Foxy hooker rides on a stiff manhood creampie and mature

Foxy hooker rides on a stiff manhood creampie and mature
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Lisa lies in her bed thinking about the last week with tomorrow being her last half day in school. It really escalated last Saturday when her dad was able to have two of his friend's 'catch' her masturbating in the basement. She had even surprised her dad by adding another carrot in her ass for both her benefit and the that of the strange men.

She found she really enjoyed having her ass stretched and penetrated. It made the orgasms a lot more intense. Then the toys arrived last night and she was able to experience her first real adult toy. She really enjoyed how her dad inserted it as she laid voluptuous babe is very horny hardcore blowjob his desk.

The vibrations really made it nicer than the carrots she had used. It was bigger and hurt a little at first, but once over that it was incredible.

She was having a hard time knowing what was best for her so far. She did really like showing off and she couldn't help but wonder if her dad's surprise this weekend included more chances for her to get 'caught'. Even the thought of it had her juices flowing. If she weren't so sleepy, she would probably masturbate again, but she felt herself drifting off to sleep, setting her mind to a state that would fill her free chat room lovely brunette teen teasing with erotic thoughts.

On Friday, Lisa brings home the results of her test and she has passed everything with high marks. When she approaches the house, she sees a big RV in the drive. Curious she runs inside and instead of her usual get naked right away, she finds her dad. "What is that for in the driveway?" she burst in asking.

Tom smiles back at her. "I promised you a surprise. We're going to a very special resort this weekend to celebrate the end of school and that you've done so well." "Really? What resort? What makes it so special?" she rapid fires the questions at him. "It's a surprise, but I think you will like it.

I've already packed everything we need. It's a two hour drive, so go put your books away and put on something loose and light." Excited, Lisa runs to her room to change and then comes back. Tom puts the last minute things in the RV and they load up and start off on their adventure. Soon as they get out on road Tom works his shorts and shirt off, the windows tinted and so high up, no one will be able to tell.

Lisa watches him get naked and smiles and does the same thing herself. It's an interesting feeling being naked while kimber lee blows her bro for the new year down the highway. She can see the other people but she can't be seen. She finds the thought of almost being exposed very exciting and she can already feel her pussy getting wet. She gets up and walks to the back studying the cabin.

There is big window on one of the beds that puts her at eye level of the cars passing by. It's darkly tinted so they won't see her so she lays down and tries to position herself with her pussy to the window and starts masturbating. 'Wow this is so hot' she thinks to herself as she can see the eyes of people in the cars, which helps her imagine they can look at her. Sometimes the passengers are looking at the RV as they pass it as if they were watching her.

Tom hears her moans. "Are you masturbating by the window?" he calls back. "Yes and it's so hot. I can imagine they can see me." He laughs and continues driving as he hear her moans get louder until she finally screams out she's cumming again. A few minutes later when she returns to the front seat, she glances over and sees her dad with an erection. "you need some help with that?" she asks as she sits on the big console between the seats.

Tom can smell the odor or sex on her. "Sure, if you'd like to rub one out for me." He grins. Lisa rubs her pussy with her hand, getting it slick with her juices, then reaches out and takes her father's cock and starts to stroke it.

Her eyes go from his cock to his face as she strokes away, gauging his reaction. "I know I haven't seen many, but you have a nice cock, dad. It's nice and evenly shaped and looks very clean." She casually talks.

Glancing out the window she wonders what they would think if they knew she was in here jacking off her own dad. Soon Tom's breathing became shallow and rapid and Lisa picked up the pace ready to make him cum.

At first she considered putting the tip in her mouth to catch the cum, but at the last minute decided to catch it all in her hand. After he finished cumming, Lisa moved to the other chair. The only non-tinted window was the windshield of course, but with the angle, only her head could be seen by all the big truckers and then only her breasts would be seen by them.

Still she could look out at the other people in the car as she began to lick her father's sperm from her hands and fingers. Lisa wasn't dumb by any stretch. She knew most people would consider what her dad and her do wrong or sick, but she felt so comfortable with it she didn't agree with them. This made it all the more exciting to be seen eating her dads cum to all those prudes out there, even if they had no idea what she was eating.

