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Gina valentina caught in a rough doggy style fucking with a massive cocked stud
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As i lay on my bed looking out of the window i counted down the minutes until you arrived. I had the day planned and after being apart in such a long time i had decided to make the most of the short time together. I wanted to take the pure chance that i was about to be given. Loud noises of passing cars flew past the window and i was surprised t notice how unbeliveable hot i had become. i Jumped in to the shower glancing at the time to make sure i didnt miss your arrival.

As the water bounced off my body i remembereed the extra gym work i had been putting in, my body perfectly rounded and muscular with the sun hitting it through the window. I was enjoying the feel of the water snaking down my body. I jumped out of the shower and as no one was home i ran across the landing naked to get to my room.

I had always been excited about romantically taking charge of you and today my blood could sense the build up of tension, almost as if my body understood that it was going to receive everything it craved.

i quickly pulled on my shirt over my head and did my hair finally seeing the clock hit 3pm meaning you would be here any second. As i car a car door slam and a girlish laugh drift slightly through the unlocked door i stand up t see your beautiful body coming pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 26 way.

My god did you look good.Your stunning blonde hair framed you pretty face and those blue eyes that i couldnt say no to. You wore a very ordinary shirt and skirt but ones which hugged your body so well that i couldnt help but swallow amazed before smiling and greeting you with a hug.I pull you close and your soft skin brushed my arms beautufully both of us happy to make contact. Your breast are pushed in to my chest and feel incredibly soft. Your shift your knees to put your leg between mine before we pull back and i lead you in to my house.

I follow behind you and show you my room where you can put down your belongings.

You smile and giggle again with words not needing to be exchanged as simply the sign that you bite your lip tells me you want me now. I move closer and you look me in the eyes seducing every sense in my body. I move my lips to brush your own, and you purr at romi rain and tyler nixon satisfying feeling and the excitement that your dreams would come sooner rather than later.

Suddenly i retract and say 'perhaps later?'You groan and hit my arm but laugh as i tell you my plans to go on a walk. You ask to change first and you go to the bathroom. You walk in the the bathroom and as you change you realise how wet your pants have become, you smile and rub your clit moaning in the process. You feel at home in the house and at my side. You hug my arm and love the heat emerging between our bodies.

Your almost annoyed that going out on a walk is delaying what you really want. We begin our walk and in the midst of a chat that seemingly has lasted hours filling in all the lost stories that have happened in the past year we reach a lake with large willow trees hanging and creating a idyllic woodland scene. You groan saying you are tired knowing that all you really want is for me to hug you and hold you closer.

I agree we should sit down and we take off our shoes to sit next to the lake. THe water looks beautiful and clear with it getting deeper and larger as it moves to almost a hundred metres to the other shoreline. We dip our feet in and you lean on to my shoulder. I put my arm around you and you lie further against my chast. You hum creating a vibrating sense which follows through my body.

i splash you and you scream hitting me hard again. You get up and splash me with lots of water giving me a devilish grin. I go for you and pick you up walking with you in to the pool before diving taking both of us beneath. I am completely controlling you and you struggle against me. I burst up out of the water with you in my arms and you take a great breath and immediately look me in the eyes and passionately kiss me. OUr kisses began rapidly almost as if your kiss broke a barrier that had been building up.

OUr tongues pass over each other playfully fighting to get in to eachothers mouths. I move my lips down to your neck and you moan and the sweet petite dakoda brookes and nicole ray over your sensitive regions. Youl begin to nip my ear and i look you back in the eyes and our kiss begins again less forcefully as we fully enjoy the fullest areas of our mouths.

MY hands have moved to your bum which,in my hands, feels the perfect rounded shape and instict to rip down your skirt and move my face between you ass cheeks has to be stopped as the animal inside is restricted. i carry you to the shore and lay you down with my body hanging over yours. YOUr wet clothes ave become seethrough anf your lacey pink bra has become obvious to the eye. I tell you that it would be worth it to hang up our clothes so they can dry in the soft breeze.

We delicately unclothe eachother and put them aside leaving both of us just in our underwear. The hunger in your eyes is apparent and the water still dripping down your body looks perfect. YOUr makeup has slightly run down your cheeks but you are unaware as i come over and hold your body close to boobs pressed while sleeping sister. YOur hands reach my bum and move the elastic waistband,your hands laying on my bare bum.

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I smile and you look at me then make a visible attempt to look down at my crotch. You bite your lips again and lick your lips after. You bend and on your knees you come face to face with my growing member.

Inside me is building a volcano and every touch you make alerts the nerve ending to celebrate step bros big boner suck deep throat by jayden black electrify my body.Your breathing heavily getting ready to beauty girl masturbate with hitachi and dildo liveshow down my boxers and see my cock for the the first time.

You can tell through the material that you are going to have the time of your life but the slow, and teasingly sexy move of your hands to my waistband gets me dangerously close to letting the animal inside take over. YOU pull down my boxers however and your intake of breath shows your combined shock and delight at my cock which you immediately move your hand to.

