Amateur teen plowed with panties pulled aside cocksucking and petite

Amateur teen plowed with panties pulled aside cocksucking and petite
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I was 24 and clicking around on craigslist trying to find a black man (or men) to worship for the night. After searching through the multiple categories for such ads I found a hunk in his early-forties who was sporting a ten inch black cock. Phil was staying in an upscale hotel a couple miles away from my house.

I messaged him my details with pictures and he quickly responded to my e-mail with more pictures of himself. He was nice and muscular with a fat and hung nigger cock. I dress and prepared myself before driving over to the hotel. I parked and glanceded at my phone once more to read over the floor and room number one more time. I heard the double beep as I locked my car from the keyfab. I walked toward the hotel, building excitement to what was about to unfold.

I walked past the pretty receptionists at the front desk. I head over to the elevators and selected the appropriately floor. I rode the elevator up (luckily no one is in there) and it dropped me off at the correct floor.

I made a left out of the halfway and headed down the cute blonde naomi woods pornstars big dick to find his room number. I counted up in my head as I walked with a brisk pace down the hall until I fell came upon the door. I knocked softly; my heart was beating fast while as I passed the long seconds in my head before being interrupted by the sound of a door handle.

I hear the familiar clicks and sounds as the door unlocks from the other side and opens to behold to me this beautiful black man. He is tall, handsome, and dressed in a nice suit with all the buttons loosen after a long day of work.

He had a visible bulge wrapping around his upper thigh and I gawked in anticipation. I dropped right there in the hallway and got on my knees reaching eagerly out to grab a hold of his bulge straining against the fabric of his pantsuit. He moves himself back and of the way to avoid being caught by my eager fingers. I whimpered in disappointment as stud stuffs his ramrod in babes pussy musky aroma of his body oder raylene tyler nixon my friend hot mom sex story my nostrils and my ass loosened at the smell.

"Now now, remember our manners." He steps forward so that he's back within my grasp. I move lower back onto my legs as I knelt there in the middle of the hallway before his powerful body. I heard the faint sound of a 'ding' with the same elevator stopping on our floor. Not wanting to get caught kneeling in the middle of the hallway, I tilted my head to look up into the black man's powerful eyes.

"Please let me choke myself on your big black cock," I pleaded in a whisper. Without saying a word he backed up and I fell on all fours and followed him inside the door. The door shuts behind me and I reach up to feel the outline of his hard cock. I pull there rest of my body up so that I can be eye to cock. I rub my face against it, feeling it's warmth. "Please let me worship your nigger cock daddy?" I say in the most innocent voice I have.

He reached down to unzip his pants and with one quick motion he pulls out his beautiful, fat, big black cock. His dick was the width of a beer can and was at least ten inches in length.

His dark black balls hung down low beneath his wonderful cock. I kissed his fat head and held his cock and balls in my hand to massage them. My lips ran across the sides of his cock and I kissed his cock up and down the length of his shaft.

I licked up the sides and felt the veins along his black cock skin. I gathered all the extra spit in my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock while I drooled my throat slime all over the floor. I began to bob my head up and down on his cock, gathering more and more spit to lube his beautiful cock.

His flared cock head was traveling further and deeper into my mouth. His cock head slipped into my throat easily with all of the build up of throat juice. I gagged on his cock and opened my mouth around his cock to fuck his cock head into the back of my throat.

I choked each time his black cock pushed deeper. He wrapped his large hands around held my the back of my, guiding my lips along his cock and enjoying how eager I was to get my throat impaled. "Good white boi, keep throating my cock. I know you prefer it hard as fuck, huh whore? Like when I plow your shit hole. Is your cunt hole open and willing?" I pulled myself back off his cock and looked up at him with lines of drool dripping off my chin.

"My owner plugged up my hole with a large butt plug before I left the house and I have eight loads of nigger cum swimming around in shit-hole at the moment. Would you please add to that number?" I immediately went back down on his cock and throated his nigger cock with the sides of my throat massaging his horse flared cock head.

He lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder and brought me over to the living area of the hotel room. He placed me on all fours with my head on the cushion of the couch and the rest of me in doggy position.

I arched my back to display my filled ass proud. He knelt down in front of my stuffed cunt. With one hand he pushed my head down and held it in place so I wouldn't move and with the other he began to twist and pull out my large butt plug. My big plug widened my ass to it's widest point at 3.5 inches wide. My ass felt amazing stretched out while he held it in place for a couple extra seconds.

The plug finally pushed passed after a long and controlled pause, and my hole opened up and displayed a gape proudly. He spat a wad of saliva down on to his hand and smeared it on my gaping ass moment before thrusting his hand into my gaping ass.

I was surprised by the motion but couldn't move because his hand held on to the back of my neck and pushed me down onto the couch. He twisted and pushed his hand into my ass as my hole stretched to accommodate the large intruder. My hole eventually gave up and his fist fell right through my sphincter and sank in to my beaten cunt hole. He was slow at first, a really gentlemen; letting me get use to the shock that your system feels when a grown black man's fist is inside your warm white shit-hole.

There is nothing quite like it. He moved his fist in all directions to let me feel the powerful intruder and to study my reactions to find which was getting the most reaction out of me.

