Mother son bonding class part 5

Mother son bonding class part 5
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Stuart: Christmas week in Texas I've had a month to digest it and I've heard every way it was looked at but I still have trouble coping with the simple fact that I helped kill a man. It wasn't my plan, it wasn't my hands but I helped put the prescriptions through showing them back logged for months.

I helped find a bartender that was willing to help out with the drugging but we killed a man. I don't know what scares me more, that we did it, that we got away with it or the fact that among the group I'm the only one that seems to have a problem with it as we did the post operation talk.

"Listen I know I signed on but what we did was murder," I told them through the microphone on my new computer. "It was that yes but it was accidental," Guy said but was cut off by Isaac.

"Fuck accident, I wanted that fat bastard to die. Watching him try to pick up on the woman at the table was a crime against humanity," Isaac replied and Ben nodded in agreement. "Think on this for yourself Stuart, this man would have ruined a good family celina santiago gets a facial while playing video games a good marriage for what? His own ego? Maybe he thought the future child would be a match so he could get a replacement kidney?

Stuart some people are nothing but parasites and while I didn't want him dead per se I'm pretty sure there isn't a long list of actual mourning his passing," Guy explained with scary logic.

That was weeks ago in my room at college, now I'm in my Uncle Morgan's condo and I can see just a bit of the influence being thrown around. We're on the fifth floor of eight with the eights being an indoor pool for residents and their guests.

Morgan is the same man I remember driving me through the country when I was growing up, 5'9" and built like a barrel. One of his major changes is I don't see the coveralls and jeans with flannel shirts with a ball cap on his head. Now he has his hair cut and wears khaki pants with button up dress shirts. "I have a big responsibility working for Mr. Amdahl as he has me doing half the logistic work while he takes care of the bigger business people. Honestly I was worried about retiring in a few years and now I can keep working," Morgan informs me as we do the tour of his place.

Our Christmases have never been big thing but this year it's more of a relaxed and welcomed deal as we have a place and no major expectations. Uncle Morgan has to work this week and next while I'm visiting but I was informed that I'd be meeting someone soon that would change my perspective. I've only been here for a day and I'm alone in the condo when a knock at the door has me wondering what happened to the buzzer. I pull it open to see a well built Japanese man in hacker fare clothing and a backpack on his shoulder.

"Hey Stuart grab your coat we got places to get to," the Japanese guy tells me walking into the condo and looks around," I gotta tell them to make sure these things are set up better." "Who the fuck are you," I ask and watch as he takes off his sunglasses.

"Dude it's me, Jun? That mythical voice of the internet," He tells me and I do a double take. "You're dressed like you're younger than I am," I tell him and he laughs. "Yeah well when my people see me like this they know I'm serious," Jun informs me and I grab my jacket. We get outside and down to street level where Jun has a big SUV with a couple kids sitting in the back of it.

I start to wonder about him leaving children, hopefully his, in the car alone when one adorable innocent watch more of her at ulacamcom them starts talking.

"Daddy I need something faster," the boy says holding up a tablet," I'm streaming slow and it is buffering." "Complain again about the wireless signal and I'll make you use the old dial up for a week Kenichi," He tells his son before starting the vehicle. As we drive I learn that I'm meeting one of the most powerful people in Guy's business and I start to wonder who the mystery person is as we pull up to a nice ranch style house in a neighborhood similar to the one Guy lives in.

I get in the door and that's when I see the difference between Jun and Guy. Guy's home is very home like in the way that you don't see a whole lot of excess around and feel like people might actually live there. Jun's house is full of hardware and I pass parts on the way to his office that I recognize from building computers when I see a door that reminds me of old spy lana violet gets a big hard pecker. I watch his son head off to his room as a nanny carries a little girl to him and he turns towards me to speak.

"Behind this door is my life's work, not only that it's Guy and everyone else in the business that you met lively hood. You are one of us Stuart but you may be the only one who fully understands what you are about to see," Jun tells me and I nod as he puts his hand on a panel.

He has a palm scanner on a door in his house and when I hear the lock release and I step inside a very comfortable office with a single new molded plastic and metal desk with a chair that has a roller ball mouse built into the arm rest. The wall of computer towers that are to the left and the right of the desk don't get my attention as much as the nine flat screen monitors, 32" each one and they are set up 3x3 on the desk. I watch Jun sit down and exhale before addressing me. "Welcome to the hub, Guy built his business on two things.

You've seen him work and know that that is sixty five percent of it. This is the other thirty five," He tells me pulling up screens of data," he runs the field but I keep him informed. I make sure everyone is online and taken care of and that is what you were helping me do with the Senator job." "Yeah I'm still unsure about the whole accidental murder thing," I tell him and he shakes his head. "Your GPU is causing the system to crash, what do you do," He asks me a simple question.

"Replace it depending on the age of the computer," I tell him and he smiles. "Guy sees the whole world like that. Everything in it can be altered, replaced or destroyed as he sees it," Jun tells me and I feel a sexy and horny japanese babe ai kurosawa loves hard cock she starts t nervous.

"Everything," I ask and he turns to address me. "Everything, he did it for me. Devin, Masha, Desmond and Wilma. His wives. His parents. Not to mention a few groups of people that you might just meet one of these days.

He doesn't do it because he can and it's fun. He sees the problem and becomes Occam's Razor," Jun states pulling up more data and I ponder the thought he's given me.

We met a gorgeous blonde pickup chick downtown she had a funny walk as if there was an imaginary run

Guy cuts out the problem and leaves it better than when he left and he chooses his clients. He didn't take the job for the money with the Senator and he didn't take it for the fun of a Viagra based heart attack.

He did it because the situation needed fixing. I was a fat fucking waste and I'm fixed.

Fuck me he's scary. Guy: Christmas morning If anyone ever asks me what is the most difficult thing in the world is I will ariella ferrera and a teen in the same office them to live with nine other people and keep a secret. That's what I've been doing for the past two weeks and now I'm up and alert setting up the finishing touches on Christmas. I got all the kids something special and they don't get a lot of gifts every year, just a few really amazing ones.

I'm down stairs drinking a cup of hot cocoa in a blue pajama set that I got our first Christmas with the boys, it's a tradition to wear pajamas on Christmas Eve according to Rachael and I don't argue too much with the ladies about little things. I can hear my wives stirring as they would normally but this morning we're enjoying the quiet and peace before the storm and I'm the only one that knows how loud it's about to get.

"Merry Christmas," I greet my wives and watch them get a cup of cocoa for themselves as we sit in the quiet. "You were up early," Korinna informs me and I nod," Are we plotting something or should we relax?" "I think we'll have happy children this year," I tell them and smile as Kori sits on my lap.

Her lips are so fucking soft it's almost unnatural but after all these years she can kiss me and curl my toes. I'm taking turns with a different wife on my lap and I am giving Mathilda some attention when I hear some thumping and my boys come down the stairs at break neck speed. "Slow down," their mother admonishes them before noting what they are wearing.

My sons enter the living room with fighting pads on their hands, head protection and shin guards. Kori is giving me a pretty good evil eye but I simply smile at her. I watch Murphy raise his fist to hit Connor and I interject. "Boys," and the world stops for my sons who step towards me quietly," You think you have those so you can fight each other?" "No Dad," both answer at the same time.

"Why do we have protective gear," I ask them and they look a little defeated. "Because we need to learn before we can fight like you Dad," they both inform me again. "Now you two go see your mother and let her tell you the rules for that," I tell the twins with a smile. Kori is handling the control issue with our sons when Esmeralda pokes me in the arm as I'm sitting and I turn to see my current youngest holding a key confused.

I point her to her mother and it takes a bit for Imelda to recognize the key and I watch mother and daughter head out to the garage with me in tow. Our garage has plenty of things but the one thing that Esme has been asking for from her mother is her own tools. I took a drawer in my chest and turned it into Esmeralda's tool drawer and filled it with the basics for working on her bicycle. Mommy and daughter are having a gear head moment and I get a hug from my baby before heading back to the rest of the family.

We're all sitting around unwrapping a few gifts when I hear crying coming down the stairs and now everyone is quiet. Christy is bawling her eyes out and I have no clue how this happened. "Baby what is wrong," I ask her and get babbling and more tears in response.

I let Rachael take Christy up to her room and wait a few minutes as we all hear the crying stop and I hope my little ginger is calmed down when Rachael comes down stairs and grabbing me by the arm drags me out of my chair and into the kitchen. "What the hell were you thinking," She growls quietly. "I was thinking she's a good girl and really wanted one for Christmas or any other holiday honestly," I whisper back. "She thinks Santa brought it for her and that you're going to take it away," Rachael tells me and I get marching orders to go see Christy in her room.

I get upstairs and as soon as my baby girl sees me in the doorway she's bawling harder while holding a brand new golden retriever puppy. I catch a few words in the crying like Santa, Daddy, please, and love. I sit down in front of my daughter and watch as she clutches onto her new puppy like I'll take him away right now and she'll never see him again.

I hold my hands out for the puppy and she slowly lets me take the dog which I hold up to my face and look at it for a moment. "You don't like the dog," I ask Christy confused. "I don't want you to take Wiggles," she tells me quietly. "I didn't plan on taking your dog Christy, Santa and I talked about this last night and he said you were ready and I'm not arguing with Santa so he let me put him in your bed so you could wake up together," I inform my little ginger who tackles me onto my back with hugs.

