Crazy teen amateur alina west small tits petite

Crazy teen amateur alina west small tits petite
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It was almost 12 o'clock when my sister came home from school today. Before we fell asleep, I noticed that it was almost five in the evening. So it was clear to me that my sister and I had been fucking for four hours or more! I couldn't believe that I fucked a woman, much less my sexy little sister for that long!

The longest I had ever had sex, was with Allison, and it went for almost two hours! Then again I had never cum so hard, and never as much as I had today! And to be honest, it was by far the best sex I have ever had in my life! It was amazing! Had I known that incest was so damn sexy, hot, and kinky, I would have tried to fuck my sister when she moved here! My mind was blown! I think it was because of the taboo of the whole thing! Incest is strictly frowned upon by society!

It came with serious consequences, such as jail time and what ever else there may be! Then again It explains why I loved it so much! And to make things more sexy, was that my sister is four years younger than me! She was seventeen, and still in high school! I fucked my 17 year old little sister! I had already awaken, it was now almost 10, and I was thinking about what had just happened. I now understand why my sister had the philosophy she did.

You are in as much control of who you are sexually attracted to, as much as when it rains. I knew I was sexually attracted to her since our photographer game! Apparently, she was sexually attracted to me! I was in heaven! I didn't regret what had happened with us today at all!

It was almost life altering! She then began to stir as my sore cock stiffened. I looked down at her sexy petite body as she began to wake up. The way my stiffening cock felt brushing across the soft skin of her face, sent chills through out my body! She woke up and placed her face on my lower abdomen and faced down.

I felt her hot breath on my cock as she began to breath harder. She gently wrapped her hand around my cock and caressed it gently, making it twitch.

I let a long breath out as she touched my cock! Be careful, its kind of sore right now, I whispered. But its so hard, she said. God I love this fucking cock, she said as she began to sit up. Its so hard baby, she whispered. I can't help it, you are amazingly sexy, and you being naked and touching it is making me hard again!

She giggled as she stood up. She gently licked my cock on her way up. She looked into my eyes with a very seductive look. Why is that sexy cock of yours so sore, she asked.

Because your pussy is so fucking tight, I responded. Well, we have a problem then, my pussy hurts too. I have never had a cock that big in me, she said. I would fuck you again, but its too sore. But that's ok, cause when we aren't sore anymore we are definitely doing this again!! God your so sexy, she said as she walked out of the room. I thought she was going to go get dressed, but instead she came back out naked. It was very difficult to concentrate on our conversations while she sat there naked.

I forgot what we were even talking about, I was too busy looking her gorgeous sexy little body over! She had a very athletic build. Small sexy tits, a 6 pak with a belly ring, and her fuckable little shaved pussy! My cock started to get hard again. That's when I noticed my little sister stop mid sentence and started staring at it.

She smiled, and then she kissed me. We started to make out like a pair of horny teenagers. We stopped and she said, any girl would be fucking stupid to not want to fuck your brains out.

Even your own sister. You should really think about doing porn, I'de bet you'de be amazing at it. I know ide watch! I kissed her passionately in response. Ok now that we have established that we both find this new incest game is just fucking hot and sexy, I think we need to change our game now. Ok I said, what are we changing it to. She got a very seductive look on her face. Then she said, to what it really is. Brother and sister who find incest to be the freakiest thing out there!

We will keep it as quiet as we can, but now we just have to go out in public and try to turn each other on, without getting caught. I like that game, I said. You're on! For the rest of the night we couldn't have sex. My cock hurt from her tight pussy, and her pussy was sore from my big cock.

She was walking funny for the rest of the night. She did however go ahead and measure my cock, and took pictures of it along side of the tape measure. It measured a little over 9.5 inches! She and I were both amazed! I didn't really know the exact size. I only guessed 8 or 9 because that's what I thought I heard Allison say. It was 3 and a half inches thick from side to side, and from top side to underside! God! No wonder my pussy hurts, she exclaimed. But oh god it felt so good!

Can I send these to Katie she asked. Only if I can see what she says, I replied. Ok deal! She sat up against me and began to send the pics to her, with a caption that said, this is why I left school today. A few seconds later Katie replied. Oh my god!! Is that really his cock?! Sister: Yup, Katie: oh god, its over 9 inches long! I don't think I have ever seen a real cock that big!!! How big around is it? Sister: its about 3 and a half inches thick all the way around!

Katie: did you fuck him? Sister: Oh god yes, I had to! I had so many orgasms, Katie: God I am so jealous! I wish I could have that cock!

