Big cock inserts gorgeous virgin wet crack

Big cock inserts gorgeous virgin wet crack
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All throughout high school I had a crush on one girl. Sadly she had always been in a relationship until the start of my senior year when she was finally single.

Still a virgin, she wanted to keep that until she was married but patience paid off as after a couple months of dating we had sex for the first time. We dated for the next three years but after a while we were fighting all the time and decided to break up. A week later, she was fucking one of my friends.

Heartbroken and pissed off beyond belief, I started dating other girls and eventually got over her. A couple months after we broke up I received a text from her saying that she missed me and wanted to get together and go to lunch. I was single for the most part and so I agreed to humor her by going out to get a bite to eat.

We sat down and she started telling me about how guys had screwed cutie lovenia lux fingers her holes with dildo over and how all she wanted was to have me back.

I had thought about this moment many times in the past couple months but now I decided that this would be the perfect time to get something that I had always wanted. A sex slave that was completely devoted to me.

Her name was Elizabeth but everyone had called her Liz for as long as I can remember and she was asking me to be with her and to forget all of the terrible things that she had done to me.

"Ok Liz, I will be with you." I said, "But I need to be able to trust you." "Sure Mike, how can I make that happen?" she replied "You are going to spend the amount of time that we were broken up, two months, as my new slave. You will be completely and totally devoted to me and if you pass that test, we can date again." "What!?

You expect me to just be your slave? Just so that you can trust me?" "Yes. That is my one demand." I replied with a completely straight face. "Fine.

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What does that even mean?" she asked. "It means that you will do whatever I say, whenever I tell you to do it. There will be a set of rules that you will follow and there will be punishments for you if you break those rules. You and your body will be completely under my control at all times. If you make it two months, we can date again." "Whatever," she replied in a pissed off tone, "What are the rules?" "Meet me at my apartment at 6:00 tonight.

Wear a tube top, a skirt, no panties, and heels. Then I will fill you in on the rest." "You expect me to dress like a whore? That's really what you want?" "Why not?" I snarled back, "You've been acting like one for the last two months, it should be easy for you." I paid the bill and left. I had to go back to my apartment and get the rules listed out.

Time had never moved more slowly as I waited for 6:00 to come. Finally it came but she didn't show up until 6:05.

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The doorbell rang and I had to compose myself to make sure I didn't look too excited on the outside as I answered. I opened the door and inspected my new toy. She dressed just like I had asked. Her shoulder-length dark brown hair and creamy tan skin always turned me on. She was wearing a push up bra with her tube top, which made it easy to see most of her C cup tits.

She had a small frame, only standing about 5'2" but she knew how to work it. Her big lips, perfect tits, and round ass kept people staring. "Good evening slave." I greeted her "Mike are you serious? You're going to talk to me like that?" "It's "Master" from now on. You are not my girlfriend. You are a slave and a whore and I will use you to satisfy my sexual needs. You are nothing more than that so get that through your head now. Come over here by the couch and get on your knees." She responded well to the tough love, staring at me for a second and then hurrying over to get down on her knees.

"Slave, I was going to take it easy on you tonight and just read you the rules but you are five minutes late and need to understand that not following my rules to the letter will result in punishment." "Mi.

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I mean master," she muttered, "It wasn't my fault. There was a- " "Do not speak unless I give you permission slave. I don't care what excuse you have, the fact is, you didn't obey my commands and now you will be punished." "Yes Master." She bowed her head and said.

"Good. Now, on the subject of the rules. I have made a list and I want you to look over it right now.

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At any point in time I can choose to amend the rules in a way that I see fit. Look over these ebony awesome cutie rides on a white ding dong then sign at the bottom." I handed her a copy of the three simple rules that I typed up earlier today. 1) Slave will always dress in a manner that pleases her owner. 2) Slave's body, and everything that the slave owns now belongs to her master.

