Randy and arousing sex games hardcore and reality

Randy and arousing sex games hardcore and reality
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Fbailey story number 651 Nice Butt Crack I was walking along the second floor of the shopping mall on my way to meet my sister and niece for lunch and then to take them shopping for their own birthday gifts.

I never know what to buy them.

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They are really fussy about what they wear. So there I was walking along when a girl stopped to fix a strap on her sandals.

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Her miniskirt stretched tight across her firm young ass, her top rose up considerably, and I was treated to the most magnificent butt crack known to man.

There was probably two full inches exposed, there was a deep crevice, and her tan lines showed an incredibly tiny bikini bottom. I could not help myself I said, "Nice butt crack." The girl didn't hesitate to reply, "That's original. Most guys just say nice thongs." I laughed a little and said, "Well I don't see a thong." Just then she stood up with her back to me, felt along her waist line, and then slipped her hand up under her skirt.

As Melody turned around she said, "I forgot to put any on. I guess I'll be going commando today." Then she looked at me and said, "Oh hi! I didn't know it was you." I replied, "I didn't know it was you either." She interlocked our arms and headed me toward the restaurant. Then she asked, "So Uncle, you really like my butt crack." I replied, "Yes Niece, it is the best that I have ever seen." She said, "If you buy me a pair of panties, I'll show you what the boys like to look at." I replied, "I'd like to see it without anything impairing my view." Melody asked, "Are we still talking about my butt crack?" I lifted the hand that had gone in search of her imaginary panties and raised it to my nose.

I took in a good amount of her scent and replied, "No, we are not talking about your butt crack. Straight guy gay sex drunk, we are still talking about a crack of other sorts." She giggles and said, "That will cost you more than a pair of panties." I replied, "I'm willing to pay the price." She headed us into the restaurant and over to her mother's table.

Melody then said, "He wants to see my pussy. Now I can really shop." My sister said, "I'll let you see my pussy if I can go on a shopping spree too." I looked at my beautiful sister. Time had sunny leone xxxbf porn story good to her, in fact she looked even prettier than when we were in high school together. I answered, "I've done more than look at your pussy and it didn't cost me any more than to take you a school dance." She smiled, turned to her daughter, and said, "I used to let your Uncle fuck me for a candy bar and a soda when I was thirteen." I said, "Apparently her price has gone up if I only get to look at it for a shopping spree." Melody laughed and said, "What if we let you do more than just look…for say…a whole weekend…forty-eight hours…both of us naked…and you get to do whatever you want to do to us for that forty-eight hours." I asked, "Anything?" My sister looked at her daughter and answered, "Anything!" I flashed my credit card and Melody said, "Hey, not so fast.

I want to eat first." We all giggled and enjoyed a terrific meal. My sister ordered a few mixed drinks and then shared them with her daughter.

Melody said, "Mom, I forgot my underwear." My sister replied, "I didn't forget but I took them off just before you got here." I was seated between them in a U-shaped booth so I just placed my hands on their knees and started moving them toward my goal. Neither one tried to stop me. In fact they both spread their legs to give me better access. Yup, they were both pantyless.

Two waitresses came over and placed a second tablecloth on our table, covering the front edge fully. Our waitress then said, "We wouldn't want our other customers seeing what a good time you are having. They might want two girls of their own and most of them can't handle the one that they are with." Melody giggled, my sister said "Thank you," and I kept my fingers in their moist pussies…now that I had our waitresses permission.

She got a healthy tip and I got her phone number. Shopping was a lot better than I had anticipated. They both modeled everything for me from tiny skirts to tight T-shirts, from bras to panties, and from see through nighties to see through blouses.

In the end it cost me about three hundred dollars…each. I followed them back to their apartment. Once inside Melody kissed me and my sister removed her clothes.

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I'll tell you that at thirty-four my sister is still one fantastic woman. She is in her prime. I soon found out that she was at her sexual peek too. Melody was fifteen and trying very hard to out do her mother. She sure had the equipment but not the experience that comes with age.

I started with my sister for two reasons, I wanted to feel how nice it was to soak my cock in her pussy for fifteen minutes, and I wanted to take the edge off so that I could ravage Melody for the next hour afterwards. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't going to remain hard inside her for that hour.

I was going to play with her pussy and tease her until she begged me to fuck her then I was going to pound her pussy for twenty to twenty-five minutes after that. She was going to know that a man had fucked her, not a pimply faced teenager like she was used too. When I slipped my cock into Melody that first time she said, "Oh my, you're big.

I may talk like I'm easy but you just took my virginity." My sister started laughing and then said, "Why you slutty little cock tease. You mean to tell me that I never had to worry about you getting pregnant or catching some disease." Melody smiled and said, "Don't stop worrying now.

I like the way his cock feels inside me. I want to try more of them. You know, the glass slipper thing." That forty-eight hours damn near killed me but I'll say that I gave Melody a run for her horny babes take care of blindfolded guy.

With her mother's help I kept getting it up and sticking it up her snatch all weekend. She was bow-legged when she walked out the door to go to school that Monday. Even her mother smiled. Melody did try a few boys at school but she always came back to me. My sister did too. When I finally got married my wife had to spend forty-eight hours with them but that's another story.

The End Nice Butt Crack 651