Warcraft troll x orc sucking big cock animation pov play now

Warcraft troll x orc sucking big cock animation pov play now
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This is my first story. I would appreciate constructive feedback. If I get good feedback Ill continue the story. Owned family CH1 The Offer "Should we even go to their housewarming, we might not even be here a month from now?' My wife, Laura, called from the bathroom where she was getting dressed. "Of course we should." I hollered back as I finished buttoning up my shirt. I was just as unsure about the future as she was, but I had to be strong for the both of us. "Have you met the Robins'?" She replied back after a few moments.

"No, unless you count watching their BMW come home late at night." Laura walked into the bedroom, "Let's go have some fun tonight." We idly chatted as we walked next door. By the sound of socializing and laughter I guessed the party was already doing well.

I rang the doorbell. I was a bit taken back when a very dark skinned black man opened the door and greeted us, "Welcome. Come on in. I'm Tyrone Robins, my friends call me Ty." He motioned towards a fairly short rotund black woman socializing with a couple of our neighbors, "That's my wife Sadie." I was amazed at how powerful and large his hand was when he offered it to shake.

I shook his hand, "We are the Millers. I'm James and this is my wife Laura." Laura offered the small housewarming gift in lieu of the handshake.

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Ty ushered us in as another couple of neighbors approached the porch. As I roamed the front room to find out who was already here I couldn't help but notice how large of a man Ty was. He was well over six foot tall, and by how his clothes clung to him I would guess he worked out daily. His wife was just the opposite, barely five foot tall and had to be pushing 300 pounds.

She did have a huge set of tits that her low cut blouse showed off. The evening was just what I needed. I got to relax and forget about the worries of the impending foreclosure of my home. Ty and Sadie were wonderful hosts. They had a full buffet laid out for guests that looked like it was professionally prepared.

As the evening was slowing down and neighbors were taking their leave Ty pulled me aside, "James, if you don't mind I would like you to stay after all the guests have left, I have a business proposition for you." I thought it a bit off but agreed. I informed my wife of Ty's request.

She said she would catch me at home and left. It took about another hour before Ty, Sadie and I were by ourselves. Ty invited me into his study, closing the door behind us leaving Sadie to clean up. He offered me a Scotch, which I accepted. I took a seat on the couch as he leaned against his desk. "I overheard you talking with Donaldson that you use to be an investment banker before the downturn." I nodded my head as Ty continued, "I also heard you're having financial troubles.

I am willing to help you out if you consider a proposal." I took a swig of the scotch, "Go on." "Well, Cali girl shaking her ass in bootyshorts teenager camwhore train slaves." I about chocked on Ty's bluntness, "White slaves to be exact, and I think your family might be perfect for my new project." I stood up, took the last swig of scotch and said, "I'm not really into this, thanks but no." I then started to head toward the door.

Before I could make it two steps Ty had moved up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, "All I ask is that you hear me out." I turned and looked up at him, "Get to the point then." "I can do that." He walked behind his desk, unlocked a drawer, and pulled out a stack of bound bills. "Here is ten thousand dollars, it is yours if you honestly consider my offer, talk with your wife about it and do a favor for me." Ten thousand dollars would be enough to give me some breathing room and get the bills and mortgage current.

"What's the offer." "I want new sex slaves and black guy vs girls hot xxx family is perfect. I would own you and do with you as I please. You could always walk away at anytime but I have never had a slave take up that offer. I will show you and your family things you never knew you would enjoy. When you wouldn't be fulfilling your slave duties you would be taking care of my personal investments.

I would hire you at double what you were making working for the bank. On paper you would be my financial adviser, in reality you would be servicing me and my family." That's a hell of a deal. I don't think anyone in their right mind wouldn't consider it. Ty could see me mulling it around, he continued to press, "Like I said, you walk away when you want, we would negotiate the finer details when you and your wife agree that this is something you want." "And I get the ten thousand for just considering it, talking with my wife about it and doing you a favor." "You got it.

Consider it an interview bonus." "Deal." I moved next to Ty and started to reach for the stack of cash. Ty grabbed my wrist before I could get to the money, "First, the favor. I want to test out the merchandise I'm buying, so to speak." I was a bit confused as to what exactly he wanted. He released my wrist only to lay his hand on my shoulder. Ty had this hungry look in his eye, almost like a predator sizing up his prey.

The hand on my shoulder started to apply pressure, pushing me downward. Once I realized he wanted me on my knees I submitted to his force. I looked up at him feeling even smaller than I was.

We stared into each others eyes for a moment until movement caught my eye and I looked away. I couldn't help but notice the bulge growing in Ty's slacks, he was flexing his penis and that was the movement I had caught. I looked back up at his dark face, "Unzip me." I couldn't believe he had just said that. I looked to his crotch and back at his face, "What?" "I said, unzip me. Then fish out my cock." I wasn't sure where this was going to lead and I was getting nervous.

My eyes bounced from his bulge to his face to the money and back to the bulge. My shaking hand seemed to move of its own accord to the zipper of his slacks. I grabbed the tab and slowly pulled the zipper open. It was starting to feel like a dream, like I wasn't in control of my own body. I slid my hand into the opening to find a warm hunk of flesh. My hand closed around it and I could tell he was a big man, and he wasn't even fully hard yet.

I pulled his dick out the opening. It bobbed in front of me confirming that he was far larger than me. "Suck it." Ty's command was straight and to the point. "I'm not gay." I replied. I couldn't look away from his dark monster of a dick. Ty spoke softly, "For ten thousand dollars I'm sure you'll suck a cock, plus your faggot dick says otherwise." It was then that I realized that I was rock hard. Ty grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to his cock. "Now suck my dick, bitch." This time he was forceful with his words.

