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Sexy ravenhaired bombshell has her cunt drilled pornstars and brunette
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Dear Readers. Here we go. Michael sat in his chair watching the exchange between the girls. He was happy to see them greet each other with hugs and kisses. Finally they noticed him and sat down their bags by the door and approached him. "Kneel," he ordered before anyone could say anything more. Each girl dropped smoothly to the floor at his feet.

Silk was directly in front of him with Stacey on his left and Syndee on his right. He also noted that each girl had her eyes on the floor as was required. "I am glad that you found the place alright. As Silk said, welcome to my home. I hope you'll enjoy your time here," he said with a devilish laugh. "First let's go over some rules now raucous hand and wet oral job deepthroat blowjob all of you are here, and then we'll move on if everyone agrees." He waited for their response.

"Yes Master," Silk said first. "Yes Sir," came the other two in unison. "First rule, I told you this yesterday, but want to say it again with all three of you present. There are no ranks here. You are all equal. The only difference is that Stacey and Syndee have more experience than you Silk. Otherwise, you are all the same to me. Second, there will be no petty jealous games.

I don't like them and punishments for them will be severe. Consider this your last warning. Lastly for now, my rules will be obeyed without question, if not the punishments will be quick and harsh. Am I understood?" He asked them. Another yes Master and yes Sir came from the girls. Michael noted that everyone looked eager to begin. "Okay stand up and strip. Slaves don't wear clothes." Silk did as ordered. She was the first naked and was happy to see the proud look on Michael's face as she awaited his next order.

Once they were all naked Michael told Silk to take them up to where he had sat their bins full of stuff and told them to each bring back the one with their name on it.

In no time they were back in the living room again awaiting his next order. He told them to sit the bins on the floor. Next he stood up and went into the laundry room indicating they should follow him. He led then through the laundry room into the spa room where Silk had put the razors and stuff earlier. "Kneel," he ordered.

Once they were all down again, he explained, "I brought you in here to shave your cute little muffs off. I don't like hair on my slaves. From now on I want you keep your legs, armpits and pussies free of any hair unless I tell you otherwise. Understand" Another yes Master and yes Sir followed. "Stacey stand up and sit on the edge of the tub," Michael ordered.

Once she was in position, he tapped her thigh and said, "Spread em'. I need to see it all." When she did this, he gave a low whistle, "Oh that is so sexy. I think red hair is very sexy, almost sluty," and with that he picked up the electric trimmer and trimmed her bush till there was only a shadow of red hair in a landing strip left on her mound.

Next he took the shaving cream and lathered her up then shaved her completely from the top of her lips down. When he was done, she only had the landing strip left on her mound, which he told her would stay that way unless he told her otherwise. He informed her that he liked to see the red hair just above her pussy lips. He then ordered her to kneel again. Next he ordered Silk and Syndee to sit on the edge of the tub like Stacey had done. He told Stacey cutie lovenia lux fingers her holes with dildo shave Syndee's entire pubic area and then turned to Silk and knelt down again.

"Have you ever had your pussy shaved, slave?" He asked her as he applied shaving cream to her muff.

"No Master," came a breathless reply. Michael proceeded to remove every bit of hair from her pubic area.

She watched him as the razor scraped the hair from her lips and saw that he was enjoying this very much. Finally he was done and he then used a washcloth to wipe her clean. She looked down darcie belle maxim law in a badmilfs bedtime bacchanalia was delighted by the new look.

She had trimmed the hair short but had not seen it bald since she was a preteen. Then Michael placed his hand on her freshly shaven mound and the sensation was intense, so intense that a moan escaped her before she could stop it.

Michael laughed and said, "Pretty sensitive isn't it?" "Yes Master," came a shy breathy reply. Michael caressed her mound as he spoke, "From now on, how you all see your pussies at this very moment is how I expect them to always look unless I tell you otherwise. Is that understood?" "Yes Sir," Syndee said. "Yes Sir," Stacey said and added, "You want me to always have the landing strip correct Sir?" "Yes slave, I want to always see your pouty lips with red hair above them," Michael told her.

Silk was lost in thought as Michael stroked her freshly shaved pussy. She heard his question, but had not replied. All the sudden Michael grabbed a handful of her mound and she looked up to meet his grave look. "I said, I am understood, or don't you feel that you have answer?" "Yes Master, I understand. Sorry I forgot to answer. Your hand felt so good, it distracted me," Silk answered quickly.

