Tattooed chick gets banged in different poses

Tattooed chick gets banged in different poses
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The man of the house Afterword I was spent, and so was mom she turned to me with this big smile on her face. "Honey that was amazing, I can't believe it, but I think all my life I have been waiting and wanting to be dominated like that. " "anyway. Let's wash up and go talk to your father. Having sated my animal lust, I found my self feeling a little unsure of my earlier actions ,with my dad.

As mom and I entered the kitchen from the back door we found dad sitting at the kitchen table. Turning to face us " you two come sit with me for a moment." Billy boy I want to apologize for what happened earlier to you and your mother" it's ok dad I am sorry toI don't know what came over me." no no son that's fine I am actually turned on by the turn of events.

I am intrigued to find out where it goes, I'am ok playing second fiddle to my boy. But only if we can keep the violence under control". " yes keanni lei is dragged to the ground where she gives a hot blowjob she is bent over and her pussy is I am sorry ." mom: will one of you tell me what's going on ." dad: " honey Billy here is going to assume the Man of the house role. mom had a look of shock on her facewondering were bitch or cunt turned into honey.

Mom: "what do you mean hon" dad" well first off he will be sleeping in the big room with you." "actually dad I was thinking there is no reasonif we are sharing momwe can't move my small bed into the big bedroom and put it against your bedthen we can all sleep and enjoy mom together.

Dad "ok we can do that "' let's do it now dad I am starting to get hard again. Mom "oh no you dont, Ihave to make my men some dinner to keep your strength up.

So go move the bed then put some clothes on, and do your evening chores, The animals aren't going to feed themselves, are they.? I look at mom standing there. This beautiful naked redheaded goddess ,tall ,slim, amazing feminine form framed by the afternoon sun coming through the kitchen window behind her.

I snap out off my sexual daze realizing even if my mother satisfies all my depraved sexual desiresshe was still my mom. "thats trueyour right mom." me and dad then went to move the bed ,'we both got dressed and dad helped me with the chores. We did all this in silenceboth in our own thoughts. About six thirty mom called us in for dinner. I walked in ahead of dad, to see mom had indeed prepared a man size meal. With sausages, barmbrack and Irish stew with bacon.

Well, dad and I made short work of that meal, mom started cleaning the kitchen, before we were finished eating. I looked at her in her long dress that only showed her ankles, and realized for the first timeI did not have to imagine what was under it. Mom had her back to us doing dishesI decided to try out my new powers as man of the house.

Getting up from the table I walked up behind mom hugging her from behind. " your such a sexy little bitch mom." mom: thanks honeyand your a sexy stud with that big hard cock of yours." I pressed my now hard cock against mom's ass, holding her hips tight. She pushed her little ass up against my hardness, I ran my hands along her tight stomach grabbing one tit in my left hand kneading it, my other hand pressed against her jawturning her mouth back towards me so I could kiss her lips.I slip a finger into her mouth.

She gently sucks on it. I shove it deeper into her mouth, she sucks it harder. I can't take it any longer, I step back from her she goes to turn around." stay there like that bitch and take your dress off slowly. Mom bends over pushing her ass towards me in the process. I start young schoolgirl groped and facial in subway. Mom pulls her dress over her head. She is naked underneath.

I glance over at dad, he has his cock out slowly stoking it. He raises his hand motioning me on. I turn back to mom. " shake your ass mom" mom puts her hands on the sink pushes her ass back, and slowly gyrated her little ass in small circles. I finish strippingthen run my hand up and down her ass. I can't believe how perfect her ass is, small but at the same time shapely and meaty. I press my rock hard cock against her perfect tight assshe continues doing little circles against me.

I move to the side pressing my dock into her hip, as i squeeze and slap her ass. At this point mom is moaning. "say your my sexy cunt mom". Mom: i'am your sexy cunt baby, I'll never say no to you." I slip my fingers into mom's ass crack rubbing her now wet cunt.

My left is wrapped around her tiny waist. I look up at mom's beautiful face, into her mesmerizing blue-green eyes, and shove two fingers into her tight wet cunt.

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"kiss" I command her. Mom moves her head down to kiss me, I move my hand up from her waist to the back of her head, pressing her mouth against mine, shoving my tongue down her throat. With my other Hand shoving two finger into her tight sweet pussy.I pause for a moment adjusting my extreme and hardcore anal gape ryland ann loves it roughso I could insert my thumb into her tight asshole.

Mom moans with lust. I think to my self ( two fingers in the pussy thumb in the assfucking heaven) I give one of moms 34 c's a little slap. Mom: "harder " I am shoving my thumb in her assand finger fucking her with one handwhile pressing her up against my pulsating cock humping herI say ( you want it hard you fucking sexy little cunt I fucking love you ) I spit in her beautiful face. She moans and opens her mouth. I slap her tit like I really want to Testing her. She responds( ahh) I grap a handful of her vibrant red hair.

Looking into her perfect blue- green eyes I see my mother but I also see the woman she is for the first time, she is a dream, the perfect woman for a man in-touch with his inner animal self, at this moment I embrace this side of myself there are no boundariesthe weight of society and religion is lifted and in this little house in the middle of nowhere I know, this little bitch, my beautiful mother is going to get opened the fuck up.

I pull her head gruffly toward mine shoving my tongue into her mouthAt this moment i feel so close to my mother, but I need to get close. I break our embrace extracting my thumb out of her bum and my fingers out of her pussy.

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Mom is so wet and horny, she is hot to the touch. I look over at dad, "what do u think bedroom?" dad "yup" dad is standing there looking at us slowly beating his huge cock.

Before I let go of mom's hair I give her one more kiss and squeeze her tits up. Non to gentle with my hand in her pussy juice covered. I release her. Mom start walking towards the bedroom, I look over at dad he's looking at mom's ass. Then we make eye contactsmile at each other, we are both thinking the same thing ,( this is going to be good) i then start following mom's sexy little ass with dad a few steps behind me.