After a while, Lisa glances at the clock and see's the two hours is almost up and her dad is slowing for the next exit. "Do we need to get dressed now?" She asks quickly.

"No honey. I guess I can tell you now, the resort we are going to is a nudist resort. We don't have to get dressed at all." Lisa looks at her dad wide eyed and wide grinned.

"So Everyone will be naked?" Tom glances sideways with a smile, "as the day they were born" he answers. "Oh Wow dad, thank you, thank you, thank you." She repeats excitedly. A few more miles and they are pulling up to a chain link fence lined with some material to keep people from seeing in. Tom hits the button on the intercom and gives his name and the gate slowly opens. They drive in and up to the office. Naked people walking everywhere including kids of all ages. Tom stops and shuts down.

"We have to register." He says going to the door. Lisa eagerly follows, ready to be seen naked too. They enter the office and as Tom registers, Lisa looks around. Not a lot of people around, she makes her way back to her dad and the man checking them in.

She sees his eyes take in her cute, firm body but is a bit disappointed when he doesn't get hard or even semi hard. When they head back out to the RV to drive to their assigned spot, Lisa asks her dad, "I don't think he likes girls." "Why do you say that?" "He didn't get hard or anything when he looked at me." She pouts.

Tom chuckled as they started up the gravel road. "Honey, this is a nudist resort. He's seen so many girls nude.

Plus, they frown on men getting erection out in the open here. It's mostly a non sexual thing, so just because we're nude, doesn't mean you can masturbate anywhere either." He explains to her.

When she shows the disappointment on her face, he continues, "but don't worry honey, I do have a plan threesome freaks daisy red bbc redzilla tiny ebony you can have some fun." Trusting her dad she smiles at him with a side glance. The set everything up then head for the pool where most people are hanging out. Lisa meets a couple of boys and girls around her age and they splash around in the pool having fun.

In the meantime, Tom is makes a set of 'special' friends as he feels out the patrons. After a few hours they go back to the RV for dinner. They chat about the people they met, mostly who Lisa met. She was even able to find out both the girls and boys masturbated and often in front of other family members.

She now knew others were like them. After dinner, they were relaxing outside the RV in some chairs and under and awning. Knowing his daughters urges, he had set everything up, so they were partially obscured from passerby's on the road. He was having a drink and Lisa sipping on a coke when he saw her hand moving between her legs. He smiled a little as Lisa casually masturbated out in the open.

"Just don't get too loud with it." He says to her. Lisa smiles and continues rubbing in a bit more earnest now. She's going to cum, but just a little one. Then one of the single men Tom had met earlier is walking by and looks down with a smile and wave.

While you can't see Lisa is actually masturbating, if you looked close enough you could tell. Spotting this, the man decides to come down and chat.

Tom stands to greet him as he approaches. Lisa looks up and smiles, but continues to rub herself, only opening her legs a bit further. "Hey just thought I'd say hi." He says as he keeps glancing over at Lisa.

"Have a seat. Can I get you a drink?" Tom says then looks at Lisa then the man. "It's ok to watch, don't feel self-conscious." He brings a man a drink and they sip on it as they open watch Lisa masturbate and she watches them. Gradually, she gets a little bolder and spreads wider and rubs herself more. She sees the man's cock slowly start to rise and smiles as it does. She wished she had her butt plug, but now she only thought of it and realized they were probably all at home.

She uses her finger instead and starts to finger her ass while rubbing her clit. Soon she feels it building inside her. She was only going for a small cum, but since this strange man came down, she got more excited and knew it was going to be bigger than the one in her basement.

Now it was fully open. She looked at Tom with a hint of concern. "Daddy, I'm going to cum hard." She almost whispers. "its ok baby, just try to keep the noise down." He encourages.

"Cum for us baby." He then adds. With that, Lisa's hips thrust off the chair and she cums with a hung squirt. She bites her lip a little to keep from screaming out, but her whole body shakes and shivers with her orgasm.

She managed to keep it down, but her body let everything out. "Wow! That was amazing!" the strange man says with a smile. "I don't think I've ever seen a girl as young as you cum like that." " she is quite the amazing girl", Tom agrees. "looks like she got you pretty hot" he continues indicating the mans erection. "Yea I'm going to have to wait here a bit if you don't mind until hot masseuse dominates over the poor client goes away." "You can slip inside and rub one out if you'd like." Tom offers.

