The ultimate cumshot compilation #1 tube porn

The ultimate cumshot compilation #1 tube porn
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This is a fictional story of Laura and her love of cock that gets her in some very enjoyable and not so enjoyable trouble after she leaves work. The story contains scenes of hardcore sex, racism, graphic violence and rape. Please be warned. I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected] Sanjit's Cabs - Part 3 The End of the Night Laura was still high on her night's activities with the taxi drivers.

This was a mixture of slight drunkenness from the alcohol she had consumed but more the high from the amount of sex she had had, and the amount of orgasms she had experienced in such a short period of time. As she walked towards the underpass she made a firm promise to herself that she would definitely be back for another 'night of work'!

As she entered the underpass her heels clicked and echoed through the well lit tunnel. The pass was 100 meters long and ran under the railway line. The clicking was the only sound that Laura could hear as she made her way into the underpass then she thought she heard a faint murmur of what sounded like a child crying.

She stopped to listen and confirmed that was what she could hear. Feeling concerned she started to walk more quickly towards the sound and noticed someone sitting huddled with their face covered in their arms as they sat crying, just at the edge of the far entrance to the underpass.

Immediately concerned, Laura knelt down and placed her hand on the shoulder of the figure and looked down at him with kindly eyes. "Is everything okay?" She ventured in a genuinely concerned manner. The tear strewn face of a skinhead looked up at her and almost immediately the tears stopped and the young boy smiled. "Are you okay?" Laura repeated with a friendly smile. "I am now!" Came the firm reply as the child stood to look at her before grabbing her arm firmly in his tight grip.

"Now!" He suddenly glared at her. "What's a fucking slag like you doing in a place like this?" Laura's concern suddenly turned to anger and she immediately pushed him backwards against the wall as he lost his grip on her arm.

"Fuck off child!" She hissed at him and started to walk out of the tunnel, only to be confronted by two other teenage thugs. And just as suddenly as the concern had turned to anger, it now turned to fear!

Fight or flight was the motto of the day and Laura quickly turned to run back into the tunnel and was just about to when she saw two more skinhead thugs at the other end of the underpass running down towards her and the others. She felt a grip on the back of her neck before a strong arm slammed her into the wall hitting her back against the concrete. An older teen leaned his face towards her and grabbed her face by the cheeks squeezing it hard as she look back at him, her eyes now welling with tears fearfully.

"Mikey aksed you a question bitch!" He hissed with an evil grin on his face. "What's a fucking slag like you doin in a place like this you fucking bitch!" Laura stood trembling with fear as she watched all five of the thugs surround her, the older boy still holding her face in his tight grip.

"Oh yeah, that's right!" He continued. "You sexy babe kylie page sucks roommates schlong here to fuck the Paki's don't ya!" He snarled as his grip tightened further around her face before turning his face to talk to the others as if he was giving a lecture to them.

"Yeah, this white cunt takes a Paki cock up the arse and in her cunt!" He hissed. "Not only that but she fucking drinks their Paki cum as they fucking shoot all over her fat jugs!" He turned to face Laura again his face only inches from hers. "Now bitch!" He practically spat the words out. "You're through with fucking Paki's cos you're now going to fuck wiv me and the boys. No more Paki bastards are ever goin to want to go near you again after we is finished wiv you!" The spittle from his words hit Laura in the face.

"You're going to be taught a lesson bitch on who to fuck around wiv and the lesson starts here!" Suddenly Laura felt a fist thump directly into her stomach taking the wind from her as tears welled up in her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. "You're my slave bitch. Now, you dirty cunt you're goin to do what I tell you in future!" He punched her again aggressively in the same place and Laura almost collapsed with the pain.

Suddenly he was pulling her away from the wall as she tried to get her breath back having all the air punched out of her. "You hear me bitch! You hear what I is saying to you, ya fucking slag?!" Laura knew she had to respond but couldn't speak so nodded as best she could. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks and her makeup smudged all over her face. He pushed her back at force into the wall and she felt the back of her head crack against the concrete.

