Wacky teenie is taken in butthole asylum for uninhibited therapy

Wacky teenie is taken in butthole asylum for uninhibited therapy
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Phoebe stuffed her science book into her back pack and then stood up and slung one strap over her shoulder. Outside the door she paused to look at her schedule. She hated the first day at a new school and it was always worse when they came in the middle of a semester.

Someone bumped into her as kids moved quickly through the crowded hallway on their way to the next class. "What do you have now?" a male voice asked close to her ear. Startled, she took a step to the side and collided with another hurried fellow student. The boy beside her laughed and grasped her upper arm to steady her and pull her out of the flow of traffic. Phoebe smiled at the fair haired boy that had been sitting next to her in Earth Science.

"English," she said. "Room 238." "Murph," he said grinning down at her. "You'll like him. Everybody does. I'm Tyler." "Phoebe Cashe," she said extending her hand.

Tyler shook the offered hand looking down at the petite, dark haired girl. "Cashe?" he chennai aunty sex story story raising his eyebrows. "As in your dad is the new Brigade commander at the base?" Phoebe nodded as he took her bag. "Well, come on," he said. "My old man will kick my ass if I let the Colonel's daughter wander around school lost." He strode off and Phoebe followed him through the hallway back to the main wing.

Tyler took the stairs to the second floor two at a time and Phoebe ran to keep up. He stopped in front of the door to her class and handed her the backpack. "I have social studies," he said pointing to a classroom across and down the hall a bit.

"I'll meet you back here after class if you'd like to have lunch with me." "That would be great," she said smiling gratefully. A huge grin spread over Tyler's face. "Okay. See you after class." Phoebe turned to enter her room with a bemused smile.

She crossed to the teacher's desk and sat her bag down to look for the slip that all her teacher's were supposed to sign. She pulled it out and handed it to the good looking dark haired man sitting behind the desk as the warning bell rang.

He looked up from the papers in front of him, his dark brown eyes sliding down over her before returning to her face. "Phoebe, right?" he asked as he took the slip of paper and scribbled his name on the fourth line.

"Yes," she said taking the textbook he held out to her. "I'm Mr Murphy," he said. "Murph if you like.

Jamie. Hey, you." Phoebe laughed and he grinned at her. "It looks like you get a front row seat," he said nodding toward the only empty desk in the room. Phoebe sat down and he stood to begin the class. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Justin sat sat on a stool at the counter chattering about the friends he'd made at school that day as Phoebe pressed the pizza dough onto the rectangular baking stone.

She smiled and nodded as her little brother rambled on. She turned to grab the jar of pizza sauce from the counter behind her and saw her dad leaning in the doorway. "Hi, Daddy," she said smiling brightly. "How was your day?" Jake straightened away from the door frame as his daughter got a glass from the cupboard and poured four fingers of Scotch. "Not too bad," he said smiling down at her as she handed him the glass. "You're making pizza from scratch?" Phoebe smiled at her father's incredulous tone of voice.

"The dough is a mix," she admitted. "All I had to do was add warm water." "How was school, Justin?" Teens fuck for facial reality and real asked launching his son into another round of chatter.

Phoebe was just sliding the baking stone into the oven when the phone rang. She turned to answer it as her dad picked it up himself. "Cashe residence," he said briskly. He turned toward Phoebe and she shivered at the tightly controlled anger she saw in his eyes. Silently he held the phone toward her. As she reached for it he let it fall crashing to the counter.

She picked it up, watching her dad cautiously as he took another deep swallow from the glass of Scotch. "Hello," she said quietly. "Hey," the voice at the other end of the line said cheerily. "It's Tyler." "Yes," she said unable to tear her eyes away from her father's. "I know it's a school night, but a few of us are going to the movies and I was just wondering if you wanted to come, too," he said.

"I really can't," she said. "Sorry." Jake drained his glass and sat it on the counter sliding it toward Phoebe. She picked up the bottle and refilled it for him. "Okay," Tyler said, the disappointment evident in his voice. "I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow." "Sure," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow." She hit the button to end the call and laid the phone down on the counter. She glanced at her dad before turning to the refrigerator to get the bag of salad and bottle of ranch dressing.

He was still glaring at her icily. "Justin, go wash up for dinner," he ordered without taking his eyes off his daughter. Justin slid off the stool and ran toward the stairs.

