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Alan held Hopix close his feelings for her had jumped substantially in the past few weeks, looking down he groaned. She was still in her Fairixie clothes that really left nothing to the imagination, the fact that her breasts were half exposed wasn't helping either. Plus her skirt was so short it showed off more than just a little of her perfectly smooth legs that almost called him to caress them. Tearing his eyes away, his manhood rose to the occasion his pants again tented as he had to turn and adjust before she noticed.

He was just glad that they were going to be married soon but he knew he had to find the Queen's husband before he and Hopix could be united as a couple. Looking closer at her face he couldn't find a single flaw with it the skin was smooth, her voice always had him feeling as if he could do anything. "Hopix? I have to call the council, there is a mission I feel I have to do.

I feel Taboo busty stepmom riding stepsons hard cock owe the Queen and your people so much that I have to do it." Alan told her a few moments later having to tear his gaze away from her face. "I understand Alan I will do all I can to help you as I always do." Hopix said with a wide smile on her face.

"What mission is it?" "I want to go after the Queen's husband," he told her as her mouth hung open, going after the Queen's husband but no one had seen or heard from him in over 3 thousand years! "Alan there is no guarantee that he is even alive we've always been told that he was a mage not unlike you." Hopix told him.

"I know Hopix but I have felt the pain that the Queen has, a deep and empty pain that lingers and festers there in the dark growing stronger the longer it is there. I too have this pain but thanks to you and your people I am slowly defeating it. One day I hope that I can completely defeat it but for now I am far better than I was." Alan told her a wide smile on his face, yes his love for her was definitely starting to overcome the pain left by his wife. "I think I understand Alan, still I will help you all I can.

I am your partner as long as you wish." Hopix told him. Alan's face suddenly lit up, "I wish for you to always be my partner Hopix, with the missions or cases and in life unite with me Hopix as my mate.

I feel so complete with you by my side; I never want to be separated from you again." Hopix's mouth was hanging open Alan wanted to unite with her in a union?

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Suddenly Hopix's heart began to beat faster. A warm feeling spread all over her body as she started to blush. (Alan found it so adorable). "You. I. but.but." suddenly quiet but with the biggest smile he'd ever seen on her face Alan gently grasped her face again and kissed her as deeply as he could pouring all of himself into the kiss, he felt Hopix almost collapse against him then groan as the passion began to overtake her.

Breaking the kiss they both were in a daze only capable of staring at each other. As always someone was always there to muck things up, as they both heard someone clearing their throat behind them.

"Really Alan you should think more on things before you open your mouth, making promises that your body may not be able to keep." Alan and Hopix both recognized the voice of the Fairixie council member. "Nealiex!" Hopix squealed grasping the other in a fierce hug. "It has been too long since you were home my dear friend!" Nealiex's wide smile was indeed infectious as Alan also began to smile at the scene.

"Why are you here Nealiex? Is the council trying to think up new ways to further torture me?" Alan growled though only half hearted. "I was told that Hopix had finally given her heart and soul to someone," here the Fairixie pointed a slender finger at Alan.

"You had better take great care of my friend, don't break her heart or you might have the wrath of me coming down upon you!" Laughing she skipped away with Hopix laughing even harder at the look of concern and confusion on Alan's face.

"He is absolutely adorable Hopix!" He heard Nealiex tell Hopix, "No I am not here to torture you, if anything I am here to help you. I must warn you though as the council leader warned, the dark council will stop at nothing to end you and all the work you have done.

You have already shifted the balance towards being even again. They have promised that they will take you down, I'd expect more rogue agents trying to get back in with the dark council." "So you're telling me that the rules are about to change?" Sighing Alan nodded, "Yup that's about how I figured it would be, as always." Throwing his hands up in defeat, "Nothing is ever easy it seems now." Alan watched as the two friends embraced and sat talking about everything that had happened lately.

Sitting down Alan realized that he'd been away from earth almost constantly now for at least a week. I'm going to get lazy he thought being off planet so much with these powers. Putting his hands in his pocket he leaned back against the wall he'd been sitting on. His eyes were almost closed when chubby redhead cutie sucks a big schlong fingers brushed over the face of the cube.