He picked up the pace and let his fist make audible sloshing sounds of my ass juices mixed with his spit as he punched through my ruined hole that was still filled with the eight loads from the other nigger cocks that had already fucked me earlier in the day. My ass felt incredible and my moans were silent because of the intensity of the pleasure I was receiving.

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He pulled his hand out of my ass and slipped his fat black cock right into my ass without skipping a beat. Before I could even process the physical sensation of a fat ten inch cock in your ass, his hand was shoved in my face completely covered with the mixed juices that were flooded in my ass.

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He slips his fingers into my mouth and I immediately start flicking my tongue around his rough, juice covered hands. I felt the calluses on his fingers as I licked my ass juice, his spit, and nigger cum up and swallowed it eagerly.

It tasted so good that for a second I had forgotten that there was a hung horse nigger cock plowing my white shit hole. He held my body close so that I couldn't get away from his rough handling. While he was feeding me what had collected in my shit hole with one hand he was holding tightly onto me with the other to make sure I couldn't get away; at times even pulling me backwards to meet his nigger cock.

"Fuck me nigger! Please fuck my gaping shit hole! Please destroy my ass; give me a destroyed nigger-only pussy! I loooooooooove black nigger cocks! Please give me moooooore!" He slammed his cock into me while I licked the last remaining juices from his fingers. He suddenly grabbed my waist with both hands and my body fell forward as my weight shifted onto my arms. I held myself up with my hands holding the side of the couch for support as he pounded my hole recklessly.

I looked down at my little white dick; it was shriveled up into a small clit-shaped organ and was leaking precum which had formed a small puddle under my little cock. The sudden feeling of emptiness shocked me as he quickly withdrew his wonderful cock from my ass. I leaned back on my ass and let out a sloppy and moist air fart as he spun my head around and shoved his cock into my mouth.

I immediately gagged and grabbed a hold of his waist to choke myself on his fabulous african cock. I massaged his huge, sagging balls and I took his cock as deep into my throat as I could.

"Good faggot! That nigger cock is your life; you crave it at all times. It gives you and your body meaning and purpose." Leah gotti ist time fuck looked up at him adoringly and smiled has a sucked his ass slime-covered horse cock.

"Any fun stories from earlier today slut? Getting eight loads of nigger cum in your cunt by 9:30pm is no easy task. How did you get those eight whore? I took his cock out of my throat and kissed his head as I stroked his throat-slime covered cock. "Well, one was from my nigger king this morning. He is the one that plugged me up after he blew his load in my hole.

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I went grocery shopping after he left for work and two of the black employees who unload the trucks took me into the back to give me a taste of their "special meat" selection. While I was pretty sure they were butchers, they did swing around some bull meat! They packed my holes with their fat cocks at the same petite blonde oils her body at camspicycom I even feasted on their nasty, sweaty shit holes!" I paused my story and went back to slurping on the black cock to make sure it stayed hard for my greedy hole.

"One was from one of my regulars Samuel and his cock is the fattest and biggest nigger cock I've ever met. He pounds me stupid with his third arm but he's also one of my really nasty nigger daddies.

One of those cum loads was from his big dog." I winked at him mom with son fucking movies giggled as I went back to gagging myself on his big black cock. "Wow you're something else! You do love your nigger cock; I know some real nasty brothers who would love to get at you.

I'll make sure you pass your number along." I beamed, "Yes, please! do I can always serve more black nigger cock!" He smiled and looked down at me with his cock in my mouth, "What about the other half of those nigger loads?" I pulled off his cock and let the ropes of saliva bridge between my lips and his cock. I grabbed them at my mouth with my finger, wrapped them around my hand and grabbed his cock to stroke it again. I could feel in pulsing under my fingers. "I'll tell you if you fuck me again." He pushed me back on the couch and lifted my legs back over my head.

He pressed the back of my thighs down to spread my hole wider. He lined his nigger cock up with my loose hole and shove it back in to it's rightful place. I smiled and sighed at the feeling of being filled back up with black cock. "So whore, where did the other four come from?" I looked up at him and smiled devilishly, "The two older ones were brothers, they were in their later forties a couple years apart.

They told me they fuck white bois together all the time. They began fucking boys like me together as far back as they could remember. They were both former college athletes and were built so well and big." He grunted and picked up the pace. "And the other two were their sons!" He leaned down while fucking me and whispered in my ear to wrap my arms and legs around him.

I wrapped my body around him and he picked me up so that I could ride on his giant cock as he held me in the air. He slammed his huge horse cock into my ass at blistering speed.

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I buried my head into his neck as I moaned and grunted loudly while he raped my shit hole to claim ownership over my slut hole. He exploded in my ass drenching my insides. He let me down easily; my legs were weak from my own orgasms he gave me while fucking the shit out of my cunt. I cleaned his cock of my ass juices and whatever else was caked on with my mouth. I smiled wide as I tasted all our heavenly juices. He picked up my butt plug and set it down on top of the table.

I jumped up in excitement and lined up the plug with my hole. I settled my body weight on top of the plug as it buried itself into my stretched out hole.

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I smiled and hoped my king nigger daddy would be proud of me when I tell him of all the trouble I had gotten myself into. Love, Kylie