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Blonde young floozy sucking dick striptease and hardcore
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I appreciate the comments thus far. I know it has dragged for many of you, but the complexity of the religious morals, the cheating aspect, the age difference, the discoveries made by each character and the pure lust on each of their parts I needed to flesh out some.

Hopefully from here forward carnal will enhance the mental. This story is a work of fiction. Like most of my stories, the basic scenario is one suggested by a friend of mine. She had found herself In this situation once, and through discussion, we talked about the basic lusts and passions between two individuals and the internal conflicts they would have to overcome to basic religious morals and overall societal mindfucks the youth of today have to go through concerning sex.

I can empathize with the characters, but legally cannot condone sexual relations between a minor and an adult. Laura and her Youth Minister Chapter 6 The next morning was Sunday service, and all the kids were dragging, but in good spirits. At least those who were there. Michael had delegated Ox to give the congregation a report, but it wasn't all the splendid, it was ok, but of course he had to get in that he and Susanne were this year's horse fight champions.

A few groans rose from the kids and Laura looked down from her piano over to Michael, who just shrugged and rolled his eyes. She smiled at him coyly and he grinned back, shrugging his shoulders and turning away. Good, the sexy tranny fucked big titted blonde shemale on the bed tube porn is broken, Laura thought to herself. She had kind of worried about it last night, but pushed it aside and relived the day moment by moment and it thrilled her to the center of her abdomen.

But that morning she had awoken and had a few reservations and just sighed. Things would probably go back to normal, and that was ok. It was certainly more comfortable, but so frustrating. It was just a little fun, harmless and all, and how could anything that felt so good be so wrong? Grimacing into the mirror she brushed her hair and put it into a short ponytail and went downstairs. All the way fun at the beach and church she was lost in her thoughts, talking herself into accepting what fun she had had and move on.

At the same time she wondered what Brother Michael might be thinking of what happened, and what she did. Well it would be over and that would be it, surely they would get on and have some good memories. The exchange of smiles seemed to indicate what she had been thinking was what indeed would come to pass.

The youth group was not scheduled to meet that night, and Laura was kind of relieved because of that. She really didn't want to be around Michael today, or for a few days. She didn't want to hear what he might have to say. Michael got home that night and was horny as hell.

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Kelsey was already in bed, and groggily said that their boy was doing better, but she was tired and sorry she hadn't waited up for him. He had known all of this having called in pretty much every hour, so he kissed Kelsey on the forehead and tucked her in before heading to the shower. Feeling the day wasn't over he washed himself and found himself reaching for his cock. It had been craving attention all day, and everything washed over his mind at once.

Stroking it slowly at first, he remembered the events, nearly coming when he remembered what it felt like when he had nudged his semi-erection into Laura's lower back, and her reaction, the cute and mischievous look on her face. He started thinking what would have happened if she would have reached around and touched him. He was so close now, just thinking about that, taking shorter, faster, harder strokes under the pounding hot water.

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He imagined her touching it, grasping it when he showed it to her to settle their bet, and he blew a load all over the shower wall, his legs wavered a bit and he caught his breath, wondering if the moan he had released had been too loud.

Toweling off, he felt relieved and didn't feel any guilt about masturbating, he had been doing it since before he met Kelsey and it had come in handy when she was pregnant and had become more common in the last year. He laid in bed and try to collect his thoughts, but he was just too tired, and drifted off moms and stepson porn storys at youjizz he could register more than a couple of them. He often found solutions after a good night's sleep, and sure enough a plan popped up while he was drinking his coffee.

He had three things that had to be satisfied. First was somehow meshing up what he wanted to do with his ministry, his own beliefs.

Second was satisfying Laura's needs in a way that she was comfortable with, and didn't feel all creepy about, and third was his underlying lust for Laura. If that didn't dwell in him, then none of this would be necessary. But yeah, he had come to grips with it and just needed a few more days to iron out some of the details and the approach.

First though, he had to be certain that Laura would be willing to listen to his proposal, so that smile that morning, and her little blushtied with the look in her eyes told him all was still a go. After the service he made his way to Laura eventually. She was standing beside her mom and smiled at him coyly as he walked up, holding the oldest boy. "Well did you get some sunburn yesterday to go with those firefingers?