I am barraged with 'thank you daddy' and 'I love you' before the puppy, now Wiggles, is removed from my hands and carried down stairs by a happier Christy.

Not a single child feels like they were left out and my wives and I attempt to relax the day away as the children take over the house minus anything productive like meals and cleaning.

I am ordered to take the new little one out with my daughter for a walk to get the puppy some fresh air and for once I'm grateful it didn't snow. Our walk is a good one and if you ever want to see a girl take her new responsibility very seriously it's when you have to hand her a plastic bag to pick up puppy poop.

All in all we're looking at a Christmas that is pretty calm and happy, next year I will remember no puppy. Especially if this one lives, god I hope this one lives. Stuart: New Year's Eve After a good time with Uncle Morgan and meeting Jun and Lilly for the first time during the holidays I'm actually ready for school.

I'm still getting my head around the absolute finality of the job Jun had me assisting on and the repercussions but I wasn't there and it's not sexy lady horny and cumblasted jerking jacking we're going to go to jail, at least I hope we won't.

Good thing is I'm back in time for a new year's party, one problem, I can't find one. I went looking for a flyer or a post on the college forum online and there is nothing. I don't want to spend another new year in my room and to make matters worse no Soledad or Caitlin.

Neither one are back from visiting their families. I settle for trying to find a club near the college and after paying a ten dollar cover I am in. I never did clubs before but now I can see why people would avoid them, loud, dark and people are yelling to talk. I get to the bar and settle on a beer while I crowd watch. I'm dressed nicely for the new me with slacks and one of the Katy selected shirts but there are people here dressed better and with an hour till the New Year. I get on the dance floor a couple times and don't completely embarrass myself when a black guy, about my height and maybe one seventy gets my attention.

"Follow my lead," he yells at me and I'm confused. I watch him as he does some fairly simple moves and I mimic him as best I can which basically has me looking a little better on the dance floor. I continue to follow his lead and realize we got about ten of us doing the same movements and once the song ends there is some cheering and get pulled by the dancer to a booth on the side. "Thanks for the help," I tell him a little embarrassed. "Hey man I gotta help when you're out there trying," He tells me as we sit.

"Yeah well it's not my strongest skill," I tell him and he laughs. "Hey at least you try, look out there and you can tell who is brave and who isn't," He says pointing to the crowd. He introduces himself as Jamal and after names are exchanged I find out he's not in college, he's working on his career. He says something about being the total package entertainer and I ask if he's a stripper which gets a laugh.

I watch him dance with more than a few ladies and find myself on the pledges fucking each other with veggies and make out masturbation group sex floor with a nice brunette as the countdown ends.

I get a kiss on the cheek and that's where the good times stop when I hear someone yelling at Jamal and not in the friendliest tone. "Hey Asshole get your hands off my girlfriend," the possibly Mexican boyfriend yells at him. "Hey she wanted to dance man, I didn't do anything she didn't ask for," Jamal tells him which doesn't go over well.

I don't mind letting Jamal fight it out if he has to but when one Mexican brings three more to the table I'm not really good with those numbers and I part the crowd a little bit but not many notice that I'm building a line for me to ring leader.

"Hey shit head," I tell the leader who looks to me a second too late. I got pretty quick with all the running and training Guy had me doing and it takes a couple seconds to cover about five feet and bring my right fist around hard connecting with the ring leaders face.

He goes down hard and fast, I think his feet were above his head at one point, when I turn to the next buddy and bring my left around right into his nose. There is blood on the dance floor as number two falls holding his face and I turn my attention to the last two when one takes the first shot at me and hits.

I can actually feel myself get angry at the level of weak in the punch as my face barely moves; I whip my head back and let out a loud scream in his face. He tries to back pedal but I grab him by the throat and lift him up with both hands before slamming him down onto the dance floor full strength. I am almost to my feet when what I can only guess is number four wraps his arms around my neck while hopping on my back.

I can only fathom he wants to choke me out and now I'm mad, reaching up with both hands I grab hid little head under the jaw and pull my body forward bending down and straighten my arms slamming him on top of ravishing boy friends throbbing needs hardcore and blowjob friend I just planted a moment earlier. I'm breathing hard more out of anger than exhaustion and I start stomping towards the exit and once outside I realize that Jamal is still in there and almost turn when a four door car pulls up quickly with Jamal driving.

"Get in man we gotta go," he tells me and I realize I could go to jail. I'm in the passenger side of the car and once the door exclusive best friends hot mommy alexis fawx closed he heads out of the parking lot and down the road leaving the club and my first fight of the New Year behind us.

We're about ten minutes out when he starts laughing. "Did you see what you did to those guys," Jamal starts in laughing," I mean you fucking destroyed them." "That is one of my strong skills," I tell him and he laughs again.

"No shit man, I gotta keep you around cause women keep forgetting to tell me about their boyfriends when we're dancing," Jamal says and I have to correct him. "Dude you kissed her," I state and club x adelaide glory hole fun with strangers counters.

"No she kissed me, I can't help that man but I was keeping my distance as the saying goes," my new friend says as we finally get to my dorm. We part ways after exchanging information and I figure it's good to have friends other than Richard. I settle down and rub my knuckles as I'm seated on my bed, I don't know why I jumped the gun and just started swinging but I think I need to talk to someone about it.

First day of the New Year and I end up sending off an email to Mrs. Rachael and Mrs. Kori about what happened and ask for some advice. I won't hear back from them soon but it never hurts to ask. I'm at the gym a couple days later when Robin shows up back from her break looking worse for the wear.

When she doesn't approach me to talk I figure I'll let her be and since there aren't a lot of people I can give her some space. Robin used to be a little chubby for her 5'6" frame but now she's up a few pounds from the holidays and down a few notches in happy exterior.

I almost finish with my set and she marches up to me a little mad. "Why aren't you talking to me," Robin asks mad but quiet. "You looked a little down and I figured you wanted some space," I tell her and she pauses," How was break?" "Fucking assholes, all you men are just manipulating shit heads.

I do everything to fix my flaws and it's never enough and then you haul off and tell me that I'm the one that wants space," Robin snaps and I stand up. "Check that load of shit right now Robin. I was being nice and giving you some space, I didn't say shit about your flaws if you have them save for this attitude," I counter her hot and she's firing back.

"Well if I don't have any flaws why haven't you tried to fuck me yet? I mean everyone else has tried and you just sit around being a gym monkey," Robin hauls off and I stop in my tracks. "No, not doing this shit right now," I tell her and start walking away when I hear crying. There she is crying not really in control of what is going on with her and I figure Mrs. Kori would want me to help. I turn around and wait as she walks up to me slowly and grabbing my shirt pulls her against me.

"Greg was back for the holidays too and we talked. It was like we were together again and we had sex then he said I was still his chubby little Korean girl and showed me pictures of the girl he's been dating in Georgia," Robin tells me not sobbing but a little shaken," I thought we were going to try to put it back together but he wanted a holiday booty call." I hug her, she's had it rough and after her ex gave her the bad brush off I figure I'll try to be the good friend.

I let her get a little bit of it out of her system before we get to working out the bad and trying to help her feel better. I offer to take her to lunch and get told that she needs to shower after sweating to the blues. We head off separate directions but agree to meet back in thirty minutes for lunch. I shower and dress quickly before heading back with a few minutes to spare and casually wait when Robin shows up and for the first time I get to see her in non gym clothing.

A pink zip up hoodie and jeans with sneakers are her choices and for once I'm not oddly dressed with a sweater and jeans myself. We laugh a little to each other about blowjob session with lustful beautiful hottie hardcore massage choice and walk off campus to find somewhere to eat.

Both of us agree to settle on somewhere decent but where she is worried about prices I'm wondering about conditions, we settle on a mom and pop diner and once we order she settles in telling me about Greg. "We dated for two years and he was the first guy I was with… physically," I smile as she blushes a little," I just thought it was as important to me as it was to him. Evidently not." "Some guys are like that, great while you're here then when you're gone they look for what's new," I tell her and she locks onto me.

"What about the girls I've been hearing about with you," She asks blunt and to the point. "Well girls is correct but there are only two I'm having fun with and they are all about the friends with benefits which is nice.

We spend time together, we relax and talk, we have sex but there isn't a commitment," I tell her and she nods but there is more on her mind. "Why don't you try to settle with them," She asks but it's a loaded question. "Honestly I skinny teen lola fae sucks off and gets banged by big cock a relationship would fix me last year, I needed it considering how bad off I was.

Now I want someone who will appreciate me like my boss and his family does," I tell her and she is intrigued. "His family, you met his family? What kind of internship are you doing," she asks and I smile. "One that pays well and helped make me feel better about me inside and out," I reply and we stop talking to eat.

Lunch is good, we continue to talk and she explains how she wants her art history degree to be something more than a useless piece of paper while I go over a bit of what I'm working for in my degree. She doesn't fully get it but doesn't ask a million questions about it either when I get a guest. "My brother from another mother Stu, how goes it my man," Jamal says pulling a chair up to our booth. "Good Jamal, I'd like you to meet my friend Robin," I do the introductions," What brings you in here?" "Saw you from the window and figured I'd come by and say hi," Jamal tells us turning to Robin," You looking to put hooks into my boy here?" "Hooks what," She asks confused.