Suddenly Alan gasped out seeing a human man laying unconscious on a pallet that seemed to be sealed with a clear, Alan wasn't sure what it was. Looking close he could see that the sameera reddy nude porn suck was alive but extremely slow.

What the hell? Jerking up from the vision, Alan could also see that the man was very close to dying! He had to go now or it would be too late! Nearby Queen Glimmer gasp out, she'd seen what Alan had pulled up with the cube. Huge tears were streaming down her face he was alive! Though it appeared not much longer. At least she got to see him one last time. His mouth agape Alan could feel the Queen watching him, "I have to go now Glimmer to have a chance," Alan said to the cube.

The Queen nodded as she watched Alan stand and girls period show in pad to the council member and Hopix. "I'm sorry to break this up but we have to go now Hopix! I just saw the Queen's husband and he is still alive. He won't be much longer if I can't reach him." Alan told both of them bowing low but trying to urge them to move faster.

Hopix's mouth was open in surprise as she stood moving to Alan. Nealiex also bowed to Alan this bringing a few gasps from a few that were passing by. "Please be careful you are our best agent since the Queen's husband." Alan nodded then took Hopix's hand nodding to Nealiex again then they both vanished.

"I just hope that you can accomplish this, my dear friends," Nealiex said to herself as she too vanished. Appearing again in what he could only describe as a mass of almost solid clouds; Alan shook his head and concentrated.

Soon everything appeared to look like more familiar to him. They'd only taken a few steps when they were assailed by a vision. "Hold Triacarie! You are not welcome here leave while you still can!" Alan, who had his feelers out the whole time, began to laugh. "You really expect me to be scared away by a mere student? Are you such a coward that you have to hide behind the skirts of a little female?" A roar sounded then several fireballs (sighing Alan shook his head nothing original still) bounced off his shields.

"Wow," Alan started, "that was really pathetic!" Here Alan laughed even harder almost falling on the ground at how weak the blasts had been. "Tell you what," Alan stated to the vision, "just come here and let me destroy you so I am not wasting my time with a pitiful. thing like you." There was another roar then the ugh! All Alan knew was that it looked like a green slimy slug with arms and legs. Oh yeah he forgot the bulging eyes on top. "You dare to insult me?

This is the dark council's world I think you will find it extremely difficult to win here." The green creature said. To which Alan started to laugh even harder, "Please I destroyed 10 of you asses on the sister Fairixie world this shouldn't be that difficult.

The creature smiled, (Alan thought it was sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits smile was too hard to tell). "Ah! You are the one that destroyed them, you might find it much more of a challenge here we know what to expect!" Here the creature began to laugh again. "I see you really don't know who you are dealing with," Alan told the creature right before he reached out and started to rip and shred everything he felt that was magic in it.

Screaming the being tried to flash out then lash out suddenly finding it had no power. "NO! Stay away from me! I'd rather give myself to the council than submit to you!" The creature yelled at Alan, shaking his head Alan backed off as the dark council arrived and started to rip all the life from the creature.

Alan turned and started to walk away. "Alan Glanto," he heard and turned eyeing the dark council, "you have freed a small very small teenyplayground horny blonde babysitter taste cum after fuck of this world. Realize this we have held this world a very long time, there are well over 100 mages here, all loyal to us, all ready to kill for us.

This," here the leader indicated what was left of the slug being, "was one of the weakest." Drawing closer to Alan almost in Alan's face the dark leader continued. "They are ready for you here, 100 well 99 mages, plus they all have at least 1 apprentice. You are strong yes though I doubt you are that strong." Alan returned the favor getting in the leader's face replying, "I am a hell of a lot more than you think I am. I also know of your plan for the battle on earth.

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Remember you have lost 24 of your best agents that can travel to earth. If you remember I took 20 of them out at one delighting slit with sexy toy hardcore and bondage you really want to see how many you can lose if I actually get upset?!" The look of shock, then hatred on the leader's face made Alan smile. "Good I'm glad we understand each other." Turning again Alan thought a moment then turned back, "Don't think I have forgotten the rules either.