Did you have a good time yesterday?" He smiled gently as he said it. "Oh, yeah, I sure did! Best year ever! And no, I didn't get burned; guess it's too late in the year." "Well I am glad we cancelled for tonight, because I need a long nap, you guys wore me out yesterday. Are you going to be around later this week? I have something to show you." He says that last little bit as serious as a stone. Laura heard herself gulp and fought back a blush.

"Yes, probably, maybe Thursday afternoon, if I can get all my homework caught up by then." "Good! Looking forward to it!" He gives her hug and thanks her for her help yesterday and then walks back towards his office. Laura watches him go and can't believe what he said about showing her something! Wow! She couldn't wait until Thursday.

Finishing up her homework early Thursday morning, Laura put on a denim jumper and one of the striped tops she liked. Adding a little makeup and letting her hair hang to her shoulders she felt ready for whatever was to come. Her heart raced and her palms were clammy as she rode her bike to the church, parking it lesbo idols open up their deep butt holes and poke long sex toys the side under the breezeway.

She was nervous, but had to go through with this, and if she decided to back out at the last minute surely Michael wouldn't hold it against her. It wasn't like she hadn't seen a penis, or had a boy see or touch her tits. But that was just it, they were boys, and Michael; well, he was a man.

And a man she really liked and respected. The idea that he attracted to her made her feel she had made it, this was a man with a beautiful wife, and he was paying attention to her, and taking quite a risk doing it! Michael saw her ride up from the window in his office. He was excited too.

He hadn't thought of anything else but her and this afternoon all week, if truth be told. He had fought it, but it was pointless and he had a plan to get what he wanted and to make it work for both of them. He waited until she had put the music down she had brought, then walked in and sat next to her on the small bench.

"Excited?" he asked. Laura nodded. "And nervous. A little. But a bet's a bet!" "Yes, I guess it is. Why don't we take a walk and talk about this bet." "These bets, you mean" as she grinned and corrected him, turning towards him on the bench. "Walk where?" "I want to show you where I go to think. I've been going there a lot today, when the walls and phone and computer start closing in." Brother Michael slid off the bench and led her out the side door, then through the far end of the fellowship hall, near where the trash bins were stored.

"Not here, surely!" Laura said as she looked around the fenced in small compound. "Nah, not here, firefingers." Michael responded as he pushed open a gate behind the stored barbeque pit. "Through here. This is the backyard of the old Grayson House." Laura knew it well, for years she and her friends had always thought it was haunted, but it wasn't. It was just a big old house on a hill behind the church, abandoned for several years due to some inheritance dispute.

There was a distinct path though still fairly wild that he led her down, stopping now and then to hold a branch aside for her. Her heart was pounding and she felt a tingle in her abdomen that was working its way south as the path broke into a clearing around an old white gazebo, solid but paint flaked.

"This is where I come. I've been here a lot this week. Though this bet&hellip.these bets…were made in fun, they do step over lots of normal boundaries here. But then I guess we broke though quite a few last Saturday." I'm going to be real honest with you, Laura.

I find you incredibly attractive." He hesitates, "Sexy." He continues, a little fire in his eyes, and his cheeks blushing at the admission. "I really fought this a lot this week, but I can't help it. I want to do this, and more if you want.

But I want you to understand the agreement I made with myself before we go any further. " Michael clears his throat and continues, "I got to thinking about it Saturday, when I was with all you guys. I never really saw how sexual you are as young adults. But then I got to thinking about it, and fifty-sixty years ago girls your age could already be married and having their first kid.

The human body didn't change, nor its built-in triggers. Society changed its idea of what age would be appropriate for sex, and didn't ask everybody. Just made some rules and figured kids would follow them. Always preaching abstinence and making virginity out to be a big thing. Honestly, it's not fair, and it doesn't help you guys at all." Laura gulped and nodded but remained silent, her eyes downcast and she was blushing.

"See? You shouldn't be blushing, but you are. It's not your fault. Sex is a big part of our lives and it's natural for people your age to have desires and curiosities about it. And then to add the confusing part about adding sex into the formula for a relationship, that really gets murky, and we as adults just stick our heads in the sand, leaving you guys to drift and learn where you can, and a lot of times that ends badly.

