Anal penetration for a sexy whore hardcore blowjob

Anal penetration for a sexy whore hardcore blowjob
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Susanna and Anita were lying in Dawn's bed making full use of their slaves. Although the two sisters had used the slaves before in front of each other, this time it was different, before it was one of the sisters using a slave while the other was doing something else. This time both sisters were naked and lying next to each other, while a slave was servicing her mistress. Dawn was kneeling beside Susanna as she lay on her back with her hands over her head. Dawn nibbled on her left nipple while her right hand was stroked the inside of her upper legs.

As Dawn's hand slid closer to her labia, Susanna's breathing became labored. The slut knew just how her mistress liked to be touched; she had done it many times in the last week.

She knew her mistress was getting closer to an orgasm but knew better than to make her come before given permission. All the while as Dawn was working on her mistress, Sandy was servicing Anita. Anita lay in the opposite direction as her sister, her head slightly lower than her sister's cunt. Sandy was kneeling between Anita's legs, which were drawn up to her chest.

Sandy eyes were just above her cunt and her tongue firmly planted in Anita's ass. As the two sisters were basking in their slaves attention, Anita looked over at Susanna's hairless cunt. It was leaking down into the crack of her ass. She had never had the desire to be with a woman before, but that was before she had experienced the feeling of a woman licking her cunt.

She had watched as her slave went from openly deploring licking her pussy and ass to eagerly tasting all her charms.

Anita would never lick her slave's cunt but the thought of tasting her sister was suddenly enticing. She wouldn't have to lower herself to licking a slave, and she could be assured that her sister would keep it a rvina tandan xxx ful movis. Anita slowly slid her hand between Susanna's 9x mother sexy my mother x mother x1 and slid her fingers up her slit.

She gathered the fluid and brought her hand back to her mouth. Girl pissing on food and eating it she tentatively stuck out her tongue and tasted her sister's moisture she was struck as to how sweet it tasted.

She quickly inserted her finger into her mouth and sucked the precious fluid down her throat. As she niki is a pretty girl with inviting asshole to do it again, Susanna suddenly sat up.

Anita thought she was mad at her until she spoke. "Anita, how did Julie's cell end up in the apartment? I know she had it at school; I called her during the day. I made her drive home naked and she was waiting for me on the doorstep when I arrived. How did she get the phone in here? And what's more important, why?" Anita looked at her twin and thought about it for a moment.

Her mind was cloudy as Sandy was still working on her ass. "Stop slave! What's the problem Sis? So she brought in her phone. So what if she did no big deal." "Really, the first time she brings her cell with her she gets a call.

It just so happens that her mother is sick and she has to leave. Something isn't right. I think she's up to something. What was the name of the home?" "I think it was Sunny something home for the decrepit.

The woman's name was Candice Brown though." "That's it, Sunny Hill Nursing Home. Yeah, her name was Candice. I'm calling the home. I think something is up," Susanna said while looking up the home on the internet. Within a minute, Susanna learned that the home didn't call, and there was no Candice working there. "We need to go to Julie's. She's trying to pull something. We need to stop it right now and get her back here. Come on Nita, get dressed, we gotta go." Susanna quickly got up and grabbed her clothes.

Anita groaned as she was very aroused but understood the importance of what her sister had said. Five minutes later, both slaves were instructed as to what to do and the girls walked out the door. Susanna driving looked at her sister and said, "Did you touch my pussy?" Anita looked down at the floor and nodded. "Oh, did you do anything else?" Anita looked at her sister and nodded again, "Yeah, I tasted your pussy. I don't know why but I just felt so close to you and you were right there.

You're not telling anyone are you?" "Oh no, absolutely not, I won't tell anyone. I'm actually glad you did. I've wanted to do exactly that for a while but was afraid.

I'm not gay or anything, but I just want to try it." Anita breathed a sigh of relief. Her sister felt the same as her. She leaned over and gave her twin a hug. The rest of the trip was in silence. As they pulled up to Julie's house, Anita looked over to Susanna and said, "What are you going to do?" "I don't know, but we need to get her back to the apartment and finish the training.

First let's find out who's helping her. I don't see Carrie's car. I guess she left." The two young women quickly got out of the car and walked to the door. Susanna knocked, waited and listened. She heard some shuffling and some muffled voices.

She couldn't hear what was said, but she was sure that at least one of the voices was a woman's voice. She knocked again and Alex peeked out the window. When he saw the twins there was a look of surprise in his face as he opened the door. "Anita, Susanna, what are you doing here?" "We came to see your mother.

She has been doing some things for us and we need to see her. Where is she?" "I'm sorry but she is in bed. She came home and was very tired and she decided to crash," He answered. "Well you need to wake her. She's not finished with her job and she needs to finish it. Which room is hers?" Susanna said as she started to push past Alex.

"Stop right there, Susanna. She's sleeping and I'm not waking her. You'll have to come back tomorrow." "I don't think fucking ends with a lot of orgasms I think she wants to come with us.

JULIE, WAKE UP AND GET OUT HERE NOW!" Susanna called. "What do you mean she wants to come with you? Just exactly what do you want her to do?" Alex looked at the twins as the anger was rising in his head. Anita saw this wasn't going well and changed tactics. "Alex, chill dude, she's helping us with planning the party Saturday. We need her help with the decorations and organizing things.

Nothing more, she's been a great help. She told us if we needed anything to come get her. Go ahead and ask her. Tell her we want her to come with us and if she says no we'll go. But I don't think she will." Anita said with her bedroom eyes and pouty face. She turned on the charm and moved closer to him. Just as she was right in front of him she slid her hand up his leg just below his cock. Alex was distracted by the change, and when she touched his leg, his cock instantly hardened, threatening to pop out of his shorts.

Trashy teen seducing stepdad in bathroom pornstars noticed his distraction and took full advantage, sliding her hand up further and cupping his balls.

Alex groaned as his big head stopped working and his little head was taking over. Anita was now right in front of him, her tits were brushing against his bare chest increasing his arousal and further drawing him under her spell. She leaned forward and lightly kissed his nipple, then nibbled it lightly. Alex's eyes closed as Anita's actions were clouding his brain. He didn't even notice that her other hand was now in his shorts and was stroking his cock. "Come on Alex, just call her out here and ask her if she want to go with us.

If not we'll leave and catch her tomorrow." Alex was now totally aroused. After spending the evening with Carrie constantly working him up, and being stopped in mid fuck, he needed a release. Anita's actions were exactly what his body craved. "Mom, come out here I need to ask you a question." Alex called down the hall. Cindy and Susan were panicking standing by the door in Julie's room.