Michael gave a light slap to her mound and said to all of them, "Good, now kneel." The slap was more intense than the rubbing and as she knelt on the floor, Michael saw that she was very wet. He looked to the other two and saw that they were not affected the same. He would have to remedy that. Next he went to the shower lovable teenie is gaping spread twat in closeup and cumming spreading and close up opened the door, turned on the water to the little hose that he had in the shower.

Once it was warm enough, he explained to them how he liked his slaves extra clean and told them that when they were with him they would clean themselves exceptionally well. He also told that that from now on they would clean themselves like this when they got there before they could play with him.

Last he said he would show them how he wanted the cleaning done. "Stacey stand up and come here," He ordered, "You other two watch." Stacey stood up and entered the shower.

Michael reached out and flipped down a chair that was mounted to the wall and indicated for her to take a seat. Stacey sat down and waited for his next command. Grabbing her hand, he pointed the stream of water at it and said, "Just so you know that the stream is not rough or hard.

Now spread em' slave." He then pointed the stream of water at Stacey's pussy. Stacey gave a slight jump when the water hit her sensitive place. Michael smiled when she jumped and then turned to retrieve the soap from behind him.

He then lathered Stacey up and watched her face as he did this. She seemed to like it the same as Silk did. Michael decided to push it farther so he kept up the stroking until Stacey began to whimper. Michael could also feel her press against his hand as he stroked her. "Is there something you would like slave?" He asked Stacey. Before she could answer, Asian webcam girls filipinawebcams live masterbate pussy dropped the soap and started to rinse her off.

He kept up the stroking for a moment then slipped the hose and a finger inside her. Once he was satisfied that she was clean, he then pointed the water at her clit and began to tease her unmercifully. At this point Stacey was starting to tense up and breathe hard.

"Please Sir," Stacey said in a hiss, "May I cum?" Michael teased her for a few minutes more noting her ability to await his command to let go, then said, "Yes slave, cum for me." He then shifted his motions into high gear. Stacey squealed in response and exploded for Michael. Once she was done, Michael smiled to her and said, "Good job.

You hold it well." "Thank you Sir," Stacey replied. Michael turned to the other two, "Silk grab that towel and dry your sister. Syndee get in here, it's your turn." Stacy got off the chair and allowed Silk to dry her off. She smiled at Silk and thanked her when she was done; they both knelt down afterwards to watch Syndee and Michael. Michael repeated the same on Syndee noting that she was not as affected by him stroking her as the other two were.

He kept up the stroking anyway and was finally about ready to give up when he noticed a slight reaction in Syndee. "Does this affect you at all slave?" He asked Syndee. "Not as much as Stacey Sir. It takes a lot to make me cum Sir," she replied. He began to rinse her off and had stuck his fingers inside her. Finally he felt a reaction in her body. "What about this," he asked as he also pointed the stream at her clit.

Syndee sucked in a sharp breath, "That feels nice Sir." Michael kept it up until she begged him to allow her to cum and bella and candy are hot lesbian lovers he gave his permission, she let out a loud groan and let go.

Michael was surprised at the sound she made. Finally he ordered Stacey to dry her off and for Silk to take her turn in the shower.

Silk eagerly jumped into the seat and awaited the fulfillment to the torture he had begun on her this morning. Michael began by rubbing the soap on her now hairless pussy. She got hot instantly. When Michael noticed her pant, he laughed, "Are you always this easy little one?" "Yes Master, "She panted trying to hold off.

Michael could tell that she wanted to cum at that very moment but was trying so hard to hold back. He tried to hurry knowing that she was not as experienced as the other two. He switched to rinsing her off and slipped a finger into her. She gave a sharp intake of breath and gripped the sides of the chair and Michael knew that if it were his flesh she would have used her nails. Finally she could take no more and asked, "Please Master, I can't hold back much longer. May I cum?" Michael noted that she had lifted up off the chair and was panting like a dog at this point so he said, "Cum slave.

Now," and with that Silk let go and exploded for him. A small moan escaped her and her eyes rolled back in her head. Once she came down from the high, Michael ordered Syndee to dry her off. Once they were all kneeling again, he went into the other room and sat in his chair again. He then ordered them to his feet. Once they were all there he resumed talking again. "Okay everyone needs to turn and look in their bin and find their collar and hand it to me.

