Brazilian mamita sucks hard shlong hardcore and blowjob

Brazilian mamita sucks hard shlong hardcore and blowjob
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The Adventures of Maid Marion Pt3 The Orgy of Sherwood continues If you haven't read the previous chapters please do so as always comments and suggestions are welcome sorry for the delay in this part coming Marion roused from her unconscious state at the sound of someone crying out as she looked around she saw her young hand maid Anna being impaled on a bandits cock the mixture of her juices and the previous man's cum making her slick tunnel slide down his thick shaft.

Anna groaned as her pussy was stretched to new lengths. Although this man wasn't as long as the last he made it up in girth just then the bandit grabbed her hips and thrust the last inches of his cock deep in her she screamed again as he settled deep inside her he slowly xnxxx six sex stories story com to move his hips up and down the steady thrusting turning her scream to groans of pleasure as his thick tool grazed her clit. Marion's gaze was interrupted by a naked man stepping in front of her his erect member swaying in front of her face.

She reached out and took hold of it and then greedily swallowed his cock into her hot mouth sucking and twirling her tongue around it.

The bandit stepped back and then she was on her hands and knees as she struggled to stop the cock falling from her mouth.

she felt another man behind her holding her hips then felt the welcome sensation of a cock being thrust into her sopping gash. The man buried in her pussy began a rhythm that forced her to deep throat the man in her mouth making him gasp with pleasure as she gagged on his member in her throat. Eventually though she adjusted her breathing and was able to regain control of the blow job she was giving the bandit sucking him deep into her throat she let out a groan that sent vibrations shuddering through the man's cock forcing him to loose control and fill her mouth and throat with hot sticky semen which she hungrily swallowed.

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The man let his limp cock fall from her her mouth he wiped the last drop across her cheek and stepped away giving Marion a view of Anna again just in time to see a man squat behind her as she rode the bandit between her thighs. He spat a huge glob of saliva into his hand and rubbed it up and down his long shaft greasing it up for penetration aiming it at the small brown star of her arse he suddenly pushed forward grabbing her shoulders to pull her back onto his slimy tool.

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Anna again howled as he penetrated her virgin backside only to have a cock shoved into her open mouth she gagged and choked as the three bandits worked out a rhythm and began violently fucking her body. The Bandit behind Marion reached forward grabbing a fistful of her hair and forcefully yanking her head back as he rode her to his orgasm thrusting into her and convulsing as he emptied his sperm into her clutching pussy.

Marion groaned as she felt the seed rush towards her womb causing her to climax spasming and shuddering as she rode the high. The bandit withdrew his now limp dick and and got clumsily to his feet leaving her pussy open and dribbling cum down her thighs Marion cried out dana and shannon have some kinky fun he vacated her, leaving her spasming pussy empty.

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Marion whimpered as the orgasm subsided. Slowly lowering her self to the ground and letting her arms relax from holding her up, she listened to Anna's cries as she told the bandit to " fuck her arse harder" Marion thought to herself that Anna was well on the way to becoming as big a slut as she was. A large rotund friar stepped up behind her grabbing her by the waist he pulled her to her knees, lifting the hem of his heavy brown robe he revealed long and thick cock it was easily 10" and at least 3" around.

He rubbed it against her abused slit making sure it was well coated with the sex juices of her previous encounters.

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He withdrew after scooping a mom son fuck at late night at moms bedroom glob onto the bulbous head of his shaft he spread her firm cheeks and began rubbing and pressing his dick against the bud of her anus. Marion tried to relax her her sphincter so that she could accept the huge python at her back door even relaxing it was going to be difficult as she had never had something so large penetrate her rectum before.

The large friar grabbed her hips and thrust forwards whilst pulling her back at the same time resulting in 4" of his oversized cock buried in her rectum. Marion squealled at the sudden violation but her open mouth was quickly gagged by another bandits cock which he shoved to the back of her throat she started licking and sucking to bring him to orgasm meanwhile the friar began a slow steady motion that was gradually burying his giant cock in her arse the mixture smeared over his cock eased the discomfort of the penetration a bit.

Marion felt sure he was about to push on through to her organs when his balls finally slapped against her raw pussy he withdrew and began thrusting harder making her grunt and groan on the cock in her mouth. Friar Tuck couldn't believe the tightness of this noble ladies arse it was gripping his large tool.

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Like a vice making the sensations on his cock head shiver through his body right to his balls he felt them them swell and begin the rush to the opening of his cock. Tuck watched as she Swallowed the bandits cock in her mouth her tongue swirling round its head as she went down on it he groaned grabbing the back of her head and emptying his load into her mouth she swallowed it all and licked his cock clean it was to much for Tuck his thrust into her his balls hitting her pussy one last time as his seed emptied deep into her bowels.

He withdrew from her groaning as he did he slapped her busty big ass turk memnune demiröz has outdoor anal sex tube porn as he got up for good measure. Marion looked to Anna to see that she was no longer being three wayed was now she was kneeling on the ground with four men around her all jerking off preparing to cum all over her tits and face Marion could see fresh semen running from Anna's abused holes and onto the ground.

The men around Anna began grunting and almost in unison began to spew cum all over the young hand maid as she knelt there Anna for her part began to greedily catch much of it as she could in her small mouth the rest flowed down her chin and dripped onto her small pert breasts covering them in a sticky white glaze she looked positively enraptured by the spurts of hot white fluid falling on to her. Marion crawled to Anna as her legs would no longer carry her if she stood, when she reached her Marion began licking the fresh cum off her tits and dragged Anna on top of her pulling her into a 69 position the maid without waiting dove her face into her mistresses cunt licking out the mixture of cum and pussy juice from the pink gash.

Marion also needed no encouragment and sunny leone sex stories sexy xstory her tongue into her maids pussy gulping down the salty mixture that flowed from the orifice the bandits gathered round cheering the women on in their oral pleasuring of each other Anna sucked and licked until she was sure no more cumin could be in there but still she found more globs of of sticky white fluid in the crevices and folds of her mistresses pussy.

She found her ladies clitoris and lashed it violently with her tongue repeatedly causing Marion to moan into her snatch the vibrations sent waves of pleasure through Anna sending shivers up her spine. Anna renewed her assault on Marion's pussy sending her mistress in to yet another orgasm. Marion shuddered as the orgasm wracked her body as it peaked through her body Anna also went into orgasm squealing as she convulsed Anna fell forward on to her mistresses chest unconscious Marion coming down off her orgasm also passed out from exhaustion the cheers of the outlaws ringing in her ears as blackness enveloped her.

To Be Continued