They were listening through the door. "What are we going to do?" Cindy asked "We can't let her go out there. She won't be able to resist them. We've got to think of something before they get their hands on her again. Quick, get her on the bed." Cindy quickly led Julie to the bed and laid her down on her back. Meanwhile Susan took off her pants and panties and straddled the prone slave. Placing her knees of each side of her head she said. "Eat me slut and don't stop till I tell you!" Just as Susan was in position and Julie was licking her pussy, Alex called for his mother.

Susan quickly closed her legs around the slaves head keeping her from hearing his voice. "Cindy, you may have to go out there and help him." "How am I to do that?" "I don't know, tell them that you are his girlfriend or something." "What about Carrie?" "I know, tell them you surprised him by stopping over and chased her away.

Then get their hands off him and get them out of here." Cindy thought about it for a minute, grabbed the bottom of her top and whipped it over her head. As she wasn't wearing a bra, her tits popped out firm and proud. She then grabbed her shorts and shoved them down her legs, leaving her naked except for her panties.

She then opened the door and walked down the hall. Susanna heard the door and smiled as she thought it was Julie. But the smile quickly faded as a nearly naked Cindy walked out into the hall. "Alex, I didn't know we had guests. Hi Anita, Susanna, what are you doing here?" "Cindy, where's Julie?" Anita replied.

"She's sleeping; I just stopped by to visit my boyfriend." Cindy answered as she moved close to Alex and pushed the hand off his cock. "I surprised him when I stopped by and found him with that skank Carrie. I know what she's like so I made sure she knew it was time to leave.

We're about to go to bed and his mom is sleeping like the dead. So if you don't mind, it's time for you to leave." Alex was now totally confused, first Carrie was seducing him and dominating his mom. Then a strange woman arrived with a story out of the twilight zone.

Now there were two women fighting over him. Just as Cindy's hand grabbed his cock, his mind cleared. There should be no reason for the twins to be at his house, unless what Susan had told him was true. He looked down at Cindy and smiled, "Yeah she saved my bacon by coming by.

If she hadn't I might have ruined the best thing to ever happen to me." He reached down and pulled her hand off his cock, "Not right now sweetheart, wait till they leave. Sorry ladies but mom is still out. You'll have to go." Susanna was furious. They both knew Cindy from school and she knew something was up. Susanna wasn't about to quit that easily, she quickly started to walk past Alex and down the thesandfly rare and hot amateur fun exhibitionist masturbation. Alex noticed and stepped in front of her.

He was a large man and towered over her. "Don't even think about it, Susanna," He said as he grabbed her arm and shoved her against the wall. "It's time for you to go, now." Susanna realized that Alex was serious and slid out towards the door. "OK, OK, you don't have to get rough. We'll talk to her tomorrow." The two teens quickly opened the door and left. Alex sighed and looked down at the naked Cindy. "Wow, I guess you really do want to help. I would never have guessed you had such feelings for me." Alex said and broke out in a loud laugh.

Cindy suddenly realized what she had done and turned a bright shade of red, blushing down to her toes. Alex's comment broke the tension and she joined him in laughing.

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She looked up at him and for the first time, really fabulous hotties enjoy a very kinky threesome at him. Here she was naked in a strange house, standing in front of a very handsome guy, who was also almost naked.

She had just shoved her hand in his shorts in front of two very dangerous young women, the same young women that had enslaved three grown women at school. After her experience with them at school her junior year she knew that this wasn't over.

They would be back and more dangerous than ever. Alex looked down at the pretty college student still standing right in front of him. She had her hands on his chest and was blushing profusely. He leaned over and wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He kissed her lightly on her cheek and said. "Don't worry about those two; I'll not let them do anything to you." Cindy slid her arms around his body and soaked in the moment.

"God I hope so, cause if they can do that to your mom I don't know if I'm strong enough to fight them." Cindy started to tell him about the FBI but thought better about it.

She would let Susan tell him. The two broke the hug and turned to walk down the hall holding hands. When they opened the door Alex gasped. His mother was lying on the bed with her head firmly planted between Susan's legs, eating her pussy. Susan was right on the verge of a massive orgasm; when the door opened she climaxed, squirting her juices all over the slave mother. "Alex, I didn't know what to do," Susan panted, trying to gain control of her body.

I couldn't let her hear their voices, she would have come running out to them. This was the only way I could do it. I'm sorry, please forgive me." Susan rolled off Julie and knelt on the bed beside her. Julie was taking her fingers and gathering Susan's cum and pushing it into her mouth. She was staring at her son's cock all the while. Alex looked down at the pair and said.

"This has got to be the strangest day ever. I've never had this many naked women at one time, ever! He watched his mom eagerly licking up Susan's come, her eyes glazed over with lust.

"We don't have much time I'm afraid, those two will be back. We have to break their spell quickly. I don't think they will take no for an answer next time." Anita and Susanna stormed out to their car. Susanna screamed at Anita that they needed to go back in and get their slave. Anita looked at her sister and said, "Shut up sis, I need to think.

There is something else going on here. Cindy is not who's behind this. There's someone else involved. Until we find out who that is we can't go barging back inside. Let's go home and talk to dad. He will know what to do." The two teens climbed into the car and drove home.

Anita knew her dad was going to be pissed. Sandy and Dawn were left in the apartment when the twins left. Their instructions were clear; the twins had tied the two slaves together. Dawn was lying on top of Sandy; their hands were clipped to each other's ankles.

Their mouths were filled with penis gags and inserted into the other cunt. They had then locked their collars to the waist chains preventing them from doing anything but fucking each other. They were to not allowed to climax and were not to stop fucking the cunt in front of their face. Just before Anita left, she blindfolded both slaves and put headsets over their ears.

She then turned on the audio, just to remind them of their commands. Although both were fully accepting their slavery, she didn't want to leave anything to chance.

She wanted to make sure no one would ever break their hold on the slaves. It had now been almost six hours since their mistress' left. Both slaves were exhausted, but as soon as either of them stopped fucking the other, the controller zapped them with a quick shot of electricity.

Waking them and keeping them on the verge of an orgasm. The bed was soaked with sweat and fluids leaking from their highly aroused bodies. The voices were constantly bombarding its beautiful kagney has her tight pussy drilled deep in their brains.

Now the only thing each desired was to please her mistress and make the other climax. Just after dawn the twins returned.

Both slaves were no longer coherent. They were now only barely functioning. Anita and Susanna turned off the controller and released the slaves. Dawn rolled off Sandy and opened her eyes. For the first time in what seemed like days she was not being fucked. She looked down at Sandy, who was still pushing her cunt up looking for the cock that had been fucking her. Susanna walked to the case with the toys and grabbed a riding crop.

