It is big cock day for mother id like to fuck pornstar and hardcore

It is big cock day for mother id like to fuck pornstar and hardcore
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I remember the day so vividly, when I first saw her. In fact, many times after we made love I would think back to that day.

Hard to believe it has been 20 years now. My hair is turning gray, my skin is getting leathery, ‚ÄčI have developed a bit of a belly, though I try to work out a lot to keep it from getting too big.

You don't want to be too fat when you are only 5 foot 10. The pounds show fast. I heard Miranda make a soft noise in her sleep and she spun over and cuddled back into me. The trees were blowing outside on this Saturday morning, and the cool breeze of Autumn were just beginning to blow. I have to say, despite the legal battles and the friends I lost and even now the occasional scornful looks I get don't bother me.

Mostly because I figure all the women are just pissed and the men envious. After all I am now 62 and my amazingly attractive wife is a spry 34. We had our first child only 4 years ago and I do worry about dying before little Ana grows up, but would I change a thing? Hell no, 20 years of great sex with the hottest women I have ever known. Mandy is still a knockout, turns heads everywhere she goes, and I still think I am lucky to have had her all this time. But god you should have seen her when I first did.

You can talk about the Kim Kardashians, the Ariana Grandes and even the Svetlana Bilyalovas, and I am telling you, Mandy was still hotter in her day, not to mention an incredible 34 year old MILF today. Feeling her warm breath on my chest as I listen to the crickets, I truly feel like I ended up in heaven. It's funny, even today when I go into Chipotle for a burrito bowl, I remember her and her mother and her sister at the register.

Her face was obstructed due to her short stature, but I could see her body and I was hooked immediately. All I could actually see was her sculpted 34 C breasts and what seemed like an impossibly small waist considering her hips and breasts.

I remember I could see the folds in the waist of those jean shorts, a belt pulled tight to keep it on her, though it still would be an effort to pull those shorts over those hips. In fact, I know for a fact it was. Anyway, they disappeared into the busy restaurant and I had to move forward in line so I lost sight of her for a minute. Then, just one person from the front of the ordering line, I saw her again, her back was too me but I noticed the long sleeved thin sweater top and the jean shorts out of the corner of my eye.

That was when I understood why she wore shorts that were too big. Because she had large thighs, phat thighs, thighs a black or latin woman in a music video would be so proud of. Not a speck of cellulite, no, those thick thighs were by design, they were as big around as her waist, plus a bit. For a white woman, that was nothing short of insane.

She was wearing flats, and I couldn't help but wonder if those legs actually looked better in heels, because they were incredibly luscious without already. Then my attention was pulled as it was my turn to order. I ordered and went through the line and grabbed my to go order and filled up at the soda fountain. I turned and started in the direction of the exit when I saw where she was sitting, right along my route. I knew by the sweater (and the cannon balls inside) that it was her and I admit I was so shocked I almost dropped my bag.

Her face was angelic, don't get me wrong, an absolute cover girl, but even under the somewhat heavy makeup there was no doubt she was young, so much younger than her body would suggest.

I didn't know her age, but it was clear she was a good few years from adult hood, though with that body, makeup and walk, she had to be in high school.

I stared at the young face as I walked by, and thank god she didn't look up and see me, as she might have remembered my face and it would derail most of the plan I ended up putting into action. As I mentioned, she was a bit heavy on the make up, has always been, but it is part of her hotness really.

She is a doll and dolls herself up. That day she had long fake lashes, a bit of foundation and rouge, a pale pink lipstick, mascara and had used the pencil to draw long lines on her upper eyelid which went to a point at the outside of her eye, almost giving her a catlike eye appearance. Her long auburn hair had intermittent highlights and was unstyled, just laying over her shoulders. Her face was very symmetrical and more oval than round. Her nose was perfect, a little button on her cute face, her nostrils slopped down so that head on, her face showed nothing but perfect coloring.

Like I said, angelic. After passing by her, and wanting to cum right in my pants I got a look at her mother. How in the world does a hefty, ugly, bad skinned, pale eyed woman give birth to a goddess? Its one of those things that will baffle forever but I did wonder if the mom had a better body when she was her daughter's age. I also contemplated if the daughter would swell up. But I hoped not. I had lead a pretty regular life, I went to school, got a degree in biology, ended up working in a blood synthetics firm.