3) If the slave forgets or does not obey her master's wishes, she will be punished. She signed at the bottom and handed the paper back to me. "Look at me slave," she pulled her head up and looked at me, "Do you understand why I have to punish you? "Yes Master, but I am afraid and I don't want you to hurt me." "You should have thought teen girl old women frannkie goes down the hersey highway that before you decided to disobey me." "Yes master." She replied I grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back.

Earlier that day I had made a trip to a sex shop and had bought some things that I thought would help me keep a slave. I grabbed a pair of handcuffs that I had bought and cuffed her hands behind her back. "Open your mouth slave." I commanded as I pulled off my pants, "Suck my cock." Liz had always loved to give blowjobs because they helped her feel like she was in control and made her feel sexy, but I wanted her to know that she was not in control today.

She started to give the normal blowjob, taking me deeper and deeper but stopping because she didn't like to gag herself, but I wanted her to be punished. I grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved my dick into her mouth as far as I could, holding it there until she ran out of breath. Finally I removed it as spit and pre-cum ran down her chin and onto her tits. "Master please, that hurts." She begged "You will know not to disobey me next time.

And if you continue to complain about your punishment, I will make things much worse for you. Now open back up." She opened her mouth and I started back up ramming my seven inch cock into her mouth over and over as she drooled all over her tits. Finally as I was ready to cum I pulled out of her mouth and let the first splash of cum go all over her face and tits, I finished the rest on the tile floor and she stared at me waiting for my next order.

"Slave, bend over and clean my floor." I commanded Immediately she bent over and started to lick my cum off of the tile. Her hands still behind her back made this fun because her tits started to fall out of her tube top and drag on the cold floor making her perfect nipples stand straight up.

When she had finally finished she had cum in her hair, and all over her mouth. "You will sleep on the floor here tonight and will not be allowed to clean the cum off of your face. Hopefully this will remind you of what a whore you really are. Goodnight." I said as I walked upstairs into my bedroom, leaving my cumsoaked, handcuffed ex girlfriend lying on the floor. I woke up the next morning and went downstairs to find my slave shivering in the corner of the room with dried cum still all over her.

I woke her up and instructed her to go shower and make me breakfast, telling her that she had 20 minutes to do so. Liz performed this task very well and had breakfast on the table in exactly 20 minutes. I decided to tell her what the plan for today was, but first I thought that I could have a little fun. When I smelled breakfast on the table I walked downstairs with a massive black dildo that I had bought at the store the previous day.

When I entered the kitchen she was sitting at the table waiting for me. "Did I tell you that you were allowed to use furniture slave?" I asked "Wh- what?" she stuttered. "Already forgetting to call me master?" I raised my voice slightly to make her think that I was mad. "I. I'm sorry master, I didn't know I wasn't allowed to use the chair." "You will be on your knees in front of me at all times unless I tell you otherwise.

And do I also see that you changed clothes?

Did I tell you to shower and put on new clothes pet?" "No but I just thought—" "You aren't allowed to think. You are a slave. And now you will be punished for the second time in less than a day. Take your clothes off now." I commanded. She stripped down in record time and was on her knees in front of me in a matter of seconds.

I threw the dildo on the floor and instructed her to start sucking it. She did so in excellent fashion, first taking only a little bit in but after a while she started working over half of the 12 inches into her throat. "Now that it is wet, I want you to put it in your pussy. You wont stop until the entirety of it is inside of you and if you have an orgasm without my permission there will be hell to pay." She had never had a dick bigger than mine so after about 8 inches her little pussy was stretched to the max.

She was moaning as she shoved inch after inch into her soaking wet pussy. She was actually starting to get off on this. It went deeper and deeper into her as she moaned and started grinding into her own thrusts. She finally got the idea to squat over the massive dick and work it into her by letting gravity do most of the work. After about 15 minutes she got it all the way in and looked up at me begging for my approval. "Please Master, I need to cum. Please let me cum master." She begged. "You are a slave and you will never cum until after I do.

