Teen and nasty milf amazing threesome with hard man meat young old pornstars

Teen and nasty milf amazing threesome with hard man meat young old pornstars
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I had always had a crush on my mom's boyfriend. He was tall and well built, salt and pepper hair with light eyes. But as I got older and he became my step dad, it became something I was sort of ashamed of, until the day I caught him masturbating to a video of one of my birthdays.

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He specifically paused it on a frame where I was blowing out my candles and at first I thought "how sweet, he's reliving my younger years," until I watched him stand up, cock in hand, jerking it wildly, "You like that don't you baby girl?

Mm mm Daddy has something you can blow, AH AH open up here it comes," and he nut all over the screen he had paused my face on. It was 3am and he thought everyone was sleeping. But I awoke very suddenly and rather horny, and funny enough reached down my panties and began fingering my freshly shaved and puffy pussy, 5 minutes prior to seeing him release his cum on my face.

I flapped my finger on my g spot and thought about my step dad shoving his fat prick into my little tight fuck hole.

I had seen his cock for the first time at an early age and I must admit, I thought about it any time I played with myself from then on. I once sat up on the top banister of the stairs and watched him rail my mom in her asshole. They were drunk and I don't know if they realized my mom was screaming, but I did and I began enjoying hearing her scream as he would fuck her, I could tell when he fucked her ass because she would go from grunting to screaming and the slaps were loud, with his huge balls hitting my mom's big ass.

I realized my pussy was very wet after seeing my step dad pay me a cumtribute. I slowly went back upstairs, pulled my panties completely off and used my natural lube to, for the first time, shove my fingers inside myself and stretch my baby hole.

I pinched at my nipples and went between slipping my fingers in and stroking my clit. I came so hard I was panting and I wished my step dad would walk in and dump his fat warm load of jizz in my belly. I laid on my bed with the thought of my him down stairs face fucking me in secrecy, it spun in my head and I could hardly contain how excited and exhilarated I felt. My heart pounded and I heard him walking down the hall to the bathroom. Then I thought about how wet I was and how obviously turned on he was.

I figured I would test the waters and see what would happen. I put on a pair of really sexy underwear I bought for the prom, but ended up not using after I came down with the flu. They were black and lacey thong g string underwear because my dress will you be my big daddy please going to be form fitting, my mom picked them out and even commented how sexy my ass was going to look in them, and how she wish she had my figure.

I then got naked from the waist up and grabbed a towel. I quietly tip-toed down the hall and saw he had the light off in the bathroom and was only using the night light plug-in twilight to do his business, and though the door was pulled shut it hadn't closed all the way.

I peered into the crack and saw him standing with his hand on his cock, slowly playing with it as he watched the screen of his phone held with his other hand. I heard something familiar, it was me- and I was cheering.

He was stroking his once again hardening dick to my cheer video on very low. "I'll give you a D baby," he was panting out in a whisper as his hand began to gain the same momentum he had just a few minutes before.

I slowly opened the door and because his screen was so bright he did not see me enter the room.

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His eyes were fixed on the screen and his pulsing, dripping penis. I dropped the towel and got to my knees, I stuck out my tongue and closed my eyes as I licked outward and was met with his vigorously moving pre-cum soaked tip. He jumped and looked down to see me bowing before him naked, "HOLY SHIT! LACEY!" He yelled in a loud whisper and I grabbed his hips and plunged him down my throat where I sucked and bobbed and slurped as his protests went from, "No, stop, we can't" to him dropping to the floor with me, and him fucking my throat as he savagely ate my dripping wet throbbing vagina.

He was tongue fucking me and pulling my lips apart to lick every inch of me. I somehow gained the ability to breathe and got him on his back.

I pulled my g string to the side and lowered myself on top of him. I grabbed the towel and bit down as he fucked into me at a very fast and hard pace. He didn't realize I was a virgin still and he was living out his fantasy. "Yeah you chains schools girls new 2019 Daddy's cum baby girl? You like Daddy's dick? Do you taste your Mommy?" he was locking me in his grips and pounding into my womb as he whispered all the nasty things he thinks about.

"As I fuck your Mom, I really imagine it's you…I wanted your pussy from the first time you saw my cock…mmm yeah didn't think I noticed you?

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I watch you play with yourself." I couldn't say anything with the towel shoved in my mouth, but he was wanting this as much as I was. He sunk deep into me and held himself there as his cock spasms went from small to throbbing and jerking.

He came inside me. I was bleeding all over him and he was covered in it.

He lay with me on the bathroom floor and fingered me until I came too. His cum, my blood and jizz all dripped down my thighs as I tried to stand up. I leaned over the tub and felt like I needed to throw up my mouth was so dry, and I began to cough. He stood up and when I thought he was about to help me up, he was taking his soft but still half erect penis and aiming it for my asshole.

He laughed, "Coughing helps it get in easier, keep that up" and he shoved as hard as he could as I coughed. I screamed and he yelled out "WOO! YEAH!" he caved me in. Balls deeps he was resting in my ass and now I was regretting the choice I had made, "I forgot to tell you, your mama is at bingo baby doll, we can make some grown up noises.

You scream like your mama," he pumped in and in and in. It felt like he was ripping my hole in half. "Yeah you like being a grown little slut, Blonde nutte auf dem strich von typen wegeknallt let you." I began to think he was setting me up the whole time.

"You liked my cumtribute huh? Did you go play with yourself?" He was choking me and doggy fuckin me in the ass as hard as he could. "Imma make both them holes bleed girl," he was licking my face and hammering my rear with his huge fuck stick. I screamed and kicked and he was enjoying my struggling even more. "Remember you started this one Lace, I'll tell everyone you started it…Best to just take it and learn to like it 'cuz you 'bout to be my Saturday night fuck." I felt him swelling and he was using my hips to pin me into the tub and on to his prick.

I finally kicked him hard enough I got away and ran to my room, he came busting through the door and had me bent over so quick I was shocked. "We ain't done yet." He threw me on the bed and pegged me into the bed. Taking long strokes in and out he was riding me as I laid flat, cock to big man smile girl sex hilt and pumping into my shitter hard, and cruel. He finally was able to find his load and cum, but only after a good long time.

He was inside my asshole the second time for over thirty minutes. I was watching the clock and screaming something ugly. I was beginning to hate him and he didn't care. "Well, I finished so you go clean yourself up. Remember- next Saturday and until you move out, that lil cunt is mine." About 8 months later when I came up pregnant, my step dad was so proud. He was going to be a grand dad and he couldn't wait to meet his new grand baby. My mom also was super excited and didn't care I had no idea who the father was.

My step dad enjoyed the pregnant me, I mean- it's not like he could get me any more pregnant and he loved using me as his personal cum dump. After a while I didn't mind and after our 3rd child my mom sort of knew, but didn't mind either. One night she encouraged him to come have "some fun" with me but not to forget to pull out. He laughed, "Doris, I've never pulled out of that cunt, I ain't starting now." That night, my mom watched my step dad fuck me 3 times.

Each time he came and yelled out "Watch Doris, take notes." She just sat and played with her pussy as he never pulled out once. He's a man of his word, what can I say?