Hot sexy teen toying herself till her pussy got wet

Hot sexy teen toying herself till her pussy got wet
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"This has been a great day" I think aloud, not expecting a reply. "Yeah, always a great day when the fish are biting" Jim does reply. "I'm glad we brought along this camper though, would make for a real long day if we had to drive all the way home tonight." "With a cold beer to top it all off.

What more can a guy ask for?" I note.

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"Speaking of beer; I could use another one". "Here, catch" Jim tosses another can over my way. "Thanks. A few more of these and I'll be out like a light" I remark. "Think I can come up with a few things to keep your interest going and eyes open" Jim whispers, barely audible. "What's that" I ask. "Oh nothing. I'm just thinking aloud.

That bed comfortable with the bedroll padding?" He asks.

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"Snug as a bug in a rug" I laugh back at him. "Good, good, happy to hear that" Jim tells me. He reaches across the space between and us and grabs the beer. "Let me open that for you" he pops the top of the can. "Don't throw it back though" I warn him jokingly. "Wouldn't think of it" Jim shifts around and sits on the bed next to me. "Here" he holds out the beer. "Aaaa&hellip.thanks" I take the beer. A bit uncomfortable having Jim sitting there in bed with me, I chug a shot of the beer, downing half the can in one swallow.

I prop my head up on one arm.

Jim leans back against my body and slowly sips his beer. He stares absently at the wall, deep in thought. We quietly lay there drinking our beers. I feel the effects of the beer as my vision burrs a little. "Whew, feeling that beer now" I remark to Jim. "Hope the room doesn't start spinning. I hate when that happens". "Feeling a bit of a buzz, are you?" Jim asks as he turns slightly and drops his arm across my belly. "Don't be getting sick" "Don't worry, I can handle it ".

"Sure hope you can 'handle' it" Jim actually giggles. Jim turns away from me and lies backwards next to me. He rests his head on one hand as he finishes off his beer. He throws the empty over his shoulder and surprises me by grabbing the hand supporting my head.

His body weight pins my free arm to the bed. More of a surprise is the feel of the rope wrapping around my wrist. My dazed mind is slow responding and before I can do anything about it, my hand is bound high above my head, she keep riding after cum to the handle of a drawer.

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"What the hell" I shout. "Relax; this will loosen those tight muscles you have." Jim takes the beer from my other hand and he tosses off the rest of the can. That can joins the other empty on the floor and he loops another length of rope around my second wrist.

Lying there with both my hands firmly secured to the drawer. The pull of the ropes is relaxing, a little traction to ease the natalia fucks bf on the comfy couch pornstars and hardcore. Don't know what Jim has in mind, but it sure feels nice so far. I close my eyes and enjoy the gentle strain on my arms. Jim slips his hand into the bed roll and I feel his hand run down my body until he reaches my crotch.

"Hey, what the fu" my exclamation is cut off short as the rubber ball is shoved into my mouth. I try to push the ball back out with my tongue, but he buckles the straps behind my head, holding the ball tightly in place. Jim meets my eyes and gives me a little wink. "Not to worry, just a little fun between friends" he tells me. I am pretty much trapped there on the bed; the bed roll keeping me from moving off the bed and my hands stretched above my head.

Jim pulls down the zipper of the bed roll half way, exposing my naked body. "I thought I noticed you climbing in there wearing only your birthday suit." Jim strokes my belly with the tips of his fingers. "Nice tone, you been working out?" Not expecting an answer, he closes his hand around my limp cock. He squeezes it firmly until it begins to swell. When the head extends beyond his grab he presses it with his thumb. "Getting into this, are we?" he asks.

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Jim leans down and runs his tongue around my cock head, wetting it with his spit. His hot breath excites my cock even more and it pushes up, finding its way between Jim's lips. He sucks the head into his mouth and engulfs its full length. His head works like a piston as my cock slides in and out of his mouth. I wish my hands were free so I could hold his head in place while I pump forcibility up into his face.

In response to my effort to drill deep into him, Jim withdraws my cock from his mouth. "Not yet" he warns me as the pre-cum leaks out.

He gives me a few more strokes before releasing his grip. I had bent my knee while Jim sucked me and now he grabs my ankle, using it as a lever, he rolls me over. Before I fall off the bed, he jerks me back onto the bed, now lying face down, Another rope finds its way around that ankle and it too is secured tightly.

The second ankle bunch of nasty swingers swap partner and enjoy big orgy the last to lose its' freedom, rope pulling my legs open and exposing my ass. Now in his complete control; Jim's hands roam around my back and legs.

He squeezes a warm liquid down my back and thighs. Massaging it into my skin generates a tingling sensation. The smell of menthol is strong in my nostrils, the cause of the tingling I assume. Jim continues his massage; the pressure of his hands heating the "jell" being spread over my backside. Like most senses, the nerves being simulated soon accept his pressure and the muscles relax under his fingers. Jim increases the assault by thumping my back with the sides of his hands.

He runs his hands up and down my back, thumping all the way. Jim has a real talent and the thumbing is alternately traded with scraping of his finger nails. I jump when Jim slaps my ass with the flat of his hand. Immediately he massages the cheek with the palms of his hand, relieving the sting. He continues the massage, and slaps until I feel the heat of a red glow covering my ass. When Jim circles my hole with his finger, I try to pull away, but the ropes hold me firmly in place.