She returned to the bed and brought it down hard on Sandy's aroused pussy. The sound reverberated around the room, followed by a wail from deep within Sandy's body. After three more blows, she turned her attention to Dawn. Both slaves were now writhing in pain as Susanna rained blow after blow on the exposed slave's tender lips. Soon both were begging to please their mistress's, promising to do anything they desired.

Anita stopped her sister and yelled, "Who is helping Julie?" Dawn looked up at the angry teen and cried, "Mistress, this lowly slave has no idea what you want. Julie never said anything. We didn't even talk to her. Please mistress have mercy." Anita let Susanna continue beating the slaves until they both were lying in a fetal position begging her to stop.

"Stop, Susanna, they don't know anything. Call dad and let him know. He'll take it from here." Susanna dropped the crop and walked to her purse; she grabbed her cell and pushed the speed dial for home. "Hey dad, no help here, they don't know anything. What are you going to do?

OK, what do you want us to do? OK, what should we do with the slaves? OK, we'll call you later when we get to school." "What did he say?" Anita asked.

"He has men watching Julie's house, he said that he will grab whoever is there and bring them to the dungeon and take care of them. We're to leave the slaves here and go to school. He wants us to find out if anyone visited Julie yesterday at school. We're supposed to get back to him with anything we find out." "What'll do we do with the slaves?" Anita asked as she looked down at the cowering slaves.

"He said we are to go ahead with our plans. So I guess when we get back from school, we go ahead and get their outfits and get them ready the party. We're going to have to guess Julie's size if dad hasn't got her. I got an idea, after we finish, let's let some of the guys have a little taste before the party. I want them totally broken by the end of the weekend. That means I want their minds completely compliant, without morals, totally accepting their slavery, including Julie," Susanna said with a scowl.

"I know; we'll put them back on the Mind Bender while we are gone. I want your slut to never be able to come again unless she is humiliated, and as for the other one, unless something is in her ass, forget about it." Susanna was on a roll now, "When we get Julie back here, I want her begging to fuck anything with a cock, especially her son's." Anita looked at her sister; she had never seen her like this before.

The look on her face was pure evil. When she finished with these women, they would never be able to recover. "OK, give me a minute; it'll take me a little while to get the verbal commands recorded." Anita said as she walked to the bedroom to start the process.

Thirty minutes later, Anita walked into the living room. "Everything is set; help me get the slaves ready." "OK, what do you want?" Susanna asked. "I want to tie them up till they can't move. I want clips on their nipples, cunt lips, and tongues. Make sure we use the largest vibrators and plugs. I've set the controls to the max, so there will be no going back after this. There will be no resistance when the program is finished." "How long will it take?" Susanna asked.

"I'm not sure, three, maybe four hours at least. We'll leave them here while we pick up their outfits. We can't stop the programming once it starts. I don't know what would happen if we did." "Slaves, climb on the bed, just like you were before." Anita said to the cowering slaves kneeling in the corner. Both of the slaves had looks of terror as they had heard exactly what was said. Sandy was the first to react, "Oh God, please mistress, I won't resist, please, please don't do this.

I paula shy and kari licking pussy by the pool do anything you wish. I will never disobey you. Please mistress don't hook me up to that machine." Dawn could not resist, her training from previous sessions had shut her down. She slowly rolled onto her knees and crawled over to the bed. In spite of her body obeying, her mind was petrified. She understood what the machine could do.

She knew that this was the end of her life, she was a slut slave. Susanna heard Sandy's begging and stormed over to the closet. She reached into the case and pulled out a flogger. She turned and walked to the cum slut, raised her arm and brought it down with a viscous blow across the slaves back. Sandy screamed as a large red welt marked her back. Anita quickly grabbed a gag and strapped it into place. "You will never hesitate again slut!" Susanna screamed as she rained blow after blow down on the naked slave.

Dawn seeing her fellow slave was being savagely beaten, quickly took her position on the bed. Accepting her fate as Anita tied her up and connected the clips. Just as she finished inserting the plug and vibrators, Susanna stopped whipping the cowering slave. Sandy was begging to get into position, her rainy afternoon with my daddy edited version, legs, and chest had angry welts striping her body.

As soon as the blows stopped, Sandy, as quickly as her screaming body would allow, followed Dawn into position on the bed. Ten minutes later she was totally helpless and connected to the controller. "OK, sis, turn it on, it's time to get to school.

We need to find out who is helping Julie," Anita said. Susanna flipped the switch and followed her sister out the door. Dawn and Sandy lay on the bed. Both had their legs tied together and pulled back towards their heads. The twins had attached their feet to the headboard, exposing their cunts and asses. Inserted into their cunt was a ten inch penis shaped vibrator, at least three inches in diameter. In their ass was an anal plug that was six inches in length, three inches in diameter at its widest, and firmly planted deep inside their bowels.

Both probes were AC powered and would not die.

Their hands were tied above their heads. Anita and Susanna had not only tied their bodies to the bed; they had secured it to the foot-board. Their efforts were rewarded as neither slave could move. Sandy had only been exposed to the controller overnight and the commands were pretty general. She had no idea of what was in store for her. Dawn on the other hand; knew exactly what was about to go down. As soon as the vibrators sex and oral stimulation job for agile dude she knew the clips would start the pain.

Even this early in the process, she was not strong enough to resist the verbal commands. Already she was accepting the instructions. Sandy's body, already highly aroused and hurting all over, was trying to ignore the verbal commands flowing through her brain. The vibrators, deep in her ass, pussy and clipped to her clit ring were going in full force.

Each doing their part to break her resistance to the commands, just as her body was cresting the mountain to a massive climax, the czech mega orgy and getting fucked while my comrades watch college parties can get wild came to life. Unlike the slow build to pain, they started at three quarter power, immediately electrifying the nipples and lips of her cunt.

The clip attached to her tongue ring coming to life, shocking her brain and temporarily stunning her. The ensuing shocks erasing all thoughts, only to be replaced by the verbal commands bombarding her mind.

You crave humiliation. You need to cum. You cannot cum without humiliation. You will obey your mistress. You love to lick ass. You need to serve. You are a slut. You are a possession. You crave humiliation. You need to cum. You cannot cum without humiliation. Over and over, never stopping, pain, pleasure, commands, continuous cycles, over and over. Sandy's world was now centered on her body and the stimulus.

There was nothing else. Dawn was fully engaged with the programming. She had learned that to resist was useless. After each session, Dawn's mind was drawn deeper into submission. There was nothing more to her world than pleasing her mistress. As each cycle ran its course, Dawn mind accepted that the only true pleasure center on her body was her ass.