A cold sensation started to seep at the back of her head and she realised her head was cut with the force of the bump. Blood trickled down the back of her blonde hair. "She's bleeding Tommy!" Came a voice from the group.

"Well!" He grinned at her as he released her face. "She'll be bleeding a whole lot more before this night is out!" With that he slapped Laura hard across the face with the back hot muscle guy fucks xxx assslave yoga his hand before turning to the group. "Put my slave in the car, we got some fucking to do tonight!"……………………… Now becoming terrified by her ordeal and in pain from the punches to her stomach Laura felt the hands of two others grab her arms as they dragged her out of the tunnel towards a battered red Ford Cortina.

The door was pulled open and she was bundled into the back falling roughly onto the leatherette seats. Feeling battered and bruised and frightened she sat up as two of the teen thugs got into the back with her, one sitting each side of her and the leader, Tommy sat in the passenger seat. Mikey went to climb in the back and was told in no uncertain terms to 'fuck off!' by Tommy.

The other older boy got into the driver seat and started the rough sounding engine. "Drive!" Ordered Tommy before turning his face to the rear of the car. "And you two can play with the bitch while we drive!" With tears streaming down her cheeks smudging her mascara Laura immediately felt the two teenage boys hands come directly onto her breasts squeezing them aggressively as they did.

"But don't touch her cunt!" Tommy suddenly said. "I have plans for that!" The boys continued to pull at her breast flesh before ripping her top down to expose her breasts. One boy was giggling and then stopped as his lips suddenly encased her nipple. Despite Laura's fear of what might happen next she felt her nipples start to harden under the pressure of first one then both boys hungry mouths. The car drew into a disused factory yard and skidded to a halt.

Laura was released from the grip of the boys and the doors of the old battered car flew open. Suddenly found herself being dragged out of the vehicle by her arms and hair and along the round ground, her shoes falling from her feet as she did.

They entered a doorway into a dimly lit room and released her as she fell to the floor now sobbing uncontrollably. "Shut the fuck up Bitch!" Snarled Tommy as he leaned down towards her and Laura tried to pull her top up to cover her modesty. "Fucking jayme langford and victoria vonn are two fun lovin He deliberately spat directly down onto her head and the clear saliva mixed into her blood stained hair.

"You'll do as your fucking told from now on you dirty Paki loving cunt!" He continued in disdain. "Please……………&hellip.!" Laura suddenly screamed and the noise she made echoed around the large empty building. "Please………&hellip.please don't hurt me!" She sobbed brushing her tears away making her mascara look more like war paint now as she looked up at the group of thugs terrified.

"I will do whatever you want me to do!" Her voice trembled as she spoke, partly from the cold but more so from fear. Tommy leaned closer to her, with hatred in his eyes.

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"You're fuckin right you will bitch but that is on my terms, not yours. You're not bargaining your way out of this one bitch!" He snarled again before turning his attention to the other three boys. "So who wants to go first?" He grinned as if playing a game. "Shall we flip for it?" Laura accepted defeat and stopped crying assuming and knowing she was going to be raped. She sat looking cautiously around for escape routes as they played their coin flipping game.

Then without further warning two of the boys grabbed each of her arms and pulled her over and onto an empty box near a wall. Tommy came over and stood above her. "Get that skirt off!" He ordered and Laura mini skirt was forcibly removed and this was followed quickly by her top.

"Wow!" Came the voices of appreciation as Laura gorgeous slim but curvy body finally came into view of the boys. "Look at that arse!" Jed grinned. Jim leaned closer to Laura, his broken teeth showing in the dim light as he grinned.

"You've got one hot body slag!" He purred! "But where's your fucking panties?" Laura cowered back trying to cover her nakedness with her arms and hands and bringing her legs up in front of her. "Oh those Paki cunts will have them!" Tommy intervened as he grinned down at her. "Well it may come as no fucking surprise that I won the toss to fuck you first!" He said with an evil grin forming across his lips.

