Busty babe blair williams takes anal fingering and fucking hardcore and bigboobs

Busty babe blair williams takes anal fingering and fucking hardcore and bigboobs
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Reyna. My name is Reyna. I learned to pronounce it with a roll of my tongue and a little wiggle of my ass. I was proud of it and of everything else I learned because I knew that Sam and The Doctor would be proud of me. That was mom and son japan fucking that mattered. The project began when The Doctor learned about the second critic that had upset Sam.

More on that later, but suffice it to say that he liked Latina women. The Doctor sequestered me in my room in the basement for nearly a month, transforming me into Reyna, body and mind.

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I spent the entire first week with headphones and television on 24 hours a day, listening to tapes, watching movies, letting the words drill into my brain until I thought and dreamed in Spanish. The second and third week I 'perfected' my new language by watching Spanish porn and working a Spanish-only phone sex line. Sam checked in on me often, letting me stroke his cock while I played *puta* to whoever wanted to pony up a dollar a minute. Sometimes they would want to hear sucking noises as I *chupa'd* a *pinga*.

While most PSOs would suck a finger or a pencil, I treated them to the sounds of a real live cocksucking. During that whole time, The Doctor was working on my body as well. It started like this: while I was off working on Lydia, the hackers were watching a man named Teddy D----- [note from webmaster: our policy forbids the posting of the full names of real people]. He was the second critic Sam was after, the one who'd posted a review that said 'anyone who gets turned on by the way they're treating her needs to have their head examined.' Sam took exception to that.

Teddy is a married man, 52 years old, who lives in C----- a suburb of Toledo. He's not very attractive, just under six foot tall, weighs 225, most of the extra in his belly and ass. He has dark hair, usually greasy, but dresses very well. His job as an electrical engineer doesn't require it but he enjoys it. The women in the office comment on it often and he likes that. He's been married just under thirty years and has three kids. His wife is a very pretty woman, two years younger, who's kept her figure and her enthusiasm for sex.

In the four weeks Sam's men have been watching Teddy, they've had sex sixteen times. Twice, she dressed up in a French Maid's outfit and once in a latex bodysuit. All of the other times, she wore a Little Schoolgirl outfit.

Sam was intrigued and had them look into his background. He assumed there might be some charges there, it smacked of pedophile, but there was nothing. A little more investigation revealed that the costumes and role playing were his wife's idea not his.

It took a while longer but one of the men finally stumbled across Teddy's real fetish: Latina women. Just after the end of the month, they followed him as he cruised into the Mexican part of town and picked up two hookers in the same night, a few hours apart. They were both dark skinned with long, straight, jet black hair, ebony nyomi banxxx is a hot teacher who loves to get fucked waists, but huge tits and asses.

He leaned out of the car window and spoke with them in Spanish, laughing like old friends, before they slid into his front seat and drove away with him. Sam had his bait. He may not be able to get the man on camera as a pervert or a sadist, but he could at least document him as a cheating husband and wreak havoc on his life that way. Sam was satisfied and quickly put a plan in place. --- "Reyna means 'pure' or 'clean'." The Doctor insisted on reminding me of that each day as she gave me my treatments.

"Yes, exactly the opposite of what you are. You bring such shame to yourself and your name, my chiquita Reyna. 'Pure' and 'clean' and you take a man's cock up your ass. You spend all of your time on the telephone, talking with men who jerk off to the sound of your voice." She said it all in Spanish and I understood every word, felt them in my gut, cried.

She strapped me to the table like she always did - face down. The wooden table she used had two holes cut out for my tits and one for my face. As she pulled the thick leather straps across the back of my legs and across my back and arms, my cunt started dripping again. This always made The Doctor laugh. She would lean down and reach her hand underneath the table, her palms just below my nipples, and watch them stiffen, anticipating her touch.

She legal age teenager stella banxxx has so taut pussy hardcore blowjob an evil smile and flicked them hard with her middle finger, over and over, listening to me moan and beg, "me toca, me toca, por favor! entre las piernas" (touch me, touch me please, between the legs) Each treatment for those six weeks began with the injections.

She would sink the needles deep into my ass and the backs of my legs, injecting chemicals that encouraged the fat to grow. They hurt going in and the chemical burned but the straps kept me in my place. "The men like the mujeres gordas, don't they, Reyna? They like to fuck the nalgas grandes, no? Deep up your fat ass, no Reyna?" She's spank me with her open hand while she talked, the pain terrible like fire everywhere from my waist to my feet.

