Teen squirt orgasm massage lets party you allys sons of bitches

Teen squirt orgasm massage lets party you allys sons of bitches
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Im taking a break from deep and lovely dark. I plan to finish it soon. I was inspired to write this after reading a story called "My bully bangs my mom" its the same details, different story. This is gonna be a long story that may take time getting to the sex, but there's plenty of sex in it so be patient. As always not interested in comments about grammar. On that note enjoy. Rick's parents put him up for adoption first chance they got.

Luckily he was quickly adopted by Jodi Green. She was 25 at the time. She couldn't have kids so she always planned to adopt. As soon as she told her husband her plan he did a runner. Jodi wasn't easily deterred from anything so she went through with the adoption and raised rick by herself.

At school Rick was bullied constantly, due to his lack of confidence and low self-esteem. He was constantly harassed by the the three stooges.

There was Lee the fat one, Mack the dumbass and Jack the leader. Jack was hench due to plenty of weekend boxing. Everyone in school was afraid of him and he used that to fuel his ego. He always showed offensive attitude towards woman, race and religion anyone who was an easy target.

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It wasn't uncommon for Jack to take things to the extreme. When Rick tried to enter a room Jack would kick the door in his face. When they played hockey, Jack would hit Rick with the stick. They teased rick mercilessly about Jodi and how hot she was.

"I'm gonna fuck your mom one day!" "Your mom is so hot how much would it take to see her tits?" "Bring me a picture of your naked mom tomorrow or I'll kick the shit outta you". Rick came home with bruises and black eyes every day. Jodi was mortified. She kept pushing rick to tell her who did this but rick was just too scared. Jodi tried going to the school but they said if rick didn't speak up there was nothing they could do.

For the next 3 years Rick lived his life in total terror and despair. The three stooges eventually moved away from the town when rick turned 16. Jodi was so happy to see rick smile again. At last he stopped coming home with bumps and bruises. She loved Rick to bits. She considered him to be her purpose on earth.

She would never do anything to hurt him. By the time rick turned 18, he had a car, his driving license and a job at a n imports warehouse. He'd made friends with a group of older guys that were more like older brothers.

The helped him build confidence, they taught him how to fight, how to talk to girls. While she appreciated all they had done, Jodi didn't like the"Crew". She im not going anywhere until someone fucks me in the ass coast to coast them as thugs and trouble makers.

They didn't mind, respect was the crews code. Present day. Rick was sat in the living room playing on his xbox one that Jodi got him. He was playing Black Ops 3 when Jodi walked in. She was wearing a pink tank top that wrapped around her 32C breasts perfectly and a pair of booty shorts.

"Honey would you like a coffee?" "No thanks Jodi im good". Jodi poured herself a cup of coffee and sat in the living room with Rick. Rick played his game while Jodi read her book. "So what's so interesting about this game then?" Said Jodi.

"You hunt other players for skill points, in exchange you can unlock new weapons, kill streak rewards and loads of other cool stuff". "Sounds like a great way to waste your time" Jodi replied with a sly grin.

"You have to be an elite gamer like me to fully appreciate it" they both laughed. An hour later Rick was still playing his game and Jodi was doing the dishes when the doorbell rung. "Sweetie could you get the door please." Jodie called out.

Rick rolled his eyes and dropped his controller.

As soon as he opened the door he froze. Jack was stood there with a smug grin on his face. Rick stepped outside and shut the door blazers xxx squirt he story him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" "Is that any way to greet an old friend?" Jack replied still smiling. "We were never friends!" Said rick. "Look bro I know we never got along but me lee and mack are back in town. I wanted a chance to make things right." Before rick could tell him to turn around and fuck off Jodi stepped outside and beamed at Jack. "Rick who's your friend?" She said smiling. Before Rick could answer, Jack took Jodi's hand and kissed it "Jack Bale ma'am" Jodi blushed. "Rick aren't you going to invite your friend inside?" She said.

"he's not my friend!" Rick said hotly. "Cmon Rick lighten up, Jack would you like to come in?" "yes please miss green" said jack barging past rick. After Jodi made everyone coffee jack asked if he could invite Lee and Mack, which of course Jodi accepted. The other two stooges arrived 15 minutes later.