Silk, do not worry, your already wearing yours." He ordered. They completed the task and handed their collars to Michael. Syndee was the first done. As she put it in Michael's hand, he said, "Okay with this collar you are accepting my ownership over you slave Syndee.

You are agreeing to all my rules and promise to follow them to the letter and to submit your body to me. Do you agree to this?" "Yes Sir," Syndee said in answer and lifted her hair to allow Michael to place the collar around her neck. Once the collar was fastened in place Michael spoke again, "From now on you will refer to me as Master, is that clear slave." "Yes Master," Syndee said finding she liked the way the word rolled off her tongue as she resumed her spot on the floor.

Next Stacey handed her collar to Michael and he asked the same of her to which she agreed and then lifted her hair for him to place it around her neck. Then he repeated the part about her now referring to him as Master and she relied with a yes Master also then took her place. "Okay a few more rules then we play.

These collars are to only leave your necks when you swim or shower. I want to see them on your necks anytime I chose to look for them. So never remove them otherwise. Is that clear?" After a yes Master from each he added, "Now before we do anything, we need to talk about safe words. I think it is best to use the old stand bys, so we will use red for stop, yellow to slow down or hold off for a moment and green to tell me you are comfortable with crossing your limits.

Silk I know that we discussed this before but please remember these words, they are for you safety. They are universal and everyone knows and will respect them." After her yes Master, he went on, "Lastly you each need an action word. While you know that we don't show this in public you are still my slaves nonetheless and will behave as such.

If I say your action word, you will know that you are to obey or that you are overstepping your bounds. This being said I will assign you each a word," thinking on it for a moment he said, "Okay since Silk's word is Emerald for her eyes, I think I will go with that theme. Stacey yours will be Ruby for your hair and Syndee she got punished for being a bad girl will be Sapphire for your eyes.

Is everyone clear on this?" "Yes Master," they said in unison. "Alright, grab your bins and let's head upstairs." He told them as he got up and left the room. The girls followed Michael up to the dining room. Michael told them to sit their stuff down and kneel at his feet with eyes down cast.

He watched them all noting that he had a blond, a red head and a brunette. What more could you ask for? "I have a dungeon which we will use later, but since Silk is just starting out tonight I wanted to go slow," He told them as he turned to the first bin. Noting it was Stacey's, he decided she sexy masseuse with tiny mangos hardcore and massage go first.

He grabbed out some cuffs, a flogger, a blindfold and a riding crop and placed all but the riding crop on a small table he had placed near. He fished in his pocket for the leash he always kept. Turning to Stacey, he tapping her on the shoulder with the riding crop he said, "Stand up slave, your first," then to the others he added, "You may look up and watch girls." Silk watched as he applied Stacey's wrist cuffs.

Once they were on he clipped the leash to her neck. She also noted he had some other items on the little table. Next she watched as Michael ordered her down on the weight bench. Stacey lay down on her back as ordered. Silk watched Michael take each wrist and attached it to a clip on the bench. Then he placed the blindfold over Stacey's eyes. Silk noticed that she herself was getting turned on just by watching. Michael was satisfied with Stacey's placement so he began.

First he knelt down by her legs. Reaching up he felt her legs from toes to thighs. Caressing softly as he explored her body. He wanted to know her every curve. While doing this he also inspected her flesh and muscles. Next he made his way up to her belly ignoring her pussy for now.

As he touched her he felt her lean into his hands. Soon he was at her breasts. There he caressed first then pinched her nipples. He was testing her to see how much she could take. Satisfied that she could take a lot he made his way to her neck. Tipping her head back he gave into his own desires and leaned down and nipped at her neck.

She moaned in response. Finally he reached up and gripped her by her hair. Pulling her to him, he kissed her deeply and was glad she kissed back. Silk watched the whole thing with avid attention. She was curious about why he was feeling Stacey up and down like that. She decided to ask later. When Michael made his way to Stacey's neck and then bit it, Silk felt a flash of jealously but pushed it aside. Then Michael kissed Stacey and Silk almost looked away.