You crave having your ass filled. Your orgasms come from your ass. You crave cum. You cannot cum without something in your ass. The more your ass is filled the better your orgasm. You will do whatever to fill your ass. Sandy and Dawn no longer knew where they were. There was nothing outside their bodies. Each absorbing the stimulus and commands, falling deeper and deeper into the pit the twins programmed.

Julie lay on the bed, still licking her fingers of the cum Susan deposited on her body. The precious liquid had satisfied her craving for the time being. Her arousal diminished since she drank Susan's fluids. But as she gazed at her son, her mind started the process all over again. With no one watching her, she slid off the bed and onto the floor. She smiled and slowly started to crawl towards her son.

Her eyes locked on his cock still semi-erect in his shorts.

"Oh God, Alex, please let me service your cock. Your mother is a slut slave that begs to serve you. Please let me worship your cock." Julie pleaded. Quick, stop her; we can't let her touch his cock. Cindy grab her and help me put her on the bed!" Susan shouted. Alex at first stepped back avoiding any contact with his pleading mother, but then he realized he could control the situation.

"Mother, stop right there, get on the bed and do as you are told," Alex said. Julie stopped in mid crawl. "Oh yes, master. Please take me, fuck me, use me, please master," She said, never taking her eyes off his cock while crawling back on the bed. Julie was now kneeling, naked, with her legs spread wide, trying to entice her son. Susan quickly took charge. "Alex, do you have any cord, rope, something we can tie her up with?" "Yeah, I think we have something out in the garage. I'll go get it." "Good, and while you are at it, bring back a belt, and something we can use as a blindfold." She instructed Alex.

"Cindy, go to the kitchen and get some vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, anything long and hard. Oh, and bring back some ice too." Both Alex and Cindy rushed out of the room to get what Susan wanted. Alex opened the back door and started out to the garage when he stopped. Here he was going out to get some rope to tie his mother up and make her orgasm.

There were two beautiful women in his house almost naked. Could this day be any stranger? He smiled and walked to the garage to look for the rope.

It took almost ten minutes to find anything to use to restrain his mother. The garage was filled with junk. They hadn't used it in a long time. When he returned to the house, Cindy had two cucumbers, two carrots, a bunch of celery, a spatula, some crushed red pepper, ice, and a wooden spoon. Alex looked at the collection of items and laughed. "I'm not sure what you are going to do with all of that but it will be fun to watch." When the returned to the bedroom, Susan had Julie lying on the bed spread eagle.

"Did you guys find everything?" "Yeah, I think so," Alex answered. As he and Cindy dropped everything on the dressing table beside the door. "Good, Alex take the rope and tie her hands to the headboard. Cindy tie a rope to each or her ankles. When you are done pull her legs up over her head and attach them to the posts on each side above her hands." Alex and Cindy looked at each other and quickly got to work. In a few minutes Julie was helplessly bound to the bed with her knees up around her head and her ass and pussy fully exposed.

"Julie, do you have any sex toys?" "Yes mistress, they are in a box under my bed." Susan quickly bent over and looked under the bed, finding a cardboard shoebox. She pulled it out and all three of them looked inside.

Alex gasped; he didn't know his mother was so kinky. Inside were two sets of handcuffs, a small and medium butt plug, nipple clips, three or four vibrators of various sizes, a blindfold, and a ball gag. Susan quickly took the blindfold and placed it over the slave's eyes while pinching her nipples.

Julie gasped as her world was reduced. When Susan pinched her nipples, Julie moaned as she remembered the mind bender. Susan then attached a nipple clip, pulled the chain around her leg and attached the clip to her other nipple. The effect was immediate. Julie's nipples were extended out from her body and every movement pulled them further. Julie gasped as the pain coursed through her tits and down to her cunt increasing her arousal even more.

Susan then motioned to the others to follow her out of the room. As they walked into the living room, Alex stopped and said. "Did you have to clip her tits like that? That looked painful. And what's with tying her up like that? It can't be comfortable." "I know this is tough, but I can't let her have any way out except to orgasm. Trust me; the pain only makes her more aroused.

We will leave her for a few minutes, then slip into the room and use a vibrator on both her cunt and ass." "Oh my God, are you sure this is what we need to do?" He asked. "No I don't, but from what I heard her say this is how they programmed her in the first place. When she is fully aroused we need to start telling her she has control. We keep increasing the stimuli till she breaks." "What if she doesn't break?" "That's not an option.

If we don't break their control, you may lose you mom," Susan said Ten minutes later Julie was sweating as the position she was in was difficult to maintain. She could let the ropes hold her legs upright, but when she did, the chain attached to the clips on her nipples felt like they were pulling her nipples off her tits. She was concentrating so hard on keeping the pressure off her nipples; she didn't hear them return to the room.

Just then she felt a vibration right on her labia. Her cunt, already flowing like a fountain and leaking down her ass, contracted with the touch. Julie gasped as the vibrator was slowly embedded into her cunt. The deeper it went the higher her arousal. Julie was now fully engaged with the vibrator now slowly fucking her gushing pussy. Just as the vibrator bottomed out for the third time, a new sensation started on her ass. Something was intruding on her anal sphincter and pushed into her ass.

After the last week she welcomed the intrusion as her ass had been programmed to be a pleasure zone by the twins. Susan, Alex and Cindy were diligently working on Julie's body. Cindy was pushing the vibrator and plug, fucking both of her holes. Susan was whispering slutty mama fondled and fucked japanese and hardcore her ear, repeating over and over "You have control, you are in charge, you are not a slut, you can orgasm, you are in control." Over and over again, Susan repeated the commands trying to erase the mind bender's program.

Meanwhile Alex didn't quite know what to do, so he just caressed Julie's body trying to increase the stimulus. They continued for about twenty minutes before they realized that what they were doing was not enough. Susan stopped talking to the slave and motioned to the others to stop. They slipped out of the room and walked to the living room.

Julie was right on the brink of a massive orgasm when everything stopped. It was more of the same, it was just like the mind bender.

Taking her to the brink and stopping all stimuli only this time there was very little pain. Her lower body was humping the air trying to push her body over the edge, but it wasn't to be. Susan looked at the others. "We need to increase the level. If we can't push her over the edge, and not just once, but over and over again, she will forever be a slut.

Does anyone have any ideas?" Cindy looked up at Alex and said, "I have a couple of ideas. How about we do what we were doing, but this time, I lick her cunt and ass while I fuck her with the vibrators. Alex you put your cock in her hand and lean over and take over on the commands.

Susan you sit on her face and force her to eat your pussy and ass. She wants cum, she wants Alex's cock, and she needs something more to push her over the edge. What do you think?" Susan looked at her submissive friend and smiled. "I don't know if it will work or not but it's worth a try. I'm just afraid that if she gets her hands on his cock it might reinforce her training, not the other way around." Alex thought about what was said and then interjected, "Yeah, but it will be my voice in her head telling her she has control." "OK, let's go.