"Dad, can, uhm, I help?" Lisa stammers. Tom looks at Lisa, then the man and back to Lisa. "You sure?" "I've never touched any ones but yours, dad. I'd like to try if it's ok with him." Lisa says with eyes almost pleading. "Well Jack? Want some help from my daughter?" "Well, uhm, yea if it's ok." He stammers a bit.

"Let's go inside." Tom says and the three quickly slip inside. They go back and sit on a 'couch', Lisa besides Jack. She looks at him a bit nervously then tentatively reaches out and takes his hard cock in her hand.

It's smaller than her dads, but otherwise looks similar.

She slowly begins to stroke his cock as she again goes between her hand and his face. Never having had a young girl do this for him, Jack's orgasm quickly builds. Soon his hips undulate and his breathing gets faster. Lisa picks up the pace knowing he's growing close.

When he grunts out that he's cumming, Lisa repeats what she did with her father earlier and catches his cum in her hand. When she's done milking the last into her palm, she raises it to her mouth and takes a taste. When she finds it not too dissimilar to her dads, she eats the rest up. Jacked watched with somewhat surprise on his face.

Lisa looks then giggles. "I've only tasted two others, well besides my dad's and one of them was horrible, so I have test it first." She explains to him. Jack smiles a little. "I understand. Can't say as I blame you. You did a really good job. Your dad has taught you well." He compliments her. "Well thank you so much for an enjoyable evening. I should be getting back." The man says and he hot brunette gently fucked in bed in the morning the RV.

Lisa turns to her dad and gives him a great big hug. "Thank you dad. This was a wonderful idea. And thank you for letting me do him. It was fun." Tom hugs her back telling her how happy he was that she was happy.

They went back outside and enjoyed the last hour until the mosquitoes came out, then went inside to get ready for bed. They slept just opposite one another. The next day was pretty much filled with splashing in the pool, Lisa running around with her new friends and Tom talking to adults.

He met a few more people and decided on his guest list for the evening that Lisa was unaware of. Lisa did manage to get in one masturbation session with her new found friends. There were two girls and one boy, the brother of one of the girls, and they sipped off to the creek where they masturbated together. It was fun for Lisa, but not as much as when older men would watch her. She was surprised that even though she was having fun, she only masturbated once and the day was mostly over.

They went back to the RV for dinner again and during it Tom brought up his plans. "So Lisa, did you have fun last night when Jack came by?" "Yea, that was a blast." She says proudly. "So how would you feel if I had a few more over tonight?" "Really? Who? When?" she ask excitedly "Well, Jack is coming back. Mark, Rick, Josh and Doug. Thought we'd have a few drinks and then, well maybe you could 'entertain' them a bit." "So that's 5 men?" she asks excitedly.

"Yes, I've talked with them all and I sense they all like young girls so I thought I'd just tell them what you like to do. Maybe they will all let you masturbate them like you did Jack too." "Oh cool, I'd love that. I hope they do." She says still excited. About 30 minutes after they finish cleaning up, the men show up. Tom invites them all in for drinks and they sit around and chat a bit.

When each has had a few she only cums when he fucks her, Tom starts asking the men more specific questions. "So guys, we haven't been nudist very long, but I've heard that in some families, they are very open about things like masturbation.

You know like doing it when others are around. Any of you find that to be true?" They all go around saying they've heard of it or two even said it was pretty open in their families. They even went on to say that in a few families it goes a lot further. Tom inquired more about this and learned some families actually engage in various sexual acts together.

Neither Tom nor Lisa were aware of this and suddenly felt ok with their level of practice. "Well gentlemen, Lisa here is a bit of an exhibitionist and also loves to masturbate.

We were wondering if, well, you guys would be willing to watch her, uh, perform for you?" Tom asks. "She's pretty hot about it." Jack chimes in. They all nod their consent and even smile at the prospects. Tom gets up and takes Lisa to the back for a moment. He then surprises her with a 6 inch vibrator.

"Here sweetie, you can use this in your ass if you like. It will be a bit better." Lisa is very excited as Tom helps her prepare the vibrator and her ass and they come back. There is not a lot of room in the RV so everyone will be very close.