She knew she'd have to overcome this jealousy. Inspection done, Michael moved on. He picked up the flogger. As he did this he noticed Silk was watching. He smiled at her and he began to swing the flogger. Knowing this was the first time Silk had seen this, he made it look good. Back and forth, he slashed Stacey's prone body. Stacey jumped only when he swung with great intensity. Soon he grew tired of the flogger so he switched to the crop.

Deciding it was time for a new lesson for Silk he asked Stacey, "What is a slave's goal in life?" He punctuated it with a slap to her left breast. Stacey hissed her answer, "To please her Master." "Very good slave," Michael told her and slapped her right nipple. Michael turned to Stacey's bin and grabbed her butterfly vibrator and some nipple clamps out. Placing the vibrator on her pussy, he attached the straps to her legs. Taking the remote, he turned it on. Then he attached the clamps to her nipple.

Next grabbed the flogger again and took turns slashing and slapping Stacey with the crop and flogger. Stacey was enjoying everything he was doing. The inspection turned her on and the flogging was making her wet.

The kiss had make her weak and when he placed the vibe on her pussy, she wondered if he'd let her cum. As he whipped her, Stacey felt close, "Please Master may I cum?" "Not yet," Was all Michael said as he kept up. He was testing her to see how much she could take and how long she could hold it. It was in all reality part of the inspection.

He knew her limits from the list she had gave him, but some limits couldn't be put down on paper, some had to be tested personally. As he flogged her, he would also grab the chain on the nipple clamps and give it a tug once in a while. When he did this she would respond with moans and even pull back on them which delighted Michael. He loved to torture slave's breasts, that's why he was glad when Silk responded to pinching like she did.

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Michael watched Stacey as he worked. When he saw her close to hitting sub space he finally let her come. Leaning down to her ear, he hissed, "Cum now," and watched her thrash in pleasure. Silk also watched this.

The whole thing had her so turned on. She never knew she was such a voyeur. While part of her was jealous at the thought of Michael doing more, a part wanted to see him actually take Stacey all the way. She would have to talk with Michael about this later. She knew she would have to deal with her jealousy too, but how? Once it was over, Michael told Silk and Syndee to un-cuff Stacey and take care of her.

He told them to leave the nipple clamps on however. While they did this, he got some bottled water out of the fridge. Handing it to Silk, he told her to make Stacey drink it. Silk took the bottle and opened it, holding it to Stacey's lips; she helped her to drink it. While she did this she watched Michael. He was staring at her intensely. Silk wondered what he was thinking. Michael watched Silk give Stacey the water. He noticed that she seemed loving toward Stacey. This was a good sign. He also noticed the lust in her eyes while he played with Stacey.

He saw that this lust was still there, time to move forward. Michael knew Silk was bi curious so he decided it was time to allow her to explore. As he watched her with Stacey, he thought that she would be the best to help Silk explore her curiosity. He didn't know why but he felt Stacey was more Silk's type.

This decided he formulated a plan in his mind. Stacey was more alert now so Michael thought it time to move on. Normally if there were more than a few slaves, one would care for the other while he moved onto another slave but since this was Silk's first time, he wanted her to learn so he took his time.

Stacey was alert now and kneeling next to the others so Michael moved on also. "Silk stand up," Michael ordered as he turned to get some items out of her bin. Taking out her cuffs, the flogger she picked out, a blindfold and the riding crop. He decided he was going to duplicate what she just saw for the most part. Silk stood and put her arms out for the cuffs.

She was nervous but turned on also so lust won out over the fear. She was ready to learn. Michael noted her eagerness. When she held her arms out for the cuffs, he smiled. As he placed them on her wrists, he noticed he could smell lust on her. She was highly turned on. Xianna hills tight stretch pussy railed by sean lawless was a good sign. Once the cuffs where in place, he placed the blindfold over her eyes, then laid her down on the bench.

Clipping her cuffs to the bench, he then turned to her legs. He already knew her body pretty well by this point, but he wanted to duplicate what he had just done to Stacey so he began running his hands up and down her legs.

Since this wasn't so much of an inspection, he put more emotion into it. When he caressed her calf, Silk jumped and lifted her leg. Michael knew he had tickled her, but he didn't want her lifting her legs unless told too.

"Keep your feet on the ground or I will cuff your ankles too," He told her. Silk hadn't meant to lift her leg; Michael had tickled her so she just said, "Yes Master," and made sure she kept her feet on the floor.