Remember be quiet when we go in and start the process. Cindy, if and when we get close, remove the anal probe and use your fingers. The more the better is what I always say." "OK, Mistress." She replied. Julie lay on the bed craving stimulus. Her body was a tightly wound spring ready to release, but the training the twins embedded deep into her brain wouldn't let her body climax. All she could think of was reaching that magical platform and quelling her craving.

Just as she started to slightly relax, the vibrations started again. Only this time it was different, in her hand was a cock, a magnificent cock. God is it Alex's cock. It's so large, please let it be Alex's cock, she thought.

Suddenly someone was straddling her head; Julie noticed the distinctive smell of pussy. She strained her neck and extended her tongue to lap up any fluids that might be flowing from the body just above her. Then it happened! The voice from the Gods, it was Alex speaking directly into her brain. But this message was different. Instead of commanding her to obey and to crave his body, it was telling her that she had control. She could do as she wished, and right now she wished to orgasm.

However in spite of the commands, her training wouldn't let go. As her arousal increased and confusion clouding her brain, the conflicting commands instead of canceling out each other were causing a brain lock. She was losing all control. Cindy was the first to notice as Julie's bladder released its contents just as she lowered her mouth to Julie's pussy. Cindy gasped as her mouth was filled with urine squirting out of the slut's cunt. But instead of backing off, she pushed forward and licked around the vibrator still inserted in Julie's body, drinking up anything gushing monster black pole for a kinky slag cumshot facial the captive slut.

Julie, feeling the tongue lapping around the vibrating toy screamed in ecstasy as with all the stimulus raining down on her body completely overwhelming her senses. Susan realizing that Julie was right on the verge pushed her cunt down on Julie's face coating it with her juices to increasing the pressure.

Cindy had never drank piss before but instead of it being revolting, found it to be stimulating. Just as Susan forced her cunt on Julie's face, she pulled the anal probe from the helpless MILF and shoved two fingers deep into the anal cavity. Julie was now lost.

She was no longer in her bed but in another world. The voice in her head nasty lucianna takes two old dicks one in mouth one in doggie pussyfucking lickingpussy her that she had control, fighting with the commands from her mistress, stopped all functions.

Her son's voice, repeating over and over his love for her; along with telling her to seize control were slowly taking hold. The entire experience was overwhelming; the clips on her nipples, the restraints, the vibrator pulsing and fucking her cunt, the wonderful cock in her hand, the juicy pussy filling her mouth, and now the fingers in her ass had completely taken over her body.

Just as she was about to pass out, the fingers in her ass suddenly expanded as she felt first three then four fingers, followed by the thumb sliding in and out of her ass. Suddenly Julie felt her sphincter finally explode as a fist was pushed deep inside her rear passage. When the fist began to twist and turn, the fingers moving in all directions, Julie screamed into Susan's cunt.

Her body went ridged and the muscles contracted, grabbing everything in every orifice and squeezing tight as a massive orgasm exploded from deep within her body. Julie was convulsing on the bed threatening to push everyone away as all the stimulus finally broke through the barrier that had controlled her. "Don't stop keep fucking her, don't stop, we are breaking her down." Susan called as the slut mother was bucking and thrashing about on the bed. Everything stopped, Julie had blacked out.

Cindy slowly pulled her hand out of her ass and Susan slipped off her face. The two of them looked at each other, Cindy's face covered in cum and piss, Susan flushed as she too had experienced two massive orgasms from the sluts tongue.

Alex, still kneeling beside his mother, her hand firmly grasping his cock, collapsed beside her as his cum dripped down her arm. Susan was the first to regain her senses and crawled off the bed.

She walked to the bathroom, grabbed a washcloth, soaked it in cold water, and returned to the bedroom. When she returned, Cindy had pulled the vibrator out of the comatose mother's cunt and was cleaning it with her mouth. Alex was still lying next to his mother and dozing. Susan looked at the scene in front of her and smiled. They had broken through a barrier, but looking at the sleeping mother she realized that this was just beginning.

Julie's orgasm and convulsions had ripped the clips off her nipples leaving them angry and bleeding. Her ass still pointing up at the ceiling was gaping from the fisting she had received from Cindy and pulsed as the orgasm was still coursing throughout the slut's body. Susan gently took the wet cloth and wiped her face and down her body, lightly cleaning her nipples, letting the cool cloth provide some relief.

Julie moaned as she started to regain consciousness. Susan then released her feet and pulled her legs down on the bed. Cindy and Alex each started to massage a thigh helping to relieving any remaining stress. Julie opened her eyes and looked at the trio surrounding her on the bed. At first she didn't know where she was, but when she saw Alex rubbing her legs she smiled and reached out to hug him.

"Alex, what is happening to me? I'm so confused I don't understand what is going on," Julie cried as she tried to roll over and hug her son.

She then realized that her hands were attached to the headboard keeping her from moving. A look of panic came across her face as she looked at the two mostly naked young women, stroking her body. "Who are you and why am I naked and tied to the bed?" Alex sat up and moved over to comfort his mother. Snuggling up next to her face he said, "Mom, are you OK? I'm sorry we had to restrain you but we had to break the control the Martinez twin had on you.

Do you remember anything?" Julie, regaining her senses, raised her head and looked down at her son. When tracey sweet just wants to get boned realized he was naked, she gasped. "What have you done to me? I don't understand what is happening." Susan was now cleaning up the mess around the confused mother's cunt.

Just as the cloth brushed her labia, Julie gasped. As quickly as her moment of clarity happened, the touch of the cloth brought back all the twins training.

It was as if a switch was flipped. After the orgasm had cleared her mind, just a touch on her cunt sent her arousal through the roof, and with that the training from the mind bender. "Oh Alex, I love you, please take me. I need you to fuck me. Please master, take this slut and use me anyway you wish." Alex, Cindy and Susan moaned, as all the hard work seemed to be for nothing. All three of them were exhausted from forcing Julie to orgasm. Now, just when it seemed they had brought her back she returned to her slave self.

"Mom, you have control, you are not a slave, and you control your body and mind. You have been brainwashed by those evil twins. You don't want me to take you; it's the programming that's talking." Julie looked at the three naked people sitting beside her, "Oh my God, what is wrong with me? Please help me." Susan hoped that Julie's mind was coming back, but when Alex's cock brushed her side.

Small boy and girl hard six

Julie gasped at the touch and the moment passed. Julie looked at her son, smiled, and said, "Alex, I need to call my mistress. I need her to know I'm OK. Please let me call her." Susan motioned to Cindy to tie Julie's legs to the bottom of the bed. "We need to start again, hopefully if won't be as difficult the next time.

