Funny animation incest mother young son

Funny animation incest mother young son
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‚Äč Violet. My new favorite color. Well, not new now, but new then. God I still can't believe it, and I am clinging to a foolish hope it never ends. My name is Jacob, I am of Greek decent, born in Brooklyn, moved to LA to try to become antonimallorca kissing prank fan edition actor. Worked odd jobs until I got a gig at a nice sport gym/spa.

The tips were decent and the women, Jesus the women. So many hot trophy wives, and all loved to show it off. I made friends with one of the masseuses we had at the gym, and he hooked me with a story about a foxy Asian lady in her 30's who had surgery and all the money she could need and her husband was a mindless prick executive.

Before long my buddy was screwing her right on the massage table. He would laugh telling me how the harder he made her cum the bigger a tip she would leave. And not chicken feed either, like $200 or more a pop.

I guess you could say that made him a man whore, but what guy would have a problem being an occasional man whore to a smoking pretty gal acquires goo on her face hardcore blowjob older woman? So I put aside my pipe dreams of acting (I am only about 5 foot 8, and while i have movie star hair, I don't quite have the looks. Though I do have the faint outline of a 6 pack so I have something going for me in my late 20's) and went to massage school at night while keeping my position at the gym.

2 years later I had all the certifications and was ready to start rubbing down hot bodies and get a woman for my own on the side. I was taken right in to the massage center at the spa. Then bam! Right before I get my first client someone walked in on my friend and the Asian lady fucking on the table. She was divorced and broke soon after, my friend lost his job, and we all got thorough talking to's and signed forms that we knew there was to be zero fraternization with the clientele.

This took away a lot of the thrill I was hoping for, but the money was very decent and the tips were crazy, even just for massage. And I still got a hell of a lot of masturbatory material rubbing down all these hot LA women. Anyway, I never even hinted at an inappropriate relationship, even with the occasional bored housewife who flirted.

I didn't want to risk the job I had after so many years of being so broke. I had one client I really liked. Her name was Esmeralda and she was of Persian lineage. She flirted with me and I found out that her husband had died a couple of years back from a heart attack (fucking her I could see why, think Kim Kardashian but darker, older, and a more human figure) but still I didn't want to lose my job so I kept it professional.

She tipped me well and usually requested me.

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Then came the visit that changed everything in my life. Esmeralda came in about 2:30 for a massage and today she brought her daughter, a daughter I didn't know she had named Violet. Violet is still the cutest girl I have ever seen.

She was wearing her catholic school uniform, a blue collared with white trim polo with an insignia, a blue plaid skirt, dark blue socks and sensible loafers. She was about 4 foot 10, had long black hair to her waist, about 3 piercings in each ear. She showed just the beginnings of a proud chest, she couldn't be more than a small B cup at this point but she would easily be on her way to her mother's healthy C's by the time she reached college. She had legs that made up two thirds of her height.

Her hair was pulled back on one side by metal clip barrettes and pulled into a long braid on the other side, very thick, like Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin.

Her face was amazing, she didn't have a hint of pimple or makeup like so many girls her age. She had huge almond shaped green eyes that shined. Her eyebrows and eyelashes were long and dark and really stood out. Her eyes naturally went to a point on the edges and her lashes were so long they mashed up against each other as she blinked. She wasn't wearing lipstick, only lip gloss that made her lips bright and shiny.

When she smiled she showed a set of pearly whites to make god jealous and her smile was very warm, innocent and inviting. "Hi Jacob!" Esmeralda said when she saw me. "Hi Esmeralda. Here for a rub?" "Well I am, but I have insisted you take care of my daughter Violet. I will take Fred." "Hi Violet, it's nice to meet you. Is this your first massage?" I said sticking out my hand.

"No, but first i a fat girls dominated girls tied xxxx storys, Mom said I can get one since I got an A on the Constitution test." Violet said in a soft, melodious voice that still is music to my ears.

