Father and daughter blood xnxx

Father and daughter blood xnxx
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Today had been rather slow with so many off on vacation, visiting family or off at parties. I had stayed at the apartment for the holiday season.

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My family had gone off on mini remy lacroix and gia dimarco hot threesome on their own so I hadn't really anyone to visit right now and money had been tight. Even as I waited for my clothes to wash I had planned on hanging them to dry in the apartment.

At least my roommate would be gone otherwise she hated clothes hanging in the living room. I was so preoccupied with my own thoughts I hadn't heard the two men come in until I heard one of the dryer doors close. Looking back at them they had seemed friendly enough as the one waved at me. "I see you're stuck here during vacation like us? I don't remember you, what part of the dorm do you live?" He seemed rather nice when he asked.

"I live on the second floor with Sanice. She's with her family in Aruba which is where I wished I could have been or at least anywhere but here. My name is Ella" I wasn't really sure what to say to them except I had wanted to be friendly back. "We live on the third floor; I have extra clothes hangers and pins if you're interested? I didn't really want to throw them away but then no one seems to be using them anymore." As he spoke my washer had finally stopped, pulling my clothes out into the basket right away.

"You hang your clothes also?

I usually only do when my roommate is away. I have enough but thank you." Grabbing my basket the other young man had opened the door for me.

I hadn't thought any more about the two as I had gone upstairs now in my apartment hanging my clothes. After getting comfortable with a bowl of popcorn, clothing already tended to I had turned on the television to one of my favorite shows when I heard a knock at the door.

Getting up I had looked through the peephole. I wasn't expecting anyone but then it had been the april reid scary cumshot by her stepbrother young men from the laundry room. "Hi, we wanted to see if you had plans for dinner, we would invite you to our place but it's a mess and our third roommate had a girl up there right now if you catch my drift we were hoping you wouldn't mind some company?" Even though I hadn't known them I thought it might not hurt to watch a few shows or something.

Besides what they had in their hand actually smelled pretty good. "Sure why not, it's the holidays its nice not to be alone, come on in." opening the door both men had come in while the one put the food in the fridge the other made his way to the couch inspecting the show I had one. His name was Mark; he was rather built with short wavy brown hair while his friend was slightly shorter than him with blond hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. "I've actually watched this show before it's a pretty good mystery.

At least we won't miss the beginning." Not having much seating I sat down and now had one of them on either side of me. Making the occasional comment about the show or about the apartment during commercials the dark haired gentleman had excused himself to use the restroom.

The show had already started when I felt something a bit strange. My slacks had been a bit loose around the waist from my losing a little bit of weight recently. I was pretty small to begin with but around this time I would either lose a bit or gain a bit.

His hand slid right into my pants and now I had wished I had underwear on.

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"Aaron what are you doing? I could hear the pitch in my voice raise a bit as his fingers found my vagina taking no time to stick them inside. "It feels good doesn't it? I was so turned on by you at the Laundromat I was surprised I contained myself there, I wanted to touch you so bad." As he spoke he had kept his hand exactly where it was as he moved over now sitting over top of me. "Your roommate is going to be out soon and I don't know you well enough for this." placing my hand on his arm I found it wasn't going to move very easily.

He had started thrusting his fingers the best he good with the slacks not giving him much space. "Your already wet you can't really want me to believe you want to stop? Besides when he comes out I know he wants to fuck you." Leaning in he started kissing me rather forcefully leaning in harder against he pressing his fingers in as hard as he could. From the angle his nail was pinching the inside of my vagina. The bathroom door had opened as I heard the other coming to join him.

"Already start without me?" As I looked behind me the young man was already undressed and I couldn't help it my eyes landed directly on his penis. Smiling love creampie innocent teen has her tight hole filled in hardcore massage he, he came and stood behind the couch.

"Stand up so we can do this right." I went to stand up even though I had planned on getting out of the apartment the one lifted me up around the waist setting me on my feet on the couch and now was pulling my slacks down and off from me. Alexandra nice anabolic gangbang girl of this was happening so fast I was rather shocked.

Mark had his hands on my breasts squeezing them as Aaron lowered himself in front of me now with his tongue licking hot girl 1hr sex fiml vagina, then he started to suck it as he thrust his fingers repeatedly into me, rather quickly he had all four fingers fucking me. Mark was still playing with my breasts as I felt one hand let go and slid down my back.

He was kissing me on the neck when I felt a finger starting to poke around my anus. "No, definitely not in the anus, I have never done that before. I think we should call it a night." Maybe I hadn't picked the right words however neither seemed deterred by it.

I could feel such a sharp prick from my anus when he forced his finger in. "Not to worry you won't be this tight after awhile and you will learn to love it. After a while you will even beg me for me. Besides this will be a good little lesson for you." I wasn't sure what lesson he had in mind except I could now feel his finger be removed rather quickly and now a softer pressure against my anus. I could only assume it had been his penis. "what lesson am I supposed to learn?" as soon as I had said it Aaron grabbed me by the back of the head pulling me forward as he forcefully kissed my lips again thrusting his fingers even harder.

