Finger and sex toy barrage on oriental

Finger and sex toy barrage on oriental
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THE GIRL NEXT DOOR April 2nd 2:45 p.m. I hear a rather large vehicle pull up.

I look out my bedroom window to see what it was, just as I suspected it was a moving truck pulling in to the house next door. Excited as all hell knowing we have new neighbors I ran outside to see if they needed any help.

When I reached their driveway as a beautiful 17 yr. Old brunette girl with gorgeous brown hair and green eyes climbed out of the truck. Shocked at the sight of such a beautiful girl standing only feet from me I couldn't say a word. She village xxxx sex stories storys hard up to me and said "hi my name is Brooke", I tried to say something but I was completely speechless.

Looking at her rockin body which was covered by a spaghetti strap top and skin tight blue spandex I managed to mumble hi my name is wes. She smiled at me knowing I was checking her out from her firm c cup tits to her fat little ass! Trying not to drool I asked her if she needed any help moving into her new house she kindly said " sure".

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As she led me to her bedroom I almost lost it when she bent over to put her box down revealing a sexy black g-string. The day went on moving box after box of stuff into her house. We finally moved everything inside and man were we exhausted, i told Brooke It was awesome meeting her but i was really tired and i would come over tomorrow to help her unpack.

She gave me a sexy little smirk and said "my mom is cooking dinner are you sure u don't want to stay, I would really enjoy some company!" as tired as i was i happily said sure. We ate dinner and talked about her life and where she was from. I found out that she from Vero beach fl and recently broke up with her douche bag boyfriend Tyler.I also found out that she was half italian half irish 5'4''and was very stressed out from the move and recent break up.

After dinner we went into her room and sat on her floor seeing her bed was not assembled yet. We talked for about an hour or so really getting to know each other. As we sat there both ready to collapse at any moment i asked her if she would like to stay the night at my house so she woulnt have to sleep on the floor.She looked at me with a sly look and said she would love to,not arguing with her reply i took her hand and led her next door to my house.

We walked inside and i introduced her to my parents. A look of suprise came across their faces seeing me standing there with such a smoking hot girl. I told my mom and dad we were extremely tired and we were going to head off to bed. My parents said goodnite and didn't give me a kiss like usual trying ebony chick gets fucked by big white cock critical x to embarrass me in front of this beautiful girl.

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I walked her to my bedroom then i told her she could have the bed and i would sleep on the floor,she looked at me and seductively said ''you know you wanna sleep in the bed with me.'' I looked at my king size bed and said well i guess i could if you don't mind, brooke rubbed the bed so seductively, excited from the comment she just made i jumped into the bed with her.About 5 mins.

passed by and she was black sexy big ass teen masturbating on webcam out. As i laid there looking at this super hot girl laying in my bed i thought to my self what tomorrow had in store for us, eager to find out i tried to fall asleep. I woke up the next morning around 10:30 and walked into the bath room with a raging hard on,shut the door and realized someone was taking a shower it didn't really click in my head so i pulled out the bulge in my pants to take a piss.

While i was doing so brooke popped her head out from the shower looked at me then glanced at my man hood smiled and said ''good morning to you too''she said while smiling ear to ear.

Embarrassed that this girl had just seen my hard on i treed to put it back in my pants and leave the bathroom but Brooke quickly said ''wes please don't leave! '' I turned around and looked at her with curiosity, still looking at me brooke opened the shower door and waved her arm as if she wanted me to join her.My mind was in complete shock but was over ridden by my mind down stairs. I smiled and asked if she was sure she nodded yes and i quickly stripped down and got into the steamy hot shower with her.Wondering what was about to go down i looked at her and started to admire her beautiful naked body.It was so sexy watching the warm water run down her body,from her brown hair & green eyes down to her rather large tits and soon enough to her already wet pussy.

I tried not to think dirty seeing my hard on was somewhat subsiding and i really didn't want to be poking her while she was trying to shower. She started to wash herself and asked me if i could give her a hand with her back,shocked at what this girl just asked me to do i started to slowly wash her shoulders and began to move down to the little dimples on her back.Just inches from her bubbly ass i began to foxy sweetie pleases pussy and gets licked and pounded in pov how far this could possibly go so i began to wash all the curves of her beautiful ass.

Eager to know what else was about to happen i stood up and brooke grabbed my hands placing them on her large C cup breasts unsure what she wanted me to do i began rubbing them and started to pinch and charmi kaur blue films storys her nipples making them hard as rocks,Brooke started to let out little moans of pleasure and at that moment i knew she was enjoying her self so i started to suck and lick her nipples ever so gently.Not stopping me i began sucking them harder flicking them with my tongue sending pure pleasure down to her dripping wet pussy.Making her super horny she pushed my head down to her soaked vagina.

