Dick riding makes hawt awesome chick cum

Dick riding makes hawt awesome chick cum
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I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. Considering it was winter and I'd left the window open, I couldn't really figure out why I was sweating.

After a half hour of tossing and turning, I couldn't get back to sleep. I threw on some clothes and hopped out my open window, climbing down the side of the house and heading for the tree line.

In the darkness of the early morning, my shirt was soon lightly frozen to my chest and my breath was visible in the moonlight. I walked through the woods, using one trail that I knew went deep into the woods.

The large natural reserve was closed, of course, but climbing the fence and walking around was one of my favorite past times. The moon was just reaching its peak, so it was somewhere around three am when I reached the waterfall pool.

A large river that ran through the reserve was always clean and beautiful; nature had helped form a large bowl that kept a large, deep pool at the bottom of a short cliff, and the scenery was awesome.

I traveled there pretty often in my walkabouts. When I reached the edge I noticed the gleaming beneath the surface, like a massive fish with silver scales. After a while, I noticed I could see clear to the attractive doll is showcasing her opened tight vagina in closeup stretching rubbing without even trying; the water was crystal clear, and I would have sworn it was glowing.

Enraptured by the sight of the silver streak in the water and the beauty of the scene, I sat on a log by the shore and watched. The cold was soon forgotten, and the time too. I sunny leone suck kiss and fuck take my eyes from the water. Soon enough, the streak turned toward the surface and breached… Something in my brain snapped. The silver streak was a woman, completely naked from the waist up. At the waist, her skin turned silvery and her legs became a long, thin marine tail with scales polished like glass.

They reflected the moonlight as if she were covered in a million small mirrors. The silver light across her pale skin, combined with the light across her tail, made her look more asian masseuse gets banged by her client an angel than a mermaid. She fell, breaking the surface, and I was momentarily able to get my breath back. As if someone had flushed my brain down my throat, processing anything was impossible.

My eyes were barely able to drink in the sight before me, let alone comprehend it. I waited, and watched. She breached on occasion, but only to flip in the cold air and to dive again a second later. I sat there for hours, ignoring the cold and the night and watching her dance under water. After sitting for so long, my eyelids drooped and I dozed off. The sound of water splashing woke me again. My mermaid had broken the surface to sit under the waterfall. It beat down on her head like a silver curtain of light as she ran hands through her hair.

The waterfall was a long way across the pool, so I couldn't clearly see her face; but something about her made me wonder if I'd seen her before. Part of me wished to ask her, desperately. The other wished she wouldn't notice me, and would continue. Wishing didn't go exactly as planned. I watched her swim to my shore and pull herself out of the pool, then stand on two long, pale human legs. She was completely naked, I realized, and she was probably the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

I was brain dead already, and this new sight had me in a trance. I stood, staring at the beauty in front of me, and forgot how to breath. The girl noticed me. Instead of covering herself or running, she turned to me and smiled coyly. I couldn't have made a noise if I wanted, but she spoke to me and drew the words straight from my soul.

"Well well. Did you enjoy the show?" "I… Yes." I muttered. She laughed. Her laugh was light, like a breeze. "Spying is rude you know." "Sorry. I come out here sometimes.

I didn't think anyone knew about this place." She tilted her head to one side and came closer. The moonlight lit my portion of the shore very well now, so we could clearly see one another. Again, I felt that she was familiar but couldn't place it. In the light, with her hair soaking wet and her eyes glittering mischievously, she wasn't even human. More like a goddess.

"But now you've seen me. Maybe I'll drag you down under the water to make sure you don't tell anyone my secret?" "I'm pretty sure this is a dream… But I don't really care either way.

I don't think I could move right now if I tried." "A helpless victim, caught by my stunning beauty?" She cocked an eyebrow. "I've only heard of that one in fairy tales." "It's not every day a guy gets to see a mermaid in the flesh." I chuckled. "It's obviously having an effect on you." She smiled, letting her eyes dart to the tent in the front of my pants. I couldn't have even blushed or felt ashamed; I was too caught in her game. "Can you blame me? I pinky xxx karla lane sara jay in orgy cock and mas you, this may as well be a dream.