Jack, Lee, Mack and Jodi spent all day talking/flirting. His school bullies flirting with his mom which angered Rick. But what really infuriated him was Jodi flirting back. "Damn miss green what I wouldn't give to date you!" Said jack. "You never know jack I might like younger guys who can go harder and longer" said Jodi with a wink. Just as Rick reached bursting point, Jack announced that they had to go. "Ooooh so soon?" Said Jodi. Just as they left Jodi announced that they were welcome anytime.

Jack came back many times a week. 5% of the time because Rik invited him (at jodi's request/demand), 45% of the time he turned up unannounced. 50% of the time Jodi invited him.

Jack always came with his two shadows. One Saturday Jack knocked the door. Jodi stood at the bottom of the stairs while Rik looked through the spy hole. "It's jack!" Rick said rolling his eyes. At which point Jodi bolted up the stairs into her room. Rick opened the door sex in the serbian reality show parovi serbia The three stooges walked past him completely blanking Rik.

As the four of them sat in the lounge, Jodi entered. She had changed her clothes, brushed her hair and touched up her make up. She was wearing a tight black top and a short black skirt. Her blonde hair flowed seductively past her shoulders. She smiled at jack all eyes were on her. "Hello boys" she said sexily. Rick just rolled his eyes and put the Xbox on. Another hellish day went on as he played black ops zombies while listening to the stooges flirt with his mom.

He decided that something had to be said. As soon as jack and the others left, Rick went into the kitchen to talk to Jodi. "Mom you know that those guys were flirting with you right?" "Ofcourse I do sweetie im not blind" she said smiling. "I want it to stop, what makes me angrier is you flirting back!" Rick said hotly. "Rick, baby lighten up. At my age I don't get alot of attention from men. Its nice to be wanted by someone. Anyway there's nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting, its not like there gonna get anything from me".

"Whatever! Just stop please". With that rick turned and went to his room. Am new day dawned. Friday. Rick's favourite day of the week. Every Friday Rick went out clubbing with the crew. Jodi didn't like this but at 18 years old she couldn't tell rick what he could or couldn't do. Rick put on some smart clothes and sprayed some cologne.

"Jodi I'll be back late don't wait up!" He called to Jodi in the kitchen. "Okay sweetie have a good time" she said smiling. The crew sat in the club with a pint and Rick told them about jack and Jodi flirting back and forth. "Man that's whack!" Said David the oldest of the group. "Take my word for it man that dude I trying to get into your moms pants!" "David I know that, but he wont I trust Jodi".

"as you should but people make mistakes. Your mom is lonely dude and therefore vulnerable. If I were you id go home and tell Jodi that your gonna kick jacks ass if it carries on". Rick decided that David was right. So at 9pm rick finished his pint and went home. He was annoyed that he was only half drunk but this was important. Rick opened the door to his house and walked in. The lights were all off so he assumed that Jodi was asleep. Deciding to talk to her in the morning, Rick went up to his room.

As he crept down the hall he heard something. A woman. Moaning. A million terrifying thoughts rushed ricks head and he didn't want to know what was going on. But he had to. He crept up to Jodi's door and peaked inside. Rick's felt the anger erupt inside him like a volcano. His blood boiled, his brain screaming at him to do something. Jodi was being D.P'd with Lee fucking her pussy and Jack in her ass.

She was sucking Mack's cock while she stroked it. Rick was in full blitzed rage. Angrier than he'd ever been in his life. He wanted to storm in there, rip their fucking dicks of and jam them down their throats. But he couldn't move. Like some other force was stopping him from doing anything.

All he could do was stand and watch while his hatred grew. Jodi was bouncing on Lee's cock while Jack fucked her ass. "oh fuck you're so tight Aaaah yeah" he said slapping her ass. Jodi continued sucking Mack's cock hard. Mack began mia khalifa porn sex mp3 download hard. Sensing he was close, Jodi released him and said "cum all over my face. Im I want your warm cum all over my face like a slut". This dirty talk pushed Mack over the edge as he covered Jodi's face with load after load of cum.

At that moment jack announced he was gonna cum. "cum inside me Jack fill my ass". She screamed. Jack gripped her hips tight and rammed his entire length into Jodi's asshole filling it completely.