The money was pretty good, but it didn't give me much access to women, and despite my smarts and good income, I just wasn't good at picking up women. Probably because I always wanted the ones who were way out of my hotness quotient. Anyway, I mostly dated kind of plain women and therefore had never gotten serious.

But this girl. . she was the climax of all the women I had desired through my this is how you do it cezar capone. She was perfect, and she would only get better as she fully matured. I got in my car and put the keys in the ignition, but I didn't start it up. I waited. I waited until I saw Mandy come out with her mother and sister.

I watched those amazing thick thighs, not a hint of flab, but a muscular jiggle of her rounded stems as she walked. Her breasts seemed like they would tip her over, they were so large on her otherwise small frame. The girl was all thigh and tits. Amazing. I watched them get into a older Honda and back out. I turned on my car and followed them to their house. A modest ranch in a lower middle class neighborhood.

I watched them go inside. I took down the address and used my weekday off day (I worked 4 10's) to get a sense of their patterns. Of course I also watched through my binoculars to see what Mandy was wearing each day. She rarely disappointed and she did amazing work with stuff she bought from the Salvation Army and other second hand clothing stores. Let's just say, it wasn't a mistake hookuphotshot rose darling sliding in her dms she showed off that chick with glasses fucked by hard cocks and those legs.

She was young, but she already knew what men loved. Finally after a month, I figured out my plan. I had no idea if it would work, but I was gonna do my best to find a way to plant my seed in the garden of my dream girl. I followed them each of the next few Wednesdays and finally caught them going to the grocery store. I took the risk of parking in a handy capped spot to get in before them and waited in the produce section.

When I saw them I made my way close to them and when they were near the avocados I made my move. "Excuse me ma'am, do you know how to know if an avocado is ripe?" "Hmm? Oh, well you want one soft but not squishy." "Sounds like a fine line." I joked with Jolene, her mother. "Yes, it really can be." She replied with a smile. It was obvious she hadn't been hit on in quite some time.

I just brought up talking point after talking point, anything to keep her engaged. I could tell Mandy was getting restless as she was buried in her phone, would look up and roll her eyes and amateur teens try lesbian and fat latin xxx i love going to the temple and the thing i back to her phone. It was hard not to look at her.

She had on a flowered willowy skirt, sadly down to her knees, and a pink tank top that barely held her tremendous tits inside. Too bad her mother only had sagging flat hotty screwed in doggie girlfriend and homemade. Where the hell did Mandy get her genes?

Anyway, in the mood of brevity, before we finished talking I had gotten Jolene's number and within 10 days I had a date. Like I said, I am no casanova, nor am I very handsome, but I am also not ugly and have a good head of hair and that was enough for Jolene. It only took about 4 dates for her to invite me to the house for dinner. We she introduced me to her daughters. There was Jaime, her 6 year old and of course, Mandy my fantasy. Mandy was only wearing sweats and a wife beater.

Her nipples were easily visible poking into the fabric and the areola red were slightly showing through. It was one of my favorite moments.

I actually got to just stare at Mandy while I was "introduced" to her. Finally I got to take her in up close, and she was even more amazing. She had on little makeup that night, but was still brilliantly pretty, with eyes that were wet and large and round. She was practically an anime character.

Now all I needed was to hear her moan and watch her body twitch like they did in the anime pornos. Thank god I got to get a great mind's eye of her too. Because that night I sealed the deal with her mother and if it wasn't from the horniness that Mandy gave me I would never have been able to stay hard fucking her mother.

But I was hard as hell and kept imagining it was Mandy I was in and it made for a long good fuck and her mother was smitten.

The first phase of my plan had worked and I worked hard to make sure her mother thought I was the man of her dreams. Phase two of my plan was to win favor with the daughters and supplant their father figure. This turned out to be quite easy. Their dad had run off not long after Jaime was born and Mandy HATED him for it. She was very untrusting of men and while she seemed to enjoy tantalizing them, she never even hinted at a boy she wanted to date. What I did is each of the nights I stayed at the house I would bring a gift, and on my salary hot chick barbie sins gets fucked and creamed years of saving, it was quite easy to afford.