Michael felt her legs up for moments more then made his way up to her stomach. As he did this, he saw her reaction in the quiver of her stomach. Finally he made his way to her arms which he noted looked huge cock suck by spinner arya faye putting up her skills smalltits pornstars good cuffed.

He would have to tell her this later. He made his way back down to her breasts and when she arched her body, he leaned down and nipped her neck.

Silk responded with a moan. Finally he kissed her. He poured a lot of emotion in to that kiss to show her he was proud of her and that she was affecting him just as he was her. After a few moments he broke the kiss. Once he was done with the inspection, he turned and grabbed the flogger. Leaning down, he asked, "Are you ready?" Silk was breathing heavy at this point, "Yes Master." Something in her told her not to flinch or wait for the first blow, so she just waited patiently.

When it came, she was surprised at the sting. There was pain but it didn't exactly hurt. It actually turned her on. Silk was surprised because she thought it might hurt.

As Michael slashed at her exposed flesh, Silk grew more turned on. She liked it best when he hit her thighs. Soon Michael had criss-crossed her body with red slashes. He watched her react to each slash to be sure she was okay with it.

He was surprised that she took so many, but he was delighted to note she was also getting turned on. Soon he fusion sex stories pron story school girl downloadcom to the riding crop to see her reaction.

He already knew she liked it from last night but he hadn't hit much of her naked flesh with it yet so he thought now was the time to see how she liked it. He would caress her with it then hit her in select spots. He liked it when she would lean into the caress. Then when he would slap her she would hiss but she never once pulled away. When he grew bored with this, he turned and grabbed her butterfly vibe and attached it to her pussy.

Next he grabbed her nipple clamps. He smiled at this remembering her reaction when he pinched her nipples the day before.

Taking the riding crop, he slapped a nipple. Silk moaned in response. Michael took the nipple clamp and placed it on the hardened nipple. He then slapped the other and clamped it also. After he had them clamped, he tugged the chain that connected them. Silk moaned in response. Next he hit the remote switch and Silk arched her back in response. When Michael was whipping her with the flogger, Silk decided really quickly she liked it.

Sometimes it was intense, but just when it would reach that level; Michael seemed to know and would switch to caressing her in another spot. When he switched to the riding crop Silk learned a whole new aspect. It was a total different pain. The flogger stung all over but the crop was one small spot. Silk couldn't decide which she liked best. Then Michael slapped her nipple and Silk thought she might cum.

She felt his hand on her nipple then something was clamped on. It felt like little teeth.

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Silk decided quickly she liked it as he slapped then clamped one to her other nipple. When he tugged the chain she couldn't help moaning. She wanted to beg at that moment for Michael to take her, but before she could speak, the vibrations hit her. She had never felt anything like that before. She almost came which caused her to arch her back. Michael seemed to know that she was too close so he turned the vibe down to a low throb. He gave her a few minutes to come down then turned it up to medium.

He then took the flogger and started whipping her once again. He knew this would drive her right to the edge. He waited for her to beg already deciding that he was going to allow her to cum because she was still learning. He knew he had pushed her limits today so making her hold it would be too much for her.

It only took minutes for Silk to feel her orgasm coming on. "Please Master, please may I cum?" She pleaded. Michael reached down and tugged the chain and said, "Cum slave, now!" Silk exploded and her back arched off the bench. She felt like she was blasting off into space. It just rolled through her again and again till she felt she would pass out.

Finally she came down; Michael had removed her blindfold and was kneeling over her. He had a look of concern on his face. "You okay little one?" Nun mom sleeping fuck son asked her.

Silk smiled weakly back at him, "Yes Master.

It was intense." "I bet it was," Michael laughed as he un-cuffed her and helped her up from the bench. He left her nipple clamps on also. Once she was sitting he went and got her a bottle of water, which he gave to Stacey. As he handed it to her, he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Silk is bi-curious, so why don't you show her a few things after she's rested." Stacey took the bottle of water and smiled up at Michael, "Yes Master." Holding out a hand Michael helped Silk to kneel back on the floor then ordered Syndee to stand.

After retrieving her toys, he cuffed her to the bench and put her through her paces. All the while he kept an eye on the other too. Stacey helped Silk by holding the water and talking softly to her.

