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Pembantu cantik sex dengan majikan
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I do NOT own Naruto, but then again neither do you, that Honor belongs to Kishimoto. Here another long chapter. The story continues. . PLZ REVIEW after you read Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/DarkCloud75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 11 The ANBU then took one of the scroll that was handed to him and opened it, "I will now read the request, these are the requests of Hyuga Hiashi, one: Hinata and Hanabi will be reemitted to the Hyuuga clan, on the branch house and will also be branded with the cage bird seal, two: the unborn child of Hinata will be disposed of, three: Uzumaki Naruto will be executed if he is not dead after the battle" said the ANBU.

"WHAT?" yelled Naruto as he heard all of Hiashi's requests! "What's wrong having second thoughts about the battle Uzumaki.

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." said Hiashi was an evil laugh. ". To bad you already signed it" "Why?. . Why do you treat them that way?" asked Naruto. "Because in this world only the strong survive and the weak just get in the way. So in the Hyuga clan in order to prevent the weak from getting in the way we weed them out, and you, you get in the village's way so as a Konoha shinobi I will weed you out" said Hiashi.

"I'll show you" said Naruto in anger. "You know Uzumaki if the village was allowed to observe this battle they would be calling out for your death right about now" said Hiashi trying to get in his head.

The ANBU cleared his throat to get the two's attention, "I will now ready Uzumaki Naruto's requests, one---" "That will not be necessary because he will not win, now angelika wild calze scarpe e culi aperti the battle" said Hiashi.

"Very well, but let I remind you that. . Only the winner's requests will be granted. . You may start" said the ANBU before he disappeared. Both Naruto and Hiashi took their fighting stance as they stood there just staring each other down waiting for one to make the first move. 'The best approach to this fight is to make his believe that I haven't change anything about the way that I fight, Hiashi has seen me fight before. I know what I'll do, he'll never even now the difference' thought Naruto.

Naruto took out a kunai out and quickly charged at Hiashi. In the balcony 'Lets see how you handle this Naruto' thought Jiraiya. "Is that idiot really charging at him, who does he think his fighting a genin" said Tsunade. Hinata and Hanabi just looked on worried no matter what was going on.

The fight As Naruto reached Hiashi he thrusted the kunai at him only to have his arm stopped, Hiashi was holding his arm in place by his wrist. Hiashi then did the same he thrusted his free hand forward Naruto with much force but Naruto caught it and held it in place by his wrist. Hiashi squeezed Naruto's wrist cutting circulation till he dropped the kunai, then he let go of his wrist and as quickly as he did he thrusted the now free arm towards his hand with the same force as the one before, this time Naruto was not able to catch his arm as Hiashi's strike hit Naruto directly on his heart.

Naruto backed away holding his chest. After a couple of seconds Naruto puffed away, "A shadow clone" said Hiashi as he quickly looked up to see Naruto coming down fast ready to slam his heel on Hiashi's face, before that happened Hiashi bounced back and at that moment Naruto slammed his heel on the ground were Hiashi use to be creating a young german redhead in amateur porn with facial cumshot hardcore deutsch cloud of dust.

With the dust cloud no one could see what was going on now. Two figures ran in different directions. One of the figures stopped and performed a jutsu, while the other just kept on running.

Hiashi stood still he realized that in this cloud of dust he had an advantage. Naruto didn't have the sense of smell like an Inuzuka nor did he have any doujutsu that would help him see his opponent like he did, so in a matter of seconds with out hand seals he activated his Byakugan.

The moment his Byakugan activated he saw Naruto only second away from another taste of exotica loni legend interracial real tits a powerful blow on his face, Hiashi caught Naruto's punch then thrusted his other fist in to Naruto's face catching him right on the nose. When Naruto hit the floor facing up you could see that he had a lot of blood oozing out of his nose, Naruto didn't have time to take in what happened he quickly flipped backwards avoiding a powerful stomp from Hiashi.

"Do you really think you stand a chance. . ." said Hiashi as he looked down on Naruto ". . just look at you" Naruto stood up, he had to stay close to Hiashi so he could able to see him, Naruto quickly created nine clones, they all rounded Hiashi just waiting to pounce on him. One quickly made his move only to toss in to another one making both of them disappear. The other clones kept Hiashi busy while Naruto performed some seals.

"Earth Constrictor Jutsu" yelled Naruto as earth made coils began to wrap around Hiashi keeping him from moving his body, arms, and legs, and with each passing second the coils would constrict on Hiashi. The cloud of dust finally settled and everyone could see the way Hiashi was being held in place. The few that watched heard Hiashi screamed yet again in pain as he spewed out blood, the constriction was to be too much.