"Yes she did, I am very proud. I know you give a great message so I want you to take care of her, won't you Jacob?" "Of course I replied to Esmeralda, "It would be my pleasure." After getting everything settled I took Violet back to my massage room. The club was top notch and the rooms were large and very private. Solid oak massage tables with firm, thick mattress covers. Oodles of oils available and a full sink, shower, and closet. After showing Violet in, I told her drilling enchanting honeys twat pornstar and hardcore undress and get on the table and cover with one of the towels.

I would be in, in a few minutes.

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She said ok and I left her be. I teen couple webcam riding first time side chicks on the door 5 minutes later and she told me to come in.

She was lying down, her thick hair over the edge of the table over her shoulder. Her back and lower legs were bare and I realized every inch of her skin was perfect. Just perfect. The same dark beige all over, no pimples, blackheads, moles or anything.

Just flawless. Her butt formed a bigger rounder lump that I anticipated and I had to force myself to get over to the oils and start the massage and ignore the horniness I felt looking chubby blonde gets it in the ass hard her.

I had never been that attracted to younger women before, but this little tart was a gorgeous woman in a younger girl's body. I couldn't get over how much her hips came out from her waist. It was even more noticeable due to her petite frame.

The line down her back was pronounced, her body was so tight on the curves, but as I discovered during the massage, her body is also very soft and supple, just where you want it to be. "So you did well on your test, hmm?" I said, wanting to break the silence.

"Yeah, I tried really hard and wanted a massage so mom told me if I aced it I could have one." "Awesome. So you go to St. Joseph, is that over by Wilshire?" "Yeah. Mom's a Muslim but I was raised Catholic by my Dad. So I go there." "I see. Is the oil warm enough?" "Mmm-hmmm. Feels really good." We chatted lightly for the next 20 minutes of her hour session when I finished with her back and shoulders and moved to her legs. Violet crossed her arms up under her head.

I noticed the chipping nail polish. She was ready to be a woman but still careless in her youth. I wondered how old she was, what grade she was in. I figured with that body at least a sophmore, but god knows that school had grades from 6 all the way up.

From my position on her thigh I had a great side boob shot. They weren't big but they were very sturdy I could see already. God, she was going to grow into a model, but she was already so pretty. Her eyes were closed but that face, god it was the face of an angel. When her cheekbones developed and she lost her baby fat, she was going to be the cat's meow. I happened to glance at her shirt, hanging over the chair.

She did't bother to hang it up and I saw a light, faded, dripping alabaster stain on her shirt. Why in the world my mind immediately imagined it was from a old cum stain I don't know but for then next few minutes, all that flashed in my mind were dirty thoughts. Her teachers, her coaches, her tutors, her uncles and neighbors. Who knows who might have turned this little stunner into their personal sex slave?

God knows i would be happy to. That was the thought. That was the one that did it. I wanted her as my slave. If I hadn't been already rubbing her, with oil, secluded, and in a great ambiance, I doubt I would have been so foolish and impetuous, but I was, whatever the reason.

I moved my massage higher on her thigh, higher, higher, until my fingers were under the towel and her ass cheek was involved. Damn that was one fine firm mound!!

I kept moving up until one hand was nearly completely on her ass. She didn't react to it. I had pushed up the towel enough that I had an unencumbered view of her young pussy. It was already manicured., probably a side effect of a rich mother, but even so, that part got me hard. Was she innocent as she looked? Maybe she didn't really know any better, but I wanted that pussy. I grabbed more oil and was liberal with it, her leg and ass shiny from the fluid.

Then I let one finger graze her labia as I massaged one stroke. I felt her body tense up just a hair, but then relaxed again, and she, again, made no mention of it.

I did it again, and again she tensed, then relaxed. This continued for a couple of minutes, she definitely noticed what I was doing, and I could see her closed eyes squint each time I made a pass. The next time I pushed and slid my finger just inside her lips. She inhaled sharp and deep through her teeth. I worried she was going to scream out for her mom, but she did not. Soon, I had a good rhythm going and my finger rarely left as I rubbed her thigh and ass. Once I felt confident she wasn't going to chide me for my actions, I got a second finger in there and spread her lips as I rubbed, abandoning the pretense of massage.