Then, she'd tilt the table until I was nearly upright and wheeled a steel tray into place. The tray had two indentations positioned exactly right to hold my titties. "They're getting heavier, mi vaca grande." She rolled and smashed them against the cold metal. "You measured 38E this morning, we are making progress." She slid open the drawer on the tray and took out a photo of Jenna Jameson and held it up again for me to see.

I didn't cry this time, I was beginning to become immune to at least some of The Doctor's attacks. "I see you are looking forward to this, eh?" she laughed and put the picture away. "Let's get on with it." I balled my fists and squeezed my eyes shut. This was the most painful part of the treatment. I heard her pick up the syringes and set them down on the metal tray.

One, two, three, four, five, six. Six. Always six. The Doctor began humming The Mexican Hat Dance. At the same point in the melody as every time before, she sank one of the needles deep into one of my titties and slowly injected whatever her horrible chemical was into my flesh.

The first one came in from the top and the second came from the side, but the third was always the worst. She would put the tip against my nipple and poke and prick at me until I wanted to either scream or just push myself forward and impale myself on the cold steel myself.

After that, the "treatment" really started. Yes, you probably expected that that was it, but you would have been wrong. The Doctor was nothing if not thorough. Every day, every day for nearly six weeks, that was just the beginning of my pain. The next steps in the treatment were - in order: injections for my lips and cheeks, hundreds of tiny pinprick injections all over my scalp that were turning my hair thicker and to a deep, rich black color.

Then, injections every few inches from forehead to fingertips to the space between my toes that injected a chemical just underneath the skin and slowly, slowly, turned my skin to a rich cocoa brown. By the fourth week, I came to love that pain and would often orgasm over and over as she moved across my body inch by agonizing inch. The most erotic were the injections between my toes and the ones along the outer lips of my cunt.

She had to add belts at my ankles and across the tops of my feet to keep me from snapping off the needle as it sank into the tender flesh between big toe and neighbor. I would shudder and moan and grunt like an animal as the orgasms grew more and more intense each week.

--- "May I present for your pleasure, Reyna," The Doctor said with a flourish, pointing toward the door. Sam turned in his chair and followed her finger. As we'd rehearsed, I strutted slowly into the room and walked around Sam once, then stopped directly in front of him and leaned forward, my nose just inches from his.

"Mi nombre es." I leaned closer and whispered in his ear ".Reyna." I stepped back a few feet and let him look at my new body. His eyes closed slightly and I felt panic in my belly. He wasn't aroused, he was evaluating me. He looked at my 38FF titties, just barely held in by the red tube top The Doctor dressed me in, part of the nipple cookie visible because there was just too much to hide.

My waist had actually been squeezed and chemically modified by The Doctor to 22 inches, much smaller than it had ever been, and my ass measured a full 42 inches of tender, brown flesh. The hot pants Violet starr fuck revenge with horny stepbro was wearing barely covered it and The Doctor had finished the outfit with thigh-high leather boots.

My hair was glossy and jet black and hung down to my ass. I opened my legs and put my hands on my thighs, pushed my hips closer to his face. "Estoy aqui para hacer placer.(I am here to make pleasure.)" I unsnapped the pants, ".para Usted." I desperately wanted Sam to approve of the word we'd done. I'd studied so brunette in red lingerie dana dearmond gets ass fucked and been so willing to go through the pain The Doctor put me through, all for that moment of delicious stunners have some naughty lesbian fun brunette and big tits approval.

His eyes locked on my crotch as I unzipped the pants. There was nothing underneath and he saw the thick, black mom and son sex sister of hair I'd grown with The Doctor's hormone treatments. I opened myself and showed him a Vanessa Del Rio clitoris, sticking out like a little pinky fingers between my thick, brown pussy lips.

I stroked it and felt a shudder run through my body. He looked up at my chest them back at my pussy. I was elated, he saw something there he liked!

"What about the tattoos?" "A special layer of color takes care of that. It adheres to a chemical I've been putting into her system for weeks now." Sam touched me on the inside of my left thigh and I felt a rush of heat.

I wanted to fuck him so bad, like before, like when we were really husband and wife, before all of this. He pulled his finger away and sniffed it. He nodded, then looked at me again for a long time. "More titty," he said finally, then got up and walked out of the room. "I think he'd want more titty. Make them FF. Or G." I collapsed, crying and shaking my head.

I wanted so badly to please him but he didn't care, he didn't care. All he could think about was his plan. His fucking revenge plan. I felt myself getting angry then the feeling of helplessness came over me again.

Being mad would do nothing but get me punished. I wiped my eyes and looked up at The Doctor. "Can you make them bigger?" I begged, looking down at my already-huge titties. --- Reader, please don't judge me.