Jaime loved the American Doll collection so it was dolls, clothes and accessories each time. Mandy was a little harder but I found out that she loved jewelry. So it was a little pair of earrings here, a necklace there. And every two weeks I brought her something nice, and rather expensive.

I told her mother I had a friend in the industry so it was cheap for me, and outside of the cost, she didn't care a wit and within about 5 months they were all putty in my hand.

Jaime even called me daddy on occasion, thought her mother would correct her. Mandy felt genuine affection and caring from a man for the first time in her life and she loved it. She would greet me at the door with a big hug, smashing those sweater cows into my chest. I would hug her back and innocently let the fingers of my hand go too low and caress her ass for just a moment or two. She never thought a thing of it and the memory of the feel of her body kept me hard enough to continue fucking her mother.

On movie nights Jaime and Mandy would snuggle up to me. Thankfully being next to Jaime made it feel fatherly and kept me from getting an embarrassing hard on. The next night I was over for dinner, when I knew her mother was in the shower and Mandy and I were making dinner for everyone I said, "So, are you really just a freshman?" "Hmm?

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Yep, I am so excited to finally be in high school, so tired of all the immature kids I was dealing with." "Immature?" "Yeah,I mean as soon as I started growing boobs, all the boys just became assholes, just like my dad was." Mandy said looking over at me for a second, those big round wet eyes just begging for me.

Or that is what I chose to believe. "Well, unfortunately guys tend to think about themselves first, it's just how we are." "You're not like that," Mandy said looking over and up at me. "You are the nicest most decent guy I have ever met." Yes, my dick twitched just a hair hearing her say that. Phase 2 had worked. Now it was phase 3, turning our relationship from friends, to more.

I still wasn't sure how to do that. "So, do you have a boyfriend? I never hear you talking about one." "Heck no, I can't stand all the boys I have met. They all look at me the same way, like they only see me like a picture or something. They seem to ignore everything about me but my body." "Well, to be fair you do dress kind of provocative. And Mandy, you are so incredibly beautiful, it's hard for boys to ignore that.

You are an amazing young lady, and so smart. Some day you will be very happy for your looks. With looks and brains, you can do anything you want in this country." "Thanks Greg." Mandy said blushing and fantasyhd blonde teen sucks and fucks for breakfast away to finish washing the lettuce.

"So I am confused, if you don't want to date any of the boys, why do you dress like that? You must know how incredible you look. You look that way every day." "To be honest, I do it for the girls, there is such a power struggle for popularity.

I don't want those gross childish boys, but I want to be respected by the upper class cliques, you know?" "Sure do. I am sure it will work, if I had seen you in high school, I wouldn't have been able to talk normal" "Hahaha.

Come on Greg, you're so sweet and generous. You must have had all the girls." "Not looking the way I do. I wish though." "Oh come on, you are handsome. Mom is crazy about you. She thinks you're a great catch and I think she is right." "Thanks Mandy, that is very sweet." Right after that her Mom showed up and I went back to normal, though I sexy hot beauteous hottie fucks and sucks to keep my waist back so my chubby didn't show through.

That dinner Mandy was even more giggly and playful than normal. I kept up this playfulness with her for the next couple of weeks, and it started to feel like we were very close friends. What was more, a few times she told me "secrets" that she made me promise not to tell her mom. The first was she and her best friend got some pot and had tried it a few times. Another was that her friend Jenny had let her boyfriend eat her out and that Jenny had told her it was an amazing feeling.

The last was that she had seen a bestiality movie on the internet and couldn't believe this lady let her dog screw her.

She continued to tell me the things she could not tell her mother and I could feel the deep trust she was having in me. Like most girls with daddy issues, trust in a man is not that far from affectionate or even passion for that same man. It was not long after all this that finally, FINALLY, Mandy's mother was had to go out of town for the night, and she left me in charge of the girls.

I stopped by red box and got two movies. One was very family friendly for Jaime. I grabbed a second, much more adult movie I had seen and knew it had some very intense sexual innuendo and scenes, though it didn't actually show much, the implied sexual acts were obvious. After pizza we all sat and cuddled to watch the movie. When it was over it was 9 PM which was Jaime's bedtime but she begged me to let us watch it again. Despite Mandy's protest I put it on again.

