Brother fok tsister sleep porn

Brother fok tsister sleep porn
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Soon after finishing soccer, Lauren decides to go over to Sydney's house for a sleepover. Being so tired from soccer Lauren is in a semi-sleeping mood for about an hour until she falls asleep.

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Sydney, being bored now that Lauren was asleep, thought it would be a good idea to shove a 12" dildo raven bay in pornstar personal shopper full on zzerzcom Lauren's pussy. "Fuck, I don't have any lube, and it won't work unless it's slippery." Noted Sydney. "I could just fuck myself with this first and hope Lauren doesn't wake up from my moans." Slowly she begins rubbing the dildo up and down her slit, getting her juices flowing.

Finally, when her pussy is just wet enough she rams the dildo into her own pussy and lets out a loud scream instead of the moan she was aiming for. "Holy shit, this is huge!" She thought. "At least it will be nice and wet for Lauren." After a while of pumping away with the dildo, Sydney is close to having the greatest orgasm of her life.

Having never had anything so big in her pussy before, she's about to explode with ecstasy. "Oh god! This feels so damn good! OH FUCK ME!" Sydney screams as she reaches her climax. Once she somewhat recovered from her orgasm. Sydney slowly makes her way over to Lauren, having some difficulty because her legs still weren't over her climax.

When she got over to Lauren's sleeping body, she quickly removed all of her clothing without waking her up. "Wow she must be really out of it to be sleeping through all of this." Sydney thought to herself. "Maybe I should tie her down as well, just to add more pleasure for me." She soon got some handcuffs and rope and make short work of restraining Lauren and propping up her hips for easier access.

Finally she was ready to ram the dildo into her pussy. "Should I ease it in slowly or just ram the whole thing in at once?" She wondered to herself. "I think I'll go all at once, just to hear her scream for me." She then proceeded to ram the dildo into Lauren's pussy.

Much to her pleasure, Lauren let out an ear-splitting scream.

"Sydney! What the fuck are you doing? Why am I naked? Why are you shoving a dildo into me? Why did you tie me down? Holy fuck that's way too big. Please please take it out. FUCK!" "Calm down babe, it'll all be ok. Now just relax and let me finish you off." "No Sydney, just stop ok? That is way too big, it feels like it's going to rip my pussy open.

Just take it out." "Just wait for the best part. This is a vibrator as well." Sydney says as she turns on the vibrator function of the ravishing blonde is down for some dp. "OH SHIT SYDNEY! God, I'm going to pass out. Please stop. I'm begging you." "No, now shut the fuck up." "Sydney, why are you doing this?" "Because you're fucking hot and I couldn't pass up this brilliant opportunity.

Now I'm going to have to shut you up myself, and I have just the thing." Sydney proceeds to sit on Lauren's face. "Now lick my pussy you bitch." "Oooh fuck, you're good at licking pussy Lauren! But I think the vibrator is losing its effect on you.

Maybe it's time for another one." "No, please don't this is already too much to bear. I won't be able to handle another one" Lauren gasped in between licking Sydney's glory hole. "Well it's going to happen. So you're going to have to deal with it." She said as she pulled out another dildo from her bag. This one had a huge head at the tip, with ribs, bumps, and spirals going all the way down the shaft.

"That one's even bigger than the one that's already in my pussy! Where are you going to put that. Please tell me you won't shove that in my ass?" "Oh well then you're in for a rough time." Sydney said as she pulled out an identical one to the one she was already holding.

"Oh god.

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This is going to hurt. Please, just untie me. I'll do whatever you want." "Sorry, this is just too good." She then went about removing the first dildo, much to Lauren's relief, only to replace that one with one of the bigger ones.

"HOLY FUCK SYDNEY. I'M CUMMING. CHRIST THAT'S BIG." Screamed Lauren. "Just you wait bitch, I still have the other one to put in." "N. Mom sex with her son.

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I." Whimpered Lauren. Sydney could see the look of fear in her eyes as she slid the second dildo up and down her own pussy to get it ready to pound Lauren with. "Brace yourself Lauren." Warned Sydney as she slowing began pushing it into Lauren's tight ass hole.

Finally, after a lot of effort, Sydney managed to get the whole 14 inches all the way into Lauren's asshole. Once in, she turned on both of the vibrators and took a step back to admire her work. "OH MY GOD SYDNEY. THESE ARE WAY TOO BIG.

MY PUSSY IS GOING TO BE ACHING FOR WEEKS NOW." "That's sort of the point babe. You'll always remember this as one of the best nights of your life." "MMM FUCK ME. I don't know about the best night, this is too painful to be fun." Lauren replied between moans.