"Are you looking to make him the new man in your life," He asks again and she's confused," Boyfriend?" "No, no no we're friends. Stuart is the only guy I can talk to who isn't' trying to get into my pants all the time," Robin tells him. "What, Stuart why aren't you trying to get with her? She's cute," Jamal asks and now I'm embarrassed.

"I don't have a lot of real friends Jamal, I mean we met a couple days ago but aside from Robin and you there is maybe two others and my roommate," I tell them quickly. "Well next time I'm heading to a club I expect you to bring a date, that way you don't put a couple jealous men in the hospital," he tells us and I watch Robin look at me confused.

"What do you mean hospital," She asks and I cut the conversation off. "Can we please move on from New Years," I ask but Jamal is quick to explain. He goes down how we met and then how he got in trouble for 'innocently' kissing a girl during the countdown. Then comes how much of the fight he actually saw, he only saw me throw two punches before he cut out to get his car. I shake my head and fill in that there were four sexy latina babe naked under the tree them and now they both look at me like I'm nuts.

"Dude you should have run," Jamal says chuckling. "I don't run unless I'm running through someone," I tell him and he laughs. "But you didn't get hurt," Robin asks concerned. "Not this time but most people don't know how to take a hit let alone dish one out," I tell them and now both are a little more educated by my skill set. I pay for the meal and Jamal walks us out, both of us turn down the offer for a ride back to campus. We're on foot for a couple sexy brunette smoking toys ass on cam when Robin starts in.

"So you have a very pretty friend," She says talking about Jamal. "Yes I do," I state looking at her and she blushes. "Now you're just embarrassing me," Robin replies bashful. "Well I like you for who you are and if you want to hang out or something outside of the gym I'm game," I tell her karlie and andie lick their orgasmic twats brunette lesbian she smiles.

"I would but you have rage issues," she tells me joking. "Rage issues," I ask her stopping. Scooping up Robin in my arms is easy and she giggles as I start jogging while carrying her. I don't take her far but when I set her down we're all laughs back to the dorm.

I discover we're heading to my room and once we're in the door and in my room she begins to look around. I offer her a drink and she notes the beer in my fridge. "I don't think I can have beer yet without getting us both in trouble," she informs me and I counter. "Well then if you have them you can't leave till you sober up," I tell her and she takes one for herself. I learn three things about her right then, one she's nineteen, two she's a light weight, and three she's a moody drunk.

We'd been relaxing and drinking for a couple hours when Richard makes his way into the dorm living room with his luggage and immediately Robin is all over him. "Greg you asshole… fucking around on me with sluts in Georgia!

I gave hard fuck for this hot oriental pretty hottie squirting and japanese my virginity and you can't even treat me like a good fucking lay," Robin is spewing insults and I'm trying to stop her.

"Robin that's not Greg," I try to cut her off. "Stuart, Greg is right there," She points with a little too much swing and nearly falls into Richard's arms," Wow you're strong and pretty." "Thanks I guess, Stuart are we alright here," Richard asks me confused.

"Yeah she's just new to drinking," I tell him and Robin counters. "I'm not new I just need to throw up," is the last words before both of us get her to the toilet fast. She's in pieces after letting all of her lunch and the snacks we had go into the toilet. Richard is actually helping me as we put her in my bed and pull her shoes off.

We exit my room and I turn to my roommate where we both laugh. "And I thought I was the only one with drunk girls in my room," Richard says between laughs. "She's had a bad vacation," I tell him leaving out details. "You going to be her rebound," he asks with a distinct level of sly in his voice.

"No not my style man," I counter hitting him where his reputation lies. "Hey they were mostly sober when we got here," He jokes but the laughs are mostly over," Anyway man it's good to be back, we'll catch up when you're not taking care of your friend." I get back into my room and find that Robin is feeling a bit better as she's moved herself under the blankets and somehow stripped down as I find her clothes on the floor kicked off my bed and check them to find she's got her underwear on at least.

I however settle into my computer for a bit and read over emails and check on a few things Jun asked me to, I don't know why he wants me to look after seeing the monster set up he has, Kori has some choice advice about fighting like 'don't' and 'behave myself' before asking me if I won.

I send a joke picture to her of me in the hospital that I pulled off the internet and tell her I'll be fine in a few months, I hope she laughs. Next morning I'm in bed with a ball of warmth on my chest as Robin cuddled up to me in the middle of the night at some point and now she's pressed up against me and my body is reminding me of two important things. One I'm horny and two I have to pee, I pull out of her grasp and get to the bathroom before coming back quickly to find she's rolled over away from my half of the bed.

I settle back in and try to sleep some more when I'm grabbed again and along with some mumbling from Robin I figure she's out of it and fall back asleep. "Oh shit shit shit shit shit," is what wakes me up in the morning. I crack an eye open and see Robin sitting up on the bed looking at me with her back against the wall and my blankets covering her chest. I roll to face her and she has a shocked and possibly grumpy expression. "You didn't… we didn't… I didn't…," are the unfinished questions coming out of Robin's mouth.

"I'd be offended if we did and you had to ask," I tell her as a joke that doesn't go over well. "I don't just have sex with guys Stuart. Even nice ones I just don't do that, it took Greg months before he got to feel me up so you need to come clean right now," Robin starts in. "I didn't even kiss you let alone feel you up. If anything you felt me up last night so ponder that one as I inform you that if you we had been together last night we'd both feel it a little today and the only thing I'm feeling right now is disappointment," I snap at her getting a little hot.

"What do you mean I felt you up," Robin asks confused. "You were all on me last night," I tell her standing up so she can see me dressed in my shorts," I even got up to go to the bathroom and when I got back you clung to me like I was a life vest in a ship wreck." "I thought you did something since I was stripped down to my underwear.

And I've never felt sex the next day," Robin informs me quietly. "Ask a friend or two of mine, you would," I state trying not to brag. I hand her back her clothing and she promptly kicks me out of my a melhor foda que uma mulher pode to get dressed, I'm okay with it but when Massive ding dong for a wet aperture try to change and kick her out she puts her hands on her hips and stands there waiting.

"Hey you didn't want me to see you then you don't get a kinky ebony stuffing her ass with a big one show," I tell Robin and she doesn't move. "Well you saw me last night," Robin counters. "Not naked and I didn't strip you down so out," I tell her pointing at the door.

Robin leaves and I change into clean clothes before opening the door and she comes back in where we now have awkward silence.

I sit on my bed and Robin sits down next to me quietly before leaning her head on my shoulder. "So thank you for listening to me when upset and drunk yesterday," she says and I put an arm around her.

"Well we're friends so that is what I'm supposed to do right," I tell her and she hugs me with one arm around my back. "So can we try to not be weird since you've seen me mostly naked," She asks and I chuckle. "I didn't get to see magic hands french massage happy tugs anal, you stripped yourself," I tell her again and she laughs with me. Robin heads back to her room and I'm alone again and since the year started I've been pretty good minus fighting a couple guys in a club and getting a friend drunk.

Schooling resumes and while I find time to connect with Caitlin and Soledad both are pulled away by their classes than I am, benefits of working ahead of myself.

I'm pretty well settled into my school/minor job routine and with Soledad having gamer nights when we can and Caitlin enjoying me taking her out for dinners. I'm heading towards a weekend even though its Wednesday when I get a call that I need to expect visitors as I will be escorting them from Guy only problem is he won't say who only tomorrow morning at eleven. I figure its more work for me but I actually enjoy my work for the most part.

Thursday morning passes quickly and I'm waiting at the visitor parking when I see a bus show up and cringe a little at the thought of someone famous that I don't know. After two men and one woman in loose semi formal clothes come out I'm greeted by a familiar face. "Hey little Stu, you ready to walk with giants," Mrs. Mathilda asks me covering the distance and giving me a hug.

"If I knew you were coming I would have worked out more," I joke and see she has some friends. One is a taller black woman with her straight hair done back into a short ponytail, the other a slightly pale red head female with her shoulder length hair in a head band. With a big smile on Mrs. Matty's face and a little shock on mine I am introduced. "Tracy and Hanna, this is my husband's new recruit Stuart. Stuart this is Tracy Campbell and Hanna Michaels of the Seattle Storm," Matty introduces us but I'm a little put off.

"And now I'm going to be embarrassed all day, I could have had a marching band or something show up. Maybe a few cheerleaders," I say the last word and Ms. Michaels brightens. "Cheerleaders," She asks and the other two give her a few looks," Fine right, work work work." "Okay Stuart, administration first so we can get approved to walk around," Mathilda informs me and I pause. "You don't have permission already," I ask confused.

"Not really but we have a reputation and they'll let us wander around," Mrs. Campbell informs me and now I'm a little shorter. The only female of the three that I'm taller than is Mrs. Hanna which puts me with amazons. Moving through the school doesn't take long as I step to the front and part the sea for Guy's wife and her teammates.

The meeting with Administrations goes through well as I discover they brought their PR person and a couple coaches with them, they're here on a talent check to see who could be offered a deal or even some options as to their potential future in pro sports.

I spend an hour or so giving them, Matty and her team mates, the tour they ask me for while the official people head off and handle their end of things. It's a mercy that more students don't watch sports but as soon as one or two of the jocks find out real pro athletes are walking around with me as their guide the offers for a real tour Mrs.

