Novinha e o primo se exibindo gostoso

Novinha e o primo se exibindo gostoso
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I lay sleeping with my hair spread out on the pillow behind my head, my bare shoulders and arms sticking out above the covers.

You walk into the room and over to the bed, slowly taking off your shirt and dropping it to the floor. Slipping out of your shoes, you undo your pants and slide them down your hips into a pile at your feet, stepping out of them you gently pull back the covers and lie down next to me.

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I move slightly at the rush of cold air under the balnkets. You run your fingers through my hair causing a shiver up my spine.

You begin to kiss my neck, knowing the sensitive spot at the base of my hairline and my neck are two of the apots that wil cause my juices to flow quickly and make me wet for your touch. I moan as you kiss your way down my senstitive back to the curve of my butt and then to my hip.

Rolling me gently as not to wake me yet, you part my thighs and your kisses trail to the juncture there, feeling my heat, smelling my desire, feeling my wetness. Your tonngue swirls around my hard clit, feeling it pulseagainst you mouth.

Slowly you kiss your way up my stomach to my breasts, first one nipple, and then the other. I open my eyes and find you kneeling between my parted thighs poised for entry into my tight, wetness. As you wrap your arms around my waist, ready to bury yourself into me, you feel my legs closing around your hips my ankles locking around each other. You look up to see my green eyes piercing into your blue ones, my hand reaches and touches your cheek, my thumb running across your lower lip, I pull your mouth to mine, our lips touch, softly at first.

My tongue slips out and caresses your lips, you groan as your body shifts against mine, your lips capture mine and our tongues meet thrusting against each other. As our tongues met and danced I pulled your hips against me as you pushed to bury yourself deeply inside me. As your hips pulled back and I brought you back into me with the pull of my legs, thrust for thrust our bodies met, as our tongues continued their dance.

Our rythem getting faster, I pull my mouth from yours and as I reach up to bite on your ear lobe I whisper in your ear "Do me doggie style. I want to feel your balls slap against my clit." You slide out of me as you lean back you roll me to my stomach, grab my hips and pull me back against you.

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I feel the head of your hard cock against the entrance to my pussy as I thrust back against you. Each thrust harder and harder, the feel of your balls against my clit. "Don't stop, I'm gonna cum all over your cock.

Don't stop! Ohhhhhhhh don't stop." My body explodes into wave after wave of orgasm and my juices run down your chaft, it drips onto the bed, and down your thighs. I feel your balls draw up and get tighter as you shoot your hot seed deep inside my body.

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We collapse onto the bed together, holding onto one another tightly as we drift into deep sleep.