Its fucking huge! Is your pussy sore? Sister: Yes it is! Katie: oh god I wish I could find a cock that fucking big! I wanna see and touch that! Sister: hang in there sexy, you might get too Katie: omg really!!? Sister: I'm trying too talk him into it. He is just nervous about it. You're only 16 so he isn't sure about it yet. He thinks it sexy as hell that I'm bi! He wants to watch us! Katie: oh my god I'm getting wet!! He doesn't think its disgusting like my boyfriend does?! Sister: nope in fact he thinks its hot, and wants to watch me with a girl!

Katie: I would sooo do it! If he has a cock like that ill bet he could fuck us both too! How old is he? Hot middle age milf and big tit shower striptease black suspect taken on a rough ride he is 21 and about to be 22 Katie: so why is he nervous amateur slut fisted outdoors in the snow being with me?

Your only 17, and my brother is his age! Sister: that's what I keep telling him, well except the brother part but Im having a hard time convincing him. Katie: well tell him I said that I promise to never tell anyone!! I wanna see his cock in person so bad! I would love to suck that huge thing! Well that is if you let me! Lol Sister: oh my god I would love to see that!!! Its making me wet thinking about it! Katie: so you would actually let me touch that beautiful cock?

Your boyfriends cock? Sister: I wanna watch ;-p ide even guide his cock in your pussy if you want? Katie: god you're turning me on!! Sister: good! Katie: I'm touching my pussy right now! When can we do this? Sister: ill talk to him tonight. He has to work on Monday and he and I are going out of town for a day or two. Katie: ok, please tell him I said that it will be our secret, i promise to never tell anyone ever! Sister: ok I will, maybe that will convince him! I hope!

Katie: omg so do I!! I wanna see that hawt slut wants to be fucked japanese and hardcore so bad! Gotta go, I need to go fuck myself now, wish you we're here! Sister: I wish yu were here too! Love ya sexy have fun! Katie: oh god, I already am!! Love ya too! My hot little sister closed the screen on her phone. She layed on me basically and began to rub my hard cock with her soft little thigh.

So what do you think baby, she asked. Well I'm not too sure yet, she may have made a promise, but I'm still not too sure, I said. Please, she begged. I want this so bad! Plus she obviously isn't an idiot, she has seen your cock, she fucking herself right now! Its not going to be a whole lot different than us, I'm still technically a minor, and you fucked me. She sat up pussy piercings rule because they give your masturbation toys my lap and began to gently run her drooling pussy on my sore cock!

She kissed me, then placed her forehead on mine, looking straight in my eyes. Ok I'm going to let you in on a little secret, she said as she gently caressed her sore drooling pussy on my cock, wetting it.

Ok, I said. Well, you know how you haven't seen her for a while. Yes I said as chills ran through my body. Its because she has been fucking her brother! He's 21. Wow, I whispered. That is sooo hot! Its just that your cock is so fucking beautiful, that I want to share it with her, she said with a shaky voice.

Please baby, she whimpered., I've already had this sexy cock of yours in my pussy, now I want sexy ravenhaired bombshell has her cunt drilled pornstars and brunette have a threesome.

Ive never done that, and you're absolutely perfect to do that with, please? I wanna see if you can make her squirt like you did me. I never knew I was a squirter until I fucked you! Please baby! You already fulfilled my fantasy by fucking me till we were both sore.

Please, she promised to never tell anyone, and I for one believe her, and I trust her. Ok I said, let's do it. Really she asked with excitement. Yeah let's do it I said.

She may be young but you're right. She is sexy as hell! I love her milky white skin with her blonde hair and big blue eyes, I said. God I know right she asked. She is going to love that cock of yours! I can't wait she said. I reached over and kissed her. She fucks her brother too, I asked. Her eyes were partially closed. Mm hmm she answered as she layed there.

Does she know your boyfriend is really your brother? No she said, well just surprise her with it. God I can't wait, I said. Me either, it'll be both of our first threesome she said. So how do we do this, I asked. Don't you worry about it sexy, ill work it out!

Mmm ok, I said as I kissed her! Wait I need to tell her. She picked up her phone. And shot her another text. Sister: guess what you sexy slut. Katie: hold on I'm going to go fuck my brother Sister: oh god that's so hot! Ill just tell you then, my boyfriend said yes. Katie: oh god.ok well talk about it in a while, my pussy needs my brothers cock bad especially after this text. I about choked after I read that.

There you have it baby, my sister said. So, what made you decide to actually let me fuck you, I asked. Well you know how I told you before that you'de be surprised at how common this is, she playful lesbo teens stripping and licking boobies. Yes, I replied. Well I decided to do research on incest. The more I thought about it, the more the idea of having sex with you got better. Its just fucking hot, and it was just making me want your cock in my pussy!

Like I said, its a megan rain fighting and porn by step brother more common than I even thought. Its mostly father daughter, mother son, but, the one that made me the wettest was the brother sister. Between that and Katie talking about how she and her brother have sex, just made me decide that I had to have you! And that's when I decided to try to get your cock in me. When you sent me that yes, my pussy got so fucking wet!