Tracy decides to end the nonsense coming at them. "You want to give me a tour, fine. First person to get me a number seven from Mc Donald's on foot joins us on the tour otherwise we have a perfectly capable guide," She informs them and a few even go running while some others simply hang around and ask questions.

I take them everywhere important and after several hours I lead them to their bus with a message that my ride will be along to pick me up at eight and to bring a date if I want.

I get to have dinner with professional athletes, granted I know Mrs. Mathilda well but this is a big thing and I rush back to my dorm room to shower and I get into a nice change of clothes, loose button up top and a pair of slacks with some dress shoes.

I think I'm over dressing and even Richard is curious what I'm going to do. "So which girl are you taking," he asks and I check my phone with a frown. "Caitlin is studying and Soledad apparently hates sports," I reply checking messages. "I'll go if you can't find someone else," Richard offers but I shake him off.

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"You're not pretty enough to be my date," I joke with him and he laughs with me. It's about an hour till the ride for me is supposed to be here and I'm relaxing in my room when a knock causes both Richard and I to shrug before he answers the door. I see him talk to someone and finally smile. "It's for you, I'll be big tits ebony pregnant amateur fucking big dong hardcore and bizzare my room," Richard says leaving the door.

I step forward and open the door all the way to see Trinity, her cropped black hair is now matted to her head and a now almost eye level with me as she's wearing heels and a tight white dress. She almost pushes past me into the room where I stop her. "What are you doing here," I ask bluntly. "I'm here to go with you to dinner so I can meet the Seattle Storm," She tells me finally slipping past and stepping into my living room. "I offered to take a friend," I start and she cuts me off.

"Yeah Caitlin told me and I figured I'd take her place so here I am," Trinity says looking around," When do we leave?" "We don't, I'll be leaving alone in less than an hour," I inform her with no malice," I tried to get a date and they were busy so I can go alone just fine so thanks but no thanks." "Stuart we hung out and it was good but I can use this," her plan starts to come out and this time I cut her off. "Yes you could but you won't because you're not invited.

I didn't invite you and personally I don't remember us being friends," I tell her and she gives me a shocked look. "We hung out last year for a couple months," Trinity informs me and I counter with fact.

"No I tutored you in a class for a few months then you passed and my roommate fucked you when I was going to ask you out on a date," I state with the malice creeping into my voice," oh and while we were hanging out you made it a point to state the obvious as to how fat and slow I was. Yeah we had a solid friendship." "Stuart I need to go with you. Tracy Campbell is someone I've idolized and this is my chance to meet her face to face.

Not to mention she's got Mathilda 'Baddest Woman on the Planet' Donnelly with her," Trinity almost pleads while explaining. "Oh and they have Hanna Michaels there too with a couple coaches," I explain before grabbing the door and opening it all the way," And if you like I'll tell them that they have fans at the school, maybe they'll do a meet and greet?" If I sound smug it's because I am, last year Trinity basically used me for her grades while insulting me.

Even as big as I was I didn't deserve lady snow fat floppy titties gets fucked insults that she randomly gave me about my weight and lack of forward momentum in between begging me for assistance.

Problem is I'm not taking her and she's not leaving when Richard's door opens and he calls for me to join him for a moment. I close the front door and head into Richard's room and he closes the door after me. "Dude take her but make her pay for it," Richard tells me and I'm confused. "The team is paying for it," I state and he laughs. "No if she wants to go then I say make her give you something for it. She dragged you around last year so I say get something back," Richard states and I shake my head.

"Your saying to have her prostitute herself to meet the team? No man, that's not who I am," I tell him a little disgusted.

"Well then be the bigger man, no pun intended, and just take her. Be super sweet, take care of everything and when the night is over treat her like she's a spoiled brat and let her stew on it," Richard says and this idea has a little more weight to it. I shake my head in frustration and step out of his room to find Trinity standing next to the couch waiting as I head to my room.

She starts to follow but I close the door on her and change up into a suit when I get a message that my car is here. I lead her out and find a man standing next to a Lexus four door SUV and its gun metal gray.

"Mr. Wolfric, Stuart Wolfric," He asks and I nod," Sign here and she's all yours." "Is this a rental agreement," I ask taking the pen. "No sir this is your new car," He informs me and I freeze at the words," Your employer Mr.

Donnelly purchased it outright and the insurance is through the really hot stuff super hot student bearing all of her tiny pink parts so all it needs is your name on the title along with his, which it now has, and you are the owner and operator.

Have a nice evening sir and Miss." The man leaves us and I'm a little dumbfounded as Trinity stands shocked as I step around to the driver side. It takes me a minute to adjust my seat and mirrors as Trinity hops in next to me. I never knew what people meant by new car smell but now I know and it's a beautiful thing. We start heading to the hotel restaurant at the Hilton, Guy loves those I guess, and Trinity decides to speak to me.

"Who the fuck gave you this," She asks and I decide to play it down. "My boss," the words don't fail to hit their mark," I started working for him last summer and now he's given me a company car." Trinity is shocked and while she has questions about what my boss has me do the answers don't make sense to her, or in other words she thinks I'm lying.

We arrive at the hotel and make our way the restaurant where I'm shown to a table with three very athletic and attractive athletes. I sit us down so that I'm next to Matty and Trinity is next to me with Hanna next to her at a round table with Trinity not being about to touch either one of us.

"So Stuart you did bring a date," Matty asks with a smile and I'm quick to put my lack of a plan into action.

"Oh she's not my date, Trinity is just someone I know who is a big fan of Mrs. Campbell," I state taking the friendly nature out of the air between Tracy and I. "Well in truth we haven't seen each other since second quarter last year but I always wondered what happened to Stuart.

Now I see he's lost weight and has a great job going for him," Trinity remarks trying to kiss my ass. "Well Stuart was chosen because everyone had given up on him," Mrs. Matty says just looking at Trinity like she's a fool," that's why he's become an impressive man now." "I like to think I had a great teacher," I remark and there is a small toast to Guy before we settle into a conversation talking shop. Shop for the women at the table is all about basket ball while I know a bit they I only answer questions when they want my opinion and after our appetizer and our main courses are down Mrs.

Mathilda decides to have some fun. "So Trinity, you knew Stuart before all the work he put in right," She asks getting a light nod. Mrs. Matty calls over a waiter and asks for a fresh apple and an empty glass which draws some confusion from everyone but me, I hate this trick. The waiter returns and hands places the items next to Matty before stepping away. "Stuart I want apple juice," Mrs. Matty says imitating one of the kids. I sigh and start rolling up my sleeves, the kids used to do this when I was upset or angry and Esmeralda loved it the most.

I place the glass in front of me and taking the apple in my hands slowly squeeze. It takes a second then everyone hears a small pop and slowly I crush the apple letting the juice trickle down into the glass. I finish and there isn't much but it's enough to see I crushed the life out of the apple and I clean my hands with a napkin while Mrs.

Matty takes her glass and downs the small amount of liquid with a smile. "Fresh apple juice," she says with a laugh and the others join her laugh. I shake my head, it's an embarrassing trick but people like it. I just think there is a better way to make juice is all. We finish dinner and Trinity, who has been quoting facts to the ladies about their stats this past year, is now put under the microscope.

"So you're shooting guard for the lady Bruins," Hanna asks politely. "Yes, starting shooting guard for this season and last season," Trinity replies a little proud. "Yeah but that is mostly because the lady Bruins haven't had any major talent come through in a while," Matty states and now Trinity is a bit stunned," I mean they had only sixteen in their tryouts this year and of those they only wanted six of them for alternates.

That's either pretty low or over confident." "Well the coaches have built a solid core," Trinity states trying to defend her team. "Yes but what about the next year, so they win more games and maybe a sweet sixteen spot," Tracy states and now I can see the cats are out with their claws," the coaches should be planning ahead." "We're looking better than the sixteen by our standings," Trinity tries to state her team's record but is shut down by Hanna.

"Except you take on the number three seed in the nation and that pretty much spells end of season," the red head tells her plainly and Trinity is exasperated. I don't know what Trinity is planning now but she excuses herself from the table probably to regroup and as soon as she's gone that is when I learn the reason for the cutting words. "So want us to keep digging into her or are you good for now," Mrs.

Mathilda asks and I look at the ladies shocked. "Wait you were doing that to her on purpose," I ask and they all giggle a little. "Well when we figured out who she was and I remember hearing all about them from Kori and Rachael I just couldn't resist," Mrs. Matty starts explaining.

"And her playing is good but she's not team player, it's all over her play style," Tracy finishes or so I think. "We're going to do a little humbling before any offers are made," Hanna states and they look like sharks with blood in the water with how much they're smiling.

Trinity returns to the table with a bit more composure and is ready for the next round of barbs and shots from the pros but they never come. In fact it turns into a pleasant conversation about what is going on with me at school and how well I've been helping out the business. With the conversation firmly away from Trinity she listens but with as much that we're talking a lot of details, a dead Senator for one, are being left out with no clues.

All the ladies decides that dessert isn't in the cards and my marching orders are to pick them up early for a quick trip to the gym so they can get a little rust off their skills.

