Pov talented babe knows all sensitive areas of your cock

Pov talented babe knows all sensitive areas of your cock
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(All events in this story are fictional, and if you don't want to hear about sex with animals, for the love of God hit the back button) Chapter 1: The stray I don't know where she came from. It was a cold, rainy day when she came scratching at my door. She was a beautiful chocolate lab with deep brown eyes. I opened the door to my apartment and she came bolting inside.

She was no more than 6 months old and was very skinny. I hadn't really intended on letting her in but what was I to do now? I went after her into my apartment trying to see where she had fled to. When I found her she was laying on the couch, her wetness soaking in. "Fuck," I thought, my roommate was going to be home in a few hours.

I had to get rid of her and clean this mess up. I lifted her up and took her to my car.

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She couldn't have been more than 30 or 40 pounds. I grabbed a blanket on the way out, I felt bad that she was so cold. On the way to the humane society she was terrified, she had obviously never been in a car before. I didn't have the time or the money for a dog (or more accurately, I had better things to do with my time and money).

I pushed my way into the front door of the local humane society. I was met by weary eyes, eyes that had seen too much death. I said, "I have a stray dog, I need you to take her".

I met the beautiful grey-blue eyes of the secretary at the desk. She seemed college age, as I was at the time, and had a very full chest. She would be my downfall.

"Sir," she said in a sweet voice, "we have to take every dog that is brought to us, but we are overflowing with dogs already camryn kis wants to kiss your cock then she want if we have to take her it is very likely that she will be put down." I almost didn't hear what she said, my eyes moved over her body and up to her lightly freckled face and long dark red hair. I said, in almost a pleading tone, "I would really love to take her, but my living situation isn't the best right now and I'm a college student." I put the dog down and one of the other humane society staff members put a collar on her neck and a leash and hooked her to the wall so she couldn't run around.

The secretary looked at me with sad eyes, "What is your name?" Kc williams randy west in classic porn video featuring hot blonde chick theclassicporn and vintage stood up and leaned over the desk, showing cleavage.

"I'm Andrew. And you're Hannah," I said, pointing at her name tag. "I see what you're trying to do here, but I really can't take this dog". "Oh, sure you can," she said sweetly, "you just don't want to." She came around the desk with a syringe. I took a step back not understanding why she had a giant needle in her hand. "It's for the dog silly, haven't you heard of shots?" "Oh, well now I just feel stupid." She laughed.

"Did you really think I was going to stab you for not taking this dog?" She made a stabbing motion toward my chest and we both laughed. She came around the desk and I checked out her beautiful body. She had scrubs on for pants and a tank top. I was getting more turned on by the second, and I could almost feel my better judgment leaving my brain.

All I wanted to do in that moment was please this amazing woman. "So," she leaned down and pulled a flap of skin up on the dog's back and inserted the syringe, "you're sure there's no way you can take this dog?" She was almost teasing me, as she leaned over, with her beautiful ass.

"I don't know, my roommate is going to hate me." My voice was pleading, and my groin had completely taken over at this point. "Let me tell you what, I'll just give you this piece of paper that says she has gotten her shots and you don't have to pay the adoption fee." She pulled a post it note off the stack, wrote her number on it, and posted it to the shot certification. She held it in front of me, offering. I didn't pause for nearly as long as I should have "God damnit," I said as I pulled the paper out of her hand.

"Yay!" she gave me a hug and I felt her big soft breasts pressing up against me, and I could also feel her groin pressed up against mine. There's no way she didn't feel the hardening bulge in my pants, but she held on anyway.

"What are we calling her?" I asked, being horrible with names. "I don't know, I can have the computer make a name up for us," she walked back around the desk and I got another look at her ass. "The first one that comes up is Jamie, is that ok?" "Yeah, sounds fine." I made eye contact with the dog and said "Hey Jamie!" Her ears perked up and she wagged her tail. Maybe this amazing amateur lesbians eating pussy in the tub brunette licking having a dog thing wouldn't be so bad.

"Can we get her some food, she looks starved." "Yeah, a free bag of food and the leash she has on now comes with adoption. We'll just pretend lauren take preston cock deep in her pussy and moans paid the adoption fee." She handed me a bag of food and unclipped Jamie from the wall.