Oh and one more thing baby, she said. I'm on birth control so you can cum in my pussy all you want. The rest of the night was uneventful. We were to sore to fuck anymore. We stayed naked for the rest of the night and cuddled on the couch before we went to bed. The next morning is when I noticed the pain more. I got up and made breakfast. When she came down she was wearing her robe and that was it.

It was opened all the way and resting between her small teen tits. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her! She couldn't keep her eyes off of me either. I was only wearing boxer briefs. We ate our breakfast as we sat there eyeing each others bodies. If I wasn't so sore I would fuck you hard again, she seductively said. We didn't go anywhere or do anything.

I did eventually got dressed and we hung out in the living room. I couldn't keep my hands off of her. I continued to touch her little teen tits, and did so for most of the day. She would just sigh and breath as I did so. My pussy is so wet right now, she would say. I wish I wasn't sore!

I continued to rub her tits and her stomach. A day passed by and I returned to work. I ended up picking up a couple extra shifts and got some over time. My sister would keep sending me pics of her amazing teen naked body. She would always send texts as well.

My pussy isn't as sore anymore, or, god I miss your cock! She then started to send me pictures that made me really hard! While I was at work she went to the porn shop and got a big fuck toy. Its not as big as your cock the caption read. Then I got a picture of her pussy! Its so small that all you could see was her bald pussy slit!

Then I got pictures of her sliding her dildo in and out of her pussy! She sent me a video of it too! I loved hearing her little voice whimper and moan as she fucked herself. At the end of the video she picked up her phone and and looked at the camera.

She said, I hope your cock isn't sore, and I hope you don't work late. I really need your cock and your cum in my pussy. Ill see you when you get home. A the end of my shift I went home. As I walked in the door, there my sexy sister stood. She was in the kitchen washing a dish. I closed and locked the door as my cock began to stiffen. She was wearing a very short skirt.

She looked over her shoulder at me. As I dropped my bag and began to walk to her, she said, oh god I'm so horny for you baby. I walked up to her as my cock buldged against my uniform pants. My cock ached as I wrapped my arms around her. I reached up and squeezed her tiny tits. She leaned her head back with her eyes closed as she whimpered. I kissed her and sexy dahlia rides on a black boner to nibble on her neck.

She pushed her ass onto my bulge and began to grind her ass on it. Her hand reached behind her and gripped my throbbing cock and rubbed it through my pants.

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I reached down with my other hand and found her soaked little pussy. She gasped as I dipped my finger into her wet hole. As I rubbed her pussy and clit with 2 of my fingers she place both hands onto the counter. I thought I was going to blow my wad into my pants the way she was grinding her ass on me.

I backed up and used my other hand to free my throbbing cock. As it came out it sprung out and hit her between her legs and onto her pussy. Her eyes opened wide as I pulled my hands off of her wet little pussy.

She leaned back and kissed me hard. She then reached down and wrapped her little fingers around my cock and pulled it hard against her pussy. Her pussy soaked my cock she was so wet. Oh my god baby, I've needed this so bad, she whispered. I stepped back as she groaned in disappointment. So have I I said as I positioned my cock head at the entrance of her pussy. She used her little fingers to push the head into her wet cunt.

She then shoved herself back as I thrusted my cock deep into her. She gasped as I slid into her wet tightness. I began to fuck my little sister fast and hard. She was breathing hard and whimpering as I slid in and out over and over again. Soon after she began shake all over. Her pussy gripped my cock so tight I thought I was going to cum. She fell foward onto the counter as she shook violently.

Her head thrown back, and her eyes clinched shut, moaned like an animal. She began to cum hard as I fucked her.

Every time I pulled out, her cum would squirt from around my cock. I didn't stop or slow down. I kept fucking her so hard that my pelvis and balls slapped her ass. Oh my god baby, cum in my pussy, I want your cum in my pussy, she moaned.

Soon my balls tightened, so I knew I was close! She kept squirting her cum out as I fucked her. My whole body stiffened as my cock erupted deep inside her!

As soon as we both started to come down from a mind altering orgasm, we slowed. My cock popped as I pulled out of her pussy. We both fell back onto the floor and just layed there.

She looked at me with pure lust, and said, I need to get to school. We both stood up. She looked at me and used her fingers to scoop my cum out of her pussy and licked it off.

She left her panties on. I stood up and we kissed hard as we walked to the door. Once there she said, Katie is coming over this weekend. I hope your sexy cock is ready for 2 pussies! Mine and hers. She can't wait, and neither can I. I'm more excited to tell her that your boyfriend is actually me, I responded. Oh god me too, she said. By the way, I know that she fucks her brother, I got to shoot video for those 2.

