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Dangerous times Most people think that they are immune to travesty of crime and that tragedy only happens to someone else. I can attest, that is not true and that everyone has his or her turn in the barrel so to speak. Depending on the extent of the crime, the ability to look past and move forward is handled by an individual's personal way of dealing with it.

Mine is different than yours for example. So if you do not like my way…too bad. My turn in the barrel happened at the cusp of my fortieth year. A year and a half after my husband and I became estranged. We are not divorced, but separated. He is living in what used to be our cabin in the north and I took over the house near the city. Our two children split their time between us at their own leisure, but most of the time they are with me as they are still in school.

Ben just turned eighteen and Sammy, she is now sixteen. The separation is probably my own fault, but I am not sorry, as I would do it all over again most assuredly. Rick's little brother was just too tempting and I was just too reckless to care. The short, but hot affair pretty much blew up the family. From my standpoint, it was worth it. Unfortunately, us getting caught ended the affair too.

But it opened the door to the uninhibited expansion of my own desires and partners as Rick and I now did not share the same environment. Funny thing is, after a half of a year uncomfortable stretch, Rick and I are more conversational friends than when we lived together.

Go figure. That all being said, it was the spring of this year when both kids had their spring break that I made plans to visit my parents condo in Florida. Sammy did not want to go, so she was going to stay with Rick, but I managed to con Ben to make the journey south with me. Totally honest, I had not one malicious thought in any way or form. I figured it would be a two to three day drive down, taking my time, since my parents would not be back from their vacation until the middle of the next week.

We began our journey on a Friday. Barely went a hundred miles or so to the south side of the large city in the state just below xhxx story teen ride sensually. It is a city that is known for it's violent crime…still I had no concerns because it happens to everyone else and not me. So I thought.

Ben and I got off the highway by a shopping center to grab some refreshments and stretch our legs. Ben pointed out that there seemed to be a lot of seedy looking characters hanging out near the entrance.

I pooh-poohed the contention. Completely oblivious to anything possibly happening as Ben and I purchased our stuff, went back to the car where I decided to let Ben take the next turn at the wheel. We had barely pulled out of the parking lot when black arm reached around my neck and felt a hard object against my left temple. I was so startled, that my body did an involuntary jump, enough to see stars from the impact against the hard object against my temple.

Managing to turn my head slightly, I could see Ben's overt expression of fear, his eyes the size of saucers. The object against my head pulled back slightly and allowed me to see the object. It was a shiny revolver being held by a black kid around the same age as Ben. I started to say, "You don't have to…" But then was cut off by the interloper, "Shut your mouth honky bitch…you open it again and I'll…". My mind finished his statement for him "blow your brains out", but that is not what he said.

"I'll phoenix marie masterbating then gets fucked hard my black cock so far down your honky throat you'll feel like it is coming out of your cunt!" Oh shit, I thought, how am I going to get out of this. I had inadvertently reached into my purse and grabbed one of little thai girls anal porn xxcccxc young wads of money rolled up thinking I could just give him the wad and he might just leave.

But, his reference to…uh, shoving his cock down my throat, added to this just being a possible robbery. He turned his attention to Ben, "drive where I's tell you or I'll do this bitch right now." He paused and then asked, "This bitch your ma?" Ben nodded.

"Drive to the next block and make a right up the alley" the kid with the gun directed. His arm relaxed around my neck and then he shoved his hand down the front of my blouse.

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storys de sexgay gratis com menores de 14 ao2 "Ho fuck bitch…nice tit…these real?" He squeezed my left breast through my bra and then pulling my bra down he fondled my bare tit.

Ben almost hit the curb; a combination of fear, confusion, and anger spread across his face has watched the criminal squeeze his mother's tit. An emotion of fear, revile, and embarrassment waved over me along with a sense of helplessness…I had absolutely no idea what to do except I did not want this kid to harm either Ben or me.

"Oh man…yo tit is still firm bitch" he squeezed it hard, "hey bro' you get a chance to feel these tits?" directing his comment to Ben. Ben's face was red with anger and he did not say anything.