They set up in the lounge/TV area and by folding back a few things, the men are able to sit on the couch and Lisa on a large shelf like. Excited she gets up on the shelf and positions herself with legs wide open and ass just off the edge. She reaches around with the vibrator and tries to insert it in her ass, but has a little trouble. Doug steps over and helps her guide it in, which excites her a bit more.

She starts to fuck her ass with the vibrator as her tracer and fuck big dick new cartoon work her clit. Her eyes go from one man to another. "MMM, this feels so good." She purrs. "I love to masturbate and make myself cum" she tells them, feeling that speaking during it makes her feel more exposed.

"Do you like watching? You can let your cocks get hard." She says as she makes eye contact with them all. Her legs are spread as wide as she can spread them and still pleasure herself. "Oh god, this vibrator feels so good in my ass.

It's better than my butt plug." She tells them. "Oh yes, watch me fuck my ass" she says using ass for the first time. Lisa is very excited and has to fight to hold back her orgasm. She looks at their cocks and sees them each getting hard. She goes slowly for a while, then slowly speeds up. Then her face become flush and her nipples harden. She is panting faster now. "It's almost here." She say. "I'm about to cum. Oh yes, watch me.

Look at my pussy and ass. I'm going to cum for you." She pants, then her whole body tightens up and she stops breathing for a second as her orgasm racks her entire body. She squirts hard, wetting two of the men completely. Tom reaches out and grabs her quickly as she looks like she about to fall off. He steadies her until she comes down enough, then she smiles and hugs her dad. As she does, the vibrator slides out of her ass and hits the floor buzzing and her asshole stays gapped open for a bit before closing.

"That was so hot dad. Thank you!" Tom gets the vibrator and turns it off. He then hears Lisa ask if anyone wants her to jack them off. They all sunny leon fucking by boy xxx born an eager yes and Lisa kneels down between the first two and reaches out with each hand taking them. A bit awkward at first, she soon gets coordinated and is jacking two cocks at once.

It's very short order that she has both men cumming. Most of it is on them, but some on each hand. She tentatively tastes one then the other, a look of not bad forming on her face as she notes each man's face.

She moves to the next two and repeats the same. She wrinkles her nose at Josh's taste, but savannah stevens enjoys interracial threesome dogfartnetwork big black cock comes to Jack. She plays with him as Tom gives the other men paper towels to clean up with. When Jack is about to cum, Lisa bends down and holds the tip in her mouth to catch the cum. She tasted him last night european babes love anal in a wild some is willing to eat his cum as she will next time with 3 of the other 4.

After all the men left, Lisa and Tom sat to talk about it. Lisa learned men have all different sized cocks, one of them being only about 3 or 4 inches. They all felt a little different too and she touched her first uncut cock tonight as well. Tom was hard and had stayed hard as they talked and Lisa kept looking at it. "Dad, what's the difference between like when I masturbate you and put you in my mouth just before you cum and a blowjob?" "Well Lisa, with a blow job, you actually do the masturbation with your mouth instead of you hand.

Pretty much the same technique, you remember the nerve bundle, the head and the pressure?" Lisa nods in thought for a moment.

"Can I try a blowjob on you?" she ask so innocently. "Really? You sure you want to?" "Well if that's the only difference, then why not.

End result is the same and I think it's supposed to feel better than a hand job, right?" she reasons. Tom smiles at her logic. "Sure, well I guess I'll let you give it a try" he says as he leans back. Lisa looks and considers the situation for a few minutes, then decides to kneel on the floor.

She looks at her father's throbbing cock then smile up at him before lowering her head to the head. Her mouth slips over it and as she descends she adds pressure with her lower lip to the bundle of nerves. She goes down as far as she can and starts to gag a little and quickly pulls off. "Sorry dad, I can get down as far as with my hand." She says with a hint of disappointment.

"You don't have to, sweetie. All the feeling is near the top where I showed you. It does feel nice the deeper someone take a cock, but it also takes practice." Lisa smiles and tries again, this time going just until she feels the gag starting, then pulls back up.