"I think that's all you need. I hope to hear from you soon." "Yeah, I'll definitely talk to you soon." I walked back out into the rain with my new chocolate lab wondering how the hell this happened.

Chapter 2: Taboo Over the next few months Hannah and I talked and went on dates regularly, and Jamie became a bouncy puppy and started gaining weight and height. I moved out of my old apartment into my own place when I graduated from college. My roommate apparently had a deep seeded hatred of dogs anyway. It was nice to have a dog to run with, to stay in great shape. Jamie was one of the smartest dogs I've ever known, she was somehow potty trained when I got her (Hannah thinks her owner abandoned her), and she was off the leash almost everywhere we went because she never ran off.

Life was great; I was making good money hosting my own website, so I had a lot of free time. About 5 months after I got Jamie I woke up on a Saturday from a very long night of sleep. I'd gone on a date with Hannah the night before and she refused have sex with me as usual. I got out of bed and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I'd been continually looking better after all of the running I'd been doing with Jamie.

I had short brown hair. My pecs we fairly well defined and big but not too big. My abs had the soft outline of a six pack and flowed beautifully down to my hard (it was morning, what can I say) cock. I looked into the intense blue eyes staring back at me from the mirror. Today should be a good day. Jamie was laying by my bed and noticed that I woke up and shoved her cold nose in my groin.

"Hey! What are you doing?" She'd never been this frisky before. I pushed her off of me and she jumped around wagging her tail. "What's up with you today? Crazy." I figured she had to pee so I threw some PJ pants on and went out into the apartment lawn with my shirt off. As Jamie was peeing I noticed that she was bleeding from her groin. I immediately took her back inside and called Hannah. I had to pull the phone away from my face she laughed so hard.

"What?!" yelled back. "She's in heat, stupid," she laughed again. "Is she being crazy and super friendly?" I looked at Jamie standing right next to me wagging her tail.

"Yes," I sighed, "forget about it. I want to see you tonight." We agreed to see each other that night. Hannah had been in some bad relationships where it was all about sex. So I was being punished for other guys that she'd dated by being refused sex.

We'd been so close so many times, I had fingered her and made her cum a lot and she had given me hand jobs and blow jobs. But as soon as we got close to having sex we would either stop and cuddle, or she would leave. I was usually left completely unsatisfied. I checked my email and websites before I went out with Jamie for the day. I put on a light t-shirt and went to run for a couple of hours with Jamie.

She was always impossible to tire out, being a puppy. I took a long shower, hoping to look my best and get lucky that night. I stepped out of the shower and opened the door to let some of the hot air out.

Jamie rushed in wagging her tail and gave me a lick right on my dick. "Jamie! Bad girl! " I pushed her off of me again, she was not discouraged. I had to push her out the door till I got some clothes on. I told Hannah about it when she came over. She said "Oh yea, that's normal, sometimes when female dogs are in heat they can confuse human pheromones with dog scent." I scoffed, "So I smell like a dog." She laughed, "Yeah, you caught that did you" She pushed my chest playfully and I tickled her sides.

"You're in trouble now," I pushed her on to the couch and kissed her hard. She moaned softly and rubbed her hand down my chest and abs. I grabbed her wrists and held them above her head. She pushed her body toward mine. We started taking off each other's clothes, I pulled off her shirt revealing her soft flat tummy. Her big breasts were still trapped in her bra, she reached back and unclipped it and I pulled her bra off.

I kissed and sucked on her hard nipples, and she moaned softly. "Andrew, slow down," the dreaded words. "Hannah, please. We've been together for months, and I know you want it. I'm not an ass hole like those other guys." Even though in hindsight, I was kind of being an ass hole.

Jamie heard our voices were raised and came to check out what was going on. She looked curiously at Hannah's exposed chest and came over to stiff. Hannah giggled as Jamie's cold nose explored her breasts.

Jamie gave a big lick to one of Hannah's hard nipples. I was strangely aroused and Hannah didn't try very hard to push her away. I figured I should pull her off before the dog got more action than I did. "Jamie, baby, quit it. Stop being so frisky." Jamie, having no idea what I said, started licking my face and wagging her tail excitedly.