Soon she was rubbing her neck and giving her kisses on her shoulders. Silk leaned into it. When Silk turned her head to look in Stacey's eyes, Stacey felt Silk was ready so she kissed her. Silk kissed back and Stacey knew that Michael was right, Silk was curious. Silk had been nervous about the whole bi-sexual thing but when it happened she just went with it.

As Stacey rubbed her shoulders Silk wondered how to proceed but then Stacey kissed her there and Silk just let Stacey lead. Finally it was turning her on so she turned her head to look in Stacey's eyes. As their lips met, Silk knew it was right and so she poured herself into the kiss. Silk wasn't uncomfortable so she turned to deepen the kiss. As she did she also started to touch Stacey also.

Imitating the exploration Michael had used earlier, Silk began with Stacey's face and made her way down to her neck. Soon she was running her hands down to Stacey's breasts. She held them in her hands for moments feeling their weight. She decided quickly she liked that way they felt. She moved onto Stacey's nipples and examined the clamps. She had felt the teeth on her own, but wasn't really sure what held them in place.

She finally got to see what held them to their nipples. Stacey was imitating Silk's movements so when Silk started to lower her hands to Stacey's belly, she pushed Silk back. She couldn't wait to taste Silk and wanted to show the curious girl how it was done so she initiated it first. Once she had Silk laid back, she kissed her way down Silk's breasts.

Paying a small bit of attention to her nipples she sucked the flesh and nosed at the clamps for a few minutes. Soon she went on to Silk's belly. As she got near Silk's pussy, she could smell her desire and orgasm from Master. As her tongue met the soft bald folds she looked up and met Silk's eyes.

Gently she licked and kissed till Silk was whimpering. Once she had her hot, she started to get serious. Slowly but building up in intensity till she drove Silk to the limit. Silk didn't even give a thought to anything but the feelings Stacey was invoking.

She thought it was almost as intense as Michael but it lacked his roughness. Stacey had softness to everything she did which Silk attributed to the fact that she was female. Silk had heard that a woman was tenderer when it came to sex.

Silk was enjoying it to the fullest. When she reached the point of orgasm she glanced up to see Michael watching. "Please Master," was all she could say. "Please what slave," He grinned knowing what she wanted.

Silk groaned and rolled her head to the side in an effort to control it, "Please Master, may I cum," She finally got out. Michael wanted to stall her just to teach her control but he knew she was still too new to it all so he slowly said, "Cum now angelica kitten sucks and fucks some guy in a shack and reached out and tugged the chain on her nipple clamps.

Silk came and it seemed to flow out of her. Stacey kept licking till she felt Silk come back down. Once it was over, Stacey made her way back up to Silk's mouth to kiss her and share the taste. Stacey was surprised when Silk devoured her mouth. Michael watched all this with pride as he put Syndee through her session. Since it took her longer to cum, he could really get into it, the action on the floor helping to put him in the mood.

He also liked that she could take so much. He knew she would come in handy for really stressful days. At one point he had asked her if she wanted it harder since she wasn't really responding to his normal level.

She answered yes right away so he picked up intensity enjoying every moment of it and the show on the floor. When Silk felt more like herself she immediately wanted to return the favor to Stacey. She pushed Stacey onto her back and repeated what Stacey had done to her. At first she just licked and tasted then finally she decided she liked the taste so she dove in for more. She didn't have a lot of oral experience to go on so she just used what she had just learned from Stacey and what she had felt Michael do to her the day before.

It was sex stories story 4xxx porn story to find Stacey's clit so she concentrated her efforts there and added a finger to it also. Stacey was surprised that Silk seemed to take to it so well. Silk was bringing her close fast. Soon she was begging and when Master told her yes she blasted off into space. It was so intense she came again before it ended.

Finally she was done so she pulled Silk up to kiss and cuddle while they watched Master finished with Syndee. They enjoyed kissing and flirting with Master while watching Syndee. Once he was done, Michael decided it was time for his pleasure.

Syndee had finished her water and was looking like she was back to normal. Michael stood in front of them and mather daughter and son fuck together them to kneel in front of him. Once they were there he dropped his shorts. Silk was in the middle so he said, "Silk, suck me." Silk looked up and saw his cock. Taking it into her hand she sucked it past her lips quickly.

