Cosplayer redhead walking in the forest and find a dick to fuck

Cosplayer redhead walking in the forest and find a dick to fuck
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Thankful Thanksgiving The next few weeks went buy dull. After searching the room of requirement a hundred times over, Harry went and made Kreacher and asked Dobby to help look. Harry awoke the morning of thanksgiving and decided to skip breakfast and search the room. Harry slowly opened the door and stepped inside. Pavarti and Padme Patil were inside at the back of the room and had not noticed Harry enter.

Harry crept down the isle and hid behind a bookcase. "We need to find a place to put these before someone finds them." Harry heard one of them say. "There's this cabinet but it looks to open. How about behind that stack of books?" the other one replied. Harry tried to look better to see what they were hiding, but they had their backs to him. Harry just stood there quietly, watching and waiting.

They moved over to the stack of books one of them pointed out and put something back there. "We could get one more use out of jayme langford and victoria vonn are two fun lovin one of them stated and the other just smiled and reached behind the books.

They both pulled their cloths off and walked over to a bed Harry noticed that just came out of nowhere. They lay down with their knees touching and their pussies were inches apart. Harry finally saw what they were hiding when one of them pulled it out into the open. Harry saw a pink double-headed dildo that had to be 10-12 inches long. The one toward the bottom of the bed put it to the opening of her pussy.

She pulled the middle of the dildo and it seemed to slide right in. The other sister did the same thing except she seemed to have a little trouble but it slid teen banging in fake taxi for free ride nevertheless. They both lay down and grabbed the top and bottom of the bed, whichever end they each were at, and pulled themselves apart.

They then pushed until the dildo was buried into both of their pussies. Harry was hard as a rock by now, took his cock out, and stroked it slowly. They moved faster and faster until they both screamed at the same time and released their grips. Harry just stood there waiting for what seemed like an hour, when he checked his watch in fact only 15 min past, when he heard them both start to snore. Harry decided he would like to have some fun to so he walked over to the side of the bed.

Harry just noticed that they were indeed twins, everything was the same even the triangle pussy hair, with the same size breasts. Their breasts were allot bigger than Ginny's and Hermione's put together, although laying down he couldn't tell exactly how big they were, so he decided to caress the one toward the top of the bed. Harry bent his head lower and stroked her nipple with the tip of his tongue; she gave a moan of pleasure.

Harry reached down and pulled the dildo out of both the pussies, considering it was falling out anyways, and stuck three fingers in. Her pussy was nice, hot and wet around his fingers. Harry pulled them out and in as fast as he could while sucking on her tits.

Harry figured it was not fast enough so he rotated her until her pussy was at the edge of the bed. Harry got down on his knees and stuck only two fingers in this time. He gave her pussy a little flick of his tongue and started going at it. Harry pushed and pulled his hand as fast as he could, after a minute or so he decided thought to himself, "Why should she have all the fun? They are twins after all." Harry got up, after a little wine from the first twin, turned the second around like her sister, and put them side by side.

He then got back down, put two fingers in each pussy, pushed them in and out in a back, and forth motion. He pushed his right fingers in and as he pulled them, out he would push the left hand in. Both girls were bucking their hips in unison and moaning, "faster" Harry was surprised to hear this because he thought they were sleeping but he had expected it eventually because he did not know anyone that could sleep through this.

Harry moved his hands as fast as he could but it didn't seem to be enough so he pulled his hands out and took off all of his clothes while looking at them in their eyes. He then climbed on top of the first girl and slid his dick into her. Harry noticed the other one got up and went off somewhere. Harry looked around for her while he was fucking her sister. She came back from the stack of book wearing a dick. Well it was a strap on dildo. Harry figured she was going to use it on her sister's ass so he tried rolling onto his back but they both just held him there on top.

Harry did not think anything of it so he kept pounding away. Harry could feel something wet on his asshole but before he could turn around, he felt a dick shoved into his ass.

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It was the most uncomfortable thing Harry had ever felt so he stopped humping and tried pulling it out. The girl underneath him just grabbed his arms and held him in a firm grasp. Harry started enjoying it pounding into his ass. Harry decided to keep fucking along while being fucked. All three of them were moaning and groaning loudly.

Harry felt the pressure fill up in his balls and he pushed hard and deep into her. Harry's cum just exploded into her.

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It was the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt. He pulled out of her and fell to the side releasing the cock in his ass.

The other sister was not done yet so she took the cock off and strapped it to her sister. Harry had gotten dressed while the two sisters continued fucking. Harry slipped out of the room, went back to Gryffindor town, and sat by the fire.

"Harry, Harry wake up." Harry had fallen asleep sitting in the chair. Ginny was shaking him awake and asked him where he'd been. Harry told her he was just searching the room of requirement all morning. It was now closing on lunch and Ginny just sat on his horny kitten fingers pussy and gets licked and nailed in pov before they went and ate. When lunch came, Harry was starving this time and they walked down to the great hall together.

They sat down across from Hermione and Ron waiting for the food to arrive. Harry could already smell the pumpkin pies baking for the feast tonight. After eating, they all went to the room of requirement to do some more searching. Harry went first to make sure the coast was clear, to really look for the Pavarti twins, and they stepped inside. They all searched all over until diner was ready and they left. As they walked, they started talking about the Horcrux sex c700 com xxx feer being in there and it might be in Slytherin somewhere.

They sat down and the food popped up in front of them, which consisted of turkeys, hams, casseroles, beets and stuffing along with other items. Harry ate as much as he could save some room for pies.

After diner, they all went up to their common room to rest.

Ginny and Ron knocked off early with everyone else but Harry and Hermione was not tired so they started talking about the Horcruxes. Hermione and Harry were sitting across from each other talking. Hermione bent over to pick up Crookshank, who was rubbing her legs, and her top fell open. When she sat straight, again she did not seem to notice her nipple was hanging out in the open. Harry got hard right away, which made a tent in his robes.

Hermione noticed right away, looked into his eyes, and followed where his glare was. She looked down and noticed her nipple hanging there but instead of covering up she, after putting the cat down, got up and down in between Harry's legs and released his cock.

Hermione put it all into her mouth and sucked on it like a pro. Bobbing her head up and down was a beautiful sit to Harry but he wanted to do something with his hands so he bent over and cupped her breasts from the sides. Harry looked down as his cock entered and exited from her mouth. Harry grabbed he head slightly and leaned his head back, with his eyes closed, to enjoy the sensation. Hermione released his cock and removed all brother and sister home real her clothes.

She then climbed up on Harry's lap and sank his cock into her pussy. It was a loose fitting, but it felt, and Harry grabbed her hips and helped her up and down on it. Both Harry and Hermione threw their head back and started panting. Hermione also gave some moans every other plunge. Harry reached up and cupped her breasts, giving each nipple a twist.

After a few more bounces Harry reached around and shoved his finger up her ass. Harry then grabbed her ass, with his finger still buried, and pulled her down so he could come in her. After getting dressed and cleaned, they went off to bed. In the next couple of weeks, they had checked the room of requirements but found nothing so Harry decided to give up and try something else after the holidays.

Hermione was going home for a few days and then meet up with them at the burrow on Christmas day. That would give her some time with her parents and then some time with the Weasleys.

To Be Continued.&hellip.