Phoebe got three plates and salad bowls from the cupboard and sat them on the counter. She started to pour the salad into the individual bowls trying to ignore the cold anger radiating from her dad. He slowly rounded the counter to stand beside her and set the glass down. Phoebe took a deep breath and turned toward him.

Jaw set, she looked up defiantly. "Boys calling, Phoebe?" he asked menacingly as he backed her into the corner of the counters behind her.

"Daddy, he's a friend. He's just a nice guy that helped me find my way around school today," she said breathlessly. Jake leaned against her. His hands glided up over the nina and sean find themselves years later of her waist to close over her breasts.

"Did you let him touch you?" he asked her, his voice dangerously soft. She shook her head, wincing as he pinched her nipples hard through her thin tee shirt. He squeezed her right breast painfully as his other hand slid up to her throat to force her head back. She porsche lynn dominates randy west his wrist with both her hands as his fingers pressed into her neck.

"Who do you belong to, little girl?" he asked, his lips close to her ear, his breath fanning her hair.

"You, Daddy," she whispered huskily. "I belong to you." Jake's lips sexy lisa gets cum on her big tits his daughter's cheek before they found her mouth. His arms closed around her and he lifted her off her feet as her lips parted beneath his and his tongue plundered her mouth. Phoebe wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as hungrily as he was kissing her. He set her down and quickly turned away when he heard his son thundering down the stairs.

Phoebe opened the oven door and reached for a pair of hot pads as her brother burst into the kitchen. Jake handed his son the stack of plates and Justin set them on the table as his dad picked up the bowls of salad and followed after him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phoebe carefully opened the door to Justin's room and peeked in.

He was sleeping soundly, curled up on his side. She smiled and quietly closed the door before crossing the hallway to her father's room. Jake watched drowsily as she untied the belt of her short robe and let the silk slide down her arms.

She laid over the arm of the chair in the corner before climbing into the bed. He reached for her pulling her down to lie across his chest.

His hands cupped her face guiding her lips to his before he wrapped her in his arms to mold her against his body. His hands glided over her back to the smooth, soft skin of her ass cheeks. Phoebe moaned quietly against his mouth as he massaged the firm globes. She squirmed against him and felt his rampantly hard cock jump and twitch between their bodies. She dragged her mouth aways from his and he arched his head back as she trailed kisses down his throat and across his lightly furred chest.

Her teeth closed gently over one of his nipples and he groaned as she pulled on it before sucking it into her mouth.

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Her lips left his nipple and her tongue teased his skin as she slid down his body till she felt his cock between her breasts. Her hands pressed the lush mounds around his turgid member and she began to slide slowly over him.

She pushed her chin to her chest brunette milf zoey gets it on with young hottie charlie lesbian and fucking her tongue flicked at the tip of his cock every time it peeked through the tops of her tits.

Her dad growled deep gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock his throat and began to thrust his hips. She planted her hands on either side of his rocking hips and pushed up.

She sucked the head of his cock into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down. "Oh, fuck," he groaned as her tongue undulated against the underside of his rampantly hard penis. Phoebe let her saliva drench his hard prick before sliding it out lap dances for the guys and hot pretty girls hardcore reality her mouth.

Her fingers closed around his staff and she began to stroke it firmly as her mouth moved even lower. His fingers slid into her hair and he lifted his hips as she sucked one testicle into her mouth to roll it gently against her tongue before treating it's mate to the same treatment. Jake's breath hissed through his clenched teeth as Phoebe stroked his cock, using her thumb against the sensitive underside just below the head on each slow upward stroke. He jumped, his cock jerking in her hand, when he felt her tongue rimming his tight sphincter.

She felt the tremors in his thighs as she pushed her tongue against his puckered anus. "Christ, baby," he growled as she licked from his asshole to hot and horny blondie masturbates pussy masturbation fingering balls and then up the underside of his cock. She took him into her mouth again, sucking hard as she lifted her head before pushing down to take as much of his prick into big beautiful venus gets fucked by frank tyler mouth as she could.

She reached between his legs to massage his balls, her other hand closed around the base of his staff squeezing rhythmically as she bobbed up and down faster. His breathing grew ragged and he moaned her name. She took a deep breath through her nose and pushed down on his thick, hard cock, her eyes watering as the spongey head touched the back of her throat.

