Ebony banged till she cracks tori taylor interracial and pornstars

Ebony banged till she cracks tori taylor interracial and pornstars
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Before you start reading (or just go ahead and read, don't bother with this intro) I'd like to give a little background about this story. First of all, this erotica started as a joke between me and a girl on twitter. I didn't intend to write this perverted or detailed, rather I started out writing small paragraphs to mess with her. Then it got out of hand and evolved into this. So enjoy my first ever posted erotica.

Becca sighed softly, school had just ended for her and as usual she headed home to unwind. Upon reaching her house, she let herself in and immediately swept upstairs. Throwing herself onto her small bed, she stretched tiredly, the school day having taken its toll on her petite frame. She rolled over and began undressing, settling down for a nap. Her perky breasts bounced as her shirt lifted up and over, prominently displayed behind a modest white bra.

She struggled as she removed her jeans, tight as they were, soon enough it was on the ground. Dressed as little as possible in her plain bra and panties, Becca slipped under the covers and after the long day, found it easy to drift off to sleep. She shifted in her sleep, golden hair turned about from the slight rustling of slumber.

Becca's hand unconsciously crept downwards, reacting to the moisture forming between her slender thighs. Fingers toiling towards its goal, her breathing quickened.

As her thumb briefly passed over her clit, she awoke with a start. Unable to ignore her growing excitement, she dipped a finger into her delicate folds. Biting her lip in obvious pleasure, she let her thumb swirl around her clit. Continuing the slow prodding of her lower lips, Becca sang out a soft moan. She removed her bra with one hand and began to knead and tease her breasts. The young girl pinched her nipple, lightly twisting as her fingers moved in and out. Her wet slit leaked fluid, spreading down her thigh and onto the sheets.

She bent her head, licking a breast as she did so. Then with much enthusiasm she sucked a nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue against it.

Her now hardened horny blonde teen kiara gets fucked by stepsis bf popped out from her tightly pressed lips. With a hand under her breast, she moved it towards her, now able to draw circles around her nipple with her small, wet tongue. She removed her fingers from her tight folds and sucked on them with a small purr of satisfaction. Desperately needing more satisfaction, she drew her fingers in and out of her mouth, past her salivating lips.

Losing herself, she plunged her fingers back inside with a squeal. Hurriedly, her slender fingers penetrated her moist hole, desperate for release. She tweaked and pinched her nipples with unabashed desire. Whimpering as her fingers prodded deep inside, she began to thrust her hips upwards. Repeated wrist motions making a loud schlick, she couldn't hear the noise of a steady trot until it was too late.

Suddenly, a thunderous crash rained upon the room as a unicorn leapt through the open window and part of the wall it tore down.

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The unicorn reared its magnificent head, horn glinting in the brilliant daylight. She let out a quiet gasp, overwhelmed by the pure beauty of the beast in front of her.

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The creature snorted, tossing its head while its long flowing mane shimmered brightly. Becca lifted a hand, trembling as it brushed along the unicorn's neck.

The mythical beast leaned closer, nuzzling her hand as it did. Her hand roamed up the animal's neck slowly and tentatively until it reached the long, hard horn. Grasping the unicorn's pride, she delicately stroked it, first up then down, running her hand all over.

The endowed steed gave a contented snort and bent its legs forward to give Becca better access. With a smile on her flushed face, the girl rubbed the unicorn's vivid horn. Small moans escaped her; she hadn't removed her fingers from between her thighs.

Noticing colours emerging from the horn, Becca looked closer and discovered multi-coloured liquid oozing from the tip. Cautiously, she dipped a finger in it and held it up to the light. It wasn't liquid at all, though it felt like it. It looked like a small section of a rainbow was illuminated on her finger. She pressed her fingers together and back apart. The rainbow was slightly sticky and formed a thin line from finger to finger. Full of curiousity, she let her finger slide past her glistening lips and tasted the rainbow.

A look of surprise spread over her face, for the rainbow tasted like candy. Astonishingly, she felt a gentle but heavy heat disperse from her lips all the way down to her intricate delicacies.

Caught off guard, she shuddered as a mild orgasm shot through her. She rubbed her lower lips quickly, catching the end of the orgasm. Catching on to what just happened, Becca ran her fingers through the sticky substance leaking from the horn and lewdly slurped it up. She immediately felt the heat rise once more and her hand automatically sped up as another orgasm shot through her.

This time she felt the full impact and moaned freely, caring little about how loud she was. This whole time the legendary creature barely moved, only expressing its approval with flicks of its long, bushy tail. The horny young girl licked her lips greedily, in need of more. Lowering her head, she brought her mouth close to the horn, moistened tongue lapping at the dull, fluid-covered tip.

She stroked the horn, coaxing more rainbow out for her lascivicious desires. Wave after wave of pleasure burst between her thighs as she furiously fingered herself. Never stopping the rhythmic licking, she opened her mouth and slid the phallic symbol past her succulent lips. Sucking on the tool, Becca took in much of the rainbow liquid, building toward yet another orgasm. Her lips wrapped firmly around the hard horn, sliding up and down the spiral ridges.

The rainbow leaked rapidly hd teen fuck redhead linda plumbed by dude tube porn her tongue as she swallowed eagerly. Riding on the coat-tails of her previous orgasm, she rapidly descended into another. Greatly overzealous, the girl humped her own hand, fingers a freakin' blur. Throwing her head back, she screamed at the ceiling, unable to contain her overwhelming exstacy. She stuffed the horn back in her mouth and sucked hard, urging the liquid out and into her throat.

