Kristi klenot natural wonders of the world aka christinas heisse busenfreundinnen

Kristi klenot natural wonders of the world aka christinas heisse busenfreundinnen
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Lick my balls mom Max orderedas Carol continued to satisfy her son/master's desires she flicked that tongue like she had done hundred of times beforethen she moved down to his nether regions & began licking his asshole.

On her knees Carol continued while Max sitting in his favourite armchair in the living room was watching porn on the tv. Carol was not allowed to talk so Max grabbed her by the hair & shoved his massive penis down her throat. As Carol bobbed her head up & down on his massive memberAndy san dimas in one fuck over the nurses cunt was getting turned on by the video his friend Arthur had giving him.

Turns out that Arthur also dominated his moma sweet English dish named Sonia. She had big fake fits which Arthur had his stepdad buy her & she was now also a Stripper instead of a bank teller. Arthur like Max had the gift of hypnotism & because of this he was now the Man of the House.

Sonia was getting fistedin the first part of the video which he had watched earlier yesterday while screwing his stepmom up the ass. Arthur had given his slutty mom a huge golden showershe was collared, leashed, ballgagged & wearing thigh high hooker boots. He imagined Arthur's cuckold stepdad was filming the humiliation.

CurrentlyMom was still blowing him as Max saw that the scene had progessed from Arthur fisting, to Arthur sitting on his mom's face & receiving a disgusting filthy rimjob. While she licked his ass ,Arthur wacked off before he unloaded a massive dump of jism all over his mom/slave's face.

Still covered in his brunette mandy muse loves sucking lexington steele huge cock Sonia crawled like a dogwhile being lead by a collar &leash by Master ArthurSonia was taken to the bathroom where Arthur once again urinated all over her face, tits & hair. Afterwards & this is what Max found especially kinky & nastyArthur left the scene& a wimpy skinny old man entered the scene fully dressed in a suit & put his arm around the waist of the still piss covered, collared & leashed mother Sonia(who was standing up in her hooker boots) & then he introduced himself and said My name is Charlie and i love when my wife's master pisses on her face.

Max unloaded his cum & Carol ate her man dessert. Chapter 1 Joan Jones- the next day Joan had known Carol for yearsshe had decided to drop by for a quick visit it had been a couple of months since they had last seen each othershe didnt know how much things had changed for her friend Carol.

Joan rung Carol's doorbell & Joyce answered it wearing a yellow thong bikini & 3inch heels. Joan couldnt believe it? This was Carol's exes new wife. Hello Joyce saidCarol's by the pool with her son Max getting a tan.

So she followed Max's stepmom. What she saw next blew her mind. Max was fucking Carol doggy style by the side of the poolshe still had her bikini top on& was ballgagged but Max was drilling his old lady with the biggest penis she had ever seen.

Joan wanted to leave but she stared into Max's eyes & she was immediately under his control.

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The next thing she knewshe was down to her bra & panties and Joyce put a collar & leash around her neck. Next she and Joyce began to to french-kiss til Max creampied his mom's cunt, Joyce went over and licked Carol's pussy and ate the man dessert. Max instead kissed Joan for a few mins & found that the stacked 52 year old married slut was already wetas he took off her panties and fisted her cunt.

Making sure to make it gape. His schlong was getting stiff so he had the wench get down on her knees & give him head. As Joan choked on Max's member she realized she was gonna gagcuz her hubby's dick was a third the size & he was lucky if she'd blow him on his birthday.

Joan needed to be trained Max thought. As he called Carol over & told amateur teen feet worship and pussy solo anything to help the poor to go get some lube in the house.

His mom did just that &knew her best friend would now get anally fucked by the biggest prick in town. Chapter 2 -Joan Jones gets assfucked aaaaah please Max you are too big screamed Joan as Max shoved his wang up her shithole.

Max didnt care so he had his mom (Carol ) put on a strapon dildo & facefuck Joan in the mouth with the rubber phallus. Joan would now practice giving head on the strapon & she would also be quiet while he ripped her a new one he smirked.

Her soon to be cuckold husband would notice her sexier walk once her ass gaped. As Joan was reaching the apex between pain and ecstasy, Joyce licked Max's asshole as he kept fucking his newest sex slave. He unloaded the jism in Joans asspipe & decided it was only fair that his mom Carol have the first taste after all they had been friends for years & now would be great lezzie friends. Chapter 3 Max visits Joan and lovely spanish girl naked in the chatroom husband George Yesterday Max had dominated Joan & she now belonged to him.

As he entered the quaint bungalowhe saw that Joan had obeyed him & dressed in her only thong bikini & a pair of heelstheir was a puzzled look on George's face who wondered why his wife had dressed like this & had opened the door to this young man (dressed the way she was ??? ) Max hypnotized George and soon he was filming his wife with Master MaxMax would text this video to his friend Arthur.

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He started by skullfucking Joan, there would be no mercy today he thought ? Joan gagged & spit all over the massive cockheadshe wasnt doing a good enough job so he put the old skank over his knee & spanked her.

After he fisted her ,as the dumbass cuckold George ,filmed his wife being used as a sextoy by her new master. Joan who was now owned by Max, was licking his manass, while Max jerked off. Soon jism flew all over Joan's facehair & tits. Covered in her master's man junkMax grabbed Joan by the hair & escorted her to the bathroom where he proceeded to piss all over her face, tits & hairthus eliminating the jism & replacing it with urine.

Max now left the scene, he began fiming. George now entered Next George put & his arm around the waist of his wife Joan (who was now standing ) but pretty blonde bbw nikki wilder gets fucked hard hardcore and plumper covered in Max's piss As he did George looked into the camera and said " my name is George & l love watching Master piss all over my wife's face.

" Masterpiece" exclaimed Max his friend Arthur will like this tit-for tat xxx video exchange.Joan & George smiled for the camera as the nasty filthy scene ended.