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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 1 With a faint pop, that was almost drowned out by a loud clap of thunder, three men appeared before the high, forbidding gates of Malfoy Manor.

One of the figures fell immediately to the ground as suddenly, a stroke of lightening illuminated the faces of Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. 'Help me get him up,' ordered Snape as the harsh wind and rain enveloped them.

Quickly, Draco scurried to the fallen figures side and wrapped an arm around his side as he and Snape wrenched the man to his feet and began to drag him towards the Manor.

Snape waved his free hand at the gate which clattered open at his command. The injured man let out a low groan of pain as he, Draco and Snape staggered inside the Manor. Wormtail was knelt, quivering behind his Master who was sat before the roaring fire which was the only light source in the spacious room. With a deafening bang, the heavy double metal doors swung open as Draco and Snape entered into the main room of the house, carrying the limp body between them.

'My poor faithful servant, what has happened to him?' asked Voldemort urgently as he hurried out of his chair and glided towards them. 'It was Potter my Lord,' answered Snape swiftly, 'they were duelling on the wall and he fell. It must have been at least 50 fifty my Lord. I managed to get to him quickly enough and stop the blood flow from his head or else he would be already dead.

Even now, he has not long to live my Lord.' Ron let out a blood-curdling shriek as Draco and Snape laid him on the dining table. Voldemort pushed Snape roughly aside as he quickly pointed his wand at Ron and started muttering an incantation in a sing-song sort of way. Ron's body jolted and his chest arched upwards in an excruciating way, his eyes popping before suddenly, he fell limply onto the table.

At the same time, Voldemort too fell forwards, his hands having to clutch either side of the table to support himself. Wormtail, Snape and Draco looked fishnet stockings and a nice round ass critical x, shocked to see how much the spell had taken out of their Master.

Finally, after what seemed an age, Voldemort regained his strength and spoke. 'He will live,' said Voldemort through heavy breathing, 'the damage to his body was.extensive. He will lose his right arm.parts of his chest, but no matter, Lord Voldemort rewards his most faithful servants.' Voldemort stood to his full height, cutting an impressive figure in the low light as he turned slowly to the three men behind him. 'Leave us!' he hissed harshly at them, 'not you.Draco, you stay,' said Voldemort as the three men had began to quickly exit the room.

Draco stopped near the door and slowly began to walk back towards his Master as the metal doors shut behind him, so that only he, Voldemort and an unconscious Ron remained in the room. Once Draco had returned to his Master's side, Voldemort turned back to Ron whose right arm had already began to blacken before their eyes. 'It is unfortunate,' sighed Voldemort as he bent over Ron's body and with a swift circling of his wand, cut away Ron's dead right arm from his body, 'but Lord Voldemort is kind.' With another series of wand flicks and a spell that Draco had never heard before, a silvery substance began to form in mid-air.

Slowly it moulded into the shape of an arm and hand, as under the direction of Voldemort's wand, it floated towards Ron's shoulder and connected to it. 'This is much stronger and more powerful then that useless fool Wormtail's,' commented Voldemort as Draco looked on in awe.

More silvery substance formed and filled in three long, deep diagonal gashes that lay along Ron's chest; while the final piece of silvery substance filled in a small, horizontal cut that lay just under Ron's left eye.

'Now we shall see,' said Im not going anywhere until someone fucks me in the ass coast to coast eagerly, 'Enervate!' Ron's eyes burst open as a scream of pain escaped his lips. However after a few moments, the pain subsided, as he sat up on the table, shaking his head roughly, as if just waking from a deep sleep.

'My arm.,' said Ron faintly, 'my chest.,' 'Yesss,' hissed Voldemort, 'your body took a lot of damage when you fell, I could not save all of you. The fact you are even alive is nothing short of a miracle; you have I and Severus to thank for that.' Ron began to flex and bend his new arm which glistened as brightly as a Unicorn.

'It will deflect most spells away,' continued Voldemort, 'and should give you great strength,' said Voldemort as Ron hurried to the long mirror that dominated the far wall to admire his new body. Ron let his fingers caress his strong torso, his fingers lingering on the silver streaks that lay across his chest. 'But what of Hermione? Is she safe?' said Ron suddenly, concern flooding across his face. Draco glanced nervously towards Voldemort whose face showed no emotion.

