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Aj applegate in a massive married gangbang
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Brian is a 16 year old sophomore who identifies as gay. He hasn't been with a female or a male but has always been attracted to men. He is open but doesn't scream his sexuality from the rooftop but rather tells people when he wants and doesn't deny his sexuality. Brian is a cute guy with short brown hair, 5'11 and thin, some say he's lanky.

Erica and Kelsey are both 16 year old sophomores and best friends. Kelsey is 5'2 with long brown hair, she is around 110 lbs and has a nice little butt on her. She has only had one boyfriend but it was in middle casting a la argentina layla and she only went on one date.

Erica is 5'6 with long dirty blonde hair, she is more on the chubby size compared to Kelsey but still with a nice body. She has had multiple boyfriends and has been sexually active.

Erica and Kelsey walk into their morning class together and sit at the table with Brian. After the teacher explains what it is they are doing in the lab they begin to work together. They start talking to Brian while they work on finding microbes under a microscope.

Kelsey texts Erica saying dibs because she found Brian to be cute and kind.

After finishing up their questions they asked for Brains number to help with homework. They start a group chat that night and work through the homework together. The test is next week and Erica suggests they get together on the weekend to study. She invited Brian over on Saturday around 12. On Friday they are in lab working as a group on questions involving mammals.

Erica asks Brian if he has a girlfriend and if she would upset with him coming over. He leans in to both of them to in front them he is actually gay.

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Both of the girls were surprised to hear that and Kelsey tried her best to not show her disappointment. Saturday has come and Brians mom drops him off at Ericas house with Erica and Kelsey waiting outside to greet him. Erica asks Brian his he wouldn't mind speaking a little gayier in front of her parents. He was kind of offended but understood it was just to put on a show for the parents.

They greet the parents and head up to Ericas room. Erica sits in her computer chair, Kelsey sits on the bed and Brian sits on the bed a few feet away from Kelsey.

They start off by not doing any biology work but rather get to know Brian. Neither of the girls has had a gay male friend so them declare Brian their official gay best friend. Erica asks Brian if he has giving a Bj before, Brian looks down for a second and replys no softly.

Erica, "really? I've given a few guys blowjobs. I know that sounds sluty but they were my boyfriends." Brian looks to Kelsey and asks her if she has, she looks at Erica and says no with a smirk. Erica, " she hasn't done anything, but she knows how to, she learned from the best!" They both laugh.

Brian was confused so Erica explains, " well my parents don't let me have my boyfriends in my room. So what we would do is have my boyfriend pretend to be gay and Kelsey and my bf would come over.

Then me and my boyfriend could have sex and mess around." Brians eyes were wide open and looks to Kelsey, she looks away shyly. Erica asks why he hasn't given a bj and then asks if he has done anything with a girl. Brian explains he just hasn't been able to find to find a guy he is interested in and admits he hasn't done anything with a girl either. Erica, "So you haven't done anything with a guy or girl? How do you know you're gay? Brian, " I just find some guys attractive, I find girls attractive too.

I usually jerk off to gay porn too." Erica quickly asks, " do you find Erica attractive?" Kelsey is visible angry with Erica but Brian replies and says yes she is very attractive. Erica says " what if Kelsey gave you a BJ, would you enjoy it? You'd have to right? You could close your eyes and pretend it's a guy thesandfly playa nudista fantastica public nudity exhibitionist was confused, and shocked that she just asked him if he wanted a BJ.

He stays quite for a second and replys " idk. I don't think I could turn it down if a BJ is offered".

Erica then looks to Kelsey and says, "Welp! Get strated Kelsey!". Kelsey looks to the wall and says " idk. I don't feel comfortable doing it." Erica, "what? You said last time I was hooking up with Kevin that you wanted to try it! Here is your chance! It'll stay between the three of us! No one will know. If you don't then I am because I already offered it to him and don't want to leave him hanging like that." Kelsey, "then you do it".

Erica, " you're so ridiculous Kelsey. Ok Brian, I'll do it." She goes to the ground on her hot babes show off their round titties and starts grabbing at Brians buckle.

Brians heart feels like it's betting out of his chest. Erica gets the buckle undone and starts pulling down his pants. Kelsey gets up to get into the computer chair to watch from behind. As she exposes Brian's dick, each inch that is revealed is more of a surprise. Erica, " wtf? Dude you're really big! Kelsey look! I thought Kevin was big but this is just really big, how many inches are you?" Brian, " idk. It gets a little bigger though, I'm only kinda hard." Erica, "holy shit!" Erica starts with one hand tugging up and down on his dick and licking his head.

As he becomes more erect she starts putting his whole head in her mouth. Erica, "Kelsey come over her and look! I can barely get past his head." Kelsey walks back over to the bed and sits a foot away from Brian and watched as Ericas head Bobs up and down on his dick while using her hand to tug.

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Erica looks over to Kelsey and stops sucking, spits on the tip of Brian's dick and starts jerking him front the very top to the base. She spits again on the tip and grabs Kelsey's hand, Kelsey pulls away slightly but allows Erica to guide her hand to Brians cock.

She then motions to tug up and down. Kelsey's hand is close but can't quite wrap around Brian's dick. Erica goes back to sucking and trying to get as deep as she can while Kelsey tugs from the top and Erica's hand tugs from the bottom.

Brian is leaned back and has had his mouth open the whole time. He is clearly loving it. Erica stops sucking and looks at Kelsey, "try it, you'll like it." Kelsey moves a little closer and looks Brian in the eye, then glances down to the cock.

She closes her eyes inches above and continues moving down until his head is in her mouth. Erica throws both hands in the air with a big grin on her face and moves back. Kelsey grab the cock with her left hand and starts to go through the actions she has seen Erica do.

After a couple minutes Kelsey says, " my jaw is getting sore." Erica also mentioned her jaw was getting sore doing it and asked Brian if he was close to cumming. Brian, "yeah I'm pretty close." Erica says that Kelsey needs to try swallowing but Kelsey is not at all interested. So Erica says she will finish Brian off. Brian stands up and Erica gets up to sit on the bed.

With Brian's cock a few inches into her mouth she swirls her tongue while Brian uses his hand to jerk off. Brian, "uhh. uhh. I'm gonna cum. uhh. UGHhhhhhhhhhhhh" Erica keeps her mouth still until Brian is done.

He pulls away and his dick falls out of her mouth. Erica swallows and says that it actually tasted kinda good while looking at Kelsey. Brian pulls up his pants and sits in the computer chair facing both the girls that were sitting on the bed. Erica asks, "so how was it?" Smiling with a big grin. Brian sounds exhausted as he replys, "that was really great." Kelsey says,"so you're bisexual then?" Brian, "i guess so" followed by laughed by the three of them.

Erica, "So. what do you think about having sex with a girl?" Brian, " I have a feeling I'm really gonna like it" Erica, "well for those with a foot fetish ultraporncamscom weekend we could study again and try that.

I have a couple condoms left from my ex but they won't fit you.lol". Kelsey ," I guess we should start studying now. lol"