She lifted her head and then plunged down, deep throating him again. "Oh, fuck. Baby, I'm gonna cum." She felt him swell and his balls tightened in her hand as they pumped his semen through his pulsing cock. As she swallowed the first blast, Jake felt the muscles in her throat squeeze the head of his cock and his hips jerked violently as he errupted into her mouth again.

Phoebe held the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked vigorously as she pumped her hand up and down the shaft rapidly to milk him dry. Jake wound his fingers into his daughter's hair as she continued to suck and stroke him through an explosive orgasm. "Phoebe," he moaned, his body quivering as his penis began to soften in her hand. "Baby, stop." He pulled her up so she was lying on top of him. Holding her head firmly in his hands he kissed her deeply. Rolling onto his side he pulled her close and gently stroked her hair back from her face.

Phoebe smiled contentedly and snuggled against him. "I love you, Daddy," she said as her fingers traced slow circles on his chest. "I know you do, baby," he said kissing her forehead. "I love you, too." "We should do something this weekend," she said drowsily. "Something like what?" Jake asked pulling her closer.

"I don't know," she murmured. "Camping maybe. Justin would like that. We could go somewhere close by. Head out as soon as you get off on Friday." "Sounds good," Jake said kissing her softly. "Not Friday, though.

I have date." Phoebe pulled away from him abruptly, sitting up on her knees to stare down at him incredulously. "A date?" she said as though she couldn't possibly have heard right. "Lorraine," he said. "She's works on the base." "No," Phoebe said shaking her head. Jake reached for her and she pushed his hands away. "Don't be like that," he warned reaching for her again. Phoebe ignored the hint of anger in her father's voice and slapped his hands away. "You think you're going to fuck some townie slut then come home and fuck me?" "I think I'll fuck her and not come home that night," he said angrily as she slid toward the edge of the bed.

His hand shot out and closed around her arm, dragging her back. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Phoebe struggled as he pinned her beneath his body. "Let me go, Daddy.

I'll scream until Justin wakes up." "Then the boy's going to get a hell of an education," Jake growled grinding his nearly erect cock against his daughter's silky thigh. "No," Phoebe said obstinately clenching her legs together as her dad tried to slide a hand between them. "If you're going to start dating we're through." His laugh was hard and unpleasant. "We're not through, Phoebe," he promised fiercely.

"We're not ever going to be through." Phoebe stopped struggling. Jake looked down at her warily as tears welled up in her eyes. She choked back a sob and he groaned lowly. "Don't, baby," he pleaded rolling to his side and gathering her into his arms. "What do you need that I'm not doing for you, Daddy?" She asked with a quiet sniffle. He shook his head not knowing how to explain it to her. "You and Justin need a mom," he finally said.

"Just listen to me," he said as she started to shake her head. Phoebe held still and fixed her gaze stonily on the wall behind his shoulder.Jake sighed and continued.

"Baby, you know how much I love you. Nothing is ever going to change that, but we need someone to take care of you and Justin. Someone to take. . ." his voice trailed off. "What?" Phoebe asked turning her eyes back to her father's. "People talk, Phoebs," he said quietly.

Her lips formed a silent O. She thought for a moment. "It doesn't mean I have to like her." Jake sighed in relief and leaned over her to press his lips against hers as his hand slipped between her thighs. Phoebe pulled away from his kiss. "I'm not going to be nice to her," she told him firmly. Jake laughed and shook his head. "Of course not," he said grinning as he captured her lips again. She moaned as he positioned himself between her thighs and rubbed the bulbous head of his hard cock between the lips of her wet pussy, jumping a little when he stroked her clit with it.

She wrapped her legs around his hips, her heels pressing into the firm cheeks of his ass. "Daddy," she panted. "Fuck me. Please, fuck me." He pushed into her slowly sinking his cock balls deep into the warm, velvet sheath of her tight, young cunt.

He pressed kisses against the side of her neck as he thrust in and out. She caressed his short hair and rotated her hips as she rocked up to meet his slow, steady strokes.

"it doesn't matter, who you find," she whispered confidently against his ear. "She's never going to feel as good to you as I do." Jake murmured his agreement against the tender skin of her throat. He lifted his head to look into her eyes as his tempo increased. Phoebe held his gaze, her lips slightly parted, her breathing quickening with his rhythm. "Fuck me, Daddy," she said breathlessly.

"Fuck me hard and make me cum." He pushed up on his arms and pounded into her petite body. She closed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side whimpering as she felt her orgasm building in the pit of her stomach.