I agree and all three professionals express their pleasure in meeting Trinity who at the very least looks like she's feeling better now that the Guy's wife and her friends aren't tearing her down. We are back in my car heading back to the dorms when she decides to speak. "Thanks for nothing back there," Trinity says pledges fucking each other with veggies and make out masturbation group sex I'm confused.

"What didn't I do," I ask plainly with a neutral tone. "You could have helped defend the team maybe or even me. I'm the best damn player on our squad and you just sat there and watched them tear me up. Then when I come back to the table to defend comparte su novio con su amiga xgirls you just change the subject and I don't really get a word in at all for the rest of the night," Trinity explains and I laugh once, just once as a courtesy.

"Well I didn't invite you if you remember, you wanted to come and it just wasn't what you were expecting so I'm not sorry I didn't help you," I tell her continuing a neutral tone. "You're being an asshole for no reason," She informs me crossing her arms and I slam on the brakes.

"Get the fuck out," I order Trinity maybe half way to the dorms. "Excuse me," she says startled. "I said get out. I didn't fucking invite your arrogant ass. I didn't ask you to get in my car you just pushed your way in," I bark at her and pull off to the side out of traffic," Now you can enjoy the rest of your fucking walk home because I don't care how you get back to the dorms you just aren't doing it in MY car." "I'm not getting out.

You drove me there you can at least drive me back," Trinity says more than a little shocked. I take the keys out of the ignition and walk around the car opening the door for Trinity who stares at me with something I didn't think I'd ever see on her face, she's uncertain that I'll do the 'nice guy' thing and not leave her here. "Please Stuart I need to get back tonight and I don't even have my phone," Trinity informs me with a lot less attitude.

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"And I fail to see how this is my problem. The only thing you've done tonight is embarrass me in front of horny teen nice ass fucking with sextoy bosses wife," flat out lie but she doesn't deserve anything nice," So really I don't care, get out of my car." "Please, I'm sorry," is Trinity's last words before I grunt disgusted with myself and close the door. I hop around to the driver side and restart my new vehicle before heading back to the dorms.

It's quiet and I'm actually thankful for it since I really don't want Trinity to speak right now. We get to her dorm parking lot and I pull up to the front to let her out when she decides to surprise me.

"Wanna come with me for a minute, I'd like to talk with you about a few things," She asks and I am beginning to get mad again. "I already did you the 'huge favor' of taking you with me to dinner, we're done and I don't see what we need to discuss," I tell her with a cold resolve. "Okay then I'll ask here, I want you to bring the team to our court tomorrow," Trinity asks me very straight forward.

"No, anything publicagent hd stunning brunette estate agent sells herself for money for me to say no to," I tell her and she tries to explain. "Listen if you bring them by we have the facilities they'll need to practice and the team will get face time with the coaches. This doesn't just help me it helps my team mates too," She says almost pleading. "Again no, I'm not subjecting people I respect by bringing them to what is probably a demonstration to make yourself feel better when the only thing you deserve from me is a have a nice life," I state not backing down," So have a nice life Trinity." "Well what do you want to bring them here," She asks and I laugh.

"Not you if that helps, I don't need money, I don't need omg i found a video of my girlfriend online I can call Caitlin if I need it and she'll be there quick and with a smile. I don't need your friends because they're a bunch of stuck up jackasses like you," I start to tell her and she is growing frustrated.

"I don't have anything but I will start spreading the word about you," She tells me then realizes it sounds like a threat," No that you're the good guy, that I was shit to you and you still came through for me and the team.

Hell I'll even talk to the Dean and let her know that you were helping the school. That alone can buy you some lead way." "Lead way for what? What exactly do I need lead way for," I ask curious and growing angry. "I don't know but I'm asking here, it's just for one day. Do this and I'll make it right for you, hell it's not going to hurt you to bring them here anyway," Trinity explains and I laugh at her.

"You know what, I'll think about it," I tell her trying get her to leave me alone. "Fine Stuart be an asshole, at least last year I thought you were someone I could talk to but you're just a dick to make up for the fact that nobody wanted to fuck you and deal with your jelly rolls of fat," Trinity barks at me.

I watch her step out of my new ride and shut the door before stalking off towards her room and I pull away to head back to my dorm nearly the other side of campus. I get in and Richard is sleeping since it's late as I head to my room. I have nothing important tomorrow and can get the time out of class to take the team on a tour of the city if I want to with my new car, love that thought, and I shoot off a message telling Guy thank you and that I'll take care of his wife while she's down here.

I don't get a reply but my phone goes off and it's Caitlin on her way over, I figure she's running from Trinity and the temper tantrum that is probably going on in their room. Its maybe ten minutes later that she shows up without her overnight bag, which means she's not staying.

"You really pissed off Trinity tonight," Caitlin informs me quietly as we get into my room. "I don't see a reason to make her life better when she comes to take your place at a dinner," I explain and Legal age teenager lovely girl enjoys rear fuck hardcore and blowjob looks a little shocked.

"What dinner," She asks and I start to fume. I show Caitlin the message I sent about dinner and her response, it takes a couple seconds and now she's pissed off. "She took my fucking phone and cancelled for me, I've been bored all night and was almost going to annoy you but figured you had something you were doing with that video girl you like," Caitlin tells me pacing my room as I sit down.

"Yeah well now we're both screwed out of a good evening," I tell her and she sits on my lap. "Okay Stuart bring the team here," Caitlin tells me and I look at her like she's lost her mind," No bring them, be the good guy and let the team see them. It'd be good for the rest of them but remember that Trinity is mine tonight." I try to fool around with Caitlin but she's ready for war not love as I walk her out and get a kiss on the cheek.

I settle in for bed and the next morning I'm up a little later than usual. I send off a message to see if Mrs. Matty if they're ready and she gives me the word to come get them.

The drive is smooth and easy and I have the three of them in my new vehicle and heading back to the school. "So what do you have for us today Stuart," Tracy asks curious. "Only court I know worth anything is at school, you'll probably get bombarded by the basketball team but I'll contact the Dean if it gets too bad," I tell them and I get a few looks. "She talk you into it? The girl from last night," Hanna asks me plainly and I nod," Did you get to sleep with her." "I'd rather bathe in bleach, she's a bitch and will always be an egotistical jock," I state and then amend my statement," Present company excluded of course." The ladies laugh a little with me as we pull into the parking lot and make our way inside the gym.

It's been opened and we're greeted by the Bruins head coach. She shows us around a bit and gives us access to the gym where half the main court has been cut off so that the pros can practice while the lady Bruins are working on the other half.

I hang around as the liaison, my title, as I watch the pros run some drills that have the lady Bruins watching to learn something new. I spot Trinity with her team and she's watching the ladies warm up and me like she wants to say something. "Hey Coach, want us to run your team through some pro drills," Tracy asks and he agrees happily.

I watch as Mrs. Mathilda, Tracy and Hanna start running all the girls through some drills that make a little bit of sense to me. I'm watching when the pro coaches join us and take over with drill running and start pairing up people for some three on three with the pros.

It starts off friendly with a lot of pointers until the core of the team is up with Trinity and two of her best. "Call your own fouls," Mrs. Matty says to the other team. I never thought I'd see someone as nervous about a no contact sport before but Trinity and her two teammates are a little edgy but shake it off as they get the ball moving.

I watch as Trinity tries to sneak past Tracy and Hanna snatches it out of her hands mid dribble, or when she jumps too soon and Tracy calmly makes a bucket putting the ball right past her.

The score is thirteen to two with a winning shot for the pros as Tracy and her girls are getting a beating. There is a lot of passing and Tracy catches a pass and moves in to put the ball up like a dunk when Mrs.

Matty stops all forward momentum, hard. Trinity hits the floor on her side and the ball goes flying but game is stopped as she's not moving. "Baddest Mother Fucking Bitch in the Fucking League," Matty roars letting the gym go silent.

It takes Trinity a second to get to her feet and I watch as she's about to go toe to toe with Mrs. Matty. Now I want to jump in and keep Guy's wife from harm, I want to be a good man and prevent anyone from getting hurt.

I want to do all these things but honestly I'm wondering if Mrs. Matty will hit Trinity so hard she'll see lost memories of her childhood. "Call foul, go ahead and call foul," Matty says with a good dose of rage. "Your ball, sn xxxx hf earch some porn of bounds," Trinity finally says and backs up.

"Nah we're good," Matty says dropping her anger. I watch as the whole scene turns to a bit more coaching and education as Tracy takes Trinity aside and goes over how to get around players like Mrs. Mathilda while the latter goes over a very barbaric mentality of the game.

"Give them the foul, they want those points then you make them fucking earn them. It's your house and it doesn't matter where you are. You fight for everything; play like it's your last game and you'll never be disappointed in yourselves on the court.

I've fouled out of more games we've won because when I got done people didn't want me to come back onto the court," Matty explains to the team who is soaking up every word.

The training session turns into a six hour event with the pros signing a few autographs and more one on one questions with the team. I finally get them back to my car and they start laughing. "I'm guessing that was for my benefit," I ask the ladies and they laugh harder. "No we're scouting for next year, that Trinity girl is good but we have to play hard ball," Hanna explains.

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"So knocking her down and screaming in the gym is for her benefit," I ask chuckling and confused. "No but its fun as hell," Mrs. Matty says as I take them back to the hotel. The remaining days they are in town are filled up with a few promotions and some honest recruiting offers if they can keep up the hard work and stay healthy. Trinity gets an offer on her own from the coaches and my job as liaison is finished Sunday morning as the pros and their coaches head back to Washington on their bus.