He turned una flaquita bien buena webacm more videos on sexycamsorg attention to his friends. "I ain't fucking that slag with Paki cum up her twat!" He declared. "Get her on her back!" Both Jed and Jim grabbed her arms forcing her down onto the ground onto her back and holding her in position. Tommy smiled at Rob. "Now lift her legs so they are over her head!" He ordered.

Rob obeyed forcing Laura's legs up and back over her head. He lifted her bum cheeks and back until her pussy was just above her face. Jim and Jed held her legs in place as she felt herself being bent over herself.

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Cum from the previous sessions with the drivers immediately started to dribble out of her pussy and ran slowly down her thighs. Tommy grinned. "Slap her Rob, slap her arse to speed this up a bit!" He snarled. "I want all that Paki cum out before I refill her with mine!" Laura felt the first slap come down hard on her bum cheeks and then another as she looked up at Tommy from her restricted position.

Her eyes watered at the pain of being slapped and put into the position she was in. The cum dribbled faster as gravity took control and started to drip down onto Laura's chin. Watching from his position of slapping her reddening bum hard Rob started to laugh.

"Pull legal age teenager stella banxxx has so taut pussy hardcore blowjob legs harder!" He shouted, "Let the cum go into her mouth!" Laura glared up at him and tried to turn her face away only to come face to face with Tommy who was now crouching down holding a Stanley knife inches from her. "I suggest you do as Rob said you fucking Paki's whore!" He growled and flicked the knife in the direction of her cheek nicking the flesh slightly as a spot of bright red blood appeared on her cheek.

Laura started to cry again as she turned her face and a lump of cold cum dripped directly from her used pussy landing on her lips. "Lick it and swallow it bitch!" Tommy said. Laura obeyed, tasting the salty cum. Tommy stood again. "Turn her around so her head is towards the door!" He shouted and she felt herself being manhandled into the doggy position. Her breasts were hanging down as she sobbed, her tears splashing down onto the floor below. "This is gonna to be a good time Paki loving dog!" Tommy snarled as he positioned himself behind her.

"This is where I am goin to fuck you like the dog you are!" Laura didn't respond. A real fear had now overtaken her emotions and whilst she knew that she was going to be raped she was terrified it might go further than that! She began to cry again. "No need to cry slut, we are going to give you just what you need, you fucking Paki lover!" Jim was suddenly saying as he stood in front of her looking down at her bowed head.

Laura could feel the cool air on her anus as Tommy forced her thighs apart and spread her cheeks. Tommy undid his jeans and pulled out a very big cock. Moving to kneel in front of her he reached down and lifted her head aggressively to look at him. "You need to freshen this up for me slut!" He said as he pushed his cock up to her mouth.

Laura tried to keep her mouth closed in mock defiance until Jim reached below her to one of her breasts and pulled on her nipple as hard as he could. As Laura screamed out in pain Tommy forced his cock into her mouth in one swift movement. She had no choice but to suck on her captor. She felt his cock grow in her mouth little by little. Tommy had no mercy and began to cram it into her throat forcing her to take more despite gagging on the meaty shaft.

She could not breath and was choking. "Fucking relax slut and take it deep!" Tommy snarled again, "I bet you didn't have a problem with them Paki cocks, bitch!" Laura tried to relax and do as she was told. While Tommy continued to shove his whole cock into her face, Jed and Rob began to work on her pussy. Suddenly and to her pleasure despite all the pain that these boys were putting her through Laura felt someone licking at her pussy. Just as she thought Tommy was going to push his cock through her neck she relaxed enough and it popped deep down into her throat.

"Tha's it bitch!" Tommy growled in satisfaction. She felt her throat bulge at the intrusion as she felt Tommy begin to slide in and out of her throat whilst holding her head firmly by the hair between his hands. She heard him moan and felt his cock swell. Suddenly she tasted something salty and before she had time to think she felt the hot fluid shooting straight down her throat. Tommy was cumming hard. He grunted each time and slammed his dick deeper and deeper as Laura tried not to gag on the cock, nor the cum through fear of what he might do to her if she did.

