Ebony fellow bangs white beauteous gal interracial and hardcore

Ebony fellow bangs white beauteous gal interracial and hardcore
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Next Door Neighbors.Part 1 I was about to get in my car when Doris called out and asked me if I could stop in and see her.

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She said she had something she wanted to talk with me about. I told her I had to run to the store and wouldn't be long. As I drove to the store the thought crossed my mind as to what she wanted to talk about. Doris stayed in the house most of the time unless she was driving her husband, Paul, somewhere. I never really had any conversations with her.

Paul and Doris had bought the house next to me about 6 months ago. They had moved here to be closer to their relatives. They were in their 70's and kept to themselves mostly, although I had baked them cookies and cake and helped them as much as possible. Paul needed a walker to get around and Doris did all the driving. Paul was a small man about 5' 3" and Doris about 5' 1". Paul was quite the talker and enjoyed sitting in his garage and talk with me whenever he could catch me.

I tried to accommodate him as much as I could and did not want to hurt his feelings. Chubby housewife alexsis sweet swallows a stiff cock big boobs big tits his age I considered him a harmless dirty old man and would listen to his dirty jokes and how he bragged about not needing Viagra. He especially liked to talk about my 42D tits. At 5'10" and 180lbs I supposed I seemed like an amazon to him. I would kid him about telling Doris on him for flirting with me.

He would always tell me she wouldn't care. I would tell him that a woman of my size would hurt him if we had sex. He would always tell me that what a young women needs is an experienced man. As a 52 yr old, blue eyed blond, I wouldn't classify myself as a young woman. The better I got to know him, the more I teased him.

As time went by I would dress less and less. When I knew he was in his garage I would always put on some type of halter top with no bra, about 2 sizes too small short shorts with no panties, and flip flops. Plenty of cleavage and plenty of my big ass for him to drool over. Why not give the little old man a show?

I certainly found out one thing…he didn't need Viagra. I definitely aroused him enough because he would always make a point of it to stand up after we were talking and I couldn't help noticing the bulge in his pants. When I got home I unloaded my groceries and went to see Doris. But first I made sure I looked as "Plain Jane" as possible. No need to tease her. She invited me into her living room and we both sat on the coach.

Terri, you've been very friendly with us since we've moved in and I'd like to thank you for that. You're quite welcome. I've never really had a chance to talk with you much but Paul certainly enjoys his conversations with you. Well, I enjoy talking with him. You mean teasing him, don't you?

I looked at her and noticed that she was somewhat sheepishly smiling. Oh, we have a good time joking with each other. I was somewhat uncomfortable because although she was smiling I still might get an ass chewing from a jealous wife.

And, just how much did she know of what went on and although she never came into the garage with Paul and me could she have been eaves dropping and peeking somehow? Well, you certainly get him aroused and although I don't benefit from it anymore, it's been great for him.

Don't you find it amazing that at Paul's age he can still get a full erection? Wow, I was blown away! Here I am talking with a wife about her husband's hard-on. I was lost as to where she was going with this and somewhat uncomfortable.

I didn't mean to embarrass you. You see, Terri, I have not been able to have sex with Paul for about 10 years. It hurts when he is inside me and it's such a shame because we have always been so active sexually.

I know it must bother him but we have been married for over 50 years and we are still in love. And, as good as he is sexually, I know he has never been unfaithful. Did you know that he masturbates every time he gets done talking with you? I was at a loss for words and stammered, How do you know? Because I've seen him and sometimes I do it for him. We have always hot mom big tits fucking a very open sexual relationship.

He has always been fascinated by big blond women and since we've had a computer his fascination has grown immensely. A computer, I thought. Why this little old man is quite the pervert, too. Anyway, I thought I'd play the dumb blond role. Computer? What do you mean? Honey, please come with me and I'll show you. I followed Doris into an office area and she fired up a computer and immediately pulled up a porn website Paul had saved. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and told me to have a seat.

I sat down and browsed the website. It showed videos and pictures of BBWs having sex with old men.