I mean look at Becca and Sybil. They both got pregnant and had to endure all of that guilt and shame." "I know some of the story on Becca, because she came to talk to me. She felt really stupid and felt tricked into having sex. But at the same time, she confessed that exclusive best friends hot mommy alexis fawx wanted to do it, just didn't really know enough about what she was getting into, and it made her feel special and wanted.

Then well, she found out she was pregnant and lost her boyfriend and that feeling. I really tried to comfort her as best I could, but I thought it was just a random occurrence and kind of figured she would learn to live with it. I just refused to see the problem, until yesterday. " "I don't want that happening to you or any more of you guys. I think I am going to try to set up some sort of group discussion for you guys to talk about sex.

Set up separate session for guys and girls. And of course do it in secrecy. What do you think about that? Do you think it is too weird?" "No," Laura responded quietly. "It's a good idea but you would have to cop fucks chubby gal in red dress careful about who you include, because some of the girls like Susanne would use it against you.

Maybe what you should do is let me contact the girls and talk to someone like uh…maybe Ben. Start small and work having hot sex with my lover from milfsexdating net reality amateur way up." "Good idea and yes I had thought of the Susanne problem. But I can see where you are right, you know the girls who would be interested and those we could trust, and Ben would be a good choice to start with concerning the boys." Michael continued, "But that solves part of the problem, probably the harder part.

What I also need is someone I trust completely, someone willing to be my study case, if you will. I think you would be perfect for the part. And in truth, I confess that none of this would have come to mind if I hadn't been so attracted to you in the first place." Laura blushed again and asked "What could I do?" "Be yourself.

And trust me and talk to me, do things with me if you want. I know I want to do things with you. I can't tell you how sexy I find you. And if nothing else, this project might help you see some things clearer, or answer some of the questions no one seems to want to hear, much less answer. I want that with you, and I think you want it with me, don't you?" That caught Laura off guard.

So many things flashed before her eyes. Did she want to do things with him? Yeah, but what exactly? She hadn't thought this would ever come to this, and even during the hike back here into this hidden niche, she thought Michael was just going to pull the plug.

But he hadn't, and the first part of what he said sank in: He wanted to do things with her! She gulped, and searched her mind for answers. It had all been fun to date, but&hellip.well maybe she was over thinking it.

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"Yes." That is all she said, despite all the things tumbling around in her head. With that word, she pushed all her doubts and concerns aside. She wanted this, and it was about time she got something she wanted. Leaning back on the bench that sat in the middle of the gazebo, Laura started to unbutton her jumper, her fingers trembling.

Michael turned sideways and looked at her. He felt much the same way, everything else was washed away. It was just him and her now as he watched her silently fold the denim bib down and reach into the jumper to begin to pull up the amazing girls take up with the tongue moist pussies top. "I figured I lost my bet first, so I should go first. Don't stop me, or I will chicken out!" He could hear the false bravado in her voice and saw her fingers trembling, a flush rising from underneath her top, climbing up her chest, up her throat and all the way to her hairline.

She looks at him and raises a single eyebrow, Vivian Leigh style, silently asking if he is ready. Michael nods. He tried to watch her face, but simply couldn't as he slid himself to the edge of the bench and twisted to look squarely at her, feeling his cock swell some as he saw her stomach come into view, then the underside of the blue bra, decorated with little white dots. He watched her take a deep breath and curled her fingertips under the cups to pull them up.

Slowly she drug the tight cups over the firm little mounds. He caught his breath as the little dark tan nipples popped free, they were already stiff and so gorgeous. Like the rest of her, everything was well proportioned. Laura felt her heart pounding, her eyes going to her chest to see if the pounding inside was visible outside.

She swore to herself it was. The embers in her groin were glowing red hot now, she could feel her nipples hard. She looked at Michael as he took a quick look at her and grinned, then his eyes went back to her show. Dang, he really did want to see them! Geeze.she stifled a moan as she felt the bottom edges of the bra cups scrape over her nipples and remembered the show she put on for him in her mirror less than a week ago.

Now it was for real! And he was devouring litl girl faking xstory dawnload with his eyes! She started to pull everything back down, but he stopped her by reaching forward and placing his hand directly on her right breast. She shivered and moaned, twisting more to face him, her chest molding into his large firm hand like a ball into a glove.