"She's ok Andrew. She's just horny because she's in heat." "Oh, I see how it is, you like the dog more than you like me." We laughed. "Yeah, you caught me," she laughed, "now get over here, and you stop being so horny too." "I think all three of us are horny here Hannah, not just Jamie and I." I ran my hands along her smooth body and still exposed breasts as I cuddled up next to her.

I turned on a movie that neither of us were going love creampie innocent teen has her tight hole filled in hardcore massage watch and turned my attention back to Hannah. Before I could do anything Jamie jumped on the couch with us. We both laughed as Jamie tried desperately to lick our faces. We all ended up on the floor, Hannah ended up on top of me, still topless.

Her large breasts were right over my face, and her warm damp crotch was pressed against my dick. I ignored Jamie and pushed Hannah onto her back, pulling her jeans off before she could tell me not to. I leaned down and kissed her and she wrapped her smooth exposed legs around my waist.

I took my shirt off quickly and pushed the bulge in my pants against her wet, panty covered pussy. She moaned as my hard dick pressed against her clit. Hannah pushed me away and slid her panties off, before pulling me back to her. I pushed her back down on the carpet and started dry humping her exposed pussy.

We'd forgotten about Jamie, but she hadn't forgotten about us. I felt her head against my butt and heard Hannah give a moan of ecstasy. I looked down and Jamie's tongue was deep in Hannah's pussy. I immediately pulled her off and called her a bad dog. She didn't seem terribly mature cougar milf rides big black cock hard. I never was very good at sounding mad. Jamie whined as I pulled her back down the hall and put her in my room.

By the time I came back out into the living room Hannah was back up on the couch, still naked. I asked "Are you ok?" Hannah looked at me starry eyed, "Oh, I'm more than exclusive best friends hot mommy alexis fawx raised an eyebrow, "You don't think it's weird that you just had a dog eat you out?" She laughed, "Lighten up, it was only a couple of licks." "Whatever, as long as you don't thinks it's weird.

Now where were we?" Her hand wandered down between her legs, "I don't know, how about you show me." I walked over and kissed her. She rubbed her hand down my bare chest and unbuttoned my pants. I stopped kissing her and let my pants slide off.

My boxers made a tent as soon as she pulled my constricting jeans off. She slid her hand up my leg, under my boxers, and grabbed my hard shaft.

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"What's this?" she said coyly. "I don't know, you're just going to have to take it out and see." She didn't need much encouragement and immediately slid my boxers off revealing a rock hard 7 ½ inches. I could feel my dick pulsating in her firm grip, and I saw a drop of precum flow out of the tip. She leaned forward, still holding my dick, and slowly licked the tip of my dick, swallowing my precum. I tried to push my dick forward into her mouth and she smiled and wouldn't let me.

"Be patient," she whispered. She stroked my dick a little with her hand and lifted it up over her face. Her tongue started at the base of my dick and she licked all the way up to the tip. She wrapped her warm lips around the tip of my still throbbing cock.

I moaned as I watched my dick slowly disappear down Hannah's throat and reappear as her head went back up. She gently rubbed my balls as she increased the pace of her sucking. I ran my hand through her hair and moaned.

My hand reached the back of her head and I started thrusting my dick into her mouth. Her throat gurgled a little but she matched my pace willingly. I felt pressure building at the base of my dick, "Oh, Hannah, don't stop." I thrusted faster and faster until I finally lost control and I felt my dick squirting cum into the back of her throat.

She moaned as she felt my dick pulsating in her mouth. She held my dick in her mouth, moaning a little, until I stopped squirting and then cleaned my dick off. I laid on the couch as she licked the few remaining drops of cum off the tip of my dick. Only after I sat down did I hear Jamie whining from my bedroom. Hannah said, "You can let her out, she'll be fine." "Are you sure? She's going to lick you." "No, its fine I'll keep my legs closed, hurry up and sell your gf sex and money problems solved back over here." She ran her hand along my stomach before she pushed me off the couch to go get Jamie.

I slipped some boxers on as I left so I didn't get a cold nose in my junk again. Jamie ran past me as I opened the door. I went back into the living room to find Jamie's head buried between Hannah's legs. Hannah had her eyes closed, moaning.

"Jamie!" I euro massage leads to petite girl getting fucked. She looked at me.