Every time we make her climax we bring her back a little more." Anita and Susanna walked into the school. It was now almost nine o'clock. They immediately walked into the main office. Sally was sitting at the front desk reading a book when she looked up at the twins. She gasped as they walked right up to her. "Hey Sally; come with us, right now slut!" Anita said.

"I can't right now. I have to stay here." "I don't care, but if you know what's good for you, get up now!" Sally looking around the room hoping someone was watching, but no one was around.

She quietly stood and followed the two dominate teens out of the office and down the hall. She didn't know what they wanted but she knew if she didn't do as they said her life as she knew it would be over. At the end of the hall, Susanna grabbed the nervous girl and half dragged her down the stairs to the boiler room in the basement. "So Sally we need some information and you are going to give it to us, understand?" "S-s-s-sure, what is it you ravishing blonde is down for some dp to know?" "First let's get things straight, we own you.

If you don't give us what we want, or do what we say, we will ruin you. Now strip slut, we want you naked NOW!" Sally gasped and said, "Please Susanna, don't make me do this.

I'll tell you everything I know. You don't have to do this." Anita walked up behind the scared teen and grabbed her by the hair, "Listen slut, we don't have time for this, just do as you are told. Now get naked and you might get out of this." With shaking hands Sally slowly started to unbutton her blouse, but Anita smacked her across her face and ripped it open.

"Too late slut, you moved too slow." She then pulled it off her arms and threw it down in the trash. "I guess you can't wear that top anymore.

Now if you want to keep you skirt you better get naked now." Sally, crying quickly removed the rest of her clothes leaving them on the ground. "Now here is what is going to happen slut. Yesterday there were some visitors and we want to know who they were and we want to know now. Who came to visit Miss Julie down the hall?" "No one that I know of, we only had a few people stop in but none of them asked for Miss Julie," The cowering teen busty brunette chick stripping off in her bik. "Wrong answer slut, now you lose your skirt," Anita answered as she picked up the discarded skirt and tore it in half.

"You don't have much left so you better tell us the truth." "Oh my God NO, I didn't lie! The only visitors we had was Cindy Stuart and her friend from college.

You remember Cindy. She graduated last year. She and her friend were looking for Miss Hauser. She was her ex-teacher or something.

I told them that she called in sick, that's all." "Not good enough slut," Anita shouted as she picked up Sally's bra and panties and ripped them to pieces.

"Now if you don't tell us everything we will leave you here naked and distribute all the pictures we have and everyone will know you are a lezbo slut." "Oh god no, please don't, I don't know anything else. They asked for her address but I didn't know it. The only thing I told them was that I saw Miss Julie talking with Miss Hauser and Miss Reynolds the other day in the hall. They didn't say anything but sunny leone shows her boobies hq mp4 xxx storymp4. I don't know what happened after that.

I didn't see them again. I don't know if they talked to her or not. Please don't show anyone those pictures, PLEASE DON'T!" "Well now we're getting somewhere. See you did know more than what you thought. See you should have told us that from the start and you wouldn't have ended up naked with your clothes in tatters. Now here's what's going to happen. I want you to crawl over to the janitor's office and beg him to use your body any way he wants.

If you are good he will give you something to wear to get out of school. Oh and here, put this around your neck. You belong to us and now everyone is going to know." Susanna said as she handed the naked teen a collar. Sally took the collar from her and looked at it. It was a leather slave collar with four rings around it. On one of the rings was a metal tag with "Slut Slave" engraved on it. She slowly wrapped it around her neck and buckled it closed.

Susanna then took a small lock and secured the collar making sure it couldn't be removed. "Now your senior year will really be memorable. Now that you are eighteen it doesn't matter who knows what you really are.

Oh, and by the way, don't worry about what your parents will think. They're our parents' slaves too. When you get home, give them this letter and have fun." Anita and Susanna laughed as they walked out of the room, leaving the naked teen crying on her knees in the middle of the room. "What was in the note sis?" Anita asked her sister. Oh nothing much, but it is going to open her eyes on hung tit mother id like to fuck rides wang japanese hardcore much our family controls things.

Mom and dad enslaved her parents about a year ago. So far they have kept it from her, but now she's of age all bets are off.

When they read the note her mom and dad will be explaining the facts of life from now on. By Monday she will no longer have any control over her body." "Did you tell George the janitor to expect her today?" "Yeah, I called him earlier and told him to use all her holes and send her home covered in cum." "Does he have anything for her to wear home?" "Probably not, I guess he will give her a ride.

I would love to be sitting in her house when she walks in and gives her mom the note, naked and covered in cum. I'm calling Dad now and let him know what we found out," Susanna answered as she pulled out her cell and called home. "Hey dad, how are things going?. We found out the help Julie was getting was because of Anita's slave's ex-student and Cindy Stuart.

Yes, we are going now to pick up our slaves costumes for the party tomorrow. OK, we will. Really!. OK we will go there now. Oh My God. OK we know what to do. Yes we will follow the plan, see you later. Thanks dad, love ya." "Anita, Dad has men at Julie's house as we speak. There was only Julie and Alex there when they went in, and grabbed them.

He thinks that Cindy and her friend are going over to the apartment. He wants us to meet his men there. We are going to capture them and put them on the mind bender ASAP. Dad thinks that something is going on and he wants us to go to plan B.

He thinks that the feds are going to raid the house. We are to stay at the apartment after we get the costumes and wait till he contacts us. It looks like we are going to have a house full of slaves real soon," Susanna explained. "Oh my, let's get going, when are the men going to get there? I'm guessing they will already be there when we arrive." The twins walked out of the school and headed to their car. It was going to take about an hour to finish their errands and get to the apartment.

It was now about eight o'clock at Alex and Julie's house. Susan, Cindy and Alex were exhausted, naked, lying on the bed. It had been a long night. Julie was still naked and restrained. She was sleeping peacefully as all their efforts had taken a toll on the on the middle aged MILF.

The three young adults had kept up a constant assault for the last few hours. Each time they managed to make her orgasm, either by pain or arousal, Julie's mind netflix and chill with slutty year old tinder date free from her training, but it didn't last. The good thing was that it took longer each time before her mind reverted back to the slut training.

The last time, however was over an hour ago and she had not reverted. Hopefully they had finally succeeded. Susan was the first to move out of the bed. "We need to get out of here. We need to get to the apartment before those evil twins can totally break down Sandy and Dawn." "I don't think we should move mom right now.

She's in a very fragile state. I don't know what would happen if she saw either of the twins right now. How about you go get the teachers and bring them back here.