The remaining four clones jumped as high as they could, three of them threw three kunais each the fourth waited a couple of second and then did the same, "Multiple Kunai Jutsu" screamed each clone, and the twelve kunais turned to forty.

Hiashi stood there being squeezed to death in addition to that he was about to be hit by a shower of kunai. "Kaiten" was heard the moment the kunais hit, Hiashi could be seen their standing, he had been able to escape the coils and deflect the majority of the kunai, the last set of kunais thrown by the fourth clone were able to hit Hiashi.

Hiashi was battered to say the least; he had a kunai stuck on his shoulder and two on his left arms and one on his right leg not to mentions sore muscle from having the life squeezed out of him.

"I looks like you have some impressive Jutsus in that library of your" said Hiashi really calmed not the least bit worried. "Well you haven't seen anything yet" said Naruto. "And I won't cuz I won't let you" said Hiashi as some chakra formed on his hands and started to take form of knives. "I learned this quite some time ago, this is a medical Jutsu being a Hyuga I have great chakra control allowing me to learn medical Jutsus very easy." said Hiashi.

"What is that used for?" asked Naruto. "I'll show you" said Hiashi as he moved faster then he had moved before. Hiashi appeared behind Naruto, Naruto dodged as Hiashi took a swipe at him. Hiashi took the offensive as he charged at Naruto taking swipe after swipe, Naruto continued to dodge till Hiashi finally was able to slash his one of his wrists. "AHHHH" screamed Naruto. "This chakra blade can go through skin and able to cut muscles and arteries.

. Tell me Uzumaki how are you going to perform Jutsus if you can't form seals with one of your hands." asked Hiashi? Naruto tried to move his hand but couldn't, he was looking at his hand and when he looked up Hiashi was already in front of him, Hiashi quickly slammed his hand on his right leg and dragged it down to his shin cutting every muscle and artery in it's path. Naruto screamed with even more pain then before "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH".

In the balcony Hinata couldn't look she had her eyes closed; she just couldn't stand to see Naruto in such pain. Tsunade saw the way Hinata had reacted so she took her in to a amwf alexis texas interracial with asian guy to comfort her.

'Naruto. . What exactly are you doing' thought Jiraiya as he had no idea what he was doing. Tsunade could only look at the arena with anger. The fight Hiashi released the chakra knives, he grabbed Naruto on the neck with one hand and with his other he planted his fist to his face continuously till his face was bloody.

He then punched him in the gut and finished it by backhanding him to the ground. Naruto could barely move, one of his legs was useless as well one of his hands, and right now he seemed to be eating dirt as his face was flat on the ground. "Don't worry Uzumaki. .

I have decided not to kill you. . You want to know why. . The reason being is because I want you to watch when I dispose of that thing inside of Hinata" said Hiashi. Naruto's blood was now boiling what Hiashi said had made him angry as hell; the kyuubi chakra began running though out his body healing anything that it could find.

The moment Naruto opened his eyes they were no longer the cerulean blue but the crimson red. Hiashi lifted his foot to stomp Naruto's face deeper in to the ground as he did Naruto flipped around and caught his foot, he twisted it as hard and as much as he could making Hiashi scream out in pain.

Naruto quickly stood up and took advantage as Hiashi was still in pain. "Ten Strikes Jutsu" screamed Naruto, Naruto caught him off guard as he punched Hiashi on his gut; Hiashi however was able to push away from him. "Was that supposed to hurt?" asked Hiashi as he refereed to his Jutsu.

"No, but the next nine will" said Naruto, Naruto charged at Hiashi but at the moment with the sprained ankle all he could do was dodge. Naruto was able to land another punch on Hiashi's gut Hiashi then cringed in pain. 'The punch is different then the one before' thought Hiashi. In the balcony "That tanned j idol gets her choochie screwed by 2 horny pervs, it seems more. . ." said Tsunade.

"More powerful. That's because it is. . That Jutsu Naruto performed focuses chakra on his hands, after busty babe carmen croft nylon tights fetish strike the power of the next strike multiplies, the first strike is normal, the brute force of the next strike doubles, after that it triples, then it quadruples and so on till it reaches the tenth strike, just so you know the fifth strike is equivalent to one of your normal punches, with the tenth strike if Naruto strikes Hiashi in the right place he'll definitely kill him with out even trying" said Jiraiya.

The other three were shocked. The fight While Hiashi cringe in pain Naruto grabbed him by the collar and began to use him as punching bag, he landed two more punches in his stomach. He then landed three on his face each punch more powerful then the one before, but before he was able to land the eighth strike Hiashi deflected it and struck Naruto on his chest with a powerful Jyuken strike, he quickly struck him a second and a third time knocking him back.