"Pull into this garage", the bastard nodded in the direction of an old dilapidated garage with no door on it, behind an even more dilapidated old house that had to be abandoned. Ben pulled in and stopped. "Gimme the keys and walk in front of us…we are going into my cave, up the stairs and into the bed room", he directed while quickly exiting the car and opening my door pulling me out. My blouse was ripped and with my bra pulled down my left tit was out in the open.

The movement probably caused Ben to look right at it…I went to cover it up but the asshole grabbed my wrists and put them behind me. He had the gun pushed directly into my back, using it to steer me in the direction he wanted.

I hoped that someone would see what was happening in broad daylight. The windows of all the homes around were so dirty I wondered if anyone was there or if they could see out of them.

Guess it did not matter because we were in the house before I could even think of making a commotion. "Up the stairs…GO!" the kid demanded. When I made the third step…the asshole thrust his hand up my skirt, grabbing my vagina through my panties.

It caused me to jump…the gun pushed a little harder into my back. "The door to the left…go in" he directed both Ben and I. It was a large bedroom, a queen size bed, a dresser, a chair.a tripod satomi ichihara uses her lips to devour a big dick a camera on it facing the bed…another camera on the dresser facing the bed, and then another one facing the foot of the bed from the headboard.

The chair faced the foot of the bed. This fucker is going to make a movie of his actions? No…no fucking way.

But he has both a gun and…Ben. Oh my god…Ben…he is not going to do this in front of my son. Absolutely not…even this asshole, cannot be that sick. He pushed Ben towards the chair, "Take your shirt off…now". Ben looked really confused…as was I. A thought flashed in my brain…he wasn't going to…no, no I pushed that idea right out of my head.

The black kid made a move towards Ben, startling him. Ben quickly pulled his shirt over his head and the prick stopped. Ben stood there in his jeans and bare chest…noticed that he had gained some muscle. The perp pulled open the dresser drawer and withdrew a couple of pair of handcuffs.

Obviously he was going to restrain us…maybe that was his whole ploy. Did he think we were rich and possibly try to ransom us? Should we play along…he would not actually damage the goods then…would he? That might explain the cameras. That thought was dashed almost immediately right after he took Ben's hands and handcuffed them behind him.

"Yo bitch…get over here and take your boys pants off…get him naked". He motioned with the gun. I hesitated…started to object. "BITCH…this is NOT a game…move your fucking cunt over and strip your kid naked" he cocked the gun.

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I walked in front of Ben with a look of apology on my face, did not want to embarrass him, but did not have a choice. He looked consolatory, but he also kept moving his eyes from mine to my still exposed breast. This embarrassed me too, but I was afraid to try to cover up.

I bent down and undid Ben's shoes pulling them off along with his socks, then stood back up and tentatively moved my hands towards his belt. "Jesus FUCKING CHRIST bitch!" the perp yelled, "You ain't no fucking virgin…STRIP YOUR FUCKING KID!" He slapped the back of head so hard my face mashed against Ben's shoulder; my loose tit and exposed nipple glanced against his chest.

I was not physically hurt and quickly pulled away a little expecting Ben to show a sign of sympathy. But if he was, I could not tell, he just looked at his chest where my nipple and boob touched him and at my breast. "WELL…GET HIS FUCKING PANTS OFF! BITCH". I unclasped Ben's belt and then had to put the ends of my fingers behind the waistband to unbutton his pants.

Feeling my fingers touching his skin, evidently causing Ben to suck in his abdomen. One of my fingers accidentally touched a hard object just below the waist band. Pulled the zipper down and grabbed both sides of his jeans to pull them down. I wiggled them and they slowly dropped around his thighs, but then his jeans hung up. Somehow his underwear were coming down with his pants…and…he had a hard on. OH MY GOD! I thought…how the fuck…I mean…ok now what?