I will stay with mom," Alex said while he gently pushed Julie's hair from her face. "OK, that sounds like a plan. Cindy, grab our clothes and meet me in the living room. I need to call my lawyer to arrange pickup." Thirty minutes later Susan and Cindy and cleaned up and dressed. Just as they started to walk out the door, Alex called out to them. "Hey maybe you should go out the back. I have a feeling that the Martinezes might be watching the house.

As you slip out the door stay close to the garage no one can see you from the street. When you get to the fence, climb over and go through the neighbor's yard. That will put you on the next street.

Hopefully you can get to your car without anyone noticing. We'll be OK here. I doubt they will try anything just yet." "Thanks Alex, it's almost eight thirty. We should be able to get to the apartment in twenty minutes. Hopefully we can grab the two slaves and get back here in an hour or so. You should keep your doors locked; I don't trust anyone in that family." Cindy looked up at Alex and smiled; she then leaned in and gave him a hug.

After the night they had she felt very close to him. "I hope when this is over we can have a normal evening together." "You bet," Alex answered and gave her a deep kiss. The two young women quickly left the house and five minutes later were in Susan's car. Both were silent as the evening's events and exhaustion were clouding their brains. Susan started the car and headed to the apartment. What the women didn't know was that twenty minutes later three large men broke down the door.

Alex had slipped on a pair of shorts as Susan and Cindy left the house. He turned and headed back to his mother's room and laid down beside her. He was so tired he fell instantly into a deep sleep. Suddenly there was a loud bang at the front of the house. Alex's eyes opened and he jumped up to see what had happened.

Just as he opened the bedroom door, he was met by a large fist straight amateur pregnant blonde fucked on camera for the first time the jaw. He crumbled to the floor dazed not realizing what had happened. Before he could regain his senses he felt a prick on his arm and everything went black.

The three thugs looked around the room. The commotion had awakened Julie, but she was still tied to the bed naked. She started to scream but one of the men quickly clamped a hand over her mouth. Julie was panicking as she saw the men gather her son and carry him out of the room. The man holding his hand over her mouth pov black cock fucking with aleska diamond, "Listen up slut, we can do this two ways.

You can be quiet and no one gets hurt, or you can fight this and both of you may never see another day. Are you going to cooperate?" Julie nodded and her body slumped into the bed.

It took the men a few minutes to untie Julie and take her out to their van. Once inside the van the leader of the group called Mr. Martinez. "We got the woman and her son, sir. There was no one else in the house. What do you want us to do?" "OK, take the woman to the apartment.

Keep the boy in the van. You will bring him to me after you finish at the apartment. By the time we are done with him he will never want a woman again, except maybe his mother. The only thing that will excite him will be a large cock up his ass. When you go in the apartment I think the two who were at the house will be there. The two slaves will be no problem. They will do whatever you tell them.

The other two might try to resist but don't let them get away. Make them strip and drug them. Use the drugs we got from the tattoo shop. That will make them very horny and they should do whatever you want. My daughters will get there in about an hour or so. I want the mother and two girls naked, bound, and horny when they get there. My girls will take over from there. Make sure everything is under control and then bring me the boy. Do you understand?" "Yes boss, we'll take care of it.

Can we fuck them?" "Yes but don't let them cum. I will expect you in a couple of hours. If it takes any longer contact me and let me know what's taking so long. Don't disappoint me." "Yes Sir we'll do as ordered" The thug answered.

Susan and Cindy arrived at the apartment. They looked around the parking lot and didn't see either of the twins BMW's. "It looks like the twins are gone. Do you think Sandy and Miss Reynolds are in there?" Cindy asked. "I'm sure of it. They can't take them anywhere right now.

They are concentrating on getting Julie back. I'm sure they are worried they're losing their grip on her. Let's go in and see what's happening," Susan answered. The two quickly got out of the car and walked to the door. It was locked but Susan looked under the welcome mat and found the spare key and unlocked the door. When they walked into the living room they heard the two women groaning in the bedroom. The entire apartment reeked of sex.

Susan quickly looked around and made sure no one was there and headed towards the groans. When they entered the bedroom they both gawked at what they saw. Dawn and Sandy were naked, bound, blindfolded, and plugged.

The bed was soaked in their fluids especially by their cunts. Cindy walked to the night stand and looked at the two boxes sitting there with wires running over to the bound slaves. Both slaves had headsets covering their ears piping something into their heads. Just as she touched Dawn, the bound teacher's body went rigid as the controller changed state shocking the slave. She didn't know what had happened as she quickly removed her hand. But the effect of the shock was to eliminate any chance of an orgasm.

Susan didn't know what to do first as she had only heard a little of what Julie had told them, but she knew she had to disconnect the two women from the boxes. "Cindy, turn off those boxes. We need to get them back to the real world." Cindy looked down at the controllers and pushed the switch and turned them off.

Both women slumped and looked like they had passed out. Susan then started to remove the headsets, gags, and blindfolds. When she removed Sandy's blindfold and looked into her eyes, she wasn't sure if her ex-teacher was even there. She had a blank look in her eyes, but after a few moments a whisper came from her mouth. "Sushan? Ish that you? Whash are yoush doing here? Whash can this shut do for you? Please mishtress may this shut cum?" Susan looked down at the still bound slave.

The chains extending down her body from the collar and through the rings on her nipples and clit glistened in the light. She looked at the slave bracelets and shackles and moaned. Although she felt sorry for the woman lying there, she also felt a little arousal. She almost wished that she was her slave instead of the evil twins. Susan quickly dismissed the thought and started to release the subdued slave. When she finished, Sandy quickly leaned over and grabbed the stunned young woman. When Sandy opened her mouth to speak, Susan noticed the ring and stud in her tongue.

"Oh My God Sandy, what have they done to you? Are you OK?" "Yesh Mishtress, This shut is fine, thish shut wants to sherve yoush. Phease lesh me sherve yoush." Cindy gasped as her heard the teacher speak.

She quickly started to release Miss Reynolds. When she removed the gag and blindfold; the slave looked at the young woman above her and moaned. "Oh God please use me. I need to be fucked. Please use this worthless slave and fuck my ass. I will do anything you wish just fuck my ass." There was no recognition in her eyes. She had no idea that Cindy was in her class only a few months ago. The only thing on her mind was to achieve an orgasm that had been denied for so long.

Cindy looked at Susan and said. "What are we going to do? We don't have time to break the training. I'm sure the twins will be back soon." "I don't know. Let me think. Look around and see if there is anything for them to wear. We need to get them back to Julie's house." Susan answered. As Cindy walked into the living room, in walked two of the largest men she had ever seen. Cindy screamed as the first thug rushed up to her and threw her to the ground.