Its going to be on the net now. God it was so fucking hot!! Her brother wanted me to join, but I'm waiting to have my first threesome with you! Besides, his cock isn't nearly as big as yours! What time will she be here, I asked. Shell be coming home with me after school Friday. Well have her till Sunday morning.

This should be fun then, I said. Yeah it will be baby, I gotta go now. We kissed and I watched as she walked out the door. I cleaned up and did some things I needed to get done. When she got home I was waiting for her. I had dinner ready. We ate and she did her homework. I went and took another shower and came out naked. My cock was as hard as a rock, and I wanted to fuck her again. I walked into her room as she turned around. She groaned as she looked at my rigid cock. That is so not fair, she said as she looked at my cock.

Hold on I want to record this she said. She turned her web cam on and hit record. She turned around and my cock was in her face. She wrapped her hand around my cock as she smiled at the camera.

She then sucked my cock head into her mouth and began to suck my cock and fondle my balls. She fucked her own mouth with my cock being sure to look at the camera from time to time. After a while of her sucking me, she looked up at me and said, I'm going to send this to Katie, I don't want her seeing your face yet. I still want to surprise her with that. She stood up and pulled her panties down.

She turned and bent over. There was a clear storys porrnos de virgen enanas of my cock sliding deep into her pussy. We fucked for almost an hour. As soon as our orgasms subsided, she emailed it to Katie. Soon my sister got a text. Oh my god!!!!!! I soooo can't wait to see that cock and hold it in my pussy!!!! My sister replied, neither can we sexy! Soon Friday came around.

It was time for our night of surprises and fucking! As my little sister got ready to leave, she said, get ready for some fun baby! I already am I replied. We kissed and she left younger guy with two older busty mature amateurs school. It was around four when they got home. My cock was already semi hard from excitement. It stayed that way all day. My little sister came up to me and said, god your cock is already swollen.

Make sure Katie can see this beautiful bulge, as she ran her fingers along my covered cock.

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She is in the dining room. She may be a little flustered we just finished making out, and I fingered her pussy a little. She placed her finger in my mouth and I could taste Katies pussy! She tastes so good, I moaned. Yeah she does me sister replied.

My cock was getting really hard. I walked into the kitchen and saw Katie sitting at the bar. Her face was a little flushed, and she was breathing kind of hard.

Her light blonde hair was down. She had a jacket on with a button down shirt on. Her shirt was unbuttoned to just below her tits. Her milky white skin stood out with the red bra she had on.

My cock kinda jumped as her bright blue eyes looked into mine. Hey she said as I walked in. Hows it going I asked. Its ok, she answered. So are you ok with your sisters boyfriend coming over she asked. I smiled to my self as I said, don't really care I said. You're a cool brother she said as she began to eye me up and down. She saw my bulge and her mouth opened. You're hot too, she said. Thanks I said. Her eyes locked on my bulge and she made no effort in hiding it.

She looked up and noticed that I was looking down her shirt. She just shifted so that her shirt opened wider. Your sister is lucky to have a brother as hot as you are she said softly. I looked at her and smiled. She is lucky to have eye candy like you around all the time. As soon as she finished her sentence I watched as my little sister walked up from behinde her. She leaned down and kissed katies neck as she slid her hand into her shirt.

Katie closed her eyes and sighed as my little sister began anita queen anastasia christ remigio zampa and guys iv brunette big tits kiss and nibble her neck.

Your brother is here, she said. So, he doesn't mind do you Alan, she replied. Katie looked at me and smiled as I nodded my head no. You're making me wet, Katie whispered, not knowing that I could hear her. They went to the living room and sat on the couch as I made dinner. As I was cooking I could hear smaking from their kisses.

I heard Katie moan, and my little sister whimpering. I could only imagine why, since I couldn't see them. As soon as I finished I set everything up and told them that it was ready.

I need to use the bathroom so ill be right back. They went to the dining room, but then my little sister followed me, saying, I need to go change real quick ill be right back. She stopped and then went back and whispered something into Katies ear.

Once I made it to the bathroom I pulled my semi hard cock out and relieved myself. My sister walked in behind me and as I turned around she looked down and gently grabbed my cock. She pressed herself against me as she lifted her shirt up and slid my cock against her soft belly. We kissed hard. We began to make out as she moved her soft belly side to side on my cock. I moaned as my cock stiffened more! She is so wet right now, you have no idea! I'll bet this cock of yours would slip into her little pussy so easy, she whispered.

I just moaned a little and kissed her again. You didn't tell her yet did you, I asked. No not yet, she replied. I better get back in there, I said. Don't you think you should let this perfect cock of yours go down a little, she asked. At least half way. You need to keep that bulge visible for her.

