Hotty is team fucked nicely hardcore blowjob

Hotty is team fucked nicely hardcore blowjob
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It only took a few minutes of begging before I got my way. I had pleaded with my mom that she let me spend the night with my cousin Amanda and Eric. I had, had an amazing afternoon that day. I was 12 at the time, and have always been fit for my age since I've played football since I was six. Amanda was older than Eric, she being seventeen and Eric being fourteen. When I woke mom and her teen sons that morning around eleven, my aunt was already over, sitting on the couch with my mom, talking about how Amanda's boy friend has been getting into a lot of trouble lately, so it's been bothering her since they can't see each other as much.

I asked my mom where they were, and she nodded toward the back door, and told me they were in the pool. So, with the news, I put my trunks on and headed out to the pool. Amanda was tanning on a floatie, her perfectly portioned C sized chest was glistening in the sun light as her bathing suit was so small it seemed like they were about to pop out. Eric was playing with his motorized boat. He had always been athletic as well. His favorite thing was running in track, and playing basketball. So his body was more slender than muscular.

I climbed in and splashed Amanda just so I could see her wet. She got mad, and climbed out of the pool, and went inside. She left Eric and I out there to do nothing but talk. We decided to do a whirlpool-which is when you walk along the outside edge as fast as you can until a current is formed-and as we started to pick up the pace I noticed Eric catching up on me. He eventually ran into the back of me, and couldn't stop from hitting me because of the current.

As he did I tried pushing him away, and as I did so I accidently grabbed his trunks. To my surprise I had a handful of cock in my hand that was pumping from the pressure of my grip. He gave a look of horror, and embarassment, as I looked down carolina sweets lily rader in girls night the clear water at where my hand was. I started rubbing my hand around the outside of his trunks; feeling his dick get harder and harder.

He tilted his head back in pleasure, and as he did so I snuck under the water to stick his cock in my mouth. I felt his hips jerk from the surprise, but relaxed and he put his hand on the top of my head to help me stay down. After about a minute I started feeling the urge to breathe, but was so lust filled I just wanted to suck on his dick as long as I could. After a few more dives down to wrap my lips around his shaft, he exploded in my mouth.

Since I couldn't swallow underwater I spat it out and watched the stream of cum flow into the pool filter as I milked his cock dry. Eric leaned on the side of the pool while I kept stroking his now limp dick.

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I looked over to my parent's bathroom window where Amanda had gotten changed, and saw a face starring back at me, while biting her lip. My cousin Amanda had been watching us, and I didn't have to have x-ray vision to be able to tell she had been fingering herself.

I told Eric I was getting pruny and wanted to go in. He said to go ahead and that he was going to stay since it was hot out. I ran inside, and blazed to my parent's bathroom before she had time to get out, and caught her still with a finger in her hairless pussy.

She looked even more horrified then her brother had, and begged me not to tell her mom. I agreed but told her only on one condition, and she responded with an expected "What?".

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I then dropped my sopping wet trunks and exposed my seven and a half inch long dick that was hard as a rock from being turned on by sucking Eric's cock.

Her eyes became like saucers as I stepped past her and turned the shower on. She just starred at my cock and bit her lip as I could tell thoughts were running through her head. "Where did you get a cock like that!" she had asked me, and I told her it was genetic and she should see Eric's or Jessey's (our other cousin) if she wanted to see a bigger one although mine's the thickest.

She told me she didn't chaturbate lulacum part take your popcorn and relax and she only wanted mine, and admitted to have a crush on me since I was 10 and she was 15. She kneeled down and took in all my shaft into her mouth as I drug her into the shower by her hair. I ran my hands down her long body as I bent her over. She pressed her pussy against my cock, moaning from the warmth.

I slid my dick in her wet pussy feeling how tight she was as she let out another moan from me stretching her. She pumped her body against mine forcing my cock as deep into her as it would go.

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She started shaking as she came to orgasm, and I caught her as her legs went weak. I could feel her hot cum run down my body as she squirted her juices all over my cock. We got out and dried off. We went to the living room where no one suspected a think even though Amanda wouldn't sit cross legged like she normally does, and was constantly staring at my crotch, lost in a trance.

I would get hard and rush the blood to my dick just so she could watch it move, and I could see her lick her lips. Eric walked in and smiled; then he noticed Amanda, and I could see that he had put it together in his head, and smiled even bigger.