The most beautiful woman I've ever seen is standing soaking wet and naked in front of me. I'd have to be a machine not to get hard." "Most beautiful woman you've ever seen?" The mermaid smiled, gripping her hair and winding it in some crazy pattern. "That's laying it on thick." "How would you know?" She laughed. Standing up, her hair was tied back in a bun.

The girl walked toward me, letting her eyes settle on the bulge in my pants. "Well… if this was a dream… are you the kind of guy who would want something more… fantasy like… or is this just another dream?" Her hand settled on my waist as our eye met again.

Her eyes were changing, the color of her irises constantly melting and forming a new pattern. My hand settled on her free hand, and dragged it to my waistband.

In real life I couldn't have been so bold; here, in this dream? I smiled at her. "I'd never forgive myself if this was just another dream." She bit her bottom lip and smirked at me. A hand slipped into my sweatpants, gripping my hard on and beginning to stroke it. She moaned slightly, then gasped as I reached out and pulled her close by her hips. We grinned like fools until I finally leaned down and kissed her.

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Her lips were hot and she tasted sweet, same as her hands. We stayed close while my hands pushed my sweatpants down and returned to her sides, gasping for breath between kisses. Suddenly the night air wasn't cold anymore; I was burning up. She slipped away long enough to kneel on the grass and look up at me from under my shaft, right before she slipped the had inside her lips and plunged me down her throat.

I groaned as I was suddenly caught in the vise like grip of her throat. Despite the fact that this was the first time anyone other than me had touched my cock, and the fact that this was most definitely the first time I'd been given a blow job, I was calm.

My hand caressed her face before moving to the back of her head. A little thrust touched her lips to the bottom of my shaft, so I pulled out and listened to the air rush back to her throat. She moaned, gathering the spittle that had formed between her lips and my cock and stroking it along my length.

She licked up the underside, then took just the head and made short dips until I was lightly fucking her mouth.

A gasp came as she pulled off again, long enough to lick and suck my balls. I wasn't expecting that; the pressure shocked me, but it all turned back to pleasure as she plunged my cock down her throat again. We repeated this over and over again. Eventually, I grabbed her head and pulled her up, kissing her fiercely as she grabbed and stroked my cock.

Her lips were hotter babe works the first time with two dicks before, and wet.

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One of my hands ventured down between her legs and met her folds. She was hot and wet, and a finger easily slipped inside her. Only a bit, a touch, but she gasped and pushed against it all the same. The mischief was gone now: her eyes were full of lust and hunger. A leg came up, wrapping around my hip, and I bent at the knees.

Our noses touched as my tip grazed her sex, and my first thrust had us both gasping for breath. I was shallow; our position made it hard to get inside her. But it was enough to tease us both. Soon she pushed away and guided me to a tree. Her hands settled on a smooth part of the bark, her back arched and her legs separated; the look in her eyes was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

I pressed against her and then inside, pushing until I was as deep as I could be. We moaned loudly. Gripping her hips, I pressed deep and reveled in the feeling of her body. She pressed back against me and something inside tightened. I took a breath and made a thrust, holding it inside her again. Soon she was breathing quickly, looking back and biting her lip.

"Please… Please, harder. I can't cum like this…" I grinned and picked up my pace. Now I clearly felt something at the end of my thrusts, but it disappeared every time or so.

I aimed for it, until I pressed tightly against her each time. I grew faster, until I plunged into her pussy recklessly. It took too much time to put myself back inside of her, so I shortened my thrust and moved a hand to grip her by the shoulder.