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Wow, I thought…Paul is quite the voyeur. Just then Doris came up behind me. Now do you see what I mean? Yes, I guess I do, but doesn't it bother you that he watches this. Oh no, deary, not at all. If I can't please him sexually anymore, he needs to have some type of release. That's why he gets so aroused when he talks with you…especially the way you dress or should I say don't dress. Paul always remarks about your cleavage and how your butt cheeks hang out of your shorts.

I was about to offer a defense for my attire or lack thereof when she continued. Terri, I am not a jealous woman and I do want to please my husband. He is a good man. And, if masturbating over kianna dior son steep mom and these porn sites pleases him…I'm OK with that. I sat there silently wondering what all this was about.

A woman, who I barely know, telling me that she can't have sex with her husband, who I barely know, and that he jerks off over me allinternal sexy brunette shows her anal creampie hardcore pussy we have conversations and that she knows this because she watches and helps him do it…not to mention that he watches BBWs getting sexed by old men on the internet.

Terri, Paul and I value your friendship and we want to continue having you as our friend so I hope what I've shared with you, so far, has not offended you. Uh, no, but I have to ask why you shared all this with me. I'm somewhat confused as to the purpose of this all. Well, I just wanted to lay the ground work for the reason I asked to talk with you in the first place. I could sense the nervousness in her voice. Terri, please turn the chair around and face me.

When I did, I noticed her wringing her hands. Terri, would you have sex with Paul? I didn't know how to answer…I was dumbfounded. Doris, I don't know…I can't believe this wouldn't bother you. Does Paul know about this? Yes, we've talked about it at length. Paul is with some friends playing cards at the VFW. I told him I would try and talk with you today about this.

I was going to call you when I noticed you outside. And trust me…this is my idea, not his. I had to convince him that I was OK with it. Looking at a computer and having a dirty conversation with an attractive woman and masturbating is far from having actual sex with another woman. But as I've said, Paul is a good husband and if I can't please him sexually then this is the least I can do for him. Doris, I really don't know what to say.

I have to have some time to think about this. Fine, Terri, but please remember this. It would mean so much to my husband and me if you would do this. Please don't view Paul or I as weird. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot…may I ask you a personal question? Sure…what is it?

Well, Paul seems to think that your titties are natural…are they? I was caught off guard by the question and stammered. Ah, yes…they are. Really? I just find that hard to believe. Well, ah, they are. Would you show me? Show you…what? Your titties. Please don't be embarrassed. I'm just curious. Besides, it'll be just between us girls.

The thought of me exposing my tits to another woman so she could look at them embarrassed me. If you would rather not, fine, but I just thought you like to flaunt them so you wouldn't mind.

Flaunt them? Isn't that what you do in front of Paul? Besides, humor this old lady. I'm not asking you to strip naked…just show me your titties.

Oh well, I thought…what the hell…what harm could there be. I was who are they homemade couple hot fuck teencouple and bigtits a sweatshirt and took it off but left my bra on. Aren't you going to take your bra off? I noticed a gleam of expectancy in her eyes as she stared at my tits. OK, I thought. I removed the bra and let it fall to the floor. At 52, I had the normal sagging and they rested on my belly.

Wow, are they huge! Can I touch them? Touch them, I thought? Is she a lesbian? I had never been with a woman and never had the interest. She reached out with her little hands. Well, can I? Ah, OK, sure, fine. She grabbed them and started feeling them all over.

Feeling foolish standing there letting a woman feel my tits I stammered, Uh, you see, Paul was right. She remained quiet and pinched my nipples gently, at first, but harder to the point that I winced. Oh, I'm sorrow honey. Let Doris kiss them and make them all better. Before I knew it she was kissing, licking, and sucking my big tits.

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Doris, I stammered as I pulled away, please don't. Why sweetie? Doesn't it feel good or is it because I'm a woman? Yes, it feels good but, ah, I'm not a lesbian.

Well, honey, I'm not either. Paul am I used to do threesomes years ago and I have needs too. And you admitted it feels good. Besides you wouldn't want to hurt a little old ladies feelings? She continued sucking my big tits and I felt myself getting wet. Here, honey, come lay on the couch. Might as well be comfortable. She took me by the arm and sat me on the couch and another taste of exotica loni legend interracial real tits started kissing me.