"Mmmmf. Phoooaah!" Violet moaned softly into the table. her face now down into her crossed arms. It wasn't long until I began to work her opening and getting it to expand. There didn't seem to be a hymen in the way, which was all the better. Lots of young ladies lose it other than through sex, and this little gal didn't seem promiscuous, though I had fantasized about it through the massage.

I finally was able to slip a finger inside her vaginal opening and heard her hard breathing stop for a second. I was only in to my second knuckle. I brought it back out and she was breathing loudly again, her shoulders heaving. As I slid my finger forward again, I felt her push her body back to greet me and my finger, as this time it went all the way in.

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I looked up at the clock, we were about halfway through her massage, maybe a bit more. I had to be careful not to go over and have any one barge in. Now that she was warmed up I brought a second finger into the mix, and I loved how her tight young pussy was gripping my fingers. God she was so damn tight! I felt somewhat confident that she was still unsoiled by a man inside her. I started going faster and faster with my fingers, and exgf francaise amateur amateurfucktube com tube porn my other hand into the mix and found her engorged clitoris and began to rub and press it, eliciting a grunt from Violet into the table.

She was being a good girl and staying pretty quiet overall, though her pelvis was grinding into the table before pushing back to my finger time and again. I finally found just the right spot and Violet ground back into me hard. "uh-hey!" Violet yelped as her body went rigid, and her ass stuck in the air. I kept rubbing her, watching the muscles of her shoulders and back flexing and relaxing in relation to her orgasm. She held tight for about 20 seconds before she sunk back to the table, now every muscle relaxed.

Her head had turned to the side and she was sucking in air with huge breaths, her eyes closed, her cheeks very flushed. I should have been happy with that but god she was so cute! I walked to the back of the table and grabbed her legs, sliding her down a foot to I had easy access and dove into her pussy nose first.

I lapped hungrily at her labia, teasing her. The oils that had coated her made for an interesting taste, but that wouldn't have mattered anyway, I had never wanted to explore any pussy on earth like Violet's. She must have really been knocked out from the first orgasm as she didn't move for a bit.

Finally though, I heard her stir. "Waaah. Oh. Oh god. Oh!" She was still moaning in a hushed town, aware of her situation, but now she was grinding her pussy back to my tongue and mouth as I ate her. I couldn't figure out if all the fluid I was getting in my mouth was oil seeping out of her, her natural juices, or a combo of the two but I kept having to wipe my mouth on her towel, not that it was being used to cover her anymore. I looked at the clock, and we were 45 minutes in, I didn't have much time left, and this wasn't the finale I had planned.

I dug in deep, adding a finger to my efforts. "Ehhh-ay! Nnnnnaaaah!" Violet groaned, for the first time being a bit too loud.

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I felt her body quiver and shake on my face before going limp. Finally I had brought her to a good orgasm. As I stood up straight I saw her toes were still clenched.

I still couldn't believe she had gone along with it all. This gorgeous little Persian had me more turned on than any woman I could remember. I stared at her naked flesh, so smooth and blemish free, a great creamy coffee color, her hair thick and black, that pert ass, tiny waist, tiny hands, perky side boobs and that face of an angel.

I looked at the clock. 55 minutes in. Was there any chance? Was I out of my mind? In less than five minutes? By the time I had walked around the table to take her in and was back at the toe end I knew there was no doubt, I just hoped to God I could finish in time.

My hard on was so pronounced I was amazed it hadn't split my zipper in two. I pulled my belt apart and shoved my pants to the floor, followed by my boxers. Not wanting to get oil all over my shirt I pulled it over my head and tossed it over Violet's clothes on the chair. I stood there in only my socks and shoes and looked at the clock. 56 minutes in. Here goes nothing! I climbed up onto the back of the table, my heart was pounding and I was sweating suddenly, nervous as all hell.

I put one hand on the edge of the table to Violet's left and gripped it for support. I looked down at my pulsing penis, a bit of pre-cum visible at the tip. I didn't have a condom, and I really didn't care. I actually didn't care if this pushed Violet over the edge, I wanted to be the first cock of her life, whether she wanted it or not.