"Don't move, or I'll hurt you he said quietly." Susan called from the bedroom, "Cindy, is something wrong?" The second thug rushed into the bedroom and grabbed Susan before she could react. He then dragged her out into the living room and threw her down beside Cindy.

The two scared women sat cowering on the floor when a third man entered the apartment leading Julie, naked on a leash and pushed her down beside the two scared girls. "OK sluts, if you know what's good for you, you will do as you are told and you won't get hurt.

If not I can't guarantee your safety. Now strip!" Susan and Cindy both gasped as the three thugs towered above them. "NOW SLUTS!" He shouted. Both girls jumped and quickly started to remove their clothes. In less than a minute they were both naked with their clothes in a pervert driver fucks sexy amateur babe for taxi fare blowjob shaved in front of them.

"Take their clothes and throw them in the dumpster. They won't need them anymore," The leader said to one of the men. He bent down, grabbed the clothes and walked out the door. "Now drink this and stand up." He said as he handed each of them a bottle of water.

Both the scared girls took the water and started to drink as they stood up. As soon as they finished the drink he twirled his finger for them to turn around. "Put your hands behind you and don't move." Both young women did as instructed. The thugs quickly cuffed their hands and grabbed their tits roughly.

Susan screamed, "You can't get away with this. People know we are here." The leader laughed as he pinched her nipples causing her to cry out in pain. In spite of her anger, the drug started to work its magic and Susan's body started to react to the groping. The more the men mauled the tender tits and nipples the more aroused they both became.

Cindy looked at her friend and watched as her protests grew weaker and her moans grew louder. Even as her own arousal was skyrocketing. In just a few minutes, both girls were now totally enjoying every touch. The drug had fully taken effect and now all they could think of was the need to orgasm.

The leader then turned to Julie who was still sitting on the floor. "Get up on your knees slave. Crawl over here and beg to suck our cocks." Julie had resisted reverting back to her training until he called her slave. Her mind snapped and she was once again a submissive slut, eager to please her master. She quickly rose to her knees and crawled to the nearest man. "Please master; let this lowly slut worship your cock.

Please feed this slave your cum. Please I beg you to fuck my face and chubby blonde gets it in the ass hard your needs." The large man smiled, opened his pants and freed his large semi-erect cock.

Julie gasped and quickly opened her mouth and started to lick the large head. The thug smiled and grabbed her head and pushed his cock deep in her mouth. Julie gagged as the massive head penetrated her throat. When he pulled her head back, Julie drooled down her chest, hot brunette gently fucked in bed in the morning her tits.

He continued to fuck her throat without mercy until he groaned and shot his seed directly into her stomach. Julie was near unconsciousness from lack of oxygen; fell back on her ass gasping for air.

No sooner than she started to become aware of her surroundings when the second thug grabbed the hair on top of her head and pulled her to his exposed cock. "What have you got to say slut?" he bellowed. "Oh please master, use this useless slut's mouth for your pleasure. I'll take anything you have to offer." The cruel thug held her head right at the tip of his cock and unleashed a massive stream of piss into the open mouth. Julie caught totally by surprise tried to move away, but only managed to have her head and chest covered with the golden liquid.

"Stop struggling slut! Open your mouth and drink my piss. You begged for it now take it." Julie surrendered to her master and accepted her fate, drinking down the foul piss. When he finished he took his cock and cleaned it with her hair. "Oh God I really needed to go. Now get busy and suck me off. I want to cover your face with my cream." Julie leaned forward and took his unit deep in her mouth, fucking her own throat and lavishing her tongue all over his cock.

It didn't take long before she felt it swelling as his cum started to push its way out of his balls and up his tool. Just as he reached his peak, he bellowed, "Here it comes slut!" He pulled his cock from her mouth and shot stream after stream of his juice all over her face. Julie no longer resisting, was now savoring the experience as she pleased her master. All thoughts of escape or returning to her normal life were gone.

Susan and Cindy, now completely under the influence of the drugged water watched as Julie serviced the two thugs. Both were so aroused it was all they could do to not beg to take her place. The leader, standing between them, grabbed a nipple with each hand and pulled them to their knees. "You two will get you mouths busy on my cock. You won't stop till I tell you. If you make me happy I might give you a chance to get off." That was all the drugged women needed to hear. Each of them quickly crawled to his exposed cock and began licking it from the very top to the bottom of his balls.

He smiled as he looked down at the two beautiful young women literally fighting to swallow his cock. "God I love this job. I really need to thank Mr. Martinez sunny leone sex stories sexy xstory this.

OK sluts, there is plenty to go around. One of you suck the balls and the other swallow my cock. When I tell you, switch. Got it?" Both horny women nodded as Cindy slid down and sucked his right testicle in her mouth bathing it with her tongue. Susan slid up his cock and swallowed it whole down her throat.

Just as the two horny women got into a rhythm the other two men walked out of the bedroom leading the teacher slaves behind them. "Look what we found. There are more naked women here than at the club. What can we do to these two?" They asked their leader. "Whatever we want, we just can't let them cum," He answered.

The two men laughed out loud, as this was better than Christmas, then started to pull the slaves over to the couch. The biggest man shoved Dawn on the couch and dropped down behind her. He spread her cheeks, lined up his erect cock at her back door and plunged it deep. Dawn screamed as the large cock was suddenly buried deep in her ass.

Instead of trying to get away from the pain, she embraced it, relishing in the feeling of finally being filled and completing her desire of a full ass. The pain quickly dissipated and was replaced with arousal as she pushed back on the large cock fucking her ass. Her mind and body taking in every sensation and letting it wash throughout her body. As Dawn's orgasm started to reach a peak, the front door opened and in walked the twins.

Susanna quickly took in the situation and screamed, "Get your cock out of her ass right now. I say when she fucks, who she fucks, and how she fucks. And right now she fucks no one." The three men quickly shoved each of the women servicing them to the ground and said, "Sorry Miss Martinez. We thought we would have a little fun before you arrived." "Get dressed right now, and where is Alex?" "Oh he's in the van.

We gave him a shot; he 'll be out for a while," The leader explained. "Alright you three, finish getting dressed and get out of here. We'll take it from here. Go report to my dad, he'll take care of you," Susanna answered. The three men quickly pulled up their pants and hurried out the door. Anita and Susanna looked amateur babe goes wild with her toys and cums the room.

Cindy and her friend were naked and sitting on the floor, their face covered in drool from servicing the leader. Their hands cuffed behind them. Julie was cowering in the corner, her face and tits covered in spit and cum. The teacher slaves were kneeling in front of the couch waiting on further instructions. "Well sis, I guess we have our hands full. Tpcute girl fists her soaking wet pussy on camhtml better get busy if we expect to finish what dad wants," Anita said.