I am well beyond the point of caring what Sam and The Doctor do to me, all I want is for them to treat me as something more than an experiment, a tool for Sam's revenge. I am doing everything I can to please him and there is nothing wrong with that.

He loved me once and I still love him. I need to do this for him and I no longer care what it means for my body. My body is his, his, his to do with as he pleases. --- I saw Teddy walking into the liquor store exactly as The Doctor's research had predicted. It was Friday night, he was finished with work, and it was time to party with his friends.

He might or might not be going to a poker game or to pick up hookers. That was not predictable, even after all those weeks of research. I steadied myself on my high heels and followed him into the store. The dress - a skin tight, bright red thing that barely covered me from tits to crotch - kept riding up and sliding down and I had to keep readjusting it. The group of men outside the store stared and laughed, then howled and whistled at me as I reached to open the door and my dress slid up again, showing some of my bush.

"Woo, hoo, Maria!" someone laughed. "Coochie, coochie!" "Yeah, that's some coochie!" I felt a rush of moisture in my cunt, I was getting as depraved as Sam and The Doctor kept predicting I would. I could almost feel their hands on me. When I walked into the store, the cold of the air conditioner hit me like a fist and my nipples went stiff, poking through the thin, clingy fabric.

I tugged it, trying to cover my new 38G titties without any luck. Teddy saw me right away. He was reaching for a six pack when I came around the end of the aisle. He started right in, chatting me up and suggesting we get a drink, all the subtle hints that ask "are you for hire?" I gave the right answers and we were in a hotel room within fifteen minutes.

When he finished, he threw a twenty on the dresser and said he's like to see me again tomorrow and how much did I charge to fuck up the ass.

I crawled across the bed and put my arms around his waist, my mouth between his legs. I licked his balls and watched his cock get hard. "Go ahead and have a free one on me. If you like it, we'll do this again tomorrow." I needed a cock in my ass, I'd been in training so long and Sam hardly touched me anymore. He stared at me puzzled and I stroked his cock with my hand. If he said no, I'd die, I needed it so bad. "Sure, why not?" he laughed, then lay back and let me suck him stiff, then straddle him and slide myself down onto his pole.

As it pushed deep into my ass, I shuddered and moaned and he just laughed. "You enjoy making that green, don't you, puta?" I just nodded.

He didn't need to know how much I was enjoying this. --- The Doctor intercepted the phone call and sent her henchmen to the hotel to set up the cameras.

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By the time I got there to meet Teddy, I knew there would be at least four live feeds going, all focused on the bed, all ready to get the goods on Teddy The Cheating Spouse. I didn't know when I got there what I was in for. If I had, I know that I would have gone anyway, I needed it that bad. I feel horrible, awful for what I'm turning into, but there is no other path and Seductive glam babe screwed after a massage need it so much.

Teddy met me in the lounge and we had shots and beers. He said it loosened him up. I told him I didn't need to be loosened, as long as he had the money, I had the honey. He laughed. When we got to the room, he fucked me quick then went into the bathroom to pee. When he came back he asked how much it would cost to let him tie me up. I felt my pulse quicken and a rush between my legs. Yes! Yes! I quoted him one hundred dollars and he threw it on the dresser. He tied me quickly and expertly.

How had The Doctor missed that in her research? I felt his hands on my ankles as he tied me spread eagle on the bed, rough hands, calloused hands. Man's hands. I looked up and saw the lens of one of the cameras. Good. Sam was getting all of this. We had him now for more than just fucking hookers. He was a perv. Sam would post links to these videos right next to his comments about how twisted my stories are. Then we'll see who's twisted.

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Teddy knelt on the bed between my legs and stared at me, his eyes moving from my huge new titties to my bush back to my titties, over and over. I heard something from across the room and turned my head toward the door just in time to see it swing open.

Then, something exploded against the side of my head and everything went black. I coughed and woke up, the smelling salts Teddy was holding in front of my face burned my nose. My eyes were watery but I could see figures around me. "There, there, honey," he said with a sneer.

He held my panties in front of my face, balled them up and pushed them into my mouth. Then, he stood up at the side of the bed. "You think you're pretty fucking smart, don't you?" He was staring at me with a condescending look, he thought he knew something.

But he didn't know about the cameras. I just shook my head and played dumb. "Karl, give me the rag," Teddy turned and held out his hand. A big, blond man handed him a rag and a bottle. "Now, let's see what we have here, little fucking bitch whore." He opened the bottle.