God, she had wanted this but hadn't felt rina ellis a dream cum true enough to ask. She felt the warm smooth flesh of his palm teen rimming old guy sneaking into your companions playmates daughters room her breast and then squeeze it gently, tugging on it some from the base to the little ever growing nipple.

She felt a huge surge of arousal course through her body, and knew she had to be seeping into her panties by now. Michael couldn't stop three scenes in one story when he leant forward and placed his hand on the well shaped orb.

It was like someone had cut a softball in half, placed each half perfectly on her chest, turned them into firm pliable flesh and topped each one with a dark tan cherry. He couldn't satisfy his need to caress them, to study them, to handle them and watch her reactions. Quickly he added his other hand, his big paws swamping her chest and he could feel her heartbeat, her rapid breathing in her chest. He started complimenting her on them, and felt his cock go full hard when she brought her own hands and covered his, pressing them into the soft mounds.

The sight of her smaller fingers dwarfed by his as she plucked and pinched her own nipples drove him further. Laura worked his hands with hers, gliding and rotating them on her small firm tits, eventually displacing his with hers.

She cupped them and held them for him, framing them. Michael looked at her face and there was an expression of surrender and expectation there. He waited no longer and leant over to capture one of offered nipples in his mouth. His other hand instinctively grabbed for the other as he began to lick and suckle. The fire in her groin now came to full blaze and she placed her hand on the back of his head and stroked the soft short reddish hair.

His full lips so soft, the strength of his vacuum, the rasp and speed of his tongue pushed her higher, drove her to pull his head tighter to her beating chest. Instinctively, she laid down on the bench, pulling his head with her, as he alternated between her breasts. His kissed and nibbles were everywhere, from the soft sides to the upper swells, then down underneath, the tip of his tongue tracing the indention left by the bra where her tits rose from her upper stomach.

Michael feasted on those small firm mounds and the urgent morsels that sat atop them. He inhaled the perfume she had applied that morning, and licked slowly up the cleavage to her throat and back down. He did this repeatedly, each time closer to her mouth. He heard her raspy breathing and felt her chest tremble under his hand and mouth, finally inhaling her gasp when he covered his mouth with his. That did it! Laura felt a small orgasm wrack through her body and she returned his kiss, unleashing all the passion that had been building up in her the past week.

Her little tongue danced with his, slipped into his mouth and teased his into her. He wouldn't give up contact of her chest and his hand continued to squeeze and massage one or the other breast, keeping the sensation alive in her, and feeding his lust for the teen chest.

Little flicks around her lips, into the corners, then deeper, twisting kisses, his tongue ran across the braces and he felt her shudder and hesitate, but he did it again and again, breaking away to tell her how hot she was, how sexy and beautiful, how he wanted her, then returning to kiss her slowly and ardently, being tender and possessive at the same time.

Twenty minutes had passed, but it seemed like a flash for Laura as she caught her breath and he knelt at her side, looking down at her, his gaze moving from her face to her tits to her belly and below. "I guess you do like them, huh?" She said and then giggled a little, letting her own fingertips tease around her chest. "Just a little, let me show you the effect they have on me." He replied with a grin.

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And with that he continued to kneel, unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his jeans. His eyes were glued to Laura's face as he slowly worked the zip down. Seemed like the only things he could hear were their breathing and the distinctive sound of the zipper.

Working slowly, he felt the bulge of his cock press gap apart, rising from his groin. A large dark wet spot was visible on his grey boxer briefs. He saw her lick her lips, and wondered if it was on purpose or not. Eyes wide open, Laura lay on her side on the bench, her top still rucked up under her chin, the jumper pushed down past her navel and the bra a twisted tangle over the top.

Her nipples were hard and her mouth was dry in anticipation. She was about to see a man's cock. Michael's cock and it was hard because of her! Just her tits! She shivered and absentmindedly licked her lips as she saw the huge seepage of his precum on his briefs. Her hand slid instinctively down into the loose jumper and she explored her own wetness, felt her soaked panties and stroked her bald slit, comforting it.

Michael pushed his jeans down and then slowly pushed down the briefs, unleashing his smooth headed prick into the open air. He looked down at it, watched it bob on its own, drops of his natural lubricant oozing from the head. He looked at Laura's face and saw the fire in her green eyes. The fact that her hand had disappeared into the depths of her denim skirt did not go unnoticed. He watched her blush and lean forward a bit.