"Easy now" Jim tells, and then spreads jell around my hole. "You're like this if you relax a little". Jim dangles a little silver bullet in front of my face, "not too big now is it?" I feel the vibrations of the cold metal against my skin as Jim holds it between my ass cheeks. The vibrations serve to deaden the nerves and relax the muscles of my ass until Jim is able to slip the silver bullet into me.

The vibrations feel great on my inner flesh and despite myself, a moan escapes around the ball plugging my mouth. I feel smooth leather strands dragging across my back and down over my ass cheeks.

Wondering what he is going to do really start to excite me, quite a surprise to my reasoning. I hear the whiz of the straps as they travel through the air, landing solidly across both my ass cheeks. My whole body stiffens from the pain and all the breath is forced from my lungs a tear involuntarily escaping from my eye. Brandi love and casi james shared boyfriend on the bed pornstars and big tits pain starts to lessen and I can breathe again just in time to hear the sound of the cat ending its return on my ass.

Again the pain stiffens my body, but Jim doesn't wait until it lessens this time before he swings the whip again. He continues decreasing the intervals between strikes until it seems like a single, long hit. I have trouble breathing through my nose, not enough air in getting in and I strain to force the ball from its nest.

Jim has stopped with the whip, out of weariness on his part or lust, I don't know. My own troubles dominate my thoughts; my aching ass and the lack of air to cool my boiling blood.

I don't remember when Jim had stood up, but now he is standing beside the bed, fully naked as the day he was born, a rock hard erection staring me in the face. He reaches over and unbuckles the gag. I push the ball clear of my mouth and take a deep breath.

My open mouth is too inviting for Jim and he locks his fingers behind my head then drives his hot throbbing cock into my mouth. With only a couple of strokes, Jim starts a moan that builds to a muffled scream as his cum squirts out, shooting down my throat, covering my face with wave after wave of hot cum. Jim is in control and reminds me of that fact by rubbing his cock all around my face, painting it with a sticky layer. Having emptied his loins, he now takes a towel lying on the counter and after rolling it lengthwise, wraps it around my face, gagging me once again.

"Bit thirsty now, ya know?" Jim remarks. He grabs a cold beer and pops the top. After a deep sip, he asks "you need some yourself?" He takes my muffled reply as a yes, but to my surprise he tips the can and floods my back with the cold beer. The cold of the beer is a shock to by burning skin, but does cool it down; until the alcohol reaches the skin tortured from the whip where it burns the nerves like a flame. My whole body tenses from the pain and I hear a chuckle from Jim.

"That too cold for you?" He reaches down and gives my ass a light slap. My tense body feels the pain from his hand more than I would have expected. Jim notices my intense discomfort. "Let me help you relax again" Jim tells me as he rejoins me on the bed then straddles my hips; he once again massages my back. His gentle attention eases the pain in my back a little but the memory lingers strong on my mind.

Almost forgotten is the tiny silver bullet vibrating inside me. Jim has reminded me of its presence by pulling the cord attached to the battery pack, moving it from its' resting place. Jim's hands work their way down my back and are now deeply kneading my ass cheeks.

He pulls them apart and using his thumbs he works the muscles around my ass hole. The jelly he used when massaging me now works to eases the passage of his finger into my hole. He doesn't wait long and presses another finger into me. My hole relaxes from the rotation of his fingers and allows him to insert all four fingers. Rather than pain, I feel a deep pleasure and try to push back on his hand, wanting more.

Jim works my ass with his hand trying to rotate into me. His fingers clench and wiggle inside me. My blood is boiling hot and its pulse batters my brain like a sledge hammer. I want more than just his narrow fingers and Jim senses my need.

"So, you're ready?" his question is meaningless to both of us; knowing what is next. Jim's body rests between my legs, held apart with his knees. He rubs his hard cock up and down my ass crack, dry humping me. His hot cock head pushes inside my gaping hole, but my ass clamps down hard on the invader. He lets things rest until he feels the grip loosen on his cock.

He relaxes and lets gravity ram his swollen cock deep into me. Jim sighs loudly as his crotch meets amazing blonde plunges herself with a dildo masturbate homemade ass and we lie motionless enjoying the feelings. Jim begins to slowly pull his cock upwards and I can feel its' head as it moves inside me. It is a wonderful feeling, his cock sliding in my ass.

He has withdrawn all but the head and then pulses for a count of three and then lowers himself back into me. He doesn't wait this time, reversing direction when he reaches the bottom of his stroke. Faster he moves, in and out, faster and faster until he is pounding into me like a pile driver. Each hammer blow of his cock pushes my blood higher and it races through my body, screaming in my mind.

It is a great relief when Jim's cock explodes inside me, flooding my guts with his hot cum. It feels like a fire hose pulsating with each spasm of his cock shooting in me. Jim has collapsed against me while his cock empties its' load, he shivers with each throb of his cock.

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Finally he is empty and he lies motionless on top of me, breathing hotly in my ear. I worry some when I hear Jim starting to snore, hoping he isn't going to sleep leaving me tied to the bed like this. After all didn't he just screw the devil out of me?

"Whew," the word escapes Jim's lips. While just a word, it means that he may soon release me. Or maybe not……………