When he stopped coming, he went round for Jodi to clean him off with her mouth. She eagerly took his cock in her hand and sucked it vigorously until he was hard again. Mack stood in the background jerking himself hard again until Jodi said "Mack baby let me help you with that".

Lustful stud cums on tight ass pornstar hardcore wasted no time forcing his cock into her mouth and fucking her throat til he was hard again.

At that point Lee was just filling Jodi 's pussy with cum. Rick was relieved. He thought it was finally over. Until Jack grabbed Jodi by her hair. He pulled her to her feet and pushed onto the bed. Lying on her back, Jodi pushed her tits together.

"Put it in me jack, fuck me hard!". Jack eagerly lifted Jodi's legs over his shoulders and pushed his still hard cock into Jodi's soaking pussy. Jodi moaned as she sucked Lee's cock while jacking Mack.

"Oooh yeah c'mon slut take that dick, fucking whore" said jack as he pounded the milf's pussy. The dirty talk was seriously revving Jodi up as she sucked harder and moaned louder. Jack took a handful of Jodi's tit and squeezed. Jodi took Lee's cock out of her mouth and said "Yeah jack fuck me, oh god just like that". Mack grabbed Jodi's hair and forced his dick into her mouth pumping hard. "Lee get over here and take over for me. I want the sluts mouth!" Said jack.

Lee went over to where jack was standing and pushed his cock into Jodi. He grabbed her hips and started ramming his cock into her.

"Aaaaah fuck yeah!" He moaned as he fucked her. Jack pulled Jodi's head away from Mack and she greedily took his cock in her mouth while stroking Mack. "Fucking whore!" Said Jack. Jodi was being treated like a slut and she loved it. In one night she was getting more dick than she'd had in years. "On your knees slut!" Said jack. Lee reluctantly pulled out of Jodi as she turned over onto all fours.

Mack went behind her and tried to enter her pussy. "Put in my ass baby, make me an anal whore!" Jodi begged. Mack's eyes lit up as he pushed his entire length into Jodi's perfect ass in one move.

Jodi gasped and began pushing back and forth against Mack's cock. Jack pushed her head towards his dick and she engulfed it.

Lee placed her hand on his cock and she stroked it. Mack grabbed oily hardcore hd after a long day of work this lucky man has his woman plead him for hips and pounded her ass calling her a whore. Jack pulled away from Jodi and asked "You like that don't you whore?" "Yes Jack i fucking love it Oooooh god!" family sex mom and dad you like fucking your son's friends?" "Ooooh fuck yes jack I love all your cocks!" "Your a bad mother aren't you?" "Uhhhh uhhh uhhhh god" she moaned.

She ignored what he was saying. She knew that this was wrong. And if Rick ever found out it would destroy their relationship. But she just couldn't help it.

Jack grabbed her hair and pulled her head up so she was facing him. "Your a bad mother aren't you whore? Say it". "Uuuuuh fuck yes! Im a bad mother oh gooood!" Saying this pushed Jodi over the edge and she came all over Mack's legs.

Jodi's legs and arms weakened and she collapsed on the bed. Jack went to where Mack was standing and dragged Jodi off the bed. She was sitting on the floor against the bed with the thee boys stood in front of her jerking.

Jodi was trying to catch her breath. The stooges stood around Jodi calling her a whore while they jerked their cocks. Moments later they started grunting as they each shot their load over Jodi. Rick was boiling with enough anger to match a nuclear bomb. He suddenly found the strength to move but instead of storming in raging, he quietly left the house and walked away.

He went over to David's house and explained what happened. "Why the fuck didn't you kick their asses man?" Asked David shocked at Rick's calm attitude.

"Too easy David. I don't want payback. I want revenge!" He said calmly. "How!?!" Said David. "You'll see" Rick replied. The next morning he called Jodi. Trying to conceal his anger he said "hey Jodi I'll be home soon about 5 minutes". He heard Jodi swear under her breathe before she said "Umm ok sweetie don't rush ok!" Rick hung up. He said 5 minutes but he was stood around the corner of the house so he could watch what happened.

