Busty momma and pretty teen lesbian session on the couch

Busty momma and pretty teen lesbian session on the couch
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Steve was woken up by the firm, C cup breast of his girlfriend smacking him in the face as she climbed over him. He knew Becca had to shower before she left for work, but he wanted to fuck her like they did the previous night. They didn't have time, so he just admired her round ass jiggle as she walked out of her room, naked.

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A few minutes later, 19 year old Steve got out of bed as well. He knew his 18 year old girlfriend's parents weren't home, but he pulled on his shirt and boxers anyway, and headed to the bathroom to take a piss.

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As Steve approached the bathroom door, he heard the running water of the shower as well as the shower radio. "Sweet, anal avec amatrcie francaise gode en bois en cam direct He thought, "I might get some action this morning after all." He opened the bathroom door and pulled down his boxers, relieving his bladder of its pressure. After he finished, he took the courtesy not to flush and spike the temperature of the shower water.

He took his shirt off and dropped it on the floor, then pulled aside the shower curtain and climbed in. The water sprayed in his face and he couldn?t see for a second, but he heard a female gasp behind him.

"Don't worry babe, it's just me." And he turned around, wiping the water out of his eyes and opened them to see the naked body of Becca's 16 year old sister, Jess. His gaze took in everything: the water glistening off her athletic 5'5" frame; her rigid, quarter-sized nipples atop her pert, B cup breasts; her long, toned legs leading up to her tight, shaven snatch.

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He stared at Jess for a good five seconds before realizing what he was doing, and Steve immediately averted his eyes. "Oh my God, Jess! I'm so, so sorry.I.I thought it was your sister in this shower and.I-" He was cut off by a finger pressed on his lips, telling him to shush.

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He saw the blond 16 year old's crystal blue eyes staring into his. He watched as her gaze went down his body. Now, Steve wasn't ripped by any means, but he was fit, and had a pretty decent body, If he said so himself. And by the way Jess was looking at it, it was obvious she though so as well. He realized that her line of vision had stopped right at his manhood, which was standing at full attention from being so close to this hot young babe's naked body.

His 7 1/2 inch shaft wasn't the biggest, he knew, but it was still nothing to scoff at. Jess took a step closer, lifted her chin up, and gave Steve a small kiss on the lips. "It's ok, Steve.I know you didn't mean to walk in on me.but could you stay for a little bit?" She said in her soft, almost melodious voice. Steve wasn't sure what to do. He loved Becca, and she was certainly great in bed, two reasons to leave the shower and pretend this never happened.

But here was her hot vixen of a younger sister; naked, wet, and asking him to stay with her. It was a huge dilemma, but he managed to squeak out a low "Mhm." story oral sex samantha saint Jess almost growled, and she wrapped her arms around Steve's neck, kissing him again, but more forcefully this time.

Steve found himself kissing back, his tongue worming itself into Jess' mouth. He reached around and grabbed a handful of Jess' firm, round ass. A slight "Mmm" escaped his lips as he felt the soft flesh of her ass in his palm, and he grabbed the other check with his other hand, pulling her in against him as he squeezed.

Jess pulled back from the kiss, shyla stylez likes to ride his cock sly smirk on her face. "Ooh, looks like somebody found something they like," she said smugly. Steve smiled back, giving her ass another squeeze.

"Baby, you've got one of the best asses I've ever seen!" He responded. Then, Jess got down on her knees, speaking in a more lust-filled voice as her hand wrapped around Steve's engorged cock. "I've got something you'll like even more" she said, and she looked up into his eyes as she replaced her hand with her mouth. Steve watched as her lips enveloped his cock, her eyes looking into his the entire time.

Once she reached the base, she started slowly retracting her mouth, running her tongue over the underside of his cock as she did so. Steve moaned in pleasure as she repeated the process over again. Jess sped up, swirling her tongue over his head and jerking his cock with her hand. After several minutes of this, Steve was close to busting. He went to tell Jess, but just then she grabbed onto Steve's ass and pulled him all the way in, shoving his dick down her throat.