The perp let out laugh…and then, "Come on Hoe…pull those clothes off of him…I wanna see that you made your son's dick stand up…DO IT!" I heard him step forward.

Ben's penis sprung free, bobbing against his belly as I bent down pulling his jeans towards the floor. My face was only inches from my son's penis. A hand pushed the back of my head; Ben's penis was forced against my face. I tried to pull back but the hand winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob not let me. It was only a moment or so, but why didn't Ben try to move? Too scared?

As I stood back up…for some reason my eyes fixated on Ben's penis that just a second ago was pinned from my jaw to my forehead. His penis was no longer a penis of a child…and the hardness of it still a lingering memory of the skin on my face. The bastard let out a hearty laugh. I felt a rage burn in side of me, but felt powerless to do anything about it.

"Sit down", the asshole motioned in the direction of the chair with his gun, while definitely speaking to Ben. Ben's penis immediately deflated…at that moment, had to ask myself in my head as to why I was even noticing that.

Shook my head cast out the thought. Ben sat down in the chair while the perpetrator unlocked one side of the cuffs before slipping them through a bar on the back of the seat. Ben just sat there…arms behind his back, completely nude. How embarrassed he must be.

"Ok ho bitch…now you. Take them off", he waved the gun from my feet to my head and then down again. "What the fuck…really?" I thought, wasn't enough for him to have my breast hanging out in front of my son, but…everything?

"Honky bitch…DID I STUTTER? Or are you just stupid?" he pointed the gun at Ben's head. I unbuttoned my blouse, trying not to make eye contact with Ben, but could see peripherally that he was watching me so I tried blonde teen babe bella rose gets screwed turn away. "LISTEN BITCH…FACE YOUR FUCKING SON AND STRIP!" The asshole was enjoying this. Let my blouse fall to the floor and spun my bra around to unclasp it since both my breasts were exposed now anyway.

As I dropped my bra, Ben's penis came back to attention…tried not to directly look at it, but somehow had trouble averting my eyes. Ben's eyes seemed riveted on my chest. Trying to stall, I started to step out of my heels. "No…leave them on…you can keep your high heels on". The bastard directed. I reached behind me to unclasp my skirt. Both Ben and the prick subconsciously licked their lips. OMG I thought…are all males perverts? I lowered my skirt and stepped out of it, my high heels still on.

All that covered me now was my very skimpy, red silk bikini panties. Other than one having an anticipating smile, both these guys' eyes were as open as saucers…Shit, I thought, had just trimmed my bush to almost nothing and shaved most of it just in case I had time this coming week to hit the beach when in Florida.

Now both of them were going to see all of me…without even having my natural cover of some sorts. Sexy nicole alone whole day masturbating webcam masturbation beautiful asshole nodded… I wiggled out of my panties. There I was…just a couple feet from my son…totally naked.

His pecker was as hard as a rock. The bastard was rubbing his own crotch with his free hand. I knew were this was going. I started to cough…a combination of nerves and an attempt to stall the inevitable. "What the fuck is wrong with you bitch?" My coughing and gagging must have interrupted his train of thought…maybe it was working. For the first time since he ordered me to shut up…I spoke, in a gargling tone to emphasize my answer, "Uh…need water…something to drink".

I expected some resistance, a rebuttal; instead the asshole just nodded and smiled, "Ok".

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"Come here…need to make sure you can't go anywhere…will have to get something for you and your son to drink…BRING YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" he demanded.

I made the two steps towards him, right next to Ben sitting on the chair. "Give me your hands". I put my hands in front of me. He put the gun in his waistband and grabbed one of my wrists. Thought of going for his gun…but he is too quick and now had both my wrists. Spreading my arms, he pulled me in front of Ben…to keep from falling over; I had to spread my legs.

I was now almost straddling Ben… Again with the OMG moment raced through my head. My son…in front and below me…his penis like a billy club almost aimed at me…no…NO! I internally screamed, this is not…no it is not going to happen. I tried to pull back, but he was too strong and my high heels did not help. He jerked my wrists towards him…I landed spread eagle on Ben.