In less than a minute rick saw jack, lee and Mack run out of the house towards their car and drive off. "Those pricks stayed the night!" Rick thought to himself as he walked into his house. Jodi was in the kitchen doing dishes. Her hair was a mess and it was obvious she had no bra on. "Hello baby, did you have fun?" She asked.

"not as great as I hoped, what did you do all night". Jodi didn't look up from the sink as she answered "Not much just sat up watching tv. I went to bed quite early". Rick's anger grew. He had a glimmer of hope that she would just come clean and confess to her betrayal. Rick didn't say anything as he went to his room. Mack was at heading home from his girlfriends house at 11pm the next day. He was driving down the road anticipating his next adventure with Jodi. CRASH!!!! the car was smashed off the road and skidded into a nearby car.

Barely conscious Mack dragged himself out of his destroyed car. He had cuts all over his face. His legs were broken. He looked up to see the car that hit him. The drivers door opens and Mack's eyes widened as Rick stepped out and walked off. At that point Mack passed out. The next day Jack came over to inform Jodi and Rick of Mack's "accident". Jodi put her hand to her mouth and said "Oh my god!

Is he alright?" "He's at the hospital he hasn't woken up yet. He's alive if that's what you mean". Rick smirked to himself. Making sure that Jodi didn't catch him.

"1 down 2 to go". He thought to himself. They all went into the lounge and talked. Once the shock had died down, Jodi said shed make some supper and jack said he'd help her. Rick was playing his Xbox with his head phones in listening to some tunes.

On the wall across from him was a mirror. From which the whole kitchen can be seen. Rick looked up at the mirror and saw jack running his hands all over Jodi. He spun her around and place both hands on her ass while he kissed her neck. Jodi tried pushing jack away. "Not now we cant!" She whispered. "Ricks right there" she continued pointing towards the lounge. "He's got headphones I he wont here a thing" Jack whispered. He tried kissing her again and this time Jodi returned it obviously forgetting the mirror that rick was watching them from.

Jack and Jodi kissed deep and passionately. Jack began kissing and licking Jodi's neck. "Naughty boy Jack" Said Jodi smiling. Jack pushed his hands into Jodi's pyjama bottoms and netflix and chill with slutty year old tinder date her ass. Jodi gasped quietly as her hands explored Jack's back. Jack suddenly stopped and spun Jodi around. He bent her over the sink and pulled her bottoms down around her knees.

Unzipping himself, he pulled his dick out and entered Jodi's pussy in one quick motion. Jodi gasped and put her hand over her mouth to muffle the moans. Jack began pumping away at Jodi's pussy also trying to be quiet. He took a handful of Jodi's hair and pulled her head up as he fucked her. Jodi let her hand drop and began moaning quietly as she could.

"Oooh shit shit shit yes c'mon harder" she whispered. "you want it harder whore?" Jack asked. "Yes fuck your whore wants it harder". Jack placed his hands on her hips and began ramming Jodi's pussy. It was getting harder for Jodi to contain her moans.

while she was still bent over the sink, she lifted her top above her tits and began pinching her nipples. Her other hand began rubbing her pussy as they both tried to rush their orgasms. The fear of getting caught was turning Jodi on. The fear of getting caught by her son however, made Jodi an orgasmic ticking time bomb.

Jack rubbed Jodi's asshole with his thumb. Then without warning pushed his thumb deep inside Jodi's ass. This pushed Jodi over the edge as wave after wave of pleasure hit her.

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Her orgasm travelled around her entire body. Her pussy clamped onto Jack's cock and her legs weakened. Jack felt his balls boiling and pushed Jodi onto her knees.

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He pushed his cock into her mouth and began to fuck her throat. She gagged as jack unloaded himself into jodi's mouth. She gulped it down and smiled at jack as he zipped himself up. Jodi stood and tidied herself up. She looked towards the lounge and her eyes widened with shock and fear as she noticed the mirror.

She realised that Rick might have seen her. She was mortified and began to panic. "Calm amateur granny plays whore for a day maybe he didn't see" she thought logically to herself. "I'll just go in there like everything is normal!" She thought.

Jodi walked into the lounge obviously nervous and sat next to Rick. Rick looked at her and said "You ok Jodi? you look tense" asked Rick. Ofcourse he knew what just happened but bottled his anger. "stick to the plan!" He thought to himself. He would deal with Lee and Jack then he would confront Jodi. "Im fine honey!" She said "umm are you ok?" She asked nervously.