"No, Andrew, it's ok, she's not hurting me." Hannah pulled Jamie's head back toward her crotch and Jamie started excitedly licking again. I slowly walked over, not knowing what to do. Jamie's tongue was sliding deep inside Hannah's pussy. I put my hand on Hannah's stomach and I could feel her abs flex as she came from the warm dog tongue sliding inside her.

I slid my hand down her smooth tummy and to her clit. I rubbed her clit and Hannah moaned even louder. Jamie stopped licking for a second as Hannah's pussy squirted in her mouth. After a moment of confusion it seemed to excite her more, and she licked even more vigorously. After about 15 minutes of licking and countless orgasms Jamie seemed to lose interest. Hannah fell back with her eyes closed, still moaning a little.

She put her hand on her soaking wet pussy and rubbed it softly. Jamie put her front paws on my lap and started licking my face. "Hey, go lay down, you've had your fun." Jamie reluctantly went over to her bed across the room and laid down.

I was rock hard again at this point and I slid my boxers back off. I moved Hannah's hand off of her pussy and slid two fingers inside her. She moaned and I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers. She resituated herself on the couch so she was laying down. Her legs were spread and I had an amazing view of her pussy. I crawled between her legs and started kissing family sex mom and dad. My dick was on top of the mound just above her pussy.

She suddenly reached down and grabbed my cock and pushed it down so it was right at the opening to her pussy. "Fuck me." She didn't have to say it twice. My dick slid in easily with all of the doggy saliva and her cum. I was hot babes giving footjob blowjob and handjob threesome and freecam ecstasy, I hadn't had sex since Hannah and I had first met.

She grabbed my waist and I grabbed her breasts. She moaned, "Oh fuck, Andrew, you're so big." I slowed down, "Sorry, am I hurting you." She pulled my hips toward her, "No, keep going". I went faster and faster and I could feel Hannah cumming all over my dick. "I want you to cum inside me," just her saying that almost made me lose control. I fucked her for a few more minutes before I couldn't stop the torrent of cum anymore.

I thrusted in a final time, filling her up all the way with my dick, and I let loose a huge load of cum. She felt me cumming and squeezed me with her pussy.

I collapsed on top of her and she reached around and grabbed my butt, keeping me inside her. We laid there together until I was so soft that I fell out.

I reached down and felt my cum dripping out of her. She rolled onto her side and I got in behind her. We fell asleep that way. Jamie watched silently in the corner. Chapter 3: Heat The months flew by. Jamie got over her horniness as she fell out of heat, but she never did quite go back to her normal, not interested in genitals, self. She was now a full grown lab and was a normal, fit weight. Hannah spent almost every weekend at my place having amazing sex (she got on the pill, we weren't being too careful the first time).

Jamie had never licked Hannah again, not sexually anyway. Winter was setting in so I was stuck in the house most days. I was on my computer one cold winter day when I was suddenly freezing. I checked out all of the windows and they were all shut tight.

I walked around the house, trying to find where the cold air was coming from and Jamie followed me around, thinking we might be going outside.

Not finding anything, I went to check the thermostat. It read 66 degrees, no wonder I felt cold. I turned it up, but it was already at 75 degrees. I tried turning the heat off and turning it back on, nothing. I was on the phone most of the rest of the day with my landlord.

The temperature steadily dropped until it was 45 degrees inside. Jamie was still perfectly warm, I was not. I figured it would take at most a day to fix, no, apparently everyone else's heat was out that week too. The next time they could schedule a technician to come out was in a full week. How was I going to survive a week without heat? I couldn't leave Jamie by herself. So I couldn't get a hotel and I couldn't go to Hannah's place because her apartment wasn't dog friendly.

I slammed down my phone later that day, giving up hope of not being freezing that night (the low was in the single digits). I happened to glance over and notice that there were a couple of spots of blood on Jamie's bed. "Oh no, has it been 6 months already?" Jamie responded by wagging her tail vigorously.

"We need to get you fixed." That was the least of my worries at that point. Being cheap, I refused to buy a space heater for a week's worth of use, but I had a plan. I was a computer science major in college, so I had at least seven half-assembled tower computers lying around the house. I spent the next few hours trying to hook up hard drives and cards, to at least get mamada story robadde celular viridiana cuernavaca 2 computers running.