'But don't you remember Ronald?' Voldemort said in an almost mocking tone, 'you attacked her, almost killed her,' lied Voldemort, 'and then Harry Potter tried to kill you, that's how you came to sustain these injuries. Your old friends now hate you, they spit upon your name.' 'Is that.what happened?' Ron said confusedly, his hands rubbing his face as he tried to remember. 'Yes Ron,' added Draco, 'I saw Potter aim a killing curse at you, that's how you fell.

Crabbe also mentioned to me that Potter is now dating the filthy mudblood Granger.' 'No! Them.traitors,' shouted Ron as he fell to his knees, 'Yes.yes I remember now. I went to save Hermione and she tried to kill me, then Potter turned up and then he tried to kill me too!' 'Yes Ronald, you poor thing. But do not worry, for Lord Voldemort is kind. Look how we saved your life Ronald and healed you. Can Lord Voldemort still count on your service?' Ron slowly lifted his head towards the chalk white leering face of Lord Voldemort.

Ron's lips curled into a furious hatred of his old friends and a flash of red went across his eyes, 'Of course my Lord.as ever.' 'Very good,' smiled Voldemort wickedly as he extended a skeletal hand to Ron to help him too his feet. 'Now, we have work to do. You two are my most faithful Death Eaters. I shall teach you magic that no other know and reward you beyond your wildest dreams.' Ron and Draco smiled at each other greedily as Voldemort continued, 'Soon, Potter is to be moved from his filthy muggle relative's home to a safe house.

We shall strike him as he travels and you two shall lead this assault. Skilled chick knows how to fuck properly you succeed then you shall have your Master's eternal gratitude. Now go, Lord Voldemort needs time alone.' Ron and Draco bowed low and went to leave the room.

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'O and Ronald,' called Voldemort, 'the wizarding world believes you to be dead. It would be.useful if they still believe it to be so. When you are not around Death Eaters it would be wise to wear a hooded cloak to disguise your appearance.' Ron nodded before smiling at his new partner Draco, 'let's go kill a few muggles,' he said with a smirk as he and Draco left the room. * 'This is a fascinating item, what is it Harry?' asked Mr Weasley. 'It's an electronic tin opener Mr Weasley, look,' said Harry in half amusement as he demonstrated how to use it.

'Amazing.amazing,' exclaimed Sex desh old women sex com Weasley, as he watched in astonishment as Harry opened up a tin of soup. Harry laughed as he left Mr Weasley to amuse himself among the rest of the muggle items and went into the over-crowded living room.

Minutes earlier, half the Order of the Phoneix had arrived to whisk away the Dursley's into hiding and to take Harry away to a safe-house.

Harry entered the room, still bemused by the fact that seven identical Harry's were looking back at him.

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'Right,' said Moody gruffly as Tonks eyed Harry eagerly, 'you know the plan big milky www xtubetits website japan big tits tube porn you Potter?' 'Yes,' replied Harry apprehensively.

'Oooo it's so strange being a boy,' said one of the Harry's in Hermione's voice. 'Urghh I look 'orrible Bill, don't look at me,' said another one in Fleur's French accent as the real Harry laughed. 'Quiet you two!' said Moody urgently though the faintest smile crossed his lips, 'well Potter we'll be off in 15 minutes, if you want us to leave and wait outside while you gather your stuff and say a last goodbye to the place.,' 'Thanks Mad-Eye,' said Harry appreciatively, 'I think I'll go to my room and gather my things.' 'I'll come help yer Harry!' said Tonks suddenly as people started to exit through the front door.

'Erm.ok then,' said Harry a little unsurely as they both made their way up the stairs. 'Ahh now this is better,' exclaimed Tonks as they surveyed the mess in Harry's room, 'I like it a bit dirty.' 'Right,' said Harry as he walked to the far side of the room and started to pack his rucksack. 'Muffliato,' said Tonks in barely a whisper as she first aimed the wand under her robes firstly at Harry's door, then at his window. 'Did you say something?' said Harry absent-mindedly as he now went to give Hedwig a few owl treats.

'O nothing.,' said Tonks quickly, 'actually,' she began as she eyed Harry's bum behind his back, 'I don't think purple hair suits me, do you Harry?' she said as she looked at herself in Harry's mirror. 'Erm, I think you'd look lovely whatever,' mumbled Harry. Tonks giggled as she ruffled his messy jet-black hair.

'No, I think I'll change it,' said Tonks, 'ooo she looks nice,' Tonks said, pointing at a picture of an extremely attractive bikini clad muggle who was blue-tacked to Harry's wall. Before his eyes, Harry looked on in astonishment as Tonks turned into the woman in the picture. Her hair grew longer and turned a dark colour. Her breasts under her robes began to expand to a button bursting D size and her figure, though slim, retained some attractive curves in it.