I could tell Jaime would be asleep soon and whispered to Mandy to follow me and went to the bedroom. She followed me and had a puzzled look on her face until I produced a loaded pipe of herb. She got a big smile and I made her promise not to tell, that this was another "secret" for us. She agreed and we puffed in the bathroom. After our smoke session we went back to the couch and watched the movie again until i could see that Jamie was asleep.

I told Mandy we should watch the other movie now but watch it in her room so that Jaime wouldn't wake up. Mandy agreed and we went to her room, but not before I grabbed the pipe out of the master bathroom. I got on her bed and sat against the headboard. Mandy, who had changed into her satin pajamas put the blueray in the playstation and started the flick before snuggling next to me and pulling a comforter over.

I offered her the pipe and she took it. I kept loading until I was fucking stoned, and I have been an occasional smoker since college, so I knew she had to be fucking blazed out of her mind.

Despite my hard on and the feel of her next to me in those sexy pjs, I controlled myself as the caper movie went on. It was about a hour in when the first sexual scene came one. It was very dark on film and Mandy had turned off her lights so we were alone in the darkness.

The noises of sex were coming from the movie and I could feel Mandy stir. Her legs kept adjusting and I deduced the pot plus the movie had the desired effect and she was getting horny. I arm was around her holding her in a cuddle and I let my fingers slide up and down her bottom and thigh innocently, helped by the slick nature of her clothing.

On her next squirm her head pressed hard into my chest and I knew it was time, she was definitely turned on. I slowly slid along her hip, past her pelvis until finally I reached to her alexis fawx who can squirt and my middle finger brushed the top of her folds. I could hear the harsh breath Mandy made.

I slid my finger back up again and I heard a light "umph!" She had to know now it was deliberate but the combo of trust in me, inebriation of the weed and the sexuality of the movie she had sank into that alternate reality we all succumb to where all our mind really cares about is climaxing the sexual feelings that have been jump started. I continued my massage of her vaginal area outside her clothes until she moaned audibly into my chest. At that point I deftly snuck my fingers under her bottoms waistband and felt the wispy still filling in hair around her genitals.

Her face was well buried in my t-shirt now and her waist squirmed to meet my fingers. I massaged the top of her slit and felt her clitoris emerge. I brought my other hand into the mix, rubbing the lower half of her pussy until she was squirming and groaning constantly. My shirt now had a wet spot from her saliva, and I decided it was time to go for the gold.

I took my hand and slid it up her leg under her pajama shorts until I had both hands on her pussy. The top hand massaging her clit, the bottom rubbing her labia. I crooked a finger and was able to slide it inside her rather easy.

"Ohhhmm-ffffffmmmmnnn-uuuuuuuh!" Mandy groaned and moaned into my chest, her hips thrashing up and down, trying to fuck my finger for all she was worth. I increased to two fingers and ramped up the pace until her body seized up and she screamed, "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" into me, and then went limp. I pulled my hands free, watching her panting, but completely out, her face now fallen to the side.

It wasn't but a moment and I heard very faint snores coming from her. I was going to just get up and leave, but her top button mother in law sucks dick to her husbands undone on her top and I could make out the edge of her bossom.

I couldn't help myself and I popped open the second button and dove my mouth onto her breast. I couldn't see it well in the darkened room but I could sure as hell feel it.

It was so perky despite its size, and zero support from a bra, not to mention laying down. It was truly miraculous. I sucked the breast, licked the nipple, bit it and went back to sucking. I could have stayed there all night, but when I felt Mandy starting to stir beneath me, I got control of my self and pulled off.

I buttoned her shirt back up and quickly left her room, quietly closing the door. I went to the bedroom, through to the master bath and showered, and jacked off into my own explosive orgasm. I cleaned and then dried and took one more bowl session before getting into bed and having one hell of an amazing sleep.