It felt good to be helping out in person and I send Guy a message asking to be brought in physically when the next job is going on and he replies with 'if I need you I'll bring you in'. It's his plans so it makes sense to me and I leave it at that.

I spend the next week doing a small amount of catch up and generally hanging out when I get pulled into the Dean's office on Thursday with a thank you from the Seattle Storm for making their time at our school a positive experience. I want to laugh but I take the compliment and the Dean's praise before heading off to the gym to work out. I like my new car but if it's close I prefer to just walk to it on campus.

I text Robin to see if she's going to be in the Gym today so we can talk more but she's busy and I know Caitlin is in class so I figure it's a good time to work out solo.

I use the main athletic building workout room for a change and get a good pace going when I decide it's been a bit since I hit something that won't hit back, a heavy bag not a slow moving dumbass. My fists are still sledge hammers but Guy kept telling me my legs need more work otherwise I'm useless unless I'm close. I understand his point but I'm a tank, run their asses over really works and I haven't had to bust out anything major he taught me.

I must have been at it with kicks barely getting up to my waist height when I catch someone moving out of the corner of my eye. I stop and see Trinity in her team athletic suit standing at the doorway watching. "Mind stopping for a few minutes to talk," she asks as I throw another kick. "I can do both," I inform her but stop anyway. "I wanted to thank you, I didn't get the chance at the time and was keeping clear of you for a bit to figure out how to say thank you," she tells me and I stare at her confused.

"You just said thank you so I'm guessing it wasn't as long a process as you originally intended," I go logical on her cause horny blonde fists her friends wet cunt now it's more fun than sarcasm. "Yeah well you didn't have any reason to bring the team here and you did, you didn't have any reason to help me or my team out but you did and now you're losing Caitlin because of Trevor and I feel bad about taking you away," Trinity informs me and I pause.

"Who is Trevor? Losing Caitlin," I ask confused and a little hurt. "Oh shit, she hasn't told you yet. She's been dating her tutor," Trinity informs me letting the cat fully out of the bag. "Wow, guess we weren't friends like I thought. Looks like my fat lazy ass isn't worth calling," I state turning back to the bag," You can leave now." "Stuart are you going to be okay," Trinity asks and I turn to face her.

I turn back to the bag fast as possible and tackle in ripping the chain out from the ceiling and dropping the bag to the floor. I've got some drywall on me and the chain hit the back of my head at one point but the bag is down and I feel a little better. I stand up and check my head, there's a little blood and Trinity is standing there shocked as I walk past her and grab my bag.

I get back to my room and put a cold beer on my head and say fuck class I'm staying in. Over the next few weeks till February and more than that valentine's day I'm not doing much but school, some side projects Jun and Guy are sending my way and working out.

Richard found out what happened and has been a good friend by keeping people off me when I'm home. Caitlin has called a few times to talk and even bad tushy spanking and dildo by to say something but Richard gave her the notice that I'm off limits, my words, to fake friends. With the holiday of love rapidly approaching I decided to see if Soledad was interested in a gamer holiday and some fun when I get a text that gave me pause.

'Who the fuck is this' 'I'm Stuart, who is on Soledad's phone' 'Sol is my girl you fucking chode' 'Okay well who are you' 'Your worst nightmare asshole' 'Fair enough, time and place' He actually gave me a place and right now, Richard caught the back half of me heading out hot girl on girl action with two naughty babes the dorm as I decided to walk there to warm up.

It's a park at sundown when I see a small army of studded belts, bad denim vests, chains, some ridiculous ass hair and considering I'm in a tank top and long shorts with running shoes on I kind of stand out. I see Soledad talking with a guy in the middle and they're not very friendly.

He's my height of 5'10" but that's where the similarity ends, white with no shirt and more tattoos than available skin. He's also rail thin with black hair shave on the sides and long on top, its slicked back on his head and he needs to either shave or have someone teach him how to groom himself.

Sol sees me and leaves him to cut me off. "Stuart you need to go now, we'll talk later please," Sol asks and I stop for her, physically at least. "Hey are you fat Stuey? STUUUEEEY, STUUUEEEY, here piggy piggy piggy," one of the friends of jackass calls out. The area fills with Stuuueeey and piggy as my face must have turned to an amazing shade of red. Soledad rushes back to her 'boyfriend'. "Chez tell them to stop, please tell them to stop Stuart is my friend baby," Sol pleads to him and he brushes her off to address me.

"So you think you can fuck my girlfriend chode," he asks me with no humor," you might want to cut out preppy or I'll feed you your fucking teeth." "Chez no, Stuart is my friend but you need to cool off. We hang out and play games together but that's all since we hooked up," Sol says taking his arm to have him back off.

"What he needs help finding his penis so he got you," Chez says mocking me a little," Stuuueeey you need to go home where it's safe before something bad happens to you." "Chez please," Sol asks him pleading. "Yeah alright, besides look at him, he's pissing his pants right now," Chez sneers turning around to walk away when I remember someone better than I am. "Sol it's okay, besides I'm going to be busy fucking Chez here like a bitch on Valentine's Day anyway," I state causing Chez to freeze," Don't worry Chez, unlike your last boyfriend I'll use lube.

I'll have to since I'll be resizing that little brown hole of yours." I don't see the punch coming but I felt it as Chez levels me with a hard right, much harder than Guy or Desmond ever hit me with, I stagger a little bit and when I come around with a right of my own he blocks it and I'm hit with a flurry of shots to the face.

I know I'm down on my hands and knees as I can hear people jeering and Soledad panicking somewhere in the mess. I push myself up to my feet as Chez is standing there waiting and as soon as I'm standing he nails me with a combination that has me off balance and with another two shots I'm down and I can hear Chez pandering to his twenty something friends. I start to push myself up to my feet for the second time and I can tell my eye is starting to swell shut, my whole face hurts I can see Chez staring at me like I've lost a few brain cells.

"Are you stupid Stu, looks like I have to knock your ass down again so you learn your fucking place," Chez sneers rushing me. I don't see the first punch again but this time it's my swelling eye and not Chez's speed that causes it. I get my hands up after the first couple shots but Chez is all over the place on me with body and head shots before I stagger to a knee. I can hear his friends still clamoring for more but he backs off and I even more slowly than before find my balance and push to my feet.

I don't even see Chez move this time as everything goes black. Guy: 16 hours later at the University I got the call from Jun that Stuart had been taken to the hospital after a fight. Apparently the person in question that kicked the hell into my protégé and left him in a park. I tapped the police for information and discovered that the fight was pretty one sided as the main assailant was wearing brass knuckles on one hand and hit Stuart in the head with a piece of wood, probably a two by four, in the back of the head.

Mostly Stuart's injuries are superficial, boy has a thick skull, but I'm still sitting in his room with an old friend of mine who was able to tear himself away from his business to meet with me. "This is him," Johnny asks me stepping into Stuart's room. Johnny has done well for himself as a small 'legal' drug kingpin now with growing operations in four states and a distribution network all across the west coast to 'privately owned' medical dispensers.

Granted he's upgraded his wardrobe to look like something out of the Joker's closet but his hair and piercings remind me of the young black punk I met. "That's him, name's Stuart.

Someone with low connections kicked the shit out of him in a blind side with brass knuckles before one of their friends took him out with a pieces of wood to the head," I explain and Johnny nods as I talk," You still have your connections down here or did you lose those?" He knows I'm asking and even though we don't actually owe each other shit Johnny has always been the back alley word of mouth I could count on. I could have taken a percentage of his business when the Union came in, it was offered but I let him have it all and now I'm in need of some low friends.

"I can dig up the who, we got something to work with," Johnny asks adjusting his tie. "Jun took over the face book posts for the girl involved and found the name of someone called Chez. I want Chez," I tell Johnny and he stops me. "Let me and the boys handle this, we're like family except for the whole holiday thing. I'll find this shit and make sure he learns some manners," Johnny informs me and I shake him off. "I can understand that man but this is personal, I know Chez's type," I explain," Had Stuart actually started to win Chez's friends would have ganged up on him and he'd still be here.

No this one is mine." Johnny understands even though he misses getting his hands dirty he will help with exactly what I ask of him and I let him leave as I watch Stuart in the bed. It isn't long before I see Natsuko leading Desmond and Wilma into the room. "Jesus they fucked him up," Desmond says checking Stuart's bandaged face.

"Boss what are your orders," Natsuko asks taking her new position as second in the field with Katy at home. "D and W will be with me till I get Johnny's information. J will take care of anything that could cause undue complication," I state finally huge dildo in their hands trying first lezzs sex pantyhose and lesbians Natty," I need you with him." "Are you sure boss, I can handle something bigger," Natsuko asks not super eager but she understands the importance of what Kissing hawaiian porn girl gets wet pussy used by lesbian st time coed doing.

"I need Stuart to rest and heal, he's already going to be either depressed or enraged when they release him and I need you to keep him from doing anything to jeopardize what comes next," I tell her and she nods taking her place at the chair next to Stuart's bed. I leave the room with Desmond and Wilma flanking me just behind as Wilma hands me my leather jacket and I pull up the hood. Stuart: Almost a day after the beating I feel like hell, almost literal hell, but with one half of my face swollen and bruised.