My needs come before yours." "Please Master let me suck your cock. Please, I'll do anything to make you cum." She whined, needing to release the pressure that was building up inside the hottest college lesbian couple i ever saw her. "Ok slave, you can suck my dick but you will not forget about the cock that is already in you while you do." I told her.

Instantly she pulled off my pants and took my dick as far into her throat as possible while still squatting and riding the 12 inch dildo that was jammed up her pussy. She wanted it so bad that she wasted no time getting me lauren take preston cock deep in her pussy and moans and I quickly grabbed her by the hair and shot my load all over her face. "Please! Please Master may I please cum now?" She squealed. "Yes slave, you may cum now." I replied.

She instantly went into waves of ecstasy as she collapsed onto the floor, juices spilling out from her pussy all over the tile. "Slave, you have made a mess and it took you so long to fit that dick in your pussy that my breakfast is now cold." I picked up the plate of scrambled eggs and toast and scraped it onto the floor in front of her, intentionally placing it directly in her pussy juice. "You can now eat on the floor for breakfast, make sure that the floor is spotless when you are done.

You are not permitted to use silverware and your cleaning utensil is your mouth. Don't take long, we have lots to do today." "Yes Master" was all she could reply. I sat and watched as she sat on all fours, eating her breakfast like the perfect little pet.

When she was finished she licked the floor clean and looked up at me. I suddenly had a fun idea. To illustrate to her that she was nothing more than a pet, why not make her walk on all fours? "Slave, from now on you will crawl on all fours like an animal whenever you are in the house.

If you need to get something from an upper shelf, you may stand, but then must immediately get back down on all fours. If I instruct you to do something that requires standing, you are permitted to stand, but otherwise you will crawl like the bitch you are, understood?" She was obviously taken aback by this request and hesitated before realizing that there would be punishment for any question that she may ask. "Yes master." She said. "Good, now go and get dressed. We have lots of things we need to do today." After Liz was dressed and ready to go we set out to start our busy day.

I had her dress in a skirt and non revealing top, so that she wouldn't look like a slut but I would still be provided quick and easy access at all times. "Slave, today we are going to go to the mall. I have some things of my own that I need to buy but I am giving you my credit card so that you can do some shopping for some appropriate clothes.

You are not to buy anything that is the correct size. Anything you buy must be two sizes too small. Also, keep your phone on at all times in case I have any other demands for you. Understood?" "Yes master." She replied We went to a couple stores before heading to Victoria's Secret. Liz started trying on lingerie and so I decided to have a little fun with her. As she tried on outfit after outfit I told her to show me what she was trying.

After a while I realized that an employee of the store was staring at her while pretending to organize some of the clothes next to the changing room. "Do you like what you see?" I asked the man "Excuse me?" He replied, trying to act like he hadn't just been staring at Liz. "Hold on a minute." I told him, "Slave, come out here and say hi to this young man." I ordered. Liz walked out and said hello, blushing because this is the first time I had called her slave in front of anyone.

"Slave, this man has been staring at you. Why don't you take him into the changing room and show him your other outfits." I commanded. "Yes master." Liz replied The store boy hurried into the changing room and I grabbed Liz by the arm. "You will find a way to get his cum in your mouth, and will not swallow until I tell you to." I ordered. Because she loved giving head and fearing what punishment may come as a result of not following orders she went into the changing room.

Getting him to cum must have taken her a while because it took around fifteen minutes for the boy and her to leave the changing room. "Thank you very much!" chirped the employee, obviously satisfied as he walked to the employee section of the store.

I walked in and saw Liz sitting naked on the floor with her mouth closed, obviously ashamed and embarrassed about whatever had just taken place in that changing room. "Slave, spit the cum into your hand," I told her and she obeyed, "Now rub it on your tits and pussy, get dressed, and meet me in the car in ten minutes." I watched as she took her hand and smeared the mixture of spit and cum all over her tits and then started to get her pussy wet with the strangers cum.

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I took my phone off of the top of the doorway, pressed the button to make it stop recording, and walked to my car.