Mandy's mother was home before I got up and I woke up to her laying next to me kissing my neck. She was obviously horny and the memory of Mandy's pussy smell on my fingers and her breast in my mouth was fresh and I was hard right away. Her mother saddled me and rode me to orgasm. Afterwards she complimented me on the aggressive pounding I gave her, having no idea it was the fantasizing of pounding her own daughter that had made it happen.

I kissed her one more time before she went to shower and I went down to get some juice in the kitchen. Mandy was there. "Hi Greg. Sorry I fell asleep so early in the movie last night, " She lowered he voice to a whisper, "I think it was the pot!" She giggled and took her cereal to the living room. Was it possible she was so stoned and so drained from the orgasm that she didn't remember what had happened?

The playful demeanor was still there as was the trusting smile. No awkwardness, no lingering look. I smiled to myself and took the juice upstairs and hoped in the shower with her mother, for the second fuck of the morning.

The next two weeks went by like nothing had happened. Mandy and I continued to get along very well and we felt like a happy little family. What I did notice was how much more often Mandy started laying out on the patio to tan.

She hadn't done that much when I first started coming over but now that I was there more than I was not, she seemed to constantly be doing it. And you know she was wearing a tiny bikini, don't you? I sometimes wondered how the top even covered all of her nipples but her mother didn't seem to care. Mandy got into the practice of asking me to "help her" put lotion on her back, which progressed to putting it on her legs (those amazing fucking thighs!). I loved how her thighs were so firm, while simultaneously being so supple and malleable.

Let's just say over that time, I was fucking her mother at least once a day if not twice. Her mother couldn't have been my stepsister got stuck in the window its time to fuck in love, if she had only known it was my daily dose of drinking the vision of Mandy.

Those long luscious legs and thick thighs, those CC cup breasts, so perky and tasty. Her beautiful smile and thin neck. Her expanding hips and too small waist. Everything about her was just how it should be, and I was teens fuck for facial reality and real trying to figure out the next move to make in transitioning from being her mother's lover, to hers. Instead it was Mandy who figured it out.

The next Friday we had another movie night, her mom was home this time. Again it was a glam beauty jizzed on pussy after banging movies, starting with a very family friendly one.

We finished that one and next was a little rom-com. Jaime was curled up on the couch asleep and would likely just stay there with tomorrow being Saturday. Mandy's mother Jolene was dozing herself. Mandy looked up and over to me from the ground where she was sitting wearing very short sweat shorts, which were practically bursting where her thighs came out, stretched to the max. The peach colored shorts were topped by a pink tank top with thin straps, her ample chest dangling just a tiny bit.

She just looked at me for a bit before hoping to her feet. She went to her mother and shook her awake lightly. "Mom, did you want to go to bed?" "Hmm?

No, no, I want to watch the rest of this, I think they get together." "Well Greg and I wanna watch the new transformers movie, so we're gonna watch it in my room." "Oh, nnn-kay sweetie." Jolene replied before dozing again.

It was long past her bedtime. Mandy walked over to my chair and held out her hand. "C'mon." She looked at me very matter of factly. "Sure. . I was a bit thrown off as we hadn't said a word about anything.

I got up and took her hand, but she took it in the far hand and turned, so instead of being side to side, our arms were across behind her, and where she held the grip, I couldn't help but touch her butt on every step.

Was she doing it on purpose? I just didn't know. We got to her room and she let me go and loaded the movie. She kicked black girls fucked hard crying her shorts, like it was nothing revealing a size two too small sponge bob square pants bikini bottoms. She hopped in the bed and grabbed the remote. She turned on the movie and said, "Hit the lights before you lay down." I clicked the off switch and gingerly walked over to the far side of the bed.

What the hell was I going to do here? I was ready to do damn near anything, but her mother was just down the hall. I had to be cognizant. I was wearing an old pair of softball shorts, and a t-shirt. But being at home, after a shower, I usually went commando. And I was fighting a hard on into a chubby already. I slid under the comforter and had just got propped up an the pillow before Mandy slid back towards me, firmly wedging her still growing teenage ass into my crotch.

Her thick thighs were on top of mine, partially bare skin to bare skin. God she had great skin! So soft and tight and firm. Fresh. New. I still wanted to take care so I waited to see what happened next. We were at least 15 minutes in the movie, and I had no idea what was happening because of all my focus on staying soft in my shorts. "I wish we were watching that movie from last time. It was much more fun." I didn't reply to her comment.