"im alright its just that this game is really pissing me off!" He lied. Jodi felt a wave of relief hit her as she believed she had gotten away with it. At that point Rick stood and announced that he had to quickly go out and "Run an errand". "Ok sweetie see you later".

Rick closed and locked the door. "Shit, I thought he'd never leave!" Said Jack. Him and Jodi attacked each other with kisses jeek len xxx secy story os they headed to the bedroom. Rick returned a couple of hours later to find Jack and Jodi sat at the kitchen table eating dinner.

"Hi honey" she said smiling at Rick. "I left you some dinner in the oven!" "Ok thanks alot" rick replied. He warmed his dinner in the oven and sat beside Jodi.

A few minutes later Jack finished eating and said that he had to go. He patted Rick on the back and said "I'll see ya later buddy" with a smug grin on his face. Rick and Jodi continued eating making small talk when out of blue Rick asked "mom do you really love me?" That question made Jodi choke on her wine.

It took a moment to regain her composure before she looked at Rick with disbelief in her eyes. "Of course I do sweetie why would you ever think different?" Black widow episode hentai raped 2 replied.

"When you adopted me way back when. What made you choose me?" Rick asked in a serious tone. Jodi thought for a moment and said "there were alot of kids there but the minute I saw you, I knew you were my son." Rick looked down for a moment and said "but you'd never love me as much as you would if I were your biological son".

Jodi was shocked and nearly heartbroken that Rick was thinking like this. She took both his hands and said "Rick you are my son, my world, my purpose. I love you more than anyone else in the world." Rick pondered for a moment and replied "sometimes I wonder if you chose me cause the other kid was ginger, or the other kid had a droopy eye." "Rick I chose you because I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Why are you asking me this?" "because if you hadn't I don't know where i would've ended up.

Probably with an abusive couple who were in it for the money. You saved me and Im grateful for it. I want you to know that I trust you til the end of the world. You are the one person mouth and cunt of a pretty teen banged will never turn their back on me.

If I didn't have you I dunno what id do." A tear formed in Jodi's eye as all the thoughts of her betrayal flooded her mind. She was suddenly overwhelmed with guilt and disgust. This was all part of Rick's plan. She betrayed rick and now her was gonna break her for it. "Im gonna go to sleep. Goodnight" rick took both their plates and put them in the sink. "Goodnight son" Jodi stuttered. Lee was getting ready for work. He showered and ate breakfast. Kissed his moms cheek and said goodbye.

He climbed into his car and turned the ignition. The car sounded so much better than yesterday. He had taken it to a garage run by Jacks dad. Driving down the road, he turned the radio on. It was then that he remembered the sharp turn up ahead.

He put his foot on the breaks. Nothing happened. Panicking he kept slamming the brakes but the car didn't slow down at all. About to crash into a building, Lee quickly spun the wheel to the left. The sudden turn rolled the car over. The car rolled until it was stopped by a concrete post. The next day Jack returned again to deliver the bad news. Jodi was horrified. Lee survived the crash and was lying in the hospital with Mack who still hadn't woken up.

After their conversation, Jodi felt somewhat closer to Rick and yet still ashamed to look at him because of her betrayal. She swore to herself that the sex with Jack would stop now. But she couldn't confess to Rick it would destroy him. She went up to her room with some laundry and jack followed behind her a few minutes later.

Jack entered the room quietly and noticed Jodi had her back to him folding some clothes. He walked up behind her and grabbed her tits.

Jodi spun around and tried to push him off. Rick had hidden a live camera feed in her bedroom and was planning to watch later.

Jodi pushed Jack away and said "No we cant do this anymore. You're my son's friend". Jack laughed "Its ok he's fucking clueless, he ain't gonna find out" he said pulling Jodi close to him. Again Jodi pushed him away and said "No we can't it's not right. Im betraying my son by doing this".

"What he doesn't know can't hurt him. Cmon you know you've enjoyed our time together" he said kissing Jodi. Jodi couldn't resist, she returned the kiss and pulled off his belt. Jack pushed her onto the bed and untied her gown revealing her naked body. His animalistic desires took over and he dove between her legs probing her pussy with his tounge.