You hold the base and take a moment to look at the size next to your face. You plant a small kiss on the foreskin before pulling the skin back toi reveal the mushroom head. You lick your lips again salivating at the prospect of your great desire. You then take my cock in your mouth and i moan and the warm feeling of your breath and tongue. YOU suck and slurp as you try to take my cock deeper and deeper down in to your throat.

YOU love the feeling of my hard cock and revel at the thought that soon this may be pleasuring you. YOU shiver but not in cold but pleasure. You look down and find that your soaking wet and you want nothing more but for me to take my cock and dominate you. YOu want me to pick you up and fuck you until you let out a screaming orgasm, so loud that anyone close will know how much fucking pleasure you are feeling.

YOu spit on my cock and rub the wetness all over my cock before standing up and pushing down your panties. The smell of summer fruits tells me that your diet of pineapple has been worth it. This time i hold you and we both lower to the ground.

i move myself between your legs and my fingers rub the already wet pussy allowing you to shudder at the touch. I laugh and mve up to your bra unclipping it and allowing your breasts to come free. I plant long kisses on the nipples sucking and biting as i go. YOur devilish grin continues to tell me that you are enjoying yourself.

I then move back to yoyur pussy and focus on your clit. I start sucking and licking the sides of your clit and all around making circular motions. YOur legs start to become uncontrollable and they flail about with the building towards an orgasm far past due. You begin to moan loudly and this builds to one that crosses the whole clearing as your orgasm hits as i stick my tongue deep into your pussy for the first time.

You jet a shoot of cum down in to my throat and i love the taste of the most indescribable taste ever. I climb on top of you and you smile. YOu roll my over on to my back and i frown proceeding to roll you back on to your back and i shove you down restricitng you. You laugh and tell me that you want me to fuck you as hard as i can. I move the head of my penis to your opening and the spit still on my cock lubricates its way to the entrance. You tell me to 'get a move on' so i shove it in and you scream with a mix of pain and ecstacy with my cock stretching your pussy to new limits.

Your almost scared expression tells me to take it slow to start. The feeling of your warm pussy around my cock for the first time is like the perfectly fitting glove and the squeezing sense only makes teen friends daughter fucked desperate for a girlcrony he picks the damsel he likes and want to enjoy this sensation forever more.

I build up a speed now and you begin to moan loudly again, my own orgasm seemingly building as fast as yours. we both are move at a brake-neck speed fast than i could ever masturbate to and you tell me you cant wait to taste my cum. As you explode with your second orgasm i break out of you and move to your face with i then explode my own orgasm firing my sperm over your pretty face. You love the feeling of my warm seed squirting and landing on your cheek, yourn nose and your lips.

You scoop it up and play with it before putting it in your mouth and showing me the result before swallowing. You love the taste and want more. You want me to keep fucking you more and more. You look me in the eyes and see im tired but after seeing your look, you kiss me and you bite my lower lip.

The animal emerges out of my and and roll you on top of me and my freshly hard cock now stands to attention as i roughly shove it in to your pussy. I go so deep and hard in to you that you moan and the intense desire tells me you love this rough sex.

I start moving upwards and get to a rapid pace. We share furious kisses and our bodies moving together are teeming with sweat and the friction is setting us on fire. My hands move to your bum and i rum your ass.

YOUr breats are smacking my chast as i fuck every inch of life out of you.

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You hit another orgasm but i dont even give you any respite and you love this smacking your own arse. I take the initiative and smack your um hard letting you scream with the pain.

YOu love how dirty this would seem to any passer by and the taboo sets you to another orgasm. I pull you off me and a jet of your cum which was being stored up is let loose on to my cock. i mother id like to fuck give wild ramrod riding behind you and grab your hair as i doggy fuck your pussy.

You love this positiong with my cock hitting the perfect spot to allow you the most pleasure. OUr heavy breathing and yelling has surely travelled though we dont care and i let out a loud grunt and unload a huge amount of sperm into your pussy. You love the feeling of my jerking cock inside you and the feeling of the warm sperm filling your depths. I lie backward and take a deep breath. you lie next to me and tell me that was the best you have ever had.

i look at the time noticing it has begun to get darker. I find that an hour has passed by without knowing. we both smile at the fact that my cock half hard is deflating and falling on to my belly.

still naked i pick you up and i run with you in my arms in to the pool again, the deathly cold smashing through our nerves. i push you down under the water and you scream whacking me, and telling me i wont be getting anymore sex at this rate, but i said you cant resist.

You grit your teeth anf give me evils annoyed at my power. we both run out of the water and fund our clothes are dry.

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we quickly cloth and get our stuf together bfore deciding to head home. At times while we talk and talk over what has just happened we come together and share a kiss but the journey home goes largely uneventful.

As we reach home and i prepare dinner however we get excited for later and bed time, where perhaps you could show me more of your dirtier side. To be continued ;)