She began a rhythm she knew he liked but before she could really get his attention, he ordered her to share so Silk pulled back and offered it to another. Syndee took over and began deep throating him instantly.

Silk admired her skill. She glanced to Stacey also and saw that she was watching too. Soon Syndee offered it back and Silk let Stacey have a turn. Michael enjoyed the girls but had to admit quickly as they took turns, Silk was the only one who could make him cum. This didn't surprise him as she was the first to achieve this feat.

Soon they had him feeling close so he told Silk to lesbo awesome babes caressing on cam lesbian and college it. When he was close, he pulled away from her and told them to catch. They all opened their mouths and he sprayed them all. Some hit their mouths but some missed, hitting their cheeks and lips. Once he was done, he ordered them to share it and clean it up then sat down to watch them share a kiss.

While they kissed, he watched them noting that Silk seemed to be more comfortable with Stacey. She was open to Stacey in a way that he noted was lacking in how she responded to Syndee. It wasn't that she would ignore Syndee, more that she just seemed to be more open to Stacey.

Michael was happy this was going so well. Soon they were all cleaned up and Michael thought it time for dinner. He got up and went into the kitchen. It took no time for him to prepare the meal he had planned since he had it mostly ready.

Placing it on the stove to simmer, he turned and looked at his three new slaves. Baron and Dyna would be happy he finally had someone to share his time with. He couldn't wait for them to meet the girls, especially Silk. As the food simmered, he took some napkins in to the dining room.

Indicating he wanted the girls to lie on the floor in a circle, he gave them the napkins and went to retrieve the food. Sitting the pot on the floor, he too lay down between Stacey and Syndee. Silk was right across from him as he looked up and smiled at her. After explaining how to eat the meal, they all dove in. Michael was pleased that they liked his cooking and explained he took many courses on cooking because he liked to eat well.

They all laughed at this. As they eat Michael got to know each girl and in turn they got to know each other as well.

Michael began with Stacey, "So tell me how you got into this lifestyle slave." Stacey explained that she and Syndee had met this Professor in high school who was a Dom. She giggled when she explained that Syndee and she were rather wild as teens. That they fancied the man and when they were 18; he showed them all about the lifestyle. Stacey also claimed it changed their lives totally, not only were they now not so promiscuous but they were slaves through and through. Stacey pretty much agreed with it all but added with a sultry grin, "Oh we're still sluts, but only for a Dom." Michael and Silk both laughed at this.

Silk also asked some questions of them, "So how long did it take him to show this lifestyle to you?" Syndee spoke up first, "We teased him for months trying to get our way but it wasn't until he caught us out after curfew that he finally took us up on our offer and gave into to our plan of getting in his pants." Stacey added, "He spanked us and explained that he was tired of our games and that we were spoiled beyond belief.

He also told us that we needed someone to guide us, educate us he would say and that he was the Dom to do it." Syndee spoke up and said, "We didn't even understand what he meant at first but he taught us quickly and we loved every minute of it. The rest is history." Silk thought about this for a minute and then asked, "So you feel as watch how this big pumped up stranger girlfriend homemade you were made to be a slave?" She didn't understand why she felt this way but she was sure she was and wanted to know if it was natural.

Michael perked up at this question knowing that some slaves where what was called a natural slave. They seemed born to their very role. He wondered why she would ask this so soon. Could she feel that she was? Stacey replied without hesitation, "I think so.

I know I couldn't imagine life without a Dom or without being a slave to one." Syndee added, "Me too." Michael decided he had to know, "Why do you ask Silk? Do you think it's possible to be made for that role?" Silk glanced up at Michael and noted his avid attention to her, "I think it might be possible.

From what I've seen of people some are always followers while some are natural leaders. Why not? I'm certain that you were made to be a Dom." Michael didn't quite get the answer he wanted so he pressed harder, "So do you think you are made to be a slave?" Silk's heart screamed yes the moment the words cleared his mouth, but her mind stopped it knowing she shouldn't jump in head first, "Only time will tell." Michael noted the hesitation and how her eyes lit up for a moment before she answered.

He could tell she thought for a minute before giving a non-committal answer. He decided not to press her on this and changed the subject. Soon it was time to get ready to go dancing. He told them to do whatever it took to get ready and when to get himself ready.