Her facial features however remained the same as Harry watched her legs grown longer and thinner. Finally, as her skin finished tanning she stood before Harry. 'What do you think Harry,' said Tonks seductively as she took a few steps closer to Harry.

'Very nice,' said Harry breathlessly. 'Touch me Harry!' said Tonks suddenly as she grabbed Harry's hands and placed them on her now large breasts. 'But!.,' blurted Harry, 'what about Remus?' Tonks laughed at this. 'I love him Harry, but he's a werewolf. He says it's wrong for us to have sex and he won't even look at me that way. But I'm no nun Harry,' said Tonks with a seductive wink, 'no-one needs to know and we can be very quick indeed.' Harry hesitated before a grin flooded across his face.

'Ok,' he said and suddenly they came together in a lust filled kiss. Tonks quickly began to remove her robes as they staggered roughly around the room caught up in a mad lust as Harry placed his hands on her soft cheeks. Tonks opened her mouth slightly, allowing Harry's roaming tongue to enter four eyed college slut flirting with her friend mouth.

Tonks moaned in satisfaction at this new feeling as her legs hit the edge of Harry's bed, causing her to fall back on to it. Tonks looked up eagerly at Harry who stood over her. Quickly, Harry unbuttoned a few of his shirt buttons before pulling it over his head, revealing his slim, strong body.

Tonks eyes widened in joy as Harry then slipped off his jeans and boxers, so that he stood naked in front of her, his right hand slowly massaging his hard 7 inch cock. 'Nice Harry,' commented Tonks, her eyes fixated on Harry's cock as she went to her knees and crawled towards Harry. Before taking a hold of Harry's dick, Tonks reached around her back to unclasp her bra, allowing her tanned, D sized breasts to spill out into view. Harry moaned in delight at the sight of them as Tonks then took Harry's cock in both hands and began to rub it furiously.

'Ahh yes,' Harry groaned out loud as he looked down to see Tonks hands twisting and gliding along his hard cock. After a few hand strokes, Harry's head broke free of his foreskin which Tonks began focusing on; circling and rubbing her hands quickly over Harry's head.

Harry began to breathe more irregularly as his hips naturally bucked forward so that his cock came closer to Tonks face. Suddenly, Tonks opened her mouth and forced Harry's head into her mouth, letting her saliva and tongue swirl all over his sensitive head. Tonks began sucking Harry's head quickly, enjoying the feeling of his young member in her mouth. With her left hand she continued to stroke Harry's shaft while her right hand softly squeezed and massaged Harry's rock hard balls.

Gradually, Tonks began to allow more and more of Harry's dick into her wet, warm mouth as she let her long nails, gently rake into Harry's ball-sack, causing him to shiver in delight.

Slowly, Tonks began to remove Harry's cock from her mouth, allowing her lips and tongue to teasingly press hard along it until finally it sprang out of Tonks mouth with a pop. With a few quick rubs to coat his cock fully in her hot saliva, Tonks began to slap it all around her face, causing Harry to moan in ecstasy once more. 'Mouth fuck me Harry!' begged Tonks suddenly as she opened her jprulercom sexy japanese nailed in public 30 wide, her brown eyes locking onto Harry's bright green eyes.

Harry smiled in delight as he shuffled forwards and placed his hands around the back of Tonks head. As soon as Harry's 7 inch cock was placed into Tonks mouth, Harry began to violently thrust his hips forward and back, so that his entire cock was now entering Tonks mouth. Tonks kept her eyes on Harry's as she let her hands reach around and grab a hold of Harry's curvy ass. She gave Harry's bum a hard squeeze and pulled it toward her so that Harry's cock went deeper into her mouth.

Harry enjoyed the noise of Tonks gargling and gagging as he felt her sticky warm saliva build up in her mouth around his stiff cock. Finally, Harry broke away, causing Tonks to inhale sharply; strands of saliva still connecting Harry's cock to her mouth. Harry helped her to her feet as they began kissing passionately once more.

Harry let his kisses travel quickly down her neck till he was level with her large tits. Greedily, Harry began squeezing and feeling her large mounds, before suddenly he began sucking on her invitingly large nipple. Tonks let out a high shriek of pleasure as Harry began suckling on her large nipple, allowing his tongue to flit quickly around her areola then onto her erect nub.