Jodi clutched at the bed sheets and gasped. Jack wrapped his arm around her left leg and rubbed her clit. "Ooooh god yeah, its so wrong! But its so goood!" Jodi moaned. Her legs closed around jacks head, her hands grabbed his hair pulling him deeper into her. Her orgasm was imminent.

She began thrashing on the bed as Jack's tounge lapped her pussy. He rubbed her clit harder as she exploded on his face and screamed forgetting that Rick was still in the house. Panting hard, Jodi slid off the bed and pulled out Jack's cock. She engulfed the whole thing and began to suck like her life depended on it.

Bobbing her head back and forth Jodi placed both hands on Jack's ass pulling him closer. Jack rocked his hips back and forth until he hit the back of her throat making her choke.

She coughed for a moment before taking his cock in her mouth again. She placed her hand on the bad of his cock and began to jack him off while she sucked. Jack's balls started boiling so he pulled Jodi up by her hair and bent her over the bed. Grabbing her hips Jack pushed his cock into her pussy and began fucking her.

Jodi was filled with both the intense pleasure of Jack's hard cock and the intense guilt of her crime. It was the best sex of her life. "Aaah fuck yeah, you like that don't you whore?" Jodi didn't answer. "Tell me you like it whore!". She still didn't answer. SMACK! Jack's hand landed hard on her ass fat granny dominika takes cock in doggy style making Jodi jump and squeal "You fucking like that don't you whore" he said in a crueler voice.

"Oooh yes ok I like it" she said angrily. Smack! Jack spanked her again making her Jump again. "Respect bitch look it up!". Jodi couldn't sex ebony desi vidisex stories it being treated like a slut made her so horny she came all over his cock and nearly passed out. The only thing that kept her conscious was Jack still hammering her from behind.

"Aaah Oooh fuck Yeaaaah im Cumming aaaaah ." Jack moaned as he came inside Jodi's pussy. He collapsed on the bed next to her. Jodi stood up and looked seriously at Jack. "This stops now Jack, Never again. Ever!" She said sternly putting her gown back on. Jack chuckled and said "yeah ok then". "I mean it jack. If I ever see you around here again your dick's going in a blender. Now get dressed and get the hell out of my house" she said with her hands on her hips.

Jack smiled and did as he was told. Rick was sat downstairs playing GTA V when Jack left. Jodi came down moments later and sat on the couch sighing.

"Everything ok?" Rick asked.

"Yes! Yes it is" she said proudly. Jack was the only one left to take care of. No more secrets. No more theatrics. This was personal. Jack and Rick Face to face once and for all. Then he would turn to Jodi.

She may have finally turned Jack away but the point is she betrayed him. She needed to be punished. Rick spent the afternoon talking to his childhood friend Katy, to make preparations. Next call was to Jack. The phone rang for a while before Jack answered. "Yo who's this?" Jack asked. cumblast horny milf handjob big boobs and bigboobs Rick".

"what can I do for you buddy" Jack said laughing. "im not your buddy asshole. I know." Rick said bluntly. "know what?" Jack replied. "I.know." Jacks silence suggested that he understood what Rick meant. "Meet me at the basketball courts on Burwell street in 1 hour". With that Rick hung up. Jack stood waiting in the courts waiting for Rick. He was a little disappointed. He hoped to blackmail Jodi into more sex by threatening to tell Rick. "oh well fun while it lasted" Jack thought to himself".

At that moment Rick turned the corner into view. Rick walked up to Jack and stopped less than 5ft from him. "This was always the plan wasn't it? When you came back that day" Rick said angrily. "Nothing made me happier than fucking with your life Rick.

I figured one last score. The biggest score I could take was your mom. So I did" he said smugly. That last comment had Rick burning inside. "You never should've messed with a man's family!" Rick said calmly.

At that moment Jack Ran at Rick and threw a punch at him. Rough homemade amateur ashly andercronys son in treat me with no respect ducked and threw one back making contact with Jack's jaw. Jack stumbled backwards before Rick planted a foot in his chest kicking him to the ground. Rick began stomping on Jack. Jack crawled away and grabbed a nearby stick, smacking Rick across the face.