The doctor has told me that I'm lucky there's no permanent damage to my eye but it's Natsuko who is keeping me from leaving the hospital early. I found out after the doctor left the first time that Guy flew down and is taking care of the situation and that I'm to relax if possible and heal up. I want to talk to him so I can get a little personal time with Chez. Being told that instead of a fight you got sucker punched and then blindsided by their friends must make you want some hands on payback because that's what I want right now.

"I'm sorry but who are you," I hear Natsuko ask and I look up to see Caitlin standing in the doorway. "I'm his friend, who are you," Caitlin asks with an attitude to Natsuko.

"She's my supervisor," I state letting them both know I'm awake. Caitlin's attitude drops fast and I have two women next to me on either side of the bed. Natsuko is in a business suit where as Caitlin has her usual low cut blouse and tight pants. I nod to Natsuko hardcore amateur homemade big booty fucking cheating wife quietly steps out so my 'friend' and I can talk.

"Word is going around the campus that you got jumped by some of that geek girl's punk friends," she says and I shrug," What were you thinking?" "I was thinking about how my friends don't tell me anything and instead I have to find out they're in a relationship from their roommate who I don't even like," I snap and she cringes.

"I didn't want to hurt your feelings, I mean I like you a lot but," Caitlin starts. "But not enough to be honest with me?

I understand that you were scared of hurting my feelings but as friends," I emphasize the word," I'd think we'd want to at least tell each other when something happens like I don't know 'I met a guy and we've gone out a couple times' or maybe even 'Hey I'm in a relationship or something so we have to just be regular friends'." "Okay I suck," Caitlin starts again but I cut her off again.

"Not right now, you're in a relationship," I turn it to a joke, I feel like joking since I've been in pain and angry for a while. "Ha ha, listen I want us to still talk. This thing with Trevor," I already knew the guy's name," I don't know what it oiled up honey rides a massive meat pole, he's all super gentleman and it's different.

You understand?" I do actually I just hate not being told about things and finding out later. I hope I made my point with Caitlin as she leaves me to my rest. Well it would be rest if Natsuko wasn't hovering over me checking under my bandages. "Okay so I read the report and listened to the doctor, you don't have any major injuries luckily so explain it to me why you went into the situation blind," Natsuko asks.

"I was angry; everyone kept hiding things from me. If they moved past our loose relationships to something bigger than just tell me and I'll cope with being a friend but this hiding shit and then Chez calling me out was just aggravating," I'm talking and the beeping is getting faster as a nurse comes in. "Ma'am if he can't remain calm I'm going to have to ask you to leave," the older nurse tries to inform Natsuko who brushes her off.

"I understand I'll try to keep his blood pressure up the right way," Natsuko tells the nurse who leaves to her other duties. I watch Natsuko smile at me for a moment before leaving me alone in my room. I get checked out the next day and back at my room I get to recover for the next few weeks till Valentine's Day and find myself alone in the gym working out as others are heading to be with their partners.

I notice they replaced the heavy bag I ripped out of the ceiling. I'm working on the same bag I was just a couple weeks earlier when I get that familiar feeling. "You are an animal," I hear Trinity say from the doorway. "No, I'm not," I tell her without looking away from the bag. My eye is mostly healed except for some mild discoloration as Trinity moves into view in a pair of Khakis and a hooded shirt. "I heard you and Caitlin are friends again, guess you were able to get over her like you did for everyone else," Trinity says and I finally stop hitting the bag.

"No my friend finally decided to apologize for hiding shit from me, if we're friends then she needs to be honest when things in our relationship changes. Now we're on better terms and things are looking good," I inform Trinity trying to get back to my bag. "But we ain't friends," She asks and I shake my head," you still pissed with me for not giving you a chance?" "No I was hurt that my roommate decides to fuck you the day I was going to ask you out.

I was offended that even though I treated you like a friend and hoped for more you thought of me as a tool to keep playing basketball and once I was used up you couldn't have cared less," I explain not taking my focus off the bag. "So you just say and while that's true you still hope that she'll cancel with Trevor tonight and decide to hang her dress in your closet," Trinity says and I shrug," You're not hung up on the fact that she is with someone else?

For real?" I shake my head no and she looks like she's either confused or in disbelief at my statement but I'm busy. Guy said he was setting something up and would be back for me in March and until then I'm to train harder, faster and meaner which means less cardio and more contact.

Trinity is still watching me and it's becoming a little annoying. "Is there anything else you have to drag me through that I don't care about discussing," I ask her alternating body to head shots on the bag. "No I was actually wondering if you remember where my dorm room is," She asks and I nod," Good because I figure it'll take you fifteen to shower and show up." I watch Trinity leave and think about the invitation.

Is she fucking with me or is she serious or are we going to try a date in her distorted and self important view. Granted I stop my work out as soon as the door closes and head to the shower to rinse off fast and throwing on my second set of clothes, more shorts and a t shirt walk a little quickly to her dorm. I go to knock and find the door is unlocked, even Caitlin locks it but Trinity didn't.

I don't hear the shower or anything loud as I step inside and lock the door, and with a quick look around I can tell that Caitlin isn't here either. I remember Trinity said she was out with Trevor and then start reviewing my options when Trinity steps out of her room wearing a thin sports bra and some tight booty shorts.

"You've been with Caitlin and the skinny girl that got you a beating," Trinity states with no humor," ever tried it with someone who can keep up?" "More than you'd think, why," I ask not taking the bait. "Cause after watching you tear that fucking heavy bag out of the ceiling I've wanted to pin your ass to my bed and ride you till my hips gave out," Trinity says turning and stepping back into her room.

It's been long, weeks to months since I got anything and I'm not looking but again I don't have to. Following Trinity into her room and dropping my bag I kick the door shut before grabbing the Trinity's athletic body and pulling it against me hard from behind. My hands go to her breasts at first, two hard b cups and after a little hard pawing I pull her top off and fling it as Trinity turns around.

Stripping each other down doesn't take too long and Trinity doesn't kiss me so much as try to rip my lip off with her teeth. I lift her up a little before putting her down onto her bed a little more forceful than she's probably used to but she just grabs for me and pulls me to her. I move up beside her and with Trinity lying on her back I pull her breast to my lips while cupping her pussy with my hand. Trinity moans at me sucking on her nipple but as soon as my finger finds the opening to her slit she pushes herself to start pulling my finger inside.

I slowly bury my middle finger in feeling the tight wet walls before setting a rhythm of fingering her. I take my buried arm and wrap it under Trinity's neck and grip her near leg in between both of mine.

Once I have her completely in my grasp I speed up my finger work and suck her nipple hard using a little teeth. "Hey you're being a little rough," Trinity moans. I grunt in response but don't change what I'm doing as she's bucking against my hips a little as I continue. I can feel her start to get into my finger inside her and when I add second she groans louder and I smirk as I speed up my fingers. I can hear the wetness of her pussy as my palm slaps her mound while two fingers work her up to her orgasm which is coming soon.

Trinity seems to not want to cum like this but right now I don't care what she wants and instead of slowing down I use my limbs to trap her own and like a vice hold her in place. "Stuart I'm cumming… I'm gonna cum hard… fuck me now," Trinity almost begs but I don't listen," FUCK!" Trinity begins to buck as much as she can against my hand but when her nails dig into my arm that's holding her and she sprays my hand with a hard squirt I have to smile.

I will remember to thank Candice for all her work. I allow her to calm down as I loosen my grip on her body. Trinity is breathing a little harder than she's used to and I smile before rolling her onto her stomach.

It takes her a second to figure out what I'm doing as she is now laying flat and that's when the protest starts. "Stuart I hate to tell you but not there," Trinity tells me and I take my cock length and rest it in between her ass cheeks. I lean down over her back and rest my body just over her own applying a little pressure.

I can feel her breathing heavy and shaking with anticipation. I move my lips to her ear. "Tell me yes, tell me that you want an animal to fuck you like an animal," I whisper into Trinity's ear and she shivers a little," I'll stop if you don't and then it'll be me walking back to my room just like last time I left here.

Disappointed that Trinity doesn't appreciate me for who I am." It's mocking for me to say it but Trinity begins to push up off the bed and I follow her move till I'm upright and on my knees and she's on all fours in front of me. I watch as she crawls over to her dresser and takes out a small bottle young hot kamilla screwed well in the kitchen it to me, I almost want to laugh at the fact that she has lube.

"Don't even laugh, Caitlin gave it to me in a gift pack for being a hard ass," Trinity growls as I lube myself up. Gripping her toned hips in my hand I press the head of my lubed cock against Trinity's asshole and slowly press against it. She's breathing hard and I'm just you will fall in love with this big ass redhead goddess to take it slow when after what seems like an eternity my head finally breaches the gate.

It's a slow process as I get all eight buried into Trinity's asshole but once I bottom out she lets out a long, almost relieved, sounding moan. I remember Wilma and start slowly backing up only half of my cock before pressing back in.

I'm taking long slow thrusts into Trinity and for her best chums fuck first time cam girls she's just taking it and breathing heavy while not moving in the least. I'm about to push back in again when Trinity catches me off guard and pushes back onto me, I pause for a moment and when I pull back she does it again only this time harder. After a few moments I'm sitting on my heels with her ass in my lap as she's taking me hard all on her own.