Soon her head is bobbing up and down rubbing his cock in just the right way. Tom lets out a moan and this encourages Lisa and she goes faster. She can feel the tension building in his body. She adds pressure to the nerve area. She uses her tongue on the head and she starts to massage his balls. Soon after, Tom cries out as she feels his cock start pumping the cum into her warm mouth. She sucks him dry and then releases his cock.

"Was that ok?" she asks so innocent. "Oh god, honey that was wonderful. I can't believe you did so well for you first time ever." He says pulling her up into his lap and giving her a big kiss. Lisa was very proud of herself and also glad she pleased her dad. "Thank you daddy for a perfect evening." She says with another hug and kiss.

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They then went off to bed and slept very soundly through the night. All the fresh air and orgasms fully relaxed them. They woke up refreshed the next day with no real heavy plans today. Lisa did spend some time with her friends, but they left mid-afternoon. She saw the other men for whom she masturbated last night and they were very friendly to her. She went back to the RV around 3:00 in the afternoon and found her dad in there reading some news on the computer.

"Hey honey what are you up to?" "Nothing, everyone has gone. What are you doing?" "Just catching up on the news." He answered. Lisa takes her dad and spins his legs around so she can straddle his lap facing him. She is bored and just hugs her daddy. She is also a bit horny. As she sits there on his lap, he feels his own excitement building.

He can feel the heat from her pussy on his cock and that makes his cock rise. It rises up under her and rests along her slit and ass. "Dad, did you get hard?" "Yes! Guess I did." He smiles Lisa adjusts her position a little and now most of Tom's cock is along here butt crack. Lisa then starts thinking about her vibrator in her ass and how good it felt. She moves around again. Then she associates her father's hard cock with the vibrator in her butt.

She smiles and lifts up, letting his cock ride up until it was near her rosebud. She eases down on it and they both feel his cock entering her tight asshole. Tom is surprised and Lisa is happy as she feels her ass stretched around her aurora snow gets rammed in a gangbang dick.

She lifts a bit and falls back further. It doesn't take long until he's fully inside her bowels. "Oh dad, this is much better than the vibrator." She says as she starts to rise up and down.

Gradually she gets faster. Tom reaches up and massages her breasts as Lisa reaches down between them and rubs her clit as she ass fucks her dad's hard cock. Tom reaches down and takes her hips in his hands. The arm with the hand rubbing her clit mostly blocks her right breast, but the left is open and Tom leans in to suck the nipple into his mouth. Lisa's head goes back as she feels the warm mouth on her nipple.

Still bouncing up and down, feeling her dad's cock deep in her ass, she really starts to moan. The whole idea that he is inside her drives her wild and she gets faster. It doesn't take either of them very long to feel their orgasms building.

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Moaning and gasping for air. Lisa holds onto her dad's neck with one hand and leans back a bit further, rubbing her pussy like no tomorrow. "Oh yes, god dad, going to cum." She pants and moans. A moment later her body tenses and she starts to cum, squirting all over her dads' pelvis and running down over this cock and balls. Feeling and hearing his daughter cumming, Tom begins to cum too, wankz latin teen slut with braces fucked hard his hot cum deep in the bowels of his daughter.

She feels his cum filling her and has another spasm. Their orgasms begin to subside and Lisa comes to a stop still impaled on her dad's cock. They smile and kiss until Tom's cock softens and is expelled by the natural tightness and contractions of Lisa's ass.

A little bit of cum leaks from her ass until it fully closes, trapping the rest of it inside. "Well, now you've had real anal sex. Seems like you enjoyed it?" Tom says in a way that underscores her typical enjoyment of anything sexual.

"Seems like every time we do something, I learn something new or a new way to do it. I really, really liked that a part of you was actually in me." Lisa beams. "I really enjoyed it too sweetie.

I mean I was 'in' you last night when you gave me a blow job, but still, I know what you mean. It's different when it's, well you know, down there." Tom realizes they have now fucked. Yes it was the ass, but that is one less taboo they seem to have overcome. What started as just a teaching experiment had slowly progressed to anal sex.

His mind thought to the last taboo remains, vaginal sex, but that was something different all together.

It would probably hurt her and there was the potential of getting her pregnant. That was a taboo he would resist he thought to himself with a kind of resolve. He didn't know how quickly that would get dissolved in the heat of the moment.