She clutched at the sheets, twisting them in her hands. Something primal took over and she grasped her father's ass, squeezing his cheeks and pulling him deeper, wanting to feel her lover's cock against the mouth of her fertile womb.

Jake's breathing grew ragged and he felt his balls draw up and tighten in preparation to unload in his daughter's grasping, sucking cunt. "Gonna cum. Uh huh. . Uh huh. Gonna cum," she panted. "Do it baby," he growled. "Cum for Daddy." Phoebe bucked wildly beneath him and slid her hands over his clenching ass.

She pulled the rounded cheeks apart, squeezing them rhythmically as he fucked her hard. He felt her fingers slide into his ass crack as his hips rose and fell driving his cock into her faster and faster. Her body tensed and her pussy spasmed, gripping his cock tightly inside her, rippling over his rigid member.

She thrust up against him, her hands holding him firmly against her body as she writhed beneath him. She pressed the tip of one forefinger against the puckered ring of his anus and he grunted as she pushed it into him.

The tip of her finger slid against his prostate and light exploded behind his eyes as everything in his balls rushed through his pulsing cock to errupt into Phoebe's still convulsing vagina. Her eyes flew open wide and she threw her head back, arching her body impossibly as the force of Jake's semen splashing against her cervix drove her higher on the cresting wave of her own orgasm.

He collapsed onto her and she held him tightly as their heartbeats calmed and their breathing returned to normal. He rolled onto his back and pulled her into his arms. She pressed herself against his side, her head resting on his chest. "I have never cum like that before in my life," he said quietly as he rubbed her back.

He looked down at her when she didn't answer, a slow grin spreading accross his face. She was already asleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phoebe shifted restlessly on the sofa She couldn't concentrate on the stupid movie her little brother had chosen anyway and Justin's constant chatter wasn't helping.

She prodded him with her foot. "Shut up," she snapped. Justin looked at her with wounded brown eyes and she instantly felt bad. It wasn't his fault she was in a rotten mood. She glanced at the clock on the wall above the TV again.

Only an hour and a half had passed since her dad had left to pick up his date. Not even enough time to finish their dinner. She opened her arms to her baby brother. “Cuddle puddle?" she offered.

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Justin grinned and fllung himself on top of his sister. She grunted as he landed heavily, knocking the breath out of her. A bigger than most boys his age, at ten years he was already taller than her 5' 2". Phoebe groaned loudly as he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly. "Jesus, Justin," she exclaimed, "you're going to crack my ribs." "Sorry," he said loosening his grip and settling comfortably against his sister's side.

Phoebe stroked his glossy brown, shoulder length hair as he laid his head against her chest. She watched his face as he stared intently at the movie that couldn't hold her attention. She smiled tenderly when he squirmed and his hand went to his crotch to adjust himself. His hand stayed there for a moment pressed against his penis.

When he moved his hand again her eyes propertysex little conniving real estate agent fucks boss slightly at the small bulge forming under his basketball shorts.

Lying in her arms with his head resting on her breast was making her little brother hard. Phoebe felt a familiar tingling low in her abdomen and her breathing quickened. She bit her lip unable to believe what she was thinking. Her hand resting against her brother's stomach slipped a little lower. She felt the muscles beneath her fingers tense and Justin's chest started rising and falling more rapidly. "Justin," she said softly. He turned his face up to look at her when she spoke, the point of his chin digging into the soft flesh of her breast.

Her breath caught in her throat for a moment. "Do you remember the night of my last birthday?" she asked watching his eyes intently.

Justin nodded eagerly. It was practically all he'd thought about for the last three months. His sister's hand stroking his hard cock and watching her head bob up and down until she'd made him cum in her mouth. That and how to get her to do it again. "Did it feel good?" she asked letting her hand move slowly down to rest over the bulge in his shorts. She felt his cock jump when she touched it and she looked a little surprised. He was definitely bigger than the last time she'd touched him this way.

"It felt better than anything I've ever felt in my life," he breathed humping against her hand. "Do you want to make me feel good, too?" she asked as she began rubbing him lightly. Justin nodded vigorously. "Anything," he said breathlessly. "It's going to feel good for you, too," Phoebe promised settling onto her back. She spread her legs, one foot planted firmly by her ass, the other leg draped over the back of the sofa, and reached for him again.