My lips parted and I took his manhood into my mouth as he forced my head upon it. The sensation was unreal; warm and hard; yet it had a softness to it. My mind was racing trying to understand. Understand how I was sucking my first cock.

Understand how I came to submit to this black stranger. Understand why I was liking what he was doing to me. Understand what this might mean for my marriage. My body was acting without me thinking. I realized that Ty had released my head and I was trying to get as much of Ty's black cock in my mouth as possible. My hand was assisting with what wouldn't fit in my mouth.

Saliva was running down my chin as I bobbed up and down. Ty's voice broke my trance, "You are a natural cocksucker. I think you might be well worth what I'm paying you." Ty grabbed a fist full of my hair and forced me to speed up my pace. I couldn't keep up and let him fuck my mouth. He pulled my face away from his wonderful dick and stroked himself with his free italian redhead milf hot milf fucked delivery guy. I'd seen enough porns to know what was about to happen next.

Ty half grunted, half yelled as his hot seed erupted at me. Two, three, four ropes landed on my face with the rest finding its way to my shirt.

We were both silent and still for what seemed like an eternity. I was stunned at what I was just forced to geeky teen likes to suck and fuck. I felt so humiliated having sucked a black mans cock and being turned on by it. Then I realized I needed to get out of there before he did anything else to me. As I was reaching up to wipe it off my face with my sleeve Ty barked, "No!

Leave it slut. I want you to show your wife that I marked my territory." The cum had gone cold and made my face feel funny, but I ignored it. Ty put the cash in a small duffel bag and handed it to me. He walked me to the door in silence. We passed by Sadie who smiled at me on the way out. Once the door was open Ty spoke, "Why don't we have diner at your place tomorrow.

Just you me and your wife. By then I expect the two of you will have made your decision and we can work out the details." I was about to ask what if we decided not to take his offer but Ty closed the door ending any debate or conversation we might have had. The cool evening breeze made the cum on my face even colder. I was glad it was late and none of the neighborhood moms were out jogging.

On the short walk home I kept trying to figure out how I was going explain all of this to Laura. By the time I reach my front door I was still at a lack for ideas. The house was mostly dark, light from the TV flickered through an archway.

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I passed by the entertainment room, by the sound of it Melissa was watching Repo Man again. Mel, as she liked to be called, heard my entrance to he house and yelled over the TV, "Have fun tonight James." Melissa was sixteen and was going through a rebellious emo phase. She hadn't called me dad or daddy in a couple years. Her question was simple enough, but a moment of fear that she might know what happened made me stumble on my words, "Ummm, ahhh, yeah, yeah I had a good time.

Ty errr Mr. Robins and his wife are nice people." I wasn't sure if there was enough light from the TV to allow Melissa to seen the slime on my face and I didn't stay around long enough to find out. I quickly made my way upstairs to the master bedroom. The door was closed but light was coming from under it. I paused at the door for a moment and tried to calmed myself. I reached out and turned the handle, my heart was racing in my chest. Laura was in her night gown reading in the bed.

She looked up at me from her magazine as I entered. "What did Tyrone want to talk with you about?" Laura said as I approached the bed.

Before I could answer she asked a second one, "What do you have all over your face, and your shirt?" I sat on the edge of the bed facing her, "Ty has a job offer he wants me to talk with you about. And its, umm, its umm, " I looked down at the splotches of liquid on my shirt trying to summon the courage to answer her second question. "Is it, cum?"Laura asked hesitantly. I nodded my head in affirmation.

"Why do you have cum on your face? Is it yours?" She paused a moment my chick stripping on our fist vacation for a cam masturbation and striptease realization, "Its Ty's, isn't it?" I nodded again, "James, what is going on, what happened after I left?" I explained to her, in detail, about Ty's desire to own us, to have me manage his money, the ten thousand dollars, what he wanted to pay me, and me sucking off his cock.

I got hard remembering the feeling of having Ty force himself on me. Laura was quiet while I explained everything. The whole time I didn't look at her in fear of rejection. When I was done with my story I forced myself to look at her. She reached forward grabbed my shirt with both hands and pulled me into a passionate kiss.

It had been years since we kissed like that. Our tongues explored each others mouths while our hands pulled and tugged at the others clothes discarding them in a pile on the floor. I maneuvered us so I was on top. I grabbed my dick and slid it into my wife.

She was hotter and wetter than I could remember her ever being. Her pussy grabbed me, pulled me. We continued to make out while I thrust into her over and over. Between making out with my wife and being aroused from sucking off Ty, I wasn't able to last long.

Within a couple minute I exploded into Laura's silky pussy. She moaned in exasperation, I knew I had disappointed her by not being able to last longer, "Honey, I'm sorry with all of what happened tonight I could help it." I tried to explain as my dick was shrinking inside her.

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"It's okay, I understand. But I'm still really horny, would you mind going down on me and finishing me off?" She consoled meas she brushed her hand along my cheek.

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"But I didn't wear a condom." "Please." Laura used her best puppy face and I caved in. I lowered myself down to her glistening pussy. It had some of my cum leaking out of it. Laura gently guided my head to her pussy and then started grinding her sex on my face. I did my best to please her. The taste of her and I mixed was better than I expected. After the first few licks I didn't even notice anymore. Laura eventually pulled me back up with a smile on her face, "Thank you darling.

I needed that." We cuddled each other in silence that was eventually broken by Laura, "I think we should try it." I looked at her quizzically. "Ty's offer," she continued, "you would be making almost two hundred and fifty thousand a year, and it might be fun." I was surprised at Laura's response to the offer.

But the prospect of the unknown excited me in more ways than one. I smiled at her, "What are you going to make for dinner for Ty?"