Teen girl sex mobi sex stories story

Teen girl sex mobi sex stories story
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Sometimes my mind tend to travel to crazy places. Very dark sexual places. I used to be afraid. I used to shut them out, lesbian girls ashton moore cytherea and jenna haze not anymore. I have learned to embrace them. I can only wonder why, my brain would travel to such forbidden places in the first place. Some places are so explicit and ranchy, I cant speak them nor write them, for I would busty angell summers likes hard dicks pornstar knockers no friends.

I can feel it now, whenever I go too far with a person, wherther they are reading my work, or by mouth, it doesn't matter that the person is different, the look is exactly the same. Its like a mix of shock, confusion and disgust. Next comes the distance, then nothing.another one bites the dust. Have you ever heard people say they were trysexual, metrosexual or they just didnt have a label? Well I suppose that's me. I dont believe I have a label. I love sex with both men and women, but I dont like women.

Not enough to engage in a lesbian relationshp. And I love men, but because I am single and have no relationship plans in the near future, I guess I dont like men enough to be in a relationship with them either. But my dark mind goes a litle deeper than just plain vanilla sex with men and women.

Can you say extreme? Its so deepIm afraid to even write it down, but what I will do is just explain some experiences and let you be the judge. I'm telling you right now, its not for the close minded. I said extreme and I meant it, so this is your que to TURN BACK, run for the border.

Or you can take a ride with me, open your mind (and hopefully your pants) and enjoy the kink! I remember the first time I realized I was different. I was 16 and had a huge sexdrive. I wanted to have sex ALL of the time. My boyfriend at the time was hardly able to keep up. I remember the first time I realized I was different. I was in 12th grade and had a huge sexdrive. I wanted to have sex ALL of the time. My boyfriend at the time was hardly able to keep up. Roman was a freshman in college at the time and I thought I loved him.

I scribbled his name on all of my notebooks, let him walk me all the way to the corner of my block after school and kissed him at the house parties when the lights went out.

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And when the parties were over, I would stay to help clean up so he could sneak me into his bedroom afterwards. I would take my girlfriends to his house with me and they would wait downstairs with his friends while we had sex.

One day, I lied and told my mom I was going to the movies with my friends but instead stuck to Rome's house. He sat in the living room with Jason, Mark and his bestfriend Johnny, playing Mortal Kombat. It was plenty dark outside when I plopped on his lap while he worked the controller. I felt his thing getting hard underneath me and I already knew what that meant. I leaned over and started rubbing my lips against his neck and breathing lightly against his skin.

In no time, Rome was handing over the joystick and standing to knock me from his lap. He pulled his red Polo shirt over his head leaving only his white t-shirt.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the steps. His mom worked the overnight shift, so I wasn't worried about getting caught but I knew he would make me moan and his friends would hear me. "What about your friends? They will hear me!" I asked "Don't worry about them, They not worried about us, plus they know I puts it down, that's why your ass keep coming back. Now my dirty hobby gorgeous milf teased and fucked them clothes off so I can get some of that wet wet." He said as he pulled everything off except his white t-shirt.

"Whatever, just take it easy, I don't need the neighborhood knowing my business." I said as I dropped my last article of clothing. "That body! Come here, let me suck on those big ass nipples." he said while pulling me my creamy chocolate nipples into his mouth "Uuuummmm" Damn it felt so good. Rome stuck two fingers roughly into my pussy and started pumping in and out, thenup and down.The combination of movements drove me crazy.

I felt pussy juice running down my ass. A fire started building deep in my pussy. It seemed like his fingers could not reach the point they needed to touch. I scooted down towards his fingers to ensure they were as deep as they could go and started grinding against them, eventually replacing his fingers with my own while he tore open the condom. By now a small puddle began to form under my butt and spread across the sheet. "Damn this shit gets so wet, look at my bed." He whispered as he slid his minature penis into my hole.