He countered by inching closer to her on his knees, his hand returning to her sweet chest. "Touch it." That is all he said, neither forcefully or questioningly.

More like it was the natural progression of things and he was ready. She felt a shiver run through his body as her soft strong hand closed on it, feeling it lurch and pulse in her palm. Again she licked her slender zaya cassidy sucks and fucks big cock in a party as she squeezed it at the base and tugged on it, forcing more of the clear thick liquid to run from the little hole in the middle of the red angry head.

He wasn't huge, she figured he was maybe 8 inches in length (nearly seven, she would find out later) and not so thick her fingers couldn't get around it barely. The thick patch of reddish pubic hair at the base was trimmed close and she ran her fingers across it, letting her nails scratch teasingly before ducking down to heft and weigh his big sac. No, not boy…not at all…she loved it and wanted it.

Letting her nails come up along the underside she got a thrill from his reaction, his shaft bobbing rapidly, like in tune with his heartbeat. Using the pad of her thumb she smeared his precum over the plum sex stories story 4xxx porn story head and down under the ridge, watching the whole head grow shiny.

Then she grasped him tight and began to squeeze and stroke him, each stroke bringing him closer to her face, her mouth. Groaning and rocking into her hand, Michael slid his own hand off her breast and followed her arm down into the loose skirt, under her arm, and into her panties. She gasped and mewed as she felt his big finger press on the top of her small slit, felt the shock of his touch on her hard pebble of a clit.

Her own hand tugged her panties down side by side as she arched her back to lift her butt off the bench, baring herself to his touch under the soft denim skirt. She was close and knew her was too as her concentration went back to busty latina milf sophia lomeli fucked hard on bed cock. Sliding his finger into her, down between her spread legs, he didn't encounter a maidenhead, but he really didn't expect to as he wiggled and pressed into her she loves spit squirting on her tits while sucking folds, feeling her hips move to line herself up more for him.

As active in sports, horseback riding and biking from early on, it would be amazing she still had a hymen intact. He knew she was virgin, she had told him so on many occasions. Man she was wet and slippery as he rubbed her slit, sometimes entering her, sometimes not. He brought his hand up smoothly and licked her excitement from her fingers. That set her off, seeing that. She felt the beginning of her second orgasm swelling from inside her abdomen, spreading through her body. She adjusted herself and closed her mouth over the head of his cock.

Michael watched her, then threw his head back, looking right through the rafters of the gazebo. His mind concentrating on the new sensation, the soft teen mouth full of the head of his cock, Laura's tongue flicking and licking it as the sound of her sucking and moaning lilted up to him. Faster he rubbed and fingered her sopping bald pussy, in and out he plunged his finger as she began to bob her head.

He wasn't far off at all! And by all indications she was already there, climbing a mountain of orgasms, near her peak. "I'm going to cummmmm," He said slowly, having to concentrate to even put together words in a sentence. Laura just hollowed her cheeks and sucked that much harder, eyes looking up at him expectantly, her whole face covered with submission and lust. Her hips pushing and gyrating her pussy onto his thick middle finger.

He couldn't hold back and released a huge shot of cum into her mouth and felt her recoil, then swallow, sucking, swallowing over and over again. Her free hand jammed his finger into her spasming pussy as she swallowed his load happily. She had sucked a cock twice in her life, but never had let the old bf come in her mouth, much less swallowed.

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But for Michael she would and did do it. Jet after jet his thick hot come exploded in her mouth and she came and swallowed at the same time. Her drool mixed with his come dripped from the side of her mouth as she lay again on her side, trembling through one last little orgasm as his finger tickled her clit when his hand retreated from under the jumper and his cock slipped out of her mouth.

She grinned as she watched him lick his fingers clean and took his asian webcam girls filipinawebcams live masterbate pussy in hand again to squeeze and lick the last of his come from the head. Happy, satisfied, full belly she lay back on her back and casually rubbed her chest, letting the pleasurable memory sink into her mind forever. She turned her head and looked at him, as he stood and pulled his briefs and jeans back up.

"What should we bet next?" She asked as she looked up at him and grinned.