Then she stretched making the grimacing noise we all do and her hand kick back to me and over my hand. She settled on a soft grip of my hand and then stopped her stretch and pulled her hand back forward, coming to a rest between her legs, between those meaty thighs. Her hand was still on top of mine, my hand on the top of her pussy. I could feel the heat coming off those panties. I just let my hand sit there for a second, before doing a slight up and down with my middle finger.

Mandy exhaled loudly into the pillow, her breath a bit of a stutter. I moved my finger again and felt her move her hips, pushing in to my hand. This progressed to hard rubbing, at which point I couldn't keep my hard on away any longer. Mandy didn't seem to notice, or at least didn't care. She just continued to move to meet my hand and fingers where she wanted to and if that meant her ass cheeks masturbating my cock in my shorts, so be it.

She would let out a soft whimper now and again but other than that the only noise other than the movie was the movement of the comforter.

Mandy broke all pretense then japanese wife affair with brother 89 pornoclub reached down and pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and slid her top leg over the outside of mine, opening her nether regions to me.

I let a finger go inside and warmed flexible teen fuck hd young lesbos having fun in locker room up, her wetness a noticeable smell when the comforter would flap a wave of air up and out.

"Uuuuuuu-hu-hu-nnnnnnnnnnn!" Mandy grunted quietly into the pillow, only a corner of her mouth exposed for air.

I added my thumb rubbing and slapping her clit as I felt her body begin to shiver. Her hips were grinding like a piston, compact and powerful and her ass was driving my dick wild. I was starting to pant myself. My nuts were tingling something awful. Mandy's hand suddenly gripped mine and she held me firm where I was and I felt her vaginal walls convulse around my finger.

Mandy buried her head in the mattress and let out a lustful stud cums on tight ass pornstar hardcore "Wuuuuuu-eeeeeeeee!!!!" She was way too loud for comfort but if there wasn't someone near by, it would sound like much, especially under the movie noise.

Her hips kept jutting back and forth as she came, her panties were absolutely soaked and she was gonna have to change the sheets. But that wasn't what really mattered. No, what really mattered was how close to an orgasm I was. There was no doubt Mandy had done all this intentionally and I wanted my turn. I slipped my foot over hers and pressed down, pinning her. I scooped a hand under her and pushed up her top, grasping her left breast and squeezing the perfect melon.

I ground my hips into her backside for 10 seconds before my cum burst out of my cock and into my shorts. I felt like a fire hose of cum, a river of my seed being shared for Mandy. I smooshed my face into her back and made a noise between the grunt you make when you shit and the sound of a sneeze stuck in your nose.

It was odd but a perfect description of the way my orgasm felt. I don't think I have ever cum that hard. Gobs of gooey cum filled my shorts and spilling onto Mandy's back thigh and contributing to the mess on her sheets.

Damn, we can't forget to change these sheets. Even after I was out of cum my dick kept clenching, trying to excrete more cum, but I had nothing left to give. It was glorious, don't get me wrong, but cumming without cum starts to sting. Every 5th or so clench, my whole body would strain and clench. It had been years since I came so hard it was hard for me to control my body.

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I laid clenched with Mandy for a good 3 to 4 minutes before I finally started to relax, but 20 before my heartbeat and breath were normal. About 10 minutes after she gave me a mind numbing orgasm, Mandy had rotated her head up to look at me and said, "I was wrong, this movie is better than the other one. Is this movie going to get better?" "This is all the better I can make the movie tonight." Out of breath with just that one sentence.

"Okay." Mandy rolled into the fetal position in front of me and I held her. She was asleep in minutes. I held her for another 10 before I got out and hopped in the shower, washing away evidence. After, I tossed my wrung out shorts into one of my luggage pieces and zipped it up. No need to explain wet shorts. I could wash them with Mandy's sheets in the morning.

I went to the living room and breathtaking petite cutie gets her spread slit and little anus poked my girlfriend and lead her to bed.

As I laid in bed, feeling the summer breeze through the window, I just pondered what kind of movies I could rent, that my girlfriend "wouldn't want to see."