Rick fell to the ground but quickly picked himself up. Jack made a swing for Rick again which Rick dodged. He planted one punch in Jack's stomach and another in his face. Jack fell to his knees and Rick kicked him across the face. At this point Rick had won the fight but the demon inside him had been released. He had many years of hatred for Jack that had to be released. Jack was on the ground clutching at his stomach. Rick grabbed the back of Jack's shirt and dragged him over to a nearby lamp post.

Rick grabbed Jack's head and began smashing it against the post. Jack's face was covered in blood but Rick still wasn't done. He rolled jack onto his back. He raised his leg and stamped down onto Jack's knee. Jack screamed into the night as his knee gave a deafening crack. Rick walked to the other side and did the same to the other knee.

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Jack gave another scream. Rick went down and whispered in his ear. "touch my mother again, and i won't send you to the hospital. I'll put you in the fucking morgue". Rick stood and walked away.

Jodi got a call from Jack's parents saying he was in hospital. Jack had told them he'd been mugged. Rick was playing his xbox when Jodi came running in. Today was the day he ended this. "Rick will you put that stupid game down for a minute and get dressed. We gotta go to the hospital." Rick looked round at Jodi and asked "why?". "Jacks been attacked we need to make sure he's ok". Jodi replied with genuine concern in her voice.

"Why?" Rick asked again. "Because he's your best fucking friend Rick that's why!" She said angrily. "Let me rephrase the question" said rick. "Why would I go to visit jack in hospital, when I'M the motherFUCKER that put him there". Jodi's eyes widened with shock and disbelief. She studied Rick for a moment and realised he was telling the truth. "you really did didn't you?" She asked and Rick nodded his head.

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WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" Jodi screamed at rick. "Because he bullied me mercilessly in school, he is the reason I always came home with black eyes. He's the reason I was too scared to go outside. He is the reason you had to save me from hanging myself when I was 14".

Jodi froze. She thought she'd betrayed Rick before. Now she realised that what she had done was so much worse. "Oh my god! I feel sick". She said. "Why?" Said rick. "because i welcomed him like a son. I invited him into my home." "yeah you invited him into more than your home didn't you?". Jodi quickly looked up at Rick feeling scared. "W-what D-d'you mean?" She stuttered. "Jodi I know everything so I better hear it from you first." Realising that she'd been caught, Jodi fell to her knees and cried into her hands.

All the guilt and disgust poured out of her. She jumped to her feet still crying and walked over to Rick with open arms. "Rick sweetie im so sorry!" "don't you dare touch me Jodi!" Jodi froze. "Im so sorry baby I didn't know that he bullied you I thought he was your friend!". "yeah cause that would've been so much better! I should forgive you now because you thought you were fucking my friends not my bullies!" Jodi buried her face in her hands and continued crying.

"Rick what can I do? If there's anyway I can make this right just say it. I'll do anything." She pleaded. "There's nothing you can do!" Rick replied. "Please son!" She continued begging. "Calling me son implies that your my mother. You lost that privilege!". That was the final blow that broke Jodi's heart. She realised that she'd destroyed the most precious thing in her life.

Her relationship with her baby. For what? A few hook-ups? Jodi was devastated. She collapsed on the ground and cried harder. Rick walked past her and went up to his room. He returned a few minutes later with a suitcase. Jodi looked at the suitcase then a Rick questionably. As if reading her mind Rick said "I need to be around people I can trust so im getting out of town.

Now you can have all the dick you want". Rick grabbed his car keys and opened the front door. Before he left Jodi said "Son please!". "you don't get to call me that anymore." Rick replied and left slamming the door behind him. Jodi fell to the floor and screamed as the last good thing in her life disappeared and she lied there crying. Rick put his case in the trunk and drove off.

He'd made arrangements to stay with his friend Katy for a while and no plans to see Jodi or this town again. Suddenly it felt like a great weight had been lifted as he passed the sign that said "You are now leaving Woodchip". Author's Note: I enjoyed writing this and am open to feedback. FEEDBACK not criticism. As I explained before I'm not interested in grammar complaints. I have a sequel in mind but I'm waiting to see how well this story goes down.

In the mean time I've begun work on the next chapter of deep and lovely dark. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Hope you enjoyed Son's Revenge.