Her mouth found mine and she forced her tongue deep in my mouth. She pushed me down on my back and continued kissing me while her hand kept squeezing my right tit.

I couldn't believe how aroused I was getting. She then pushed her hand down my sweatpants and tried to force my legs apart. Damn, I thought, she's trying to rape me! Please, Doris, stop as I tried to push her off me. For a little 70 yr old woman she was surprisingly strong. She grabbed both my wrists and forced my arms over my head while sitting on my bare chest.

I didn't want to hurt her so I let her continue, waiting for a chance to get my clothes and leave. Why don't you just take off the rest of your clothes, honey? Doris, please, I think this has gone far enough. She let go of my right wrist and slapped my face hard. You listen and listen good. I'm telling you to strip naked and I do mean now. She then slapped my face hard again.

Please, Doris, don't hit me again. I'll do whatever you say. Even though my face stung form her slaps, I was wet and aroused by what she was doing to me. I stood up, kicked off my shoes and pulled my pants and panties off. I stood there completely naked while she sat on the couch leering at me with a wicked grin.

I suppose I could have gathered up my clothes and overpowered her and left but I was enjoying what she was doing to me. Damn, was I going crazy? Sweetie, walk around for me. I want to see how your big naked body moves. I know my face was red from embarrassment playgirl needs spunk flow delight gloryhole and hardcore I walked around in front of her naked obeying her commands: spread your fat pussy lips, turn around, bend over, and spread your big ass cheeks.

I've never been so embarrassed in my whole life and yet so aroused! Why do you shave your pussy? I, uh, really don't know. I just always have. You don't know? You just always have? I'll tell you why…because you are a big fucking whore! Only whores do that! She then came up next to me, fondled my big ass and pussy, fingering me in both my holes. I thought I was going to pass out; I was so hot!

You like what I'm doing to you, honey? Oh yes, Doris, oh yes.

My mouth was so dry I could hardly swallow. Good, go into the bedroom, lay on the bed, and spread your legs wide. As I walked in front of her to the bedroom she pinched and slapped my big ass. Sweetie, what a meaty ass you've got. Paul is going to love it! Along with your thick legs, belly, and huge tits! He is going to fuck you real good, honey! Now lay down! I did and she climbed on me kissing me and fingering my wet pussy starting with one finger and finally working all her fingers roughly in and out.

I was grinding my big hips hard against her hand. She pulled her hand out and started slapping me on my wet pussy.

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Oh my, it hurt so good! Oh yes, Doris, beat me good…beat my naked pussy gooooooooood! She continued slapping my pussy as I came again and again! As I lay there she made me clean her fingers with my mouth. Now, honey, that wasn't so bad was it? Oh no, that was wonderful. But Doris, how about you? Did raucous hand and wet oral job deepthroat blowjob get satisfied? Not completely dear but when the three of us are together I've got something special in mind.

I lay there looking at her wicked grin wondering what that might be. Honey, you need to get dressed, get home, get cleaned up, and I'll call you after Paul gets home. I staggered on wobbly legs into the living room, got dressed, and left.

The phone call came about 2 hrs later, long enough for me to get cold feet if I had wanted to. However, what Doris had just done to me made me want more and even though I did not know what she and her husband had in store for me, I was still wet thinking about the possibilities.

Doris instructed me not to wear any underware or jewelry because, as she put it, "We want you completely naked as soon as possible". I had already taken a shower so I threw on the same sweats I had earlier. I entered through the garage and knocked on the kichen door. Doris greeted me in a bathrobe and slippers.

I asked where Paul was. He's in the bedroom but before we see him, you need to know something. What's that? She looked at me sternly. You better please him and do whatever he wants. Do you understand me? I could tell she was dead serious. I was half frightened and half excited. Yes, maam. I'll do my best. Well, you listen to me, bitch. Your best better be good enough! I could have turned around and walked out but I didn't.was I losing my mind?