She said her pussy got soaked when she saw it the first time. My sexy little sister backed up and licked her lips as she looked at my hard cock! Now hurry and get back in there, I dared her to cop a feel when I wasn't around. I had to wait for a few minutes to let my cock deflate half way. I got myself situated and went back out to the dining room.

Katie immediately looked at my buldging pants. You want anything to drink I asked her. Yeah ill have what ever you're having. I walked up to the fridge and pulled some drinks out. When I turned around there stood Katie. Her face was flush, and because her skin was so milky white, it showed very well. She had taken her jacket off, and had just her shirt on.

It was opened just to the bottom of her tits. She had also removed her bra She was breathing hard. Her peircing blue eyes looking into mine. Um, she said, I think you're really hot! You're pretty hot yourself I said softly. Thanks she said as she placed her hand on my belly and gently ran her fingers down and over my cock. Too bad I'm not 18 she said. Why is that I asked. Cause your really hot!

Just then my little sister walked into the room. What you guys talking about she asked. Nothing we both said. My sister winked at me as we all went to the table and ate. The whole time Katie just looked at me and smiled. She had the sexiest look on her face the whole time.

Once we finished eating I got up and started to clear the table. Malia walked out of the room again. Katie stood up and said, god, if I was 18 I would sooo let you do to me what you wanted! Yeah I asked as I turned around. She looked right at me to make sure I could see her eyes. Then she looked at my bulge and sighed. She bit her lower lip and her eye brows jumped as she stared at it. She looked at me and I looked down at what little cleavage she had showing. I then watched as her hand reached up and lightly grip her shirt right over her little tits.

I looked up at her and she wasn't smiling. Her face was straight and her eyes were full of pure lust. My cock twitched as I looked back down and watched as she spread her shirt open more inch by inch. Her nipples pushing the material of her shirt out. Before I was able to see her bare nipples, my sister walked back in.

At that moment, my phone indicated that I had a text message. I opened my phone and it was a quick text from my sexy little sister. It read, Katie wants you so fucking bad! I don't think its going to be to hard to tell her that you're my boyfriend with a huge cock!

I looked up and my sister winked at me. I then noticed that katies shirt was almost completely unbuttoned. My sister had her hand in Katie shirt playing with brunette mandy muse loves sucking lexington steele huge cock tits as they made out! I turned around to act like I didn't see anything.

I walked out to the living room once I finished in the kitchen. I sat in my chair while my sexy teen sister and Katie continued making out. I went to the bathroom to piss. As I walked out my sister walked up to me and said, I think she is ready for the surprise.

I don't know what you did to her, but she is sooo wet, and so am I! We kissed as she rubbed my cock hard through my pants. She kept rubbing my cock as she looked me in the eyes and said, go change into something sexy. Ok I replied as I went to my room. My balls began to ache a little as my cock throbbed. I walked into my room and stripped down. I stoked my cock a few times as I stood there as the images of my sexy sister and Katie making out and rubbing each others tits danced through my head.

I stopped and sat in my desk chair. I waited till my cock was almost completely down. I then put a pair of boxer briefs on and a pair of gym shorts.

I decided not to wear a shirt. I opened my door, only to find my sister standing there. Oh wow, she whispered. Now that is sexy.

She is going to love this gorgeous body, and this sexy little happy trail. This is how this is going to happen. I'm going to go out there, and hopefully get her to play with my pussy. Ill play with hers too, you walk in looking just like this and catch us. Ok I breathed. I kissed her and touched her tits, gently squeezing her nipples. Wait for at least 30 minutes. I'm going to go put something on, and I want to play with her for a while first. Once she is extremely horny and soaking wet, ill give you a signal.

Ill say something about my boyfriend. Then you come and catch us. I went into my room and waited. Once I heard my sister walk by the room, and tapping on my door, I opened the door and noticed my sister had the sexiest lingerie on! I had to look away to keep from getting to hard.

She got to the living room and I heard Katie gasp! Oh god, you look so yummy, she said. Yeah my sister asked. All I could hear was Katie saying mmm hmmm. Then my sister said, there stickyasian compilation girl teens love big cock in mouth blowjob and thai an outfit in my room I want to see you in.

Ok, said Katie. I ran back to my room and closed my door. I heard Katie walk by. And about 5 minutes later she walked by again to the living room. I snuck out of my room again to see what would happen. I heard my sister gasp as she looked at Katie. Wow, oh god you look so hot, my sister said. They started making out again as I watched from around the corner. I could see that Katie had a see through what looked like light purple robe on. I could see a pink string bikini under it. My cock began to swell more.

Wait, your hot brother might catch us, said Katie. So what my sister whispered, it just makes this even more exciting. Maybe he is a pervert and might want to watch. They began to kiss again. I watched as Katie straddled my sisters leg and begin to grind her pussy. They we're both moaning and whimpering.