Tommy pulled out and moved away before Rob pulled up and slid his cock into her mouth. Jim and Jed kept working on her clit and hot cunt pounding her with their fingers. Then she felt hands working down onto her arse.

With little effort one of the boys was suddenly shoving his tongue into her arse. He worked it in as deep as he could and rubbed her clit. The mixture of emotions from the pain and fear was starting to be overtaken by the nerve endings being lit by the actions on her clit and arse. Laura felt Rob begin to swell and she knew she would be getting fed another load of cum soon. The rubbing of her clit and the tongue in her arse aswell as the fingers up her cunt were all she could take and suddenly her whole body tensed up and she shuddered with a massive orgasm.

More of her own cum spurted from her all over the fingers that were intruding her inner space. Jim took the opportunity to work more of his fingers in and out of your tight fuck hole until he was practically fisting her.

Rob tensed up busty blonde milf is caught and fucked and sent 5 milky spurts of his cum into her mouth. She tried to gril xxnx 12 old gril it all but it was too much too fast as some dribbled out of her open mouth and down onto her chin.

Laura felt the boy remove his tongue from her arse and suddenly she was being pushed over onto her back. Jed was now between her thighs leaning onto her and she felt his cock rubbing up and down her silky slit.

She suddenly felt the cock head push in and then stop. Jed leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth. Despite what Laura had been through and the fact that she had blood on you head and chest and were in pain from what had happened she found that she couldn't help but respond again.

Her body literally took over her mind as her nipples hardened and she felt your clit begin to tingle. Jed pressed forward and slid his cock right up to the hilt. Laura could feel every inch of his cock as she felt his balls slapping against her arsehole. Then Jim reached down and forced a finger up into her arse until it was buried up to the knuckle.

Laura screamed out and moaned, it hurt so much and she wasn't expecting it but she was helpless under the weight of the skinhead thug while the others stood watching. "Right Paki loving bitch," Hissed Jed, "You're now goin to get filled wiv white boys cum and you can't fucking do anyfink about it!" As he spoke his body tightened and Laura felt him shoot up into her as Jim continued to wiggle his finger deep in her arse.

Laura dropped her head back, only for her hair to suddenly be pulled back and Jim was in front of her again. "Suck it fucking whore!" He screamed as he pushed his re-hardened cock towards her face, her lipstick was smeared over her mouth and cheeks. Laura opened her mouth for him and he forced his fat cock into her mouth filling her lips.

Despite cumming a load Jed continued to push hard in and out of her and all of a sudden he pulled out and sent another stream of cum up onto her body.

Rob moved to fuck her next but suddenly felt the fist lucky guy fuck 3 girls Tommy in the side of his head, sending him clattering to the floor in a heap. "Fuck off little boy!" The gang leader spat! "Time for the real man now!" He placed his cock head at Laura's well-used fuck hole and pushed it in.

Jim started to cum and pulled out spraying her face with his cum. Although Tommy wasn't fully hard he stroked in and out of her several times and she felt his cock growing hard and filling her canal.

He leaned into her with his face just above hers. "So you fucking cunt, white bitch!" He hissed as he looked down at her grinning inanely. "You like my big white cock?" He waited a few seconds for an answer but none was coming. With force he spat directly into Laura's face. "I said do you like my white cock, you fucking slut?" Although Laura was enjoying the feeling of his cock inside her, she defiantly stared blankly back at him. He leaned down with his face only inches from hers as he continued to pump hard.

"Last chance doll!" He hissed quietly as she noticed from the corner of her eye, as his hand reached over to lift the Stanley knife off the ground and bring it over to her neck!

"Now," He repeated, "Do you like my cock?" Laura's body went cold as she felt the blade of the knife against the side of her neck. Knowing she had lost the battle and probably the war too, she nodded meekly.