Naruto was starting to have trouble breathing; with the Jyuken striking the internal organs it became apparent that that was the case with Naruto. The strikes were able to reach Naruto's respiratory system, with that he wasn't able to keep up the Jutsu. Naruto looked up at Hiashi; they both seemed to look terrible Hiashi had many broken rib bones, a broken jaw, a broken cheek bone, as well as his nose, his face looked swollen, blood was everywhere, and he also had a badly twisted ankle, and deep cuts from the kunais.

Naruto had bruises all over his body as well as cuts, his body still had muscles and arteries that weren't healed, his face all a bit swollen, he could barely breathe from the Jyuken attack, and to top it all of he was dangerously low on chakra from the powerful Jutsus he's performed. In the balcony "It looks like Naruto and father are even" said Hanabi. "Yeah but. ." Hinata didn't finished. "I don't like this" said Tsunade.

"It seems Hiashi has the upper hand, he seems to still have more chakra" said Jiraiya with a monotone voice while the others were worried at the situation. The fight Hiashi was only a couple of feet away from Naruto, Hiashi charged at Naruto intent on continuing his Jyuken strike and finishing the battle.

With low chakra Naruto couldn't do much except dodge and wait for an opening, how ever it never came. Naruto instead hit again on his stomach with a Jyuken strike it was then followed by another one. Naruto could only spew out blood from his mouth, that was it he couldn't do much else.

Hiashi was ganna finish it off with one last Jyuken strike. The balcony Jiraiya was deep in thought thinking about what was happening, 'What's going on, Naruto shouldn't be running low on chakra. .

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Think Jiraiya think.

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. . Of course. . now I see' thought Jiraiya with a smirk. Tsunade saw him smirked, "What the hell are you smiling about just look at the position he's in" Jiraiya reached in to his pocked and took out a small pouch and tossed it to Tsunade who caught it.

The fight "You see even at your best your no match for me" said Hiashi. "I'm not done yet" said Naruto. Hiashi only laughed at Naruto. "Look at you your finished" said Hiashi. "Really cuz from were I'm standing. .

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." said Naruto. ". . It looks like you're finished" said another Naruto who was standing a couple of feet to Hiashi's left. "What another shadow clone trick?" said Hiashi to the Naruto he was holding! "Your talking to the wrong one, he's the clone" said Naruto. Hiashi quickly struck the Naruto in his grasp with a Jyuken strike to the heart only to see him puff away.

In the balcony Tsunade opened the pouch and emptied it out on her hand. What came out confused her, in her hand were nine rings, she had seen rings like this before. "I take it you know whose they are" said Jiraiya.

Tsunade only nodded. "Whose rings are those?" asked Hinata. "These are the Akatsuki's rings, each member wore those rings" said Tsunade, Hinata and everyone else already knew who and what Akatsuki was and what they did, they also knew how powerful they were. "Does this mean you. .?" asked Tsunade.

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"No. . Not me" said Jiraiya as he turned to look at Naruto. "He did, he defeated Akatsuki, with a little bit of help from me" said Jiraiya. 'No wonder we stopped receiving any type of information or whereabouts regarding the Akatsuk' thought Tsunade. "So how strong his Naruto?" asked Hanabi. "Naruto hasn't been fighting in the battle at all that was a clone, a new clone he developed, with this clone he can channel his strength in to it, he can make his really weak or he can make him really powerful, the clone is like well a real clone they take everything with out disappearing till he dispels it.

If I had to guess I'd say that that clone was probably only forty percent of Naruto's true strength" said Jiraiya. The other three were completely shocked. The fight Hiashi was mad in the turn of events, but there was still on thing he could do that would win him the battle.

Hiashi took his stance, "Eight Divination Signs One-Hundred and Twenty-Eight Palms of the Hand" said Hiashi as he began his assault on Naruto, who was in jenna licks out alexas pussy while she lies back in veronicas lap of his Jutsu.

Hiashi was closing Naruto's tenketsus (Chakra Points) that way he would be immobilized. After all 128 strikes were dealt Naruto was pushed back, he stood there for a couple of seconds however he never fell. "That won't work" said Naruto. Hiashi was shocked, "H-how?" was all he said.

"Well with my massive amount of chakra all I did was push a lot of chakra out through every tenketsus the moment you were about to strike them, so instead of hitting my tenketsus and closing them all you really did was hit the chakra that was coming out which repelled your attack, however to you it seemed like you were hitting my tenketsus" said Naruto. Naruto charged at Hiashi looking to finish the battle, he punched Hiashi sending him flying till he crashed on the wall, he fell on the ground in defeat, this time unable to move, signaling the end of the battle and Naruto's victory.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SO!!!!! What Did U think? Was the fight good?