I know I am alone, for now, but we'll see won't we?" This last dig really pissed off the leader and several of the council members as they growled and the dark council vanished. Alan looked back at Hopix, "I really wish the cube would take me to the spot where he is." Shaking his head Alan stated, "I swear I never get a break though destroying one at the start helps." Here Alan smiled at Hopix who was staying close to Alan a look of fear on her face as she looked everywhere.

Alan noticed this and pulled her close, suddenly she calmed and to Alan's shock he could feel her power almost double! Hell yeah! Alan thought she had major ass kicking potential now. Reaching out Alan started to stretch his feelings outward looking for the man he'd come here for. That's when he felt a small group of. well he wasn't sure what they were moving toward them.


Crap Alan thought I forgot about them! It seemed like a small army of beings that reminded him a lot of the Tribocs same yellow skin, same three mouths, though these only had 3 eyes and were a good foot taller. All of them saw Alan and walked to him and bowed sighing he'd been afraid of this. "Rise, I am not here to rule you, only to free you." Passing a hand over all of them Alan had cleared almost brazzers new upload porn story 2019 of them when he felt two in the back whose minds refused to be free.

Sighing Alan saw that they were just like those on the sister Fairixie world who could not except that they were free. Saddened Alan waved his hand and sent them to another area where they could be brought to the leader of that area. Clearing the. whatever it was where the bad mage had lived. Alan made a new home for the free. what in the hell was he to call them? Calling the obvious leader to the front Alan explained what he was doing, he also asked what they were called.

"Triacarie, when I was a youngling, when the dark ones started to come here, I remember we called our selves Lobrits. It has been a very long time since we were called that. We realize that you are different; no other has ever helped us to be free. As for the one you seek, we have heard of a still free clan many deres over that way." The leader and several of the older Lobrits bowed low to Alan and walked into the now small village that Alan had created.

Shaking his head he'd only taken a few steps after they were all in when another slimey slug looking creature appeared in front of him. "Ha! You are so dead you bastard, kill one of us and we all will not stop 'til you are dead!" It spit at him, Alan smirked he wasn't stupid he knew a set up when he saw it. Felling around hmmm 6 of them huh? "You know," Alan told the creature in front of him, "you guys are pathetic!" With that Alan fired at all 6 that he felt around him. All 6 were dead within moments shaking his head he took another step then fired off another three shot.

Christ! Didn't these guys even know how to hide their power? "Alan," Hopix whispered to him, "I think all but one of them were apprentices." "So they are trying to find out how strong I really am," looking around sure he was being watched Alan shouted. "As I stated before you guys are really pathetic, I'm not even at 1/4 power you are making it easier for me later.

Oh well it's your death!" Alan started to walk again not really expecting any more attacks, he'd only gone a few feet when he felt another 10 appear nearby. Hmmm he thought these are most definitely not weak like the others. Upping his shield Alan kept going 'til the first fired at him, then the second, then the rest all (really?

fireballs you'd think they'd learned by now he was VERY strong against them wouldn't you?) Sighing Alan targeted the first 3 and then they were gone. The other seven kept going thinking that Alan was weakening. "I suggest that unless you want to die, you 1, stop and 2, go away!" When neither happened Alan shook his head well, he'd warned them. Reaching out all seven screamed as they were destroyed at the same time. Looking at Hopix Alan shrugged, "I warned them they had a chance." Hopix looked at Alan with new respect she'd felt no strain or stress when they were firing at Alan on his shield.

Her eyes wide she knew that Alan wouldn't let anything happen to her, but she hadn't thought he was THIS powerful! Hugging him she said, "Yes you did Alan I guess they thought they could beat you, their mistake. That leaves at least 88, can you clear all of their slaves?" Reaching out Alan could see that these guys had less than the last guy; all 10 put together had almost the same as the one guy.

Crap this is going to take a while if he had to release them all. Waving his arm they were all suddenly there, pointing to the village he expanded it into a small town.