Wrapping my arms around her toned and very fit body I squeeze a breast and rub her clit with each hand while she gives me the best ride she is able.

I straighten my legs to get my weight on my knees again and since I'm supporting her weight in my arms I match her thrusts back with ones forward slamming into her ass hard and deep.

The whole room is filled with groaning and the sound of our hips connecting when Trinity opens her mouth. "Keep fucking my black ass you fucking asshole," Trinity almost spits the words at me.

"Shut up you egotistical bitch," I growl back and I can almost hear her smile. "Richard barely made me cum and he was better at this," Trinity mocks and I've had it. I lift her up and almost face slam her into her bed keeping my cock buried up her ass and after a little shifting of my legs have her completely under me with no escape. I don't waste time as I hammer into Trinity's ass, pinning her with my hands on her shoulders.

A lot of sharp yelping and no shit talking now coming out of her mouth when I feel my balls tighten and erupt in a violent orgasm into Trinity's ass, she cums at some point as I feel her shake as I'm in a head rush I haven't had in too long. I grind against Trinity's ass a little getting the last bits out before she almost forces me off her back and pulls herself from the bed quickly albeit a little shaky heading out of the room.

The reality of the situation dawns on me and I debate quietly leaving when the toilet in the bathroom flushes and Trinity stumbles back into the room with a cloth. I am pulled from the bed and cleaned of more or less before Trinity strips the top blanket off her bed then the one underneath as she's soaked them.

I am about to put my underwear on when I'm guided, more like shoved to the bed and Trinity pushes her body next to mine resting her head on my shoulder. "You mind helping me with my laundry tomorrow," She asks quietly. "Well I can but you're the one who made the mess," I joke and she chuckles.

It was early evening when we started and sleep came quickly for both of us fishnet whore takes cocks in all holes waking up for me isn't too difficult as a pair of lips is giving me the full treatment. No blankets allow me to see Trinity taking her time giving me a slow wet blowjob. One thing I will state is that I've had better considering Caitlin and Candice both were eager where as Trinity takes the scenic route so to speak.

I shift a little and she stops to look at me. "Finally awake, you lay there it's my turn," She almost purrs at me. I let her crawl on top of me and with a little positioning on her part I slide una flaquita bien buena webacm more videos on sexycamsorg inside Trinity's pussy for the first time.

Last night was all aggression while this morning is something softer but still very intense; at least it is by the expression on her face. For me she's warm, wet and hugs me with her walls while slowly riding me.

I let her rest her hands on my chest which allows her to sit upright on me and grind down while taking her time. I have missed a good ride from a woman as the past few times it's been me doing the majority of the work. I rest my hands on Trinity's hips as she grinds, bounces and generally gives me her best ride, and it's damn good at that. I'm lasting pretty good for now when I see her face go pensive. "Is this not good enough or something," Trinity asks.

"No actually it's great, I'm usually the one doing all the work and it's nice to lay back and enjoy," I tell her being honest, which is also the best answer. Trinity smiles and gets back into her ride, moving a bit faster now and moaning a little more. I stay relaxed and simply enjoy the effort she's putting into it as she leans down over me face to face.

Her hands move from my chest to my head and she looking me straight in my eyes as she bucks faster and harder than before. I'm starting to get close and almost close my eyes when she shakes my head a little gaining my full attention. I look back into her eyes and after a few seconds she begins to groan and gasp loudly without breaking eye contact.

I don't know what it is but her concentration on me distracts me enough that I lose my composure and cum inside her for the second time since we got back to her place. Trinity grinds against me as we finish out our orgasms and after resting her weight on my chest slowly rolls off of me and now I have her back resting her head on my shoulder and curled up next to me.

We take our quiet moment and relax when my bladder decides to break up the scene and I quietly rush to the bathroom grabbing my shorts as I head out. I'm just finishing up when I hear a conversation that gives me pause. "So you finally decided to slut up for a night and on Valentine's day no less," I hear Caitlin say to who I guess is Trinity.

"I did not decide to slut up as you like to call it. I saw a guy I've been interested in and he was just as lonely as I was.

I think he's a good lay if that helps your fantasies but I'm hoping he'll be a friend at least after all this," Trinity replies and I wash my hands quietly listening in. "Well I heard whatever it was he did to you last night and you woke me this morning," Caitlin states and I can hear her smile," It was good revenge for all the times I woke you." "Why didn't you and Trevor come back here last night," Trinity asks curious and I'm kind of curious myself.

"He wants to wait," Caitlin states and I can hear her disappointment. "And you're going to wait," Trinity asks and now I can sense the tension. "I like him, he's so different and it's a sweet different," Caitlin says trying to explain. "You mean like you said Stuart is different than he was last year," Trinity asks probably knowing I'm listening in.

"Oh I like Stuart a lot, I mean he's done some things that make me wish I could go back and be the one to turn him around but Trevor is patient and really tender," Caitlin explains and Trinity laughs a little.

"You mean he's the opposite of Stuart except both are good guys," Trinity clarifies and I guess Caitlin agreed without saying a word. I step out of the bathroom with my shorts on and as soon as Caitlin sees it's me she goes from mildly contained to frantic. Both women are in bed clothes, Trinity in shorts and a sports bra while Caitlin has pajama bottoms and a t shirt.

"Stuart what the fuck are you… When did you… I thought Trinity… What the hell happened," She doesn't even finish her questions. "Fuck being the proper word is what I did. I was here most of last night and this morning. Trinity stopped her pity train from what I could tell and decided to just invite me to her room without any pretense," I state the answers and Trinity nods at the third one," and we just needed to not be so lonely last night.

Is it that confusing?" "Everyone else is getting sex but me. Yes that is confusing," Caitlin grumbles storming into her room and turns quickly to face us," You two are just a bunch of mean shitheads. Maybe I didn't need to hear you two were having sex or that you two decided to have a marathon last night." "Oh and we did anal.

Thanks for the lube," Trinity says before bursting out laughing. I watch as a stuffed animal comes flying from Caitlin's room and hits Trinity in the chest but she's laughing and frankly so am I. We leave Caitlin to sulk in her room but I'll talk to her later and we'll discuss the problem as friends. Trinity and I do her laundry; it is partly my fault and work out. We even meet up with Robin and the three of us have a good gym session but at the end of the day I head back to my room and sit down in front of my computer.

Jun flashes me a picture of myself a couple weeks earlier, in the hospital bed with my face all fucked up. At the end of the picture I notice a timer counting week, days, minutes and seconds. I'm mad and want Chez right now but if Guy finally has a plan and will point me at Chez then I'll wait. Guy has my loyalty and I will follow his lead.

Somewhere else, somewhere not related to Stuart or even Guy A man sits on the floor in a child's room quietly crying, the child is asleep and peaceful as he looks on at the little girl. His suit shirt is wrinkled and his tie loose, his slacks not pressed.

Stunning blonde agnes with firm jugs sucks cock and gets anal

He quiets his muffled cry to hear it, the noise at the other end of his house, the sex. It's not even sex in his mind, it's fucking. A year ago if you asked him what the difference was between sex and fucking he'd tell you they were the same, now he knows the difference.

He slowly pulls himself from his seat on the floor and straightens his shirt before exiting his child's room. He sees another man, the familiar one, doing up his jeans and when the familiar man sees him he smirks. "Didn't wake the kid yet did we," He asks the crying man who shakes his head no," Good I hate brats." "Please stop this, I've made payments.

I've been paying more than we agreed," the crying man says and the familiar man laughs quietly. "You keep forgetting the interest; you wanted the business now you gotta pay for it. Besides," the familiar man says pulling the crying man to the door," She's having a great time." The familiar man opens the door to show the crying man what he was hoping he'd never have to watch again.

There is the crying man's wife, a pretty average woman with a sweet face, now contorted in throes of orgasmic bliss/pain as two men; associates of the familiar man are buried one in her vagina and the other in her ass. They're not bigger than the crying man but they've been here for a few hours and as much as the crying man wants to look away the familiar man won't let him. "Please stop this," crying man asks choking on the words.

"Hey guys, he wants you to finish for the night," the familiar man says sarcastically. The two men laugh a little and with the wife sandwiched, one man under and one man over/behind her, begin to fuck her with no remorse. She moans and screams as they work her holes and hold her face so crying man can see it. Her expression is shock and horror for a second before the men erupt inside her, filling her with their seed and forcing her to hold it in while they finish in her.

The familiar man releases crying man before he and his friends finish dressing. "Listen sport, I'm going to need her clean this weekend because I plan to fuck her senseless while you be a good house husband and serve drinks. You're going to get the kid off to someone else so we can tape this shit on the kids bed," the familiar man tells the crying man with sweet teenie is geeting pissed on and blasts wet cunt sinister smile," Oh and I'll even take two percent off the vig IF you watch the whole time." The men leave and the crying man quietly moves around the room trying to straighten up but with his marital bed covered in his used wife and other men's semen it's nearly impossible.

She stirs at him moving things and quietly sobs. "I am so sorry, I try not to cum but they force me," she mumbles trying to console her husband. Crying man shakes his head at her and steps out of the room. There is no hope anymore, no real exit, it's either live long enough to pay off the debt owed or end it. Time to start making arrangements on the latter because the former is never going to happen.