It didn't help that Jamie was there constantly licking my face and generally trying to get my pants off so she could lick my crotch. She would occasionally stand next to me with her butt in my face with her tail in the air. "Jamie, what the hell are you doing?

Go lay down or something." Again, I was horrible at sounding mean so she generally didn't listen to me unless she wanted to.

When I finally got seven computers hooked up it looked rather ridiculous, I had several power strips and there was very little room to walk. I fired all the computers up and Jamie thought it was the greatest thing ever. She had to go around and check out all of the computers. I wrote a few small programs that would keep all of the computers busy and producing as much heat as possible. Almost needless to say, my plan failed miserably.

It probably only raised the temperature of the room to twenty or thirty degrees that night. Night was falling and I figured I better get to sleep before it got any colder. I brought Jamie's bed into the room and stuffed xxx story sex stories 2019 first time under the door to try to keep in as much wwe raw nickey bella beeg as possible.

I also piled all of the blankets I had, which consisted of one extra sheet and one extra quilt, on my bed. I got completely naked and piled all of my extra clothes on my bed too.

After about twenty minutes of shivering I realized that I had a living heater sleeping in perfect peace right next to me. I called her up on the bed. She was very happy, because she's not usually allowed on the bed. Unfortunately she refused to lie down like I expected her to, and she kept trying to lick my crotch. Eventually it was too cold to continue resisting, I just let her put her head between my legs and I covered us up.

She started lapping around the head of my dick. I tried to will my dick not to get hard, I failed. My dick started swelling as she licked my balls and all around my shaft. Everything that said this was wrong and taboo was shut off by my dick hardening. I a melhor foda que uma mulher pode moaning "Mmm, that's a good girl Jamie." She started licking even faster as a drop of precum came out of my cock.

I let out a final moan and cum squirted out of my dick. Jamie lapped up my cum greedily and licked my dick for quite awhile after I was clean before she lost interest. It felt too good to feel guilty about after. I was perfectly warm that night. I bought a space heater, because I didn't want to have the temptation of having Jamie in my bed. I slept peacefully the next night.

The night after that one, Jamie scared the shit out of me as she jumped on my bed. She started licking my face again and I tried to push her off. She thought I was playing so she fought back even harder. I gave in and wrestled with her for awhile on the bed.

She stopped suddenly and turned around with her butt facing me again with her tail up. I noticed that her pussy lips were very swollen. All of the sudden I came to a horrifying realization. My puppy, the sweet little girl that I'd raised from a baby, wanted me to fuck her.

I told myself that my dick got hard because it was just a taboo thought, but in hindsight, I wanted it too. Again, as soon as my dick got hard, my brain and all my inhibitions were off. I slowly reached over and touched Jamie's furry swollen pussy.

She reacted by pushing her hips down into my hand, almost forcing my fingers inside her. I pulled back out of surprise and she turned around and licked my face, wagging her tail. She immediately turned back around and presented her butt to me. I was less shy this time and I slid a finger into her hot (dogs body temperatures are higher that humans) little pussy. She responded by letting out a small whine and pushing her hips back onto me.

I slid another finger in and went a little faster. She let out a little yelp and her pussy started pulsating on my fingers. She immediately got extremely wet. My cock was rock hard at this point, and I was past the point of no return. I repositioned myself, resting my hands on her rib cage, petting her soft fur. She raised her tail high and stepped back, wanting something back in her pussy. I rubbed my dick on the outside of her pussy, her soft fur felt amazing.

She kept trying to push back onto my dick. I didn't think it was going to fit, my dick looked so big compared to her little pussy. I pushed and my dick slid into her tight love canal. She started panting and pushing back onto my dick. Her breathing started becoming erratic and I could feel her pussy squeezing my dick hard.

All of the sudden my dick felt really wet and her pussy started squeezing my dick rhythmically. It was one of the greatest things my dick had ever felt, and I lost control. I shoved my dick hard into her and let loose a huge load.

I held my dick inside her as my dick softened and the last drops of my cum came out of my dick. I finally slid out of her and laid down on the bed. She turned around and licked my cum out of her pussy. Once she was clean she laid down next to me and we fell asleep. I'd done something I thought was so wrong, but it felt so right. Chapter 4?