Alexis and jennifer share a massive dong

Alexis and jennifer share a massive dong
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It was 7-30 am on a bright monday morning without a cloud in the sky as I looked out the window from my bedroom. Big tit blonde rough anal had my tie on my wardrobe door handle and my shirt on a coat hanger.

I got out of my night clothes as I went and showered. However, things weren't as they first seemed. I walked into the bathroom and saw. a red thong? I had to take a closer look at this. Then I saw that they had recently been worn because they were still warm and the stain on them was still quite wet.

I thought nothing else of it but to place it in the wash basket and then preceeded to the shower when.

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh!" a girl's voice screamed as I suddenly jolted back a yard or two. It seems like I forgot my cousin Ginny, a 17 year old virgin was staying with me and my family for a few months whilst her parents were settling a divorce.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I promise I didn't see anything" I said panicking. "Yeah yeah Tom, you just wanted to see my pussy!" she shot back cutely "why are you naked?" "I was going to come for a shower.

Oh, and you wouldn't dare show me your pussy anyway!" It was indeed true that I wanted to see her pussy and I turned red in front of her faster than a set brave young gal fucked by old rod hardcore blowjob traffic lights.

I then went back outside the bathroom and waited for her to finish whilst trying not to get an erection whilst trying to take the dirty pictures out of my mind. I had never had sex before either but something here just felt different.

But oh boy did I think she was a saucy little minx! Her brunette hair stretched down to just below her shoulders and I saw nothing else other than that because she used the curtain to cover herself up. How has she not got with anyone yet?

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If only I could see more. Five minutes later Ginny asked me if I had seen her thong and so I told her where I put it and she gratefully grabbed it and darted out of the bathroom. Seems like she's forgot to put her bra on. 'oh well' I though to myself as I picked it up. 34C it said on the label and then I put it under my bed and with no intention of telling her. I then exited my room and went to get my bag ready for college and walked out the house.

***** As I walked to college, I couldn't get that scene out of my head.

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Over and over again her face kept appearing from behind the curtain. Teen girl sex mobi sex stories story was getting hard at the warm soapy water flowing slowly down her neck and chest from what I could see.

I suddenly snapped back to reality as I was almost ran over whilst trying to cross a street. "Jerk!" the driver shouted so I just ignored him and got to college in the next couple of minutes. At college things went pretty slowly as I thought of a plan to see Ginny naked again but this time uncensored. That's when I remembered about my balcony which I hadn't used in years.

But then I thought to myself "she's my cousin, cousins don't fuck each other let alone see each other naked" but then the sex crazed side over powered me and without much of a fight I had decided to do what I had in mind. ***** I woke up at five pm on the same evening with my finallised plan fully formed. I knew that with one slip up I could be grounded for life and so I had to be very carful in what I did.

I went down stairs to eat my dinner which consisted of a burger and fries because my mum couldn't be arsed to cook.

Whilst eating, I noticed that Ginny had a gorgeous black tank top on which was being shown through a cream coloured cardigan. Everytime she looked away from me I would fix myy eyes to her clevage and get hornier with each passing moment.

As soon as she stood up, my eyes checked the rest of her body out. 'What a hot ass! Damn!' I thought As soon as we finished dinner mum had suggested that we watch a film because dad would be at work for another few days yet and we never watch films when dad is here because he doesn't like them.

Half way through, there was a "really hot sex scene" but I knew that It was really faked because the certificated grade was a 12 rating. Despite all this, I saw Ginny put a hand on the inside if her thigh and she rubbed it so slowly that you could only notice if you looked at her. The film had a good 20 minutes to go when both Mum and Ginny fell asleep. Being as I am never good with messing around with girls in their normal sleep, I have always wanted to make a sleeping potion but never got the time or money to buy the props - until now so I set about to make some up and the end result was pretty good.

But the time for this part of the plan was later. I popped to my room to put the bottle in a safe hiding place and returned down to the living room. ***** The film had now finished and the two girls were awake.

It was onlt half nine in the evening when Mum had decided to go to bed. That of course left me and my cousin all alone down the stairs. I suddenly said to Ginny "We can either do this the easy way or the hard way." She looked confused. "What the fuck are you on about?" she asked me. "This" I replied as I kissed her hard on the lips. She rejected my kiss and so I asked her what's wrong. It turns out that she never thought about sex and the fact that she was unknowingly about to lose her virginity with her cousin soon.

She then asked me "Did you enjoy what you saw?" with a look of disgust in her eye. "To be honest, no! I was wanting to see all of you naked and you covered up. You've been on my mind all guy assists with hymen checkup and penetrating of virgin chick. Do you know how horny that makes me?" She didn't answer that so I told her to wait. I went and got my bottle and the fun was about to begin.

I got back again to where she was and I showed her the bottle and asked again " WE CAN EITHER DO THIS THE EASY WAY OR THE HARD WAY!" with a sense of frustration in my voice. She was clearly very frightened by what just came out and so I reached out and grabbed her right breast when she slapped me. I called her a bitch and pushe her against the sofa.

Now I was on top of her as I forced my way to underneath her cardigan to fondle her breasts, first the left and then the right. I then ripped the front of her cardigan apart as she started to cry. She tried to slap me again but this time I pinned her arms down.

As her punishment I lowered her tank top straps and pulled her arms through them.

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Now I pulled the top so that it went across her eyes. Just after that happened, I put my hand up her skirt and slid the same red thong down as earlier. "See this?" I smeared at her. She nodded uncomfortably, "this is the same one from earlier which was yours but is mine now haha!" I got the oddest of looks from her as I stripped out of my clothes and got on top of her. I pulled her skirt down and lined my cock up with her pussy. I was about to start entering her when she tried to resist the make shift gag.

"NO" I said to her with a menacing look. Now her bra came off and I started to suck on her nipples as she moaned in sinful pleasure which her body was enjoying and she was not.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she kept on asking. I never answered her but I got so bored of it that I stuck my cock into her mouth and she extreme inflatable anal toys tumblr a little because she had never done any form of sex before.

"Suck my cock you whore to be!" and she bobbed her head up and down in a small amount. She was not satisfying my cock and so I held her head and forced myself down her throat. After another five or so minutes I decided to pull out and give her virginity to myself.

I lined myself up and didn't stop for anything this time. I went in slowly but broke her hymen with such force that I covered her mouth to cover her scream. She was so tight in there. My 6 inch cock had barely even fit sideways because her pussy is tight and my dick is wide. I got used to the heat inside her nd began to fuck away at her displeasure. "No, no, NO!" she kept wailing but I couldn't pass this opportunity up could I? I licked her nipples as I fucked her and so I decided to see how much milk I can extract from her painfully.

I squeezed her boob and milk came out. I then bit and suckled on the breast, fresh tears running down her face.

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I never thought she would be so juicy and tasty. I myself was very close to the cumming ceremony and so I left her swollen tits alone and I deep fucked my cousin and I came up inside her tight pussy with about 5 decent spurts that I counted and I buried her face in my crotch to lock the cum off that hadn't entered her. ***** The next day Ginny had no spare clothes and so she had to stay at home with me - knowing what happened last night would most likely happe again and I still had my sleeping potion hee-hee!

The end.