It was slim and short but I had never had anybody else so it did the job, if he pumped fast enough and applied a steady rhythm of friction.

However, if he happened to break the rythm, I would end up hornier than I was when I started. Rome started his usual routine of humping me like a dog. He pumped his teenager penis in and out. Short fast strokes and 4 minutes later, Elegant schoolgirl is teased and pounded by her elderly tutor felt the condom fill with his sperm.

"I gotta use the bathroom, I'll be right back. Don't move, I want some more of this." He whispered and slipped off of me and out of the room before I could protest.

Less than one minute later I felt the bed dip and I smelled his scent before he reached me. My eyes had adjusted to being in the pitch black, but I could only make out his figure and his white t-shirt.

"Open your legs." He whispered. My eyes flew open. His breath smelled different. He slid his dick in with no warning and immediately I felt the difference. This time, his dick was fat and shorter than Rome. I felt it stretching my opening as he slid in.

"Damn this shit is tight. Fuckkkkk, you gone make me bust to fast." He whispered as he attempted to slow himself down. Although he was wearing the same white t-shirt, I knew this was not Rome. They must of hit me with the white T-shirt game.

"Lift your legs up." He said as I wondered who this was on top of me. Although I knew this was not Rome, I couldn't stop him. French hotel maid getting fucked this was on top of me, his dick was perfect, it was banging against my g-spot. I felt the orgasm building deep inside. I started clawwing at his back, pushing him deeper as I got closer.

I felt my cum splashing against his pelvis as he dug deeper into my pussy. He started getting really hard and I felt him release his hot semen into my hole at the same time I released again on his penis.

I also realized he didnt have a condom on as he cum leaked from my hole. "I gotta pee again. Don't move, we are fucking all day." He whispered and slid out the room Less than 20 seconds later "He" was back. Wearing only his white t-shirt. He climbed on the bed, right on top of me and without no words, plunged a long skinny penis into my hole. His body felt different. This must be Johnny. He was the tall skinny one out of the crew.

He was too long for me. His penis banged into my cervix causing excruciating pain. Each thrust caused me to yelp. He showed me no mercy.

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"Lift your legs higher, let me in." He half whispered, half growled Did they really think I didnt know, or did they not care. I clawwed at the white t-shirt as the pain exloded in my stomach with each thrust. "Ouch, it hurts. You are hurting me." I couldn't take it. One hard thrusts later he slid off of me and said the line I had heard twice already tonite. "I gotta pee." and he was out. The final one to enter the room came in with the blunt. He passed the weed to me while he gently rubbed my pussy.

I choked on the blunt and he pat my back. I began to relax and opened my legs wider while puffing on the weed.

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I felt his breath on my clit before I felt his mouth. "Don't tell nobody I did this to you, but I always wanted to try it." He said as he started licking awkwardly on my clit. He licked up and down my slit as still warm semen engulfing a hard cock for specie hardcore and european the "others" seeped out. It seemed the more he tasted the semen, the more he feasted on my pussy. When I grabbed his hair, I knew for sure it was not Rome.

Rome had a low fade with a head of waves. This head was full of curls and long enough for me to pull. This had to be Jason. He is fine dark chocolate complexion with a head full of large black curls. I slowly grinded into his face into I climaxed hard as I slid my wet pussy against his long long. Jason licked and sucked every drop of cum from my hole. I felt him litterally sucking cum out of me. He stood up and flipped me over on me stomach.

Pulled my waist up in the air and mounted me from behind. He pumped his long, thick dick in and out. I felt him stretching my walls, but it was a perfect fit. He reached his hand around and started rubbing my clit while slowing deep stroking me, gently tapping my g-spot. I began squirting cum all over his penis. He came seconds later. He slid out of me and left. Roman came back in the room fully dressed and handed me a washcloth and another blunt. I chilled with the boys for the rest of the night and we never spoke of what happened.

I sat content, finally satisfied.

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Four sex partners later!