Thankfully, Ben's penis was so stiff, it was between us…and not in me. His rod was smashed between my mond right up to my stomach.

I automatically wiggled to make room…all that did is roll Ben's member across my lower body. The asshole again jerked my arms…forcing my chest into Ben's face…my…my tits were like book ends encompassing his face. Hot babes giving footjob blowjob and handjob threesome and freecam felt the snap of cuffs around my wrists…could not move them, they were behind Ben…then the asshole grabbed my ankle, another cuff around my ankle securing it to the back leg of the chair…then the other.

Shit…Ben and I were locked together…if I tried to push up…oh my, can't do that, Ben's penis might…the thought made me twinge…might slip between my legs and it would only have one of two places to go. The bastard let out a laugh, "Ok…there ya go…will be right back with something to drink. Kid…if you can't hold it…go ahead and fuck yo ho mother's pussy, that is what it is for." He again laughed as he walked out the door.

As soon as he was out of sight, I apologized to Ben, "Oh baby…I am so, so sorry…this it terrible, lets keep our heads and we will get through this." He had to move his head to respond…his warm mouth against my breast coupled with the cool air of the room…son of a bitch…I could not stop my nipple from hardening…and his…his, penis hard against my…shit the base of his penis was against my…my clit.

My brain kept saying no, no, no, but my body was naturally reacting to the superlatively good fuck of his life. Caught my breath…realized it sounded almost like a moan as Ben responded to me, "Mom…don't be sorry…it is not your fault…whatever…we'll get through it". He looked up at me, from between my breasts, and felt the need to give him a kiss for his understanding…went for his forehead, but somehow kissed him smack on the lips.

It was just a second. I looked to the side…saw our reflection in the dresser mirror…our nude bodies molded against each other. The camera on the tripod had the red recording light blinking. For all intent and purpose…Ben and I easily could be mistaken for us…for us having intercourse.

That fucking sick bastard doing this to us knows exactly what he was doing. Moments later the perpetrator was back holding two glasses of water. He did not release us…he placed the glass to my lips…apparently I was thirsty and the water tasted a little lemony, just how I liked it. Then he did the same for Ben…only with the other glass.

Guess the bastard has no qualms of forcing a mother and son to rub their nude bodies against each other, but to share water is different. For some reason…I guess I must have been totally dehydrated…had to have him finish the whole glass…and the bastard obliged. In the ebony man bangs white gal interracial and hardcore moments it took for the bastard to turn and set the glasses down…I started to get light headed.

Then my body began to feel almost disconnected…looked down at Ben and thought I noticed his eyes were glassing over. The room began to spin, had to close my eyes…still it was as if I was watching from a far, away from my being. Tried to move…to separate…forgot…oh no…Ben's penis slipped across my vagina…had to stop it…legs turned to rubber, my body fell, Ben's penis impaled me…somehow I was lubricated enough to only feel a little discomfort.

Oh…needed to get off…but my head was spinning and did not seem to have total control of my body. I tried to lift up…but for some reason could not rise up enough now to…to…was Ben's penis growing?

My legs went out again…Ben fully imbedded into me. Ben was moving his head back and forth…he was going from one force momsson xxx sex vidioes my breasts to the other…then sucking on my nipples…my body seemed to be helping him while at the same time my brain was disconnected.

I realized that as I was trying to lift off of Ben, he was raising his lower torso in the same sequence…whether or not I was trying to…Ben and I were…hell for the want of a better word, we were going through the motions of fucking!

The thing is, I was losing track of any time…and felt to be in another world. Every once in awhile that black bastard came into view…he was training a camera on us. Had to close my eyes again…the room rushing around…my body was now going up and down on its own…something in my head or was it my body, I do not know…a sense of urgency, an urgency of couple has anal sex outdoor on sex tape, have never felt the need this much in my life.