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Continuous pleasure flowed throughout her body, her skin felt on fire with the overdose of excitement. Both hands gripped the steed's horn and began jacking it off like a cock. Hands flying up and down, she squirmed on her bed, multiple orgasms still pummeling her system.

She felt something about to happen andacting without thinking she stuck her tongue under the head of the spiraled horn. Her small, wet tongue fusion sex stories pron story school girl downloadcom in circles around the tip, hands never stopping their constant stimulation.

She knew something was coming and she sped up her actions. Laying her tongue just under the end of the horn, she worked her hands faster and faster until it happened.

Ropes of sticky rainbow shot from the head, spurting into her mouth, on her lips and all over her face. Never did she stop the minstrations with her tender hands, even when flinching from each thick shot of rainbow splattering her delicate skin.

As the last few drops dribbled from the horn, she collapsed backwards at the height of her seemingly unending multiple orgasms. She scooped up the fluid running down her cleavage and lewdly rubbed it into her breasts, moaning and whimpering beyond control.

An even bigger glob of rainbow was collected from her cheek and she pushed it, along with her fingers into her folds. In an instant, she forgot her fatigue and again, screamed desperately into the air.

The pleasure felt tenfold of her previous tremors and momentarily blinded her. She frigged herself with no thought of anything else, solely driven by her basic needs. She felt like a string of bombs were erupting inside her with a giant finale at close hand. But just as fast as the pleasure began, it extinguished. Only left with a small orgasm, nothing to the magnitude of her previous, Becca felt cheated. She knew what to do. Standing on the bed, she climbed atop the mighty creature's head, straddling its pleasure-giving horn.

She leaned down and whispered to the unicorn, "I'm going to ride you, you'd like that wouldn't you? Your stiff horn in my tight cunt, you just can't get enough of slutty, young girls like me can you? You loved it when I sucked you off, shooting your rainbow cum all over me, you fucking loved it you sick beast.

Now you're going to fuck my pussy, going to stab me with your hard horn." Her raunchy, over-the-top comments were only for her benefit, to vent her arousal. Taking a deep breath, she lifted her hips, rising over the horn and slowly slid down the amazing length.

She groaned as she felt it mighty booty shake with exclusive dominican girl in her, the bumps of the spiral rubbing and stimulating her insides.

Momentarily frozen to get used the size, she lightly rubbed her clit with two fingers, keeping herself aroused. The slick juices coated the horn, mixing with remnants of the rainbow. She began to move upward, a sharp gasp escaping her lips as she did so.

Naughty shaved muff showing hardcore and cumshot spiral rubbed the fleshy walls inside her relentlessly, creating a sensation previously unknown to her.

Just starting, orgasms were already wreaking havoc on her, making it difficult for her to keep going. She bit her lip, a high whining squeal issuing forth. No doubt imagining a large cock thrusting up into her furiously, behind closed eyes. She slammed herself down on the horn and gave a great grunt. Increasing the pace dramatically, she bounced on the creature's head.

With each bounce the horn drilled into her tight hole, rubbing itself in her and excreting a small amount of rainbow. Even the miniscule amount of liquid directly inside caused her great excitement.

Grabbing the unicorn's ears for support, she impaled herself on its horn over and over again. With growing arousal, she repeated the motions, each time feeling the finale tick closer. Orgasms were of the norm now, riding one after the other with no thought, only pleasure. Her hand-sized breasts flew up and down in time with her bounces, accompanied by a rapid succession of frantic whimpers.

Becca fucked herself on the horn, cries filling the room louder and louder with each downward thrust. Her lust could not be satisfied, she knew what she wanted, what she almost achieved just a short while ago. She rode quickly on the phallic appendage, needing the absolute release. The orgasms she felt no longer gave her any relief nor pleasure, only serving as a countdown to the end. Her juices ran freely down her leg, drenching her thighs with the sweet, musky scent. Lurching in the middle of another bounce, she could feel the impending orgasm bubble up inside her.

With this knowledge she sped up her actions, enjoying each firecracker of ecstacy exploding through her whole body. Rainbow leaked from the unicorn in a consistant trickle, pushing her closer the edge. The sounds that escaped from her were bordering on animalistic, guttural moans issuing forth from her lips. Eyes shut, she continued until she felt the rainbow flooding her insides. Every shot burned deep inside her tight hole, the fuel to the fire.

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Or more accurately, the spark to the fuse. She rode the feeling, inching toward the eventual end. And then it hapenned. Her whole physical being shook to the core as the equivilent of a pleasure bomb detonated inside her. The tremors overtook her resulting in a series of almost uncontrollable moans.

She squirmed atop the creature's head, horn still piercing her folds. The rainbow cum mixed with her own, dripping down over both beauty and beast. Stars glittered brightly in front her eyes as she came down from her rush. She collapsed on the unicorn and slipped off its horn.

Falling backwards onto her bed, she saw the room fade around her, world growing dim. The tentacle slithered off the now empty bed, dripping juices as it went. It receded back into the sleeves of the dark figure standing by the open window. Without a sound, the man effortlessly glided away on his grossly long legs, tie flapping in the wind behind him.

If the ending confused you, don't worry about. It's sort of a inside joke. If you're curious, google "slenderman".

He's kinda an urban myth. No one knows how he kills people, so I thought this could be a good way. Also, I'm taking suggestions for my next story, involving girls and Pokemon, if you have any ideas or whatnot, feel free to PM me.

Or feel free to PM me for whatever reason.