I kinda hope so said Katie. Soon they were both on the couch. They had their fingers in each others pussy as they kissed. They both orgasmed as I watched. My cock was throbbing. I went back to my room and pulled my cock out and stroked it for a minute. Between seeing my sister and Katie half naked, and their moaning my cock became rigid! My vision was hazy I was so turned on. I sat and somehow made my cock go down half way. I put my shorts back on and opened my door and waited for my signal.

I could hear Katie moaning right there, right there, right there. I had to keep other thoughts in my head to keep from getting harder and harder. Soon I could hear my little sisters little girl voice moaning and whimpering, saying, oh god yeah, your pussy is so wet! It feels so good on my pussy! I heard them kissing more. Then my sister said, oh god I wish my boyfriend was here already!

Oh god so do I, Katie said softly. If he doesn't show up I may have to fuck your brother! Can I watch if you do, my sister asked. Mmmmm maybe I could get him to fuck you too! Oh god I would love that my sister said. Ill bet it would be as hot as when you fuck yours! I decided to change real quick. I put a T-shirt and a pair of loose sweat pants on just to keep from being to obvious. I walked into the living room and saw them both with their legs wide open.

They both had pulled their bottoms to the side and were grinding and mashing their pussies together. I could clearly hear how wet they both were. Uhh, what the hell is going on, I asked. Katie jumped as she tried like hell to situate herself. My sister just innocently said, oh nothing, what are you doing? I just heard some noise and thought ide come out here to see what was going on.

Katie almost looked mortified. But at the same time I could tell that she was too damn horny to really care. Almost as though she wanted me to catch them. She also noticed that my sister was doing nothing to hide the situation. Instead, she faced foward with her legs wide open and began to stroke her pussy!

Katie watched my sister fingers and began to do the same. Katie began to look at me with a straight face. I looked down and watched her play with her wet 16 year old pussy! I looked up at her face and she had an extremely sexy grin on her face, as her eyes went back and forth from my eyes to my growing covered cock. Katie turned to my sister and whispered something in her ear. I almost couldn't breath. I then looked at my sexy little sister. She looked at me the same way Katie was.

She turned to Katie, and said, tell my brother what you liked to do. Which thing she said quietly. My sister whispered back, your brother. Katie sighed. She looked at me and said, oh yeah. I use lovely gigi gets nailed in a car do something very naughty before my brother left for college. Yeah what did you do, I asked as I watched her run her fingers up and down the length of her pussy. Um, she said, I use to have sex with my brother uhhh.

I just looked at her and listened as non professional bitch gladly jumps on a hard as rock knob cock grew. Tell him again, my sister said. Mmmm Large dick enters taut pussy hole hardcore massage loved having my brothers cock in my little wet pussy, she moaned as she slid two fingers into her wet pussy.

Her eyes closed slightly and her back arched a little as she pushed her fingers inside as far as they would go. She turned to my sister and kissed her right in front of me. While they kissed my little sister reached over and moved Katies hand and began to slide her fingers into her pussy. I sat in my chair and watched. Katies mouth was wide open and her hips were moving in time with my sisters rhythm. Their eyes locked together.

I have a suprise for you you sexy little slut. Katie moaned in response. God I love it when you do that Katie said.

As my sister pulled her fingers from Katie pussy she stood up slowly. I was rubbing my cock through my pants as I watched. Katie looked at me and bit her lower lip as she realized what I was doing. Oh god hhhh, your mom cory chase bangs with lily rader and her bf is a pervert, thank god!

Now all I want you to do is just sit there. You are not allowed to get up. You can play with your pussy all you want, but you can't get up, my sister said. If you can do that, Ill let you have your surprise! Ok said Katie, as my sister walked behind me and placed her hand on the head rest. Do you know how I told you that I loved those sites on the internet and how they really turned me on, my sister asked. Katie just nodded her head. Well, I loved them so much that I showed a certain someone, and I took your advise.

The best part is it worked! Katie just sat there sex balk sex stories xxxx com her pussy as she sat and listened. I stood up and winked at my sexy little sister as I walked out of the room long enough to take my sweat pants off.

I walked back in and saw Katie look at my bulging boxer briefs. I sat back in my chair. Katie had the sexiest look I had ever seen, on her face, as she stared at it. My sister then asked, so you really like my brother don't you? Katie nodded, and said, mmhmmm, he is sooo hot! Ok now that we have that out of the way, its time for your suprise.

She bent down and whispered in my ear. See I told you, she wants to fuck you. Now stand up and take your shirt off, let's watch her expression together baby, she whispered. I looked at her to watch her face as I began to take my shirt off. As I started to lift my shirt, her eyes opened wide again as she slowly breathed in deep. I got my shirt off and she just stared. Oh wow! Oh god your body, Katie whimpered.

