bra and used it to clean off the cum from her nipples before covering them up with the suit. I stared vacantly at her, feeling so drained as she stood up and kissed me on the cheek and exited the room, holding her bra, once again coated in my cum.

"Catharine, please, one more thing" I asked. "What is it honey" she replied, spinning around. "Will you do me another favour, will you let me do the same to you someday" I whispered, not wanting my parents to hear. "Yes, someday, when we get the chance, for now I have to take care of this pressure somehow" Catharine whispered, her fingers drifting back between her legs.

"Why don't you come over here and let me do that, please, I promise I want to. " I begged, staring at her aching body. "No, I can't, your parents will find out, I can't right now" Catharine protested, her legs squirming back and forth as she tried to resist my offer". "Just come over here quickly and pull your suit down and let me eat you Catharine, I'll make you cum in seconds" I boldly stated, not wanting to admit I had never even licked a woman before and all my so called experience was based on watching porn.

"Ohhh God you know I want that, it's been ages, you are killing me here, no I can't, I have to leave" Catharine stammered, her legs looking weak as her fingers rubbed furiously over her pussy outside her bathing suit.

"I think it's best if I take care of this alone" Catharine protested, smiling as she closed the door behind her, leaving me alone in my room feeling helpless in the knowledge she would most likely be masturbating in the room beside me.

This is only the beggining.