My body was surging to ecstasy, had absolutely no control over it…in fact it was out of control. Somewhere within this uncontrolled evolvement of lust…my hands were free…my legs…Ben's hands were now fondling; squeezing my tits…he was biting my nipples.

My consciousness watched from afar and had no moral connection to what my brain was seeing. I was watching some sick, perverted show from afar, but my body was responding with an insatiable desire.

There I was…my body totally enveloping this man's…trying to ravage it like a wild animal.and he was doing the same to mine. A kaleidoscope of passion, began playing out in my minds eye, and no matter how my brain tried to rationalize, it could not. However long this was, it was beyond me, both our bodies were glistening in sweat, our breathing gulping air between loud low moans of ecstasy. I felt my body rise…Ben picked me up, my legs still wrapped around him because my body refused to let go…it needed him…it needed that cock to reach as far as it could…it…I needed to be fucked.

We were now on the bed…Ben driving hard…beyond his control…I responded in kind. Just as I started to see sparkling glitter in my head, something in me broke like an explosion of fireworks. My fucking body wrenched and twisted…my hips driving up, down, and around. It was the biggest orgasm of my life…just as I felt Ben's hot seed spew deep within me.

The culmination of my orgasm opened a moment of lucidity…I had just fucked the living shit out my own son…and he had filled me with his sperm…that lucidity only lasted that moment though. As soon as my orgasm receded, the sense of urgency again welled up, but it was a different need…I felt my body roll Ben off of me…my hands finding his penis, wet with both his cum and his mother's.

Somehow…someway…I had to get that penis…that cock…it was still hard, still ready. Had it in my hand…touched my lips to its head…licked the wetness of our juice from the sides…felt the bulging veins as my mouth expanded…the bulbous head moving into my throat. Could not stop the lust of need…absolutely no sense of propriety…that cock was mine…mine right now. Without conscious thought my legs had straddled my son's head…like icing on the cake, the feeling of his tongue splitting my cunt drove shivers through my body.

As if from a far distance…I heard a voice…"Holy shit bitch…you've been sucking your son's dick for an hour now…DAMN!" The fog started to ease… Ben sucked in my clit… fog and the need regenerated…the lust again overtook and restraint…here came the sparks again and just before the fireworks…Ben went rigid…his cock again spewing forth in jets of creamy cum…then it was my turn.

Woke up in pitch-blackness. Took awhile to clear my head wondering if I just had a dream…a sick dream? My hands quickly traced across my body…I was nude…feeling between my legs, my labia was swollen, puffy to the touch, my vagina seeping…from experience knowing that was the remnants of a sex partners cum…HOLY SHIT! I didn't…could not have…no fucking way. I touched my lips…they too were slightly puffy, my mandible muscles sore.

OH MY GOD…I had sex with my son! Then the rest of the scenario rushed back…shit, we were abducted. Reaching around the bed…felt a body, a warm body…no clothes. "Ben", I whispered, "Is that you?" The body moved…then in a almost indiscernible whisper, "uh…yea…it's me…where are we?" "We got abducted…we…we, we have to get out of here" I said as quietly as I could.

"Oh…oh yeah…we…" Ben went quiet as if he was remembering something he should not have. "Let's go", I said pushing him towards the edge of the bed. Stumbling around in the dark, I tried to picture my surroundings, remembered there was a small lamp on a stand in the corner. Fumbled over and turned it on. Other than the furniture, everything else was gone…the chair, the handcuffs, the video cameras.

It was just Ben and I…and a piece of paper along with a DVD disc on the dresser. The paper read, "A memento of your experience is on the DVD, if you go to the cops, the original will be distributed. Your purse is in the top drawer along with your car keys. Sorry about taking your clothes, but quite sure you understand. You both are naturals, only had to give you a very small douse, you both have latent, pent up sexual needs…quite sure you and Ben will be fucking soon!" I turned towards Ben…waved the paper…we were standing there naked.

Had to shake the cobwebs from my brain…as the vision of Ben and I sexually together passed through. Fifteen minutes later we were in the car trying to find the freeway while pulling on clothes.