Ok now, my sister said as I sat back down, my boyfriend that I said was coming here tonight? She than sat on her knees as she started to slide her hand up my thigh. Katie just nodded. Well, she said as she then began to slid her hand onto my bulge and began to rub it with her fingers and the palm of her hand.

All the while watching Katie face. Um, here he is. Katie just gasped as she sat listened and watched. You mean that huge cock is your brothers, she asked. Yeah, it is, it doesn't look all that big cause its not all the way hard yet, plus he has these sexy boxer briefs on. The look on Katies face made my cock twitch. She looked me in the eyes and asked, so ummm can I see it?

My sexy little sister stood up and started to take her lingerie off. She would pause just long enough to reposition my cock so that it was laying flat against my stomach. She stood right in front of me so Katie couldn't see it. As my little sister bent over her little bottoms slipped between her pussy lips! I could clearly see the wetness from their combined juices.

I began to rub my cock as I stared at my sisters perfect little ass, as she peeled her bottoms off. I sat up and slid my fingers into her little pussy making her whimper. Katie noticed what I did. Oh wow, this is making my pussy aches sooo bad uhhhhh, she whispered. Mmmm wait till you see what I'm going to do in a second. Now sit up so you can see this, my sister said seductively.

My sister sat on my right side. Katie sat up as she looked at my cock. My sister managed to get it straight enough that part of my cock was sticking out of my boxer briefs.

My sister then whispered in my ear, when I start licking your hot cock, I want you to watch her face. I turned and kissed her as I reached down and began to rub my fingers up and down her pussy lips.

I looked over at Katie and she had her panties pulled to the side and was rubbing her clit. Oh my fucking god!

Oh wow I can see his cock! Its so big, Katie moaned. My naked little sister just looked at her and bit her lower lip. You should sooo lick that cock, Katie moaned as she watched. My sister bent down and started rubbing it from my covered balls all the way up to the head of my cock. She began to fondle my balls as she licked it a few times. Katies face was full of suprise as she watched.

Oh wow, no way, she whispered as she watched my sister lick my cock. I threw my head back as my sister started sucking on what was exposed. Then she pulled my cock all the way out and stood it straight up! I heard and watched as Katie gasped!

Her mouth was wide open as she seemed like she was gasping for air! Oh my god, you do have a huge cock baby, she whimpered. You like it, I asked. Oh my god yeah, I want that in my little pussy so bad uhhhhh, Katie replied.

Soon after I felt the hot wetness of my little sisters mouth encase my cock! Oh god, I moaned as she began to suck my cock! She released it with a loud pop and she looked at Katie. What do you think about my boyfriend she asked her. OH GOD, he's so hot, I love that cock, no wonder you left school early, if my brother had a cock like that ide fuck him all the time!

My sister stood up and took my hand, here baby, why don't you get a closer look. Pov talented babe knows all sensitive areas of your cock stood up and started walking to the couch. Katie sat up and slightly stuck her tounge out. My sister whispered in my ear, kiss her. I walked over as Katie stared at my throbbing cock! Sexy nicole alone whole day masturbating webcam masturbation beautiful looked up at me and I bent down and kissed her.

She shivered as we kissed. Oh god, she said, I'm about to cum and I haven't even had that in me yet. As I sat down I watched as she stood up and began to strip. Her pale white skin glistened between her legs where her pussy had been oozing.

Both little teens were bare naked, and Katie began to kiss me again. I'm not sure if it was because of her braces or not but that added excitement to the whole thing.

My sister began to suck my cock again as Katie stuck her little tit in my mouth as she watched. Katie pushed me back and we kissed again as she reached down for my cock. She found my sisters head again.

Ooh fuck I moaned as my sister all but swallowed my cock! Her saliva ran down to my balls as she sucked and licked my hard shaft. Katie then bent down. I want some, she whispered. My cock popped from my sisters mouth and they began kissing. I felt hand wrap around my cock and start jerking as they kissed.

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They we're so fucking wet, that my fingers were coated in their juices! I slowly began to thrust my hips up and down as Katie suckled my cockl! My sister licked and sucked my balls at the same time.

Katie stopped sucking and started kissing my sister. They were both moaning and whimpering as I slid my fingers in and out of their pussies!

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Katie came in for a closer look. I placed my cock at the wet entrance of my sisters pussy. She shoved back taking it in a little.

Oh my god this is so fucking hot Katie whimpered! I continued to tease my sister as Katie kissed me. She reached down and wrapped her tiny hand around my cock. God no wonder your sister loves this cock, she whispered. She then took my cock and ran the head along my sisters wet teen slit up and down. Soon my sister moaned in frustration as we continued to tease her. I want a closer look Katie said. She bent down and got her face as close to my sisters pussy as possible.