Now that I was leaning forward more my anus was more available to Mark. The twinge of pain kept shooting through my stomach as he was slowly trying to force the head of his penis in.

As he did this and with the jolts of pain I flinched just a bit. "The lesson is that you should have been the one to invite us up earlier, and because you hadn't then I might just have to enjoy the pain. I like feeling when you flinch." True to his word he kept poking me over with his penis never fully entering sending the repeated pain. After a bit I could feel pain not just in my ass but also my tailbone.

Leaning me forward even more I had finally felt it happen as he forced his penis in the rest of the way. He was struggling as he did, he had only lubed his penis and spit in my anus a bit. My anus was still a bit dry as he pressed as hard as he good getting in. I could feel every inch of it as it entered me. Holding me by the hips he pulled me back into him and I almost lost my balance.

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As he started thrusting back and forth Aaron was no longer sucking on my vagina, he was forcing me to stand up straight which made my anus tighten up. Standing in front of me taking his own pants down he slid his own penis over my vagina not quite going in. taking my hand he placed it near my vagina as he rubbed me with his penis. Then as the other had he shoved his penis into me rather quickly trapping my hand between him and my stomach.

"Put your arms around my neck." Ordered Aaron, I did as he had commanded me to do. I hated to admit it I never would have done this, heck I would have called the police before but I did admit to myself other then the pain from the anus the excitement was there and it had felt good. I had seen porn videos before where usually the person entering the anus did not move very much if someone had been in the girl's anus, except neither were moving slowly.

Both were thrusting as hard as they could rather quickly. The pressure on my anus and vagina at the same tight felt overwhelming. After a while of this Aaron had finally released as I could feel his sperm draining out.

It hadn't hit me until now that neither of them had been wearing a condom. Pulling out fast Mark made his way around the couch as Aaron had picked me up around the waist setting me on the floor. "Get on your knees now bitch." Kneeling down onto my knees he wild teen holly hendrix gets her holes impaled pushed me forward so that I was now on all fours. I could feel my bottom cheeks being separated as Mark entered me again.

The same sharp twinge when he had entered. My bottom was so sore I doubted I would be able to sit down. He kept pulling my ass up to him as he thrust hard into me.

I wasn't sure at first what Aaron was doing until I had heard the front door open. He was letting in some other people. I couldn't see how many Mark kept my head facing down. Finally I could feel Mark release as he gripped me tighter. "Here she is, I told you she was beautiful. Blond hair, thin, great breasts and what a tight ass, she only struggles for a minute until she knows she's getting it anyway." I could hear a few other men laugh as the door closed. Aaron now came and sat in front of me placing his hands on either side of my face pulling me down onto his penis.

Occasionally he would make me gag on his penis while he forced it in. a few times he had hit my gag reflex causing me to throw up, after a bit it was dry heaves. They seemed to be turned on by this. Occasionally even pinching my nose closing off my air, my anus was high in the air as another man who I had not seen entered me. He was rather forceful as he sent me forward jamming Aaron's penis into my mouth.

I tried to keep his penis to the side of my mouth except when I tried to do this he would slap me across the face. Somehow I was stuck in a situation I wasn't sure how to get out of and wasn't sure when it would stop. Then there was a feeling I had never felt before almost a small metal stick being placed on my vagina by someone.

Then it hit me how cold it felt at first then it heated up as I felt a shock from it, as it shocked me each time I could feel my anus tighten up and it had not slowed the man down from thrusting into me. When I would get shocked and he thrusted I could feel the sharp pain of my anus tightening up around his penis.

When they would do this Aaron would shove his penis into my mouth. I had only screamed twice when I realized the sound wasn't coming out around the penis.

I could feel wetness dripping from my face as I realized they were my own tears. My body was shaking from being so tired from the position I was in and worn out.

I could see my clock from where I was on the floor and almost four hours had gone by of them taking turns either fucking my mouth or anus. Then finally one of the men had me sit back on his penis as the other in front of me separated my legs as he came in placing his penis into my vagina.

I was being double teamed again. Aaron and Mark were standing on the sides either videotaping or taking pictures of it. Turning my head to the side my mouth was not getting any time off either, as the other two thrust into me as hard and deep as they could I felt another penis enter my mouth. Most of the men had been rather young except the one entering my vagina; he had looked old enough to be my father.

Then I realized he was my teacher. "I've wanted to fuck you so bad I couldn't resist the opportunity." Now lifting my legs they were balancing over his shoulders so he could thrust into me deeper.

As before I dreaded what I just felt as the metal stick probed the outer half of my vagina again shocking me. Even in this position it had hurt as my anus tightened up around his penis. As it did he thrust as hard as he could. For the next few hours when they would release they would get replaced by another man.

I had counted at least seven different men. I had felt so sick to my stomach by the time I was so overly tired and passing out. I wasn't sure what was making me feel so light headed other then maybe the pain? Much later I had finally woken up with all of my clothes on the floor with a note. "Thanks for the ride bitch, repeating when you least expect it." Taking the note I had stood up feeling so black girls fucked hard crying I could barely close my legs.

Not able to sit directly down I had slouched down on the couch taking a breath of air. There was no way I was telling my roommate about this.