"Come kiss me, baby." Justin laid on top of her and pressed his lips against hers as her rubbed his hard on against her crotch.

Phoebe cupped his cheeks and moved her lips gently beneath his. His hands clenched around fistfuls of her tee shirt. "Open your mouth, Jay," she said huskily. "I want to show you something." His lips parted and she thrust her tongue gently into his mouth and swirled it against his.

He moaned softly, His lips imitating the movements of hers as he returned her kiss. Her hands glided down his back as he dry humped her pussy.

Her hands grasped his ass and pulled him tightly against her. Justin grunted loudly and she felt his cock jerk and spasm as his cum spurted into his shorts. He lifted his mouth from hers to look down at her with wide, clear eyes.

"Sorry, Sissy," he panted, reverting to his baby name for her. "That wasn't supposed to happen yet, was it?" Phoebe smiled tenderly and stroked his hair.

"It's okay. Take your shorts off." Justin obeyed, his eyes growwing even wider as he watched his sister lift her hip to push her jeans and panties down before settling back to pull them off completely. She dropped them in a pile on the floor then pulled the hem of her shirt up to expose her full, firm young breasts. Justin lowered himself onto her and kissed her again pushing his tongue into her mouth without her instructing him to this time.

Phoebe slid her hands under his shirt and caressed his smooth back. He began to gently thrust his flaccid penis against her belly. "Baby, I want you to lick kerala malayali collage girl sex vedidownloard nipples," she moaned.

Justin slid down her body to do as she requested, eager to please her. Her nipples hardened quickly under his enthusiastic ministrations. She slid her fingers into his silky hair, "Now suck it," she said, drawing her breath in sharply as he latched on and began to nurse fiercly at her swollen nipple.

She moaned softly and started rocking her hips against her rapidly stiffening cock. She reached between their bodies and closed her fingers around his rigid penis, stroking him a few times before guiding the head to the opening of her wet vagina.

"Push it in," she said, her hands closing over his buttocks to urge him on. He thrust into her warm, tight cunt and she felt him bite down on her breast.

She goaned loudly as he began to pump into her as fast as he could. He pushed up on his arms, his head hanging down as he watched his cock thrust how did she fit it in natural tits deepthroat and out of his sister's body.

He looked up into her eyes, and she stroked his soft cheek with one finger. He leaned down and kissed her as he continued to fuck her fast and hard. He lifted his head, his breath coming in panting gasps. Phoebe rocked her hips to meet his thrusts holding him as his orgasm built to a critical point. "Uh. Uh. Uh.

Phoebe," he grunted loudly as his balls let loose another blast of semen. He shivered and continued to thrust into her as his testicles emptied.

Phoebe ran her hands frantically up and down his back anticipating his withdrawal before she had time to reach her own orgasm, but he kept pounding his cock into her and she realized with a little jolt that he wasn't going to stop.

"Slow down, baby brother," she said breathlessly. Justin nodded and tried to comply. His strokes grew shallow and quick as he pushed in deep and rocked his pubic bone against her engorged clit. She felt him trembling in her arms. "It's still hard," he said hoarsely, his voice sounding as surprised as she had felt. Bffs wild best friend sex party compilation nodded wordlessly, feeling her orgasm beginning to build.

"It f f feels too good," he stuttered. "Uh huh," she murmured pressing her fingers firmly into the small of his back. "Justin, don't stop. I'm gonna cum." His wide eyes fixed on hers and he rocked into her body a little faster. Phoebe arched against him and groaned loudly as her orgasm crashed down on her sweeping her baby brother along with her. Justin grunted as her cunt clamped down on his hard cock, the spasms rippling through the velvety walls of her warm vagina milking what little he had left to offer from his young balls.

He laid in her arms trembling as their breathing returned to normal and his penis shrunk and softened falling out of her drenched pussy. Finally, with a deep, shuddering breath, he lifted his head and looked at her with wonder filled eyes. Phoebe smiled softly as she continued to stroke his back.

"Can we do this again?" he asked hopefully. His sister nodded and he leaned down to kiss her gently. "Daddy can never know, though," she cautioned. "He'd kill me if he ever found out." Justin nodded solemnly. "I won't tell anybody," he promised. She smiled at him. "Go wash up and get ready for bed," she said giving him a quick kiss. "I'll be up in a minute." He jumped up and grabbed his discarded clothes before heading for the stairs. Phoebe dressed and straightened the cushions on the sofa before following.