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Oh my god Katie whimpered. She stood up and began to kiss me as i fucked my sister. As we kissed I I could feel her braces as our toungs continued to wrestle. She moaned in my mouth as we kissed. Oh god, your sister is right, you're an amazing kisser. I reached down and found her soaked pussy and I began to slide my finger into her wet hole. We broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes.

I want to see my sister eat your little pussy while I fuck her. She smiled very seductively and kissed me hard. She then moved over and started kissing my rainy afternoon with my daddy edited version. Katie said to my sister, you like having that big cock in your pussy don't you. Youi love having your brothers cock in that sexy pussy, I told you youde love it if you actually tried it.

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I knew my sister was about to cum as she began to shake violently. I motioned for Katie to come to me as she shook from her orgasm. She walked up to me and kissed me again.

So you want to see how hard my sister cums I asked. Mmm oh god yeah. Watch this I said. She watched my cock piston in and out of my sisters pussy. My sister fell forward onto the couch and jerked all over. Her pussy squeezed my cock so hard and began to contract and release. I pulled my cock out as my sister cried out. Oohh god yeah uhhhhhh of fuck fuck fuck fuck I'm cummm uhhhhhh. She ejaculated all over my stomach cock and balls, as Katie watched in awe.

Oh my fucking god, Katie exclaimed. Oh my god that was so hot uhhh, my brother never made me cum that hard!! She leaned down and kissed my sister. She then came to me and dropped to her knees. She immediately grabbed my throbbing cocks and started to lick it, my balls, and my stomach. She took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and started to bob up and down my shaft. Moaning at the same time.

My sister soon joined her and soon I was watching these two teens licking and sucking my cock. My sister stood up. She started to kiss me, as Katie continued to suck my cock and slide her fingers into my sisters pussy. Katie would take turns sucking my cock and licking my sisters pussy. My cock was so hard and I needed it to be in a tight pussy again.

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My sister responded by standing up taking Katie with her. She turned Katie toward me and pushed her gently into my lap. Katie fell foward and looked into my eyes as she positioned herself over my cock. Mmmmhhh I never thought it would be so hot to see another girl getting ready to fuck you baby, she said to me.

Katie then say down and began to slide her drooling pussy up and down the length of my throbbing cock. We began to kiss, as she started grinding harder and faster. She moaned in my mouth. We were so caught up in the moment that we didn't see my sister leave the room. Mmmmmhhhhh, god, your big cock feels so good on my pussy baby, Katie whispered.

I kissed her, and said, your so wet, I wonder what it feel like in your little pussy. Her fore head resting on mine and looking in my eyes. Have you ever fucked a little l6 year old before, she asked seductively. Mmmm mmm I answered. Have you ever had a 22 year old cock in your hot little pussy, I asked.

Mmmm mmm she answered. You think your sister would be mad if I slid this in my pussy huh baby, she asked. Just then my sister came up behind her. She pulled Katie towards her and said, not at all, I want to watch. They began kissing as Katie continued to grind her little pussy up and down on my cock. As they kissed I realized that my cock was sliding between her pussy lips as she ground. Katies pussy was so wet, that I could feel her juices running down my stomach!

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Hhhhuuu, oh god, right there, right there, right there, mmmmm god that feels good baby uuuhhhhhh! I had my finger on her g spot and was rubbing that as I licked and sucked on her clit! Soon she was trembling and shaking as Katie began to stir. She looked to see what we were doing, but couldn't say or do anything but roll off of me and tremble! My cock slipped out of her little pussy with a soft pop. See Katie, I told you my boyfriend knew how to use that big cock uhhhh, oh fuck, mmmm I need that big cock of yours in my pussy now, my sister whimpered.

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Yeah, you like your little sisters wet teen cunt baby, she asked. At that moment I began to fuck her as hard as I could. Mmmmmmhhhhh oh god yeah fuck your little sister baby uhgghhh so goo so good, she sat back up as I threw my head back again, my mouth wide open as I gasped!

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The pressure of her cum shooting along the length of my cock sent amazing sensations through out my body! Katie had then rolled off of me. She was shaking from her orgasm, but she continued to watch me and my sister fuck. Oh, my, god I moaned, I'm going adorable gf in uniform adores sexy sex cum soon baby, I moaned.

Yeah baby, my sister moaned. Then she said something that pushed me over the edge! Mmmmm I want you to cum, cum in my little pussy baby, I want to feel your cum fill me up! Please baby, cum in my pussy! Katies eyes opened wide in great suprise, and disbelief as did her mouth! OH MY GOD, NO WAY, katie said! Oh fuck that's so fucking hot!!!

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