Looking at it for a minute just admiring the perfect design god had created i opened her lips and quickly sucked up all the sweet juices excreting from her forbidden area.I sat her down on the chair built into the shower and slowly licked her sensitive clit,this was making so much sweet juice that just covered my tongue and mouth her intoxicating taste was beginning to make me horny.

So i began to finger her tight hole first with one finger then worked my way to two,with every insertion of my 2 fingers she came closer and closer to coming all over my face Brooke started breathing heavily and moaned quietly trying not to let my parents hear.

Knowing she was about to come any second i began to finger her faster and faster until she started pulling my hair and then let out a slippery warm liquid on my face ahh she came and she came hard!

Sending pure bliss through her whole body which was twitching uncontrollably in pleasure,she looked down at me and told me she hasn't came like that in a very long time and would like to return the favor if i didn't mind.At this point i was so horny and turned on i was about to let anything happen, i smiled and told her she was more than welcome.She sat me down on the seat where she was sitting which was soaked in her sweet femine juices, i leaned back and let her take hold of my throbbing cock.Brooke looked up at me while she was on her knees and gave me a smile as if she was going to give me the best head ive ever gotten.Finally i was about to get what i dreamt about and have been imagining all morning,as i was thinking about how good she tasted i felt a soft warm set of lips engulf my cock taking it deep into her mouth she began twirling her tongue around the shaft of my super hard dick.She deffinatley knew what she was doing because my toes started curling and my breathing started getting heavy,in and out she took my dick softly licking the head of my dick and using a little teeth sometimes.I could feel my self getting pretty close to filling her mouth with my cum, but when she started talking dirty to me it just sent me over the edge Brooke said eagerly ''wes i want your warm load in my mouth right now!

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'' She started stroking me as fast as she could and taking it as far as she could choking her throat from the size of my dick then it happened i blew my warm load into her mouth.Brooke began to suck all of it out of me and began stroking me trying to get every last drop of pearly colored cum out teen big dick threesome and skirt poor rachael madori my twitching dick.

Brooke smiled at me and with one huge gulp swallowed all that she just worked for.That was great we both said to each other but i knew she still wanted more so i turned off the shower got out and began to dry off, brooke did the same. Still wanting more Brooke took my hand and led me to the room where we just slept together i pushed her on the bed and began to make out with her biting her bottom lip and groping her large breasts. I stopped and slowly began lick and kiss her neck making Brooke soak n wet she told me she was super horny and wanted me to fuck her with my large cock until she couldn't take it any longer.

Knowing i was about to fuck this girl silly i reached into my droor and grabbed a ''Trojan'' rolled it on and approached my awaiting partner. She was so wet and horny that all of her liquid was making a huge wet spot on my bed so i got on the bed with her spread her legs and began rubbing the tip of my swollen dick up and down her pussy lips getting it nice and lubed.

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Then with one mighty thrust i inserted my whole dick deep inside her vaginal canal,Brooke covered her face with a pillow and began moaning like crazy.Thrust after thrust i could feel her inner walls close in on my dick like a glove.Fucking this pink hole until i could feel the pressure build up inside her warm cunt knowing she was about to come all over my cock i started thrusting harder and deeper until she pulled my sheets and let out series of huge moans coming all over my dick.

Her body began twitching out of control from the complete pleasure i just gave her.I let her regain her breath then began to fuck her to another mind blowing orgasm. We did so about three more times until i couldn't take it any longer i was so tired and just wanted to come already.I told brooke i was ready and she got on me cowgirl and started bouncing up and down on my shaft, it was so extraordinary how yesterday i just met this girl and now im getting the fuck of a lifetime.

About 15 mins. passed and i was about to explode so i held on tight and blew inside her,granted i was wearing a rubber it still felt wicked good & she loved it.Exhausted after the adventure we just had we both leaned over and laid there in sheer happiness with my softening dick still inside her.I started twirling her hair with my fingers and looked into her beautiful green eyes and told her that was the greatest morning ive ever had. She looked at me smiled and said she sure is happy were neighbors!

I agreed with her and kissed her lips and said i was too. We both relaxed for a while got dressed and went to her house and assembled her bed just imaging all the thing we would be able to do on it. I looked at Brooke and told her i think this is the beginning of a great relation ship,she smiled and said she thinks so too. TO BE CONTINUED.

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