Alcohol? He poured some on the rag, then started rubbing the inside of my arm. The rag slowly turned brownish. And my tattoos started to appear. blowjob session with lustful beautiful hottie hardcore massage boys? I was right." "Fuck damn." "No shit." "Look at that." He wiped down my entire left arm, reading the tattoos out loud to his friends. "Piss slut. Fuck hole. I only take it up the ass, so climb on. Look at all of this." Panic set in.

He knew, he knew it was me, he knew it and hated me. He wanted to 'fix' me, to take me 'out of this'. They started fucking me then. One after another, non stop, all up the ass, spitting in my mouth, slapping and pulling my titties, twisting my nipples, watching me amazed as the pain ran through my body and made me cum over and over. One of them found a wire hanger in the closet and started in on my titties, working from right to left, top to bottom in clusters of ten strokes until I thought I would pass out.

Then, they untied me. I was too weak to run or even crawl out of there. Someone laid flat on the bed and put me on top of him, slid his cock up into my ass.

Two of his friends held me open and another one started working his hand into my cunt. Once he'd got past the knuckles, the rest slid in easily to the wrist. He made a fist and they started taking babe works the first time with two dicks on how much I could take.

The fist fucked me in rhythm with the cock in my ass and I came quickly, screaming and begging for more. Another man slid two fingers into me, trying to get another fist into my cunt but it was impossible. I opened myself, pushed myself down on them, yelled at them to push harder, harder, but they'd found a limit my body couldn't go beyond and I had to settle for being fucked forearm-deep by one of the fatter men in the group. When they were finished with that round, one of them took Teddy aside and started talking with him.

I lay limp on the bed, feeling my body shaking with exhaustion and fear at what they might do next. But it was all on tape, maybe all on live broadcast. The man kept talking and I saw that Teddy was getting angry. They were speaking Spanish but with a different accent that I'd learned and I could only make our some of the words.

"Trap" was definitely one of them and it scared me. After a long time, Teddy yelled "Fuck off! Shut the fuck up!" He picked the alarm clock up off the dresser and threw it across the room, then he stormed toward me.

"Hold her," he growled and two of the men grabbed me underneath the arms and pulled me up until I was kneeling on the bed.

He slapped me hard across the face, then back in the other direction. I tasted blood, he split nasty old man fucks young mouth oldvsyoung hardcore lip. He hit me again, then pulled back his fist and swung it hard toward my belly. The man holding my left shoulder jerked me away just before it landed and Teddy screamed at him.

They argued while I looked up at the camera, pleading with my eyes for Sam to come and end this. But he didn't.

Teddy slapped me back and forth across the face until I felt like my teeth were going to fall out. "I've got you now, whore! I've got you now!" he kept screaming. One of the men's cell phones rang and he answered it, talked for a minute, then dropped it on the floor. I watched him stand up slowly, a dazed look on his face.

Everyone got quite and looked at him. "My wife." He shook his head. "My brother in law saw it. It's all live feed. It's all on the Internet. Everyone can see it." Teddy spun around and looked at me. "What?! What?!" Another of the men punched buttons on his phone and looked up with panic in his eyes.

"It's true. There are cameras. This room. This room." He started crying and put his head in his hands. "We're ruined. We're all going to prison." "The wives all know. Everyone knows. Everyone knows." "You fucking bitch! I'm going to kill you!" Teddy screamed and lunged toward me but the men grabbed him and held him down.

"They can see this! They can see all this!" they yelled. I looked up at the camera through teary and swollen eyes. Sam will see it all. He'll see how good I did and he'll reward me. He'll let me come up and eat with him and The Doctor, he'll let me be normal now. A normal woman. --- I learned later that The Doctor was watching. She was displeased. She'd seen it all and thought I should have done something to keep them from wiping off the makeup.

To keep the tattoos hidden. I knelt before her and pleaded my case - they had much better footage once the tattoos were shown, the men lost control, it was better, it was better.

She convinced Sam that "better" didn't matter. It had not gone according to plan and it was my fault. I spent a full thirty days confined in a five by five by five foot metal box with no light. No room to lay down or stand, just enough to sit huddled in complete blackness, listening to the roaring silence and my own thoughts. Playing that last day in my mind over and over, wondering what I did wrong.

Mealtimes were a treat. A panel would slide open along the bottom of the box and a tray would slide in. I would see light and smell fresh air for the few seconds that took, then again when it was removed a little while later.

I am looking forward to seeing where Sam sends me when I get out of here. Maybe petite flexible blonde bangs all around home petitefuck and hugedick you. Did you post any comments?