Kimber lee blows her bro for the new year

Kimber lee blows her bro for the new year
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Rick pretended to read his paper, watching the couple on the park bench across from him over the edge of the political section. "Come on, do it, Jessica." The man told his woman. "I can't, Damon. Someone might see." Jessica whispered back, giggling as Damon inched his hand higher beneath her miniskirt.

"That's the whole point. Come on. Do it for me." Damon leaned in and brushed his lips over hers. The woman glanced at Rick but his eyes were glued on the words in front of him as if he had not even seen them. "There is a man right there." She said under her breath. "For me." Damon repeated seeming to know her resistance was fading.

Rick lifted his eyes, watching her catch her bottom lip between her teeth as she thought about the proposal. Come on, Rick though silently. Come on. "Maybe for just a second or two." She gave in and Damon grinned.

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"That's all it's gonna take me." He reached down and unbuttoned his pants, and then tugged his zipper down. He pulled out his dick already semi hard. "Okay, come on. Nobody's looking." Damon slid forward on the bench and ran his fingers over his length until it stood erectly out at her.

He slipped his hand around her back and coaxed her forward. She glanced around and Rick made certain his eyes were on his paper again. He felt heat start to tighten a knot of tension inside of him but step daddy seduction and russian cronys daughter swalloween fun lifted his gaze when she looked down at Damon's cock again. "Suck it." Damon told her, giving her another little pull towards his dick.

She leaned down until her lips almost touched him. "You'll say when someone's coming?" "Of course. I don't want nurse peta jensen fucked rough be arrested.

Come on, do it quick before anyone notices." Damon nodded so Jessica took a deep breath and slipped her lips over the head of his cock. Rick nearly dropped his paper. Damon looked up at him, a big shit-eating grin on his face and gave him a thumbs-up over Jessica's head.

"Yeah that's good, baby.' Damon murmured and Rick's gaze dropped to the woman's lips. They slid down Damon's cock, tightened and then rose back up the length. Rick stared at the slight traces of red lipstick she left on Damon's cock before her mouth slipped back down his full length. "Ooh, yeah." Damon groaned, tilting his head back for a moment. "Suck me, baby." His hand rose from her back and he threaded his fingers through her hair. "Harder." Jessica's seeks sunk in as she did what he wanted and when Rick heard her moan, he felt his own dick harden.

Lucky bastard. His wife wouldn't do that for him in the privacy of their own bedroom much less in a public park. "You like that don't you.

Lay across the bench, Jess. We are more likely not to be spotted that way." Damon lifted his hips, bringing his cock into her mouth as she did as he said. "Pull that miniskirt up. I want to watch you play with yourself. I'll cum quicker that way." Damon murmured. Rick smiled. No, he wouldn't. He was giving a show for anyone who was watching.

Rick glanced around.

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Another man and a couple had spotted the display and had neared to watch. Rick's gaze swung back to Jess and Damon. Jess's skirt was hiked up to her hips and she'd moved her black lace panties aside so she could rub her finger up and down her glistening cunt.

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"Yeah, take my cock, Jess. Take it all." Damon's hand pressed the back of her head, bringing her down to meet the sharp thrust he delivered to the back of her throat. "That's right, gag. You like it." Rick watched Jess' throat constrict then relax and she even managed to moan against the meat jabbing into her face. "Faster if you like it." Damon told her huskily and her rhythm quickened so that her head bobbed over him.

Rick could hear her slurping around him as she tried to suck while he fucked her face.

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And her finger moved back and forth over her sensitive little nub, making her moan and groan against Damon's cock even more. "Yeah, you like it don't you, little slut." Damon's breathing was heavy now and he forced her face down on him, thrusting into her throat in quick short jabs, giving her no time to breath.

Her finger worked quicker, enjoying the rough way Damon was handling her. Rick glanced around again and then stared at the couple. The man had pressed her against the trunk of a tree, lifted her leg over his hip, pants down around his ankle. His eyes were locked on Damon and Jess as he fucked the woman's bald pretty babe gets pounded in doggy position in hard, forceful thrusts.

He kept one hand over the woman's mouth, muffling her moans so they wouldn't interrupt the service Damon was receiving. Rick's gaze slid to the other man. He was massaging his own cock through his trousers. "Yeah, yeah. You are gonna cum, aren't you, little slut?" Damon withdrew completely and she dragged a breath, then he rammed his cock back down her throat.

"Cum, Jess.

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Cum." Her body quivered then, jerked, her fingers working over her clit. Rick groaned lowly when her cries sounded against Damon's meat. She shook, flailed, but Damon held her head in place with both hands now, fucking her mouth crazily. His jaw tightened and he thrust deep between her swollen lips, shouting as he filled her throat with his cum.

Rick watched her throat work his sperm down.

She swallowed. Lucky bastard! Behind him, Rick heard the woman's muffled scream and her man's deep grunt, indicating he too had spewed his hot juice. Rick glanced at the other man to find him walking away stiffly, no doubt to find a sexy couple very hot have sex watch next part on private area to release himself.

Damon released Jess's head and when she straightened, she smiled, licking her lips. Her eyes swept around them but the couple must have composed themselves and moved on for she seemed satisfied that no one had seen them. "I told you." Damon tucked his cock back in his pants, closed them, and stood. "Let's go back to my place. I think I want to fuck you now." She giggled, jumping to her feet and pushing her miniskirt down.

"Let's go." Rick watched them head down the walk. When they were out of sight, he looked around. No one. Quickly, he pulled out his own hard cock and began sliding his hand over it quickly.

He closed his eyes, feeling the hot ache pulsating in the head of his engorged meat. "Pervert!" A voice snapped and he opened his eyes as the flat of a black handbag smacked against his head. "This is a park. Not some self service gas station!" The old woman hit him again. Frantically he tucked his dick back in his pants, zipped them, and rose. He dropped the paper as he nearly ran away but not before her purse connected his head once more.