As the soft muscles of her esophagus spasmed around his cock, Steve lost it, and shot rope after rope of cum straight down Jess' throat, which she swallowed heartily. Jess kissed up Steve's body as she stood; planting a kiss right on his lips once she was standing. He could taste his saltiness on her tongue, but he didn't mind.

He bit Jess' neck softly, causing a soft, low moan to come from Jess. Then he took her pink nipple into his mouth, rolling the other one gently between his thumb and forefinger. Now, louder moans were emitted from Jess as Steve pleasured her. Steve put his mouth around the other nipple now, flicking it with his tongue. He circled his tongue around her areola, teasing her before lightly nibbling on her nipple.

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Jess' nails dug into his body as the pleasure overcame her. Steve left Jess' breasts for now, kissing her again on the lips. Then, he sat down in the shower, grabbing Jess' ass and pulling her over him.

He teased her for several minutes by kissing up and down both of her thighs, deliberately skipping over her crotch each time.

Jess' breathing became louder and shorter as Steve teased. Finally, in a labored whisper, Jess shouted "Just fucking do it already!" Steve just smiled, and was happy to oblige. He kissed her right on her pussy, and Jess let out a stuttered sigh. He licked the entire length of her wet snatch, and then flicked her clit with his tongue.

He tongue fucked her for minutes, then shoved two fingers into her cunt as he sucked on her clit. Steve worked his fingers in and out of her tight pussy. He continued this until Jess was gasping again.

School girl xxx sexy shool knew she was close, so he carefully positioned his fingers inside of her, and began pressing on her g-spot as he continuously flicked her clit with his tongue.

Jess grabbed Steve by the hair and shoved his face deeper into her snatch. Her whole body tensed up, and she bit on her fist to stifle her moans as wave after wave of pleasure wracked through her body. Steve stood up and brushed Jess' cheek. She was having trouble still standing, but Steve held her up and looked into her eyes. Without a word, Jess turned around and bent over.

She turned her head to look at Steve, and her eyes begged for him to fuck her. He stared at her marvelous, round ass for a moment, before briskly slapping it and positioning himself at her entrance. Not waiting any longer, Jess pushed herself back onto him, and Steve watched his cock disappear into her.

Her tight, wet snatch felt amazing choking his dick, and once she had backed onto him to the hilt, Steve took over and started slowly pulling out. after a few more thrusts, Steve picked up the pace, slamming into Jess harder and faster. He loved to watch the ripple in her ass as he slammed into her. After several minutes, Jess pulled off of Steve.

She turned around, lust filling her eyes. She planted a hard kiss on his lips, then jumped up and wrapped her legs around his porno casero con la madura le tube porn. His dick instantly sunk in to her cunt once again, and she began to bounce up beautiful chicks have fun with stiff dicks down on his shaft.

Steve fucked her back, and before long, he knew he was going to cum again. "Oh, fuck baby. I'm gunna cum soon!" Jess put a finger over his lips, leaned in and whispered one word, "Pill." Though in and of itself it was a plain word, in that moment, nothing could have sounded sexier to Steve.

He wrapped his arms around Jess and pumped into her as hard as he could. Neither of them made any attempt to stifle their moans as both of their bodies gave into the immense pleasure they were giving each other.

Jess' pussy spasmed, milking Steve's cock as it planted spurt after spurt of man juice into her. After they both wound down, Steve let Jess down. She was still panting, and she gave Steve one last, long kiss. Steve smirked, and gave her a quick smack on her ass.

"Thanks for that, baby." Steve said as he began to get out. "We darksome hotty gets holes fingered girlfriend and hardcore do it again sometime." Jess smiled, and pinched Steve's ass as he stepped out of the shower. "Just give me a time and a place." She purred, and began to wash off again. Steve dried off and put his clothes back on.

He could not believe what just happened. He had just had the best sex of his life with his girlfriend's hot little sister. As he left the bathroom, he headed for the dining room. He heard the sound of the other shower, and was relieved that Becca hadn't caught him. Then he heard her moaning from the shower, and a tinge of guilt went through his body. He had just had the best sex and she was forced to resort to masturbation. He looked out the front window and saw Jess' boyfriend's, Keith, car.

Then he heard another voice come from Becca's shower, a male one, and his guilt vanished away.