She moaned, constantly cursing under her breath and making american class 10th beautiful school girl noises. I groaned as she began to grow tighter. "Yes… yes…" She muttered. Her eyes closed tight and she pressed further back against me. "Fuck yes… yes… Oh fuck…" She came without warning.

She grew quiet, then groaned loud enough to let half the woods know where we were. She pressed back against me until I couldn't move; her body rippled around my shaft, sucking me deeper even though I was pressed as deeply inside of her as I could be.

Somehow, I pried myself from her body and continued to thrust. She was even more vocal now, nearly shouting as I touched that spot deep inside of her. Constantly she pushed herself back against my thrusts. Soon, though, my cock began to grow warm and my brain got cloudy. Fire raced up my shaft. "I'm gonna cum…" "Don't stop. Please!" I growled as she begged for me to continue, pressing deeper than I had before.

Her moans became thick as I swelled inside of her, pressing against every part of her pussy. Fire raced up my shaft, fireworks exploded in my brain and body clenched up, holding me tight there inside of her.

I gasped as I came, shooting shot after shot against the deepest portion of her womanhood. I didn't even begin to wilt; somehow, her begging had forced me to remain there even after we both calmed down. When I thrusted again, she gasped in surprise. She didn't tell me to stop, though.

The pain quickly became intense; soon enough it faded, but it had made me wilt a bit. As if she knew, she pulled herself from the tree and sucked my cock again. She plunged it down her throat until I was hard enough to fit the way I had before, and she smiled when she pulled my cock from her mouth. "I taste good on you." I grinned. We kissed, reverse gangbang session with ravishing fillies brunette big tits. Soon she was on her back in the grass, legs wrapped around my waist as I plunged into her again.

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I suckled on her breasts, played with them, even gripped her ass. She came twice, and we kissed. Eventually we rolled over and she rode me. Despite a slow start, one kiss was all it took to turn the sweetness into an animalistic fucking. I came again, and this time she screamed for me. With her ass gripped tight in my hands and her lips next to my ear, I fucked her senseless until I gave her four hard thrusts and came, all the while relishing those screams and the way she gripped my shaft.

When it was over, we laid beside one another drifting on the aftermath and giggling between deep breaths. She left; though I don't remember exactly when, only that it had grown a little bit dark as the moon drifted toward the horizon.

I woke that morning, exhausted and sore and cramping as I walked back toward my house.

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I was late for school, bleary eyed and looked like shit. More than one person looked at me with concern. I just told them I'd had a hell of a night. Most of my classes were bullshit; I was a high school senior, and I'd already studied for everything they were teaching. It was just a matter of attendance. As I walked into the lunch room though, I felt something. It was like a tuning fork had gone off inside me. I looked around, curious as to what had caused it.

My eyes settled on a girl standing in line for a cafeteria lunch. She was beautiful, of course. Her hair was long and brown and wavy. She stood a little taller than most of the girls in the cafeteria, but it wasn't tall enough to be noticeable. Her skin was pale, and she was thin. In that school uniform, it was obvious that she had a fine, athletic figure. A friend pushed me out of the way, early dragging me into a line.

I lost sight of the girl, but I couldn't shake the feeling that my little dream last night was something more. I was dazed, barely making it through the lines and to a chair on my own two feet. One or two guys commented on it, but I ignored them. Then it hit me again: the tuning fork sounded in my brain. I perked up, looking around until our eyes met.

The girl stopped in her tracks. Her friend paused too, confused at the sudden pause. But my eyes were focused on hers. She had brown eyes, and yet I knew that it busty canadian brunette mena masturbates wet pussy her. Her eyes went wide. I'm sure mine were about the same. As quickly as the moment lasted, it was over. Her friend dragged her off. The guys at my table chuckled.

My best friend, Danny, smacked my shoulder. "You day dreaming about Bianca Frost? Since when?" I grinned and shook my head. "Not a dream, man. Definitely not a dream." I chuckled at their confused stares. I'd probably looked that same way when I'd seen my first mermaid.

If only they knew.