Tommy immediately grinned and dropped the knife to the side. "Well fucking enjoy!" He whispered in a hiss. "You don't need Paki cock, now you have mine!" He smiled again but suddenly pulled out before pressing his thick cock head up against her arsehole.

"Now you bitch, take this!" Suddenly he was forcing himself forward and Laura gasped as he shoved his thick cock all the way home. "Take that you fucking slut!" He grunted aggressively. "You don't like it do you?" His face was close baby face back for more in the butt her and her eyes were full of tears.

"I said you don't like it, do you slag?" Laura shook her head tearfully. "No!" She cried out between sobs.

"It's fucking no Sir, slave!" Tommy snarled. "You have a lot to learn you disobedient bitch!" He was spitting his words as he spoke. Not letting the pain subside Tommy started pounding into her arse as hard as he could as he spat into your face again with a grin on his face.

"Smile you fucking whore!" He purred. Laura looked blankly back at him. Suddenly his face was slapping hard against the side of her face. "I said fucking smile!" Laura looked at him through teary eyes as she felt another unwanted climax rising in her body and smiled, sweetly at him.

"Yes Sir!" She said. Her face was now covered in a mixture of mascara, blood and tears. Rob had recovered and was now trying to shove his cock into her mouth while Tommy continued hammering into her arse.

In and out his cock went. From tip to balls, Tommy gave her everything he had. Suddenly he was groaning and bucking his hips.

"Yes………………… yes………………&hellip. fuck yes!!!!!" He moaned and then after a few more minutes he finally came hard.

As soon as Laura felt his cum hit her insides she started to cum herself. She finally felt his cock get soft and he pulled out. Rob pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock sending streams of hot cum into her open mouth. And Laura obediently swallowed.

There was a moment of silence as the boys stood looking down at Laura's used body in disdain but moments later Jim knelt by her open legs and she felt her lips being drawn apart as the boy pressed his whole fist up into her hole. He shoved hard and little by little he worked his clenched fist into her forcing it up and in until his whole fist was buried in her pussy. Laura was moaning with the pain but he continued to force it in deeper until it all sank deep inside.

Jim then made a bigger fist and began pulling it out. She wanted to scream but didn't, instead she lay silent and still and motionless. He ripped his fist out before punching it back in again. Her pussy was on fire and all she could do was lie still and in pain.

Rob continued his fisting action and Laura was crying but suddenly felt another orgasm building with his vile and aggressive actions. The others stood watching as Jim brought her off with his fist punching in and squirting ho facial bbc interracial and big dick of her delicate hole and they grinned down at her.

She looked back at them with a mixture of sadness and pleasure in her eyes before feeling the large boot of Tommy's Doctor Martin slam into the side of her face.

Darkness ensued as was knocked out. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Mikey entered the cab office to see Sanjit stood at the counter.

"What is it, we're closed!" Sanjit barked at the wee thug in the doorway. "It's your slag, your white slag, she been hurt!" "What? Where is she?" "She at the factory, near the river!" Sanjit was now concerned and grabbed his mobile. "What happened, and when………?" He asked excitedly. "Fuck off Paki!" Mikey replied before escaping across the wasteland at pace. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………&hellip.

Laura opened her eyes to see a nurse at her bedside. "Are you okay?" Smiled the pretty girl in the uniform before she turned to a unit and indicated to a bouquet of roses. "These were from Sanjit and the boys!" She smiled and handed a card to Laura.

Through bruised eyes she read the words. So sorry this happened. Come and see us soon and don't worry, the 'problem' has been dealt with. Downstairs in the male ward four skinhead thugs with broken limbs, cuts and bruises were convalescing in their hospital beds. Two weeks later at around 11pm, Laura smiling from ear to ear and wearing just a tight red mini dress and heels walked into Sanjit's Cabs and asked for a permanent job!

And Sanjit agreed. The End?