After a few moments of allowing Harry to play with her large breasts, Tonks removed her panties, showing off a narrow strip of jet black hair above her pussy. 'Fuck me now Harry,' said Tonks as she lowered herself to the bed on all fours so that she was bent over. Harry eagerly went and stood over her, placing one hand on her bum cheek while with the other he began to guide his dick towards her pussy entrance. 'Wait!' cried Tonks.

Suddenly her hair changed to a bright blonde colour and grew even longer, so that her hair lay in two long pig-tails.

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Her ass also changed so that it became slightly larger and more curvaceous. Harry laughed out loud in delight.

'Very nice Tonks,' said Harry as with his right hand, he wrapped his hand around Tonks pig-tails while with his left, he plunged his dick deep into Tonks pussy. 'Ahhhh,' they both moaned loudly as Harry's large dick settled into the warm, clamp like surroundings of Tonks pussy. Harry quickly began to buck his hips as he took Tonks pig-tails in both hands now and began to thrust harder and harder into Tonks pussy. Soon enough, Tonks began to thrust back at Harry's dick, so that her beautifully round ass enveloped his cock in her wet, warm pussy.

'Ahhh you feel so good,' moaned Harry as he gave an extra hard thrust so that he went balls deep into Tonks. 'Harder, Harry, harder!' commanded Tonks. Harry, urged on by Tonks groaning and encouragements grabbed a hold of gorgeous girlie with beautiful hairy pussy h spicygirlcam side of her ass and began thrusting at a furious rate.

Harry soon gained a light sweat from the exertions as he squeezed and slapped Tonks tanned, curvy ass; enjoying the loud slapping sounds his groin and hands made when it hit Tonks ass. Harry looked down to see his cock disappear inside Tonks once more, loving the tight warmness of her pussy walls around his dick.

He watched as her smooth fleshy bum, rippled with the impact of his thrusting. Turned on by this, Harry squeezed her ass cheeks even harder and gave them a hard smack, leaving a faint red mark on her right ass cheek. 'Oooo,' Tonks giggled in delight, 'you dirty boy.' After a few more moments, Tonks turned over and jumped onto Harry; her legs wrapping round his waist.

The sudden weight forced Harry back into his bedroom wall as Tonks lowered her hand to Harry's cock and placed it in her tight pussy once more.

'Ahhh yeah.ahh yeah,' Tonks soon panted as she began to bump and grind along Harry's cock, her hands placed around sexy lady horny and cumblasted jerking jacking back of his neck for support. Harry, cemented between the wall and Tonks, grabbed a hold of Tonks ass and bent his knees slightly so he could thrust upwards into Tonks.

'O God!' Tonks cried as she felt waves of pleasure pass through as she went through an orgasm. She held Harry more firmly as they started to lustfully kiss each other once more. Tonks broke away from the kiss, her eyes locking onto Harry's as she started pounding more aggressively, enjoying the sight of Harry's energy and stamina beginning to sap from the pleasure of her pussy around his dick. Soon enough, Harry felt a powerful and electrical feeling surge from his cock and travel throughout his body as he got ready to orgasm.

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'Ahhhh.I'm gonna cum!' Harry cried out loud as Tonks let go of Harry's neck and let her body fall away, so she hovered in mid-air horizontally across Harry's groin, her legs still wrapped firmly around Harry's waist and Harry's hands placed on the small of her back. 'Ahhhhh yeahhh.ahhhhh.ahh God!' Harry panted as suddenly his cock went into spasm and he felt his youthful cum explode into Tonks pussy. Tonks also cried out in delight as she felt Harry's cum fill up her tight pussy, the sticky liquid clinging to the inside of her pussy.

Eventually, Harry's orgasm subsided as he eased Tonks off himself. Tonks immediately went to Harry's dick and began to swiftly suck it once more, draining every last juice of Harry's pure white cum out of his cock. 'Ahh that's good,' sighed Harry as he collapsed onto the bed, very satisfied as his dick returned to its normal soft state.

'You were amazing Harry,' said Tonks, wiping her mouth of the last few drops of Harry's cum and swallowing it. Moody's rough voice suddenly sounded from the hallway downstairs, 'Harry! Tonks! Come on, time to go!' With a jolt of panic, Open your mouth and suck on my tiny toes and Tonks quickly redressed and shared a brief kiss before hurrying downstairs and into the open air, praying beyond hope that they would reach the safe-house safely that night.