She still wasn't moving from the second orgasm. Her naturally pert ass was so inviting and would make an excellent fulcrum. I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit, soaking it in her juice lovely bints get slammed in an orgy the massage oil.

She still hadn't moved. I slid it up to the ass end of her cunt. . and pushed. "Aaaahhh! Ooooh! Oh my gaaaaawww. .!" Violet yelped with a start, suddenly propping up on her elbows at the sensation of a man entering her body.

Her yelp was nearly silent, so high in pitch that it's volume wouldn't alert anyone. Her left hand shot out and gripped the table next to mine, Her right hand pressed flat on the table next to her, and she lifted her chest off the table. What her intention was I didn't know. "Don't worry baby. Uuuuunnnnoooh! Oh fuck baby! Oh fuck yeah, you're a woman now!" I growled into her ear as I shoved again, her already loosened up pussy taking my length in quite easily.

I grabbed the right side of the table with my right hand now. Without a word Violet slipped her hand behind my arm, wrapped around in and grabbed my hand in her little one, clenching for busty babe on cam watch more on flirtsexlovecom life. I pulled back and this time thrust forward full strength, filling her young teen love tunnel with my manhood.

"Unngh!" I groaned. "Oh God! Oh my God! Oh mmhhhmmhhhmmmmmlllllmmm!" Violet was too loud that time, to the point I thought it might be too late.

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I had clasped my hand over her mouth to quiet her in the middle of it and now mumbling and air were all that were squeaking out the sides of my hand. I pulled back and slammed home, again, again, again, my balls were flapping against her as my penis ravaged her virgin pussy. "Um! Um! Um! Um! Um!" Violet grunted into my mouth with every pump of my cock. "Oh fuck Violet, oh shit baby, I'm almost there! You're gonna be a woman now Violet!" I grunted into her ear, as quiet as I could make myself.

I had completely forgotten about the mirror on the side of the room. It was only a table mirror so I couldn't see a reflection of more than us from the waist down, but it was jarring. She was so tiny and petite. My legs had gone outside of her, forcing hers together to the lovely ashley gives him something sweet to taste her a bit tighter.

My cock looked huge going into the little body beneath me, and when I was fully in her, my waist almost causing hers to disappear from view. This turned me on so much that I felt bolts of pleasure shooting from the tip of my cock to my sack, over and over, over and.

. . "Violet!" "UNNNN!" Violet moaned into my hand hard, so hard snot shot out of her nose and onto my hand. But I couldn't care less, as my focus was on my manhood, that had just emptied a huge spurt of gooey baby batter into her young womb. "Oh shit baby!" I huffed through gritted teeth as another wave of cum exited my body into hers.

"Mff! Mmmf! Mmmmf!" Violet gasped into my hand. I realized she couldn't breathe and pulled my hand away as her head slumped forward, gulping in air.

"Rrrrmmmffff!" I grunted one last time. One last and a tiny shot of my semen. I was empty. I panted, laying my wait on her. my shoulders engulfing hers. I kissed her on her cheek and she turned her head to me, staring at me with her big brown eyes. I kissed her deeply on the mouth and she returned it what she could, but it was evident she hadn't kissed many boys yet. New urdu speaking sex storys looked at the clock.

"Oh shit, they'll be looking for us!" I pulled out of her, giving that amazing body one more look before hoping off the table and yanking my underwear and pants on.

"Be sure to hop in the shower and rinse off Violet. Otherwise, they might know." I said hastily. As I pulled on my shirt Violet slid off the table and walked to me. It was the first time I had seen the front of her naked. They were still growing for sure, but her breasts. were amazing. Perky, small nipples, and perfectly symmetrical. I sighed looking at them, sad I wouldn't have time to enjoy them.

"Now I know why my mom loves her massages from you." Violet said, going on her tiptoes to give me a peck on the lips.

"Um. . well, I never have done that with her." I said heading to the door. "Aww, I'm special" Violet said with a smile. I looked over my shoulder, "You sure are baby, you sure are. Now get in that shower before you mom sees you standing nude, talking to me>" I walked out the door, satisfied, drained and happy, wondering when I would see her again.