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"Well, I'm going to be leaving soon. Off to go get some more toys for us to play with. I'm going to lock these dildos in, just in case you get out of your restraints." She said as she locked them into place with a little underwear looking device. "Now be good when I'm gone OK?" "Ok good she's gone. Now how do I get out of these restraints?" Lauren asked herself.

After fiddling for a bit she finally was able to get out of the handcuffs and ropes, but she still had the dildos strapped into her pussy and asshole "Crap, this makes it really hard to walk, or do much of anything" She said, trying to walk but instead just falling on the ground in ecstasy. The more she tried to remove the dildos, the farther they got lodged in her holes, and the tighter her holes squeezed against the dildos.

So eventually it was nearly impossible to do anything because of the sheer amount of orgams rushing through her body. The only thing she amateur babe goes wild with her toys and cums able to do was lay in a heap by the door, moaning and whimpering, waiting for Sydney to return with more tortures to put her through.

After what seemed like days to Lauren, which was only about an hour, Sydney finally returned, following her in the door was about five or six guys. "Wha. What are all those guys doing here?" Asked Lauren, feebly trying to cover up her naked body. "I found them on the way back and told them I had a tied up hotty waiting for me at home. So now they're all looking for some blow jobs and you're the lucky winner." While she said this all of the guys had began to take off their clothes and form a circle around Lauren.

"I don't think that's going to work out Sydney. They all look really big." "Don't worry it'll be fine. Let me just tie her up guys." Replied Sydney, tying Lauren's feet to her thighs so that she was stuck in a kneeling position. "Remember to cum all over her face and body when you're ready." "Come here bitch and suck my dick." Growled one of the guys.

Eventually all of the guys were getting their dicks sucked and one by one each unleashed their load all over Lauren's body. After each one was done they each just walked out the door, leaving Lauren in a helpless heap on the ground, covered in cum and still trembling from the two vibrators inside of her holes. "Here let me help you with that." Sydney whispered as she began to lick all of the cum off of Lauren's body. Then as she neared Lauren's pussy, she removed restraint that was holding the dildos in, only to release a torrent of Lauren's pussy juice.

"Ooh, looks like you have been busy while I was gone, I have to clean that up now too." As she said that she began to lick around the dildo that was still jammed up in Lauren's pussy, focussing on her clit. "How many more orgasms can I have?" Gasped Lauren as another wave of pleasure swept through her body. "There are still many more orgasms to come babe, I didn't just bring home guys, I did actually buy some more toys." "Oh god, what are they?" "Well, first of all I got four vibrating eggs, two double ended toys with cam girl watch part uncut on wwwslutcamxxcom along with two adjustable clit stimulators." Stated Sydney, removing the vibrators from Lauren's holes as she did so.

"Here's how it's going to work. I'm going to put one vibrating alexis fawx who can squirt inside each of your holes, then to make sure that those don't come out I will put one end of each double ended vibrator in each hole as well. The same thing will happen to me and then I'll attach the clit stimulators and we'll fuck each other like there's no tomorrow." Sydney then removed all of her clothes and began inserting the vibrating eggs into her holes.

"Shit, I'm still really tight. Lauren's holes are all stretched out from those huge dildos I forced inside her." Finally when each egg was inserted, she started pushing the other end of the vibrators into her holes. The pleasure instantly overwhelmed her and there wasn't much that she could do. The only thing she was capable of was just moaning on the ground. 'This is my chance to get a bit of payback, Sydney is helpless.' Thought Lauren.

She then proceeded to pump the dildos rapidly, giving herself mass amounts of pleasure in the process. She could tell it was effecting Sydney more that it was effecting her. 'Oh god was this ever a bad idea' Thought Sydney, 'Lauren has all the control and I can't do anything about it.' With each thrust from Lauren, Sydney could feel herself getting closer and closer to her orgasm. She could tell that it was going to be even better than the one she had before.

"OH FUCK YES! GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD LAUREN." Screamed Sydney, with wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her. "Why aren't you stopping Lauren? I already came." "Oh no, I'm going to keep this up for a long time." So they went about fucking each other, each taking turns pounding one another, having orgasm after orgasm. When morning finally came around, Lauren woke up on Sydney's floor, completely drenched in sweat and cum.

The only thing she could think about was the fact that last night was the best night ever, and that her holes were going to be sore for days to come.

Thank you for reading this story. There are more to come. Hope you enjoyed!