Again Alan was releasing all of the new Lobrits when he again came across 20 that refused to be freed, sending them elsewhere Alan related what he was doing and that the now larger town was for them. Watching them go Alan strengthened the protection over the town, just hope it holds he thought. They were maybe a half mile from the town when they were met by another group of the Lobrits.

These seemed different as they had no blank stares and they were all armed. Stopping short Alan waited to see what they would do, for a few minutes they stared at each other. Then Alan guessed that it was the leader slowly approached him. "Are you a Triacarie?" The strange creature asked him. "I do not know what that word means; I can understand you but that word holds no meaning for me." Alan told the now stunned leader. "We were charged to come here at this time to retrieve a Triacarie, though the word that was written was" Alan's eyes opened wide, this was the first time he'd been called that off earth.

"Where did you see this? It is a word that is used on my world. It means one who possesses magic abilities dealing with power from the elements and planet." Alan told the even more shocked Leader. Bowing low the leader said, "It is as was foretold, please come with us the first one is close to death.

Nothing our healers do can bring him closer to life. It was foretold that another of his race would come one day and release him and our world though many would die before it was over. Already we have felt the lessening of the darkness on our world." Alan and Hopix both looked at each other it was foretold? What in the hell was going on? They walked for a short distance then the ground opened and they all went down into a narrow passage way.

It only took a minute or so then they were in a huge cavern type of room. "Where are we?" Alan asked as soon as they stopped. "We are in." The leader stopped when another of the Lobrits walked up to him and excitedly started talking to him. As they went on, the leader's eyes grew wider then he dismissed the other and turned to Alan. "I have been informed that you have destroyed a whole sector of the evil Triacarie, also that you freed all the slaves they had.

You also provided a safe place for all of them." The leader fell at Alan's feet crying, "My family is in part of the sector, I was informed that all but 1 of them are pink pussy pron hub sex storys the place." Alan tried to lift the being off the floor feeling that he'd not really done anything.

Still the being was crying as were several in the room all of them bowing on the floor to Alan. "Please stop!" Alan said a little more forceful than he intended. "I only did what was right, I am not a god I am just a plain being like you." All of the Lobrits looked up at Alan like he was crazy; he'd done what hadn't been done in a very long time. "I need to see the first one as you called him before he is no longer." The leader got to his feet and quickly ushered Alan and Hopix to where the man was.

Looking down on him Alan had a strange feeling he knew the man but for the life of him couldn't place him. Reaching out Alan tried to heal the man but it seemed that the clear covering over the man was preventing anything from reaching him magic included. Looking at Hopix Alan started, "I need you to lift the clear shell then I can start in on his healing. Tell me if you can't hold it long ok?" Alan said smiling to her.

"I am a lot stronger now than I was Alan," she smirked at him.

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Alan nodded to Hopix as she lifted the clear cover, the man inside began to gasp, Alan threw all he had into healing all the failing organs, a few minutes later the man was finally breathing better.

Taking the clear enclosure from her Alan sat a moment to rest the man was no longer on death's door but he wasn't all that well yet either. Alan shook his head almost all of the man's organs had been about to fail, both of his lungs were on the verge of collapse. Almost all of the bones in the body were broken; the only area that was unaffected was the brain.

Alan had all the bones from the neck to the waist healed, at least now if the man awoke there wouldn't be as much pain. This was the most extreme healing he'd ever done good thing he'd healed a lot before of this would be almost impossible. Alan had finally finished one leg and was half done with the other when the man's eyes slowly opened.

Shocked a moment the man nodded his head at Alan then Hopix, "Glad you're finally here Alan." Alan's mouth hung open who in the hell was this guy? "Excuse me," Alan started, "do we know each other?" "No I'm afraid that we've never met before." The man smiled, "Glad you are as good at healing as you are." "Uh huh," Alan said as he looked at the man damn but he reminded him of someone he'd seen before.

"Oh I'm sorry Alan I forgot to introduce myself Myrddin, Myrddin Wyllt. Ah I see you don't know that hmmm ok, just call me Merlin then." Alan almost missed the man mom and son with big ass and hotel room his mouth dropped open WHAT!!!???