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Ebony chick gets fucked by big white cock critical x
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Lilly sat at the kitchen table with her morning newspaper and steamy coffee with French vanilla creamer just gazing out the window feeling lost in this huge world. She was extremely bored with life and nothing excited her anymore. Lilly had the paper open up to the classified ads looking for a new apartment. She wanted to be in the city close to work. The commute was killing her and she was ready to spread her wings again and get out of her parents home.

She had just left a long over due relationship with a man who gave her little to no attention what so ever. She couldn't help but wonder what it was like to be really touched and caressed like how a woman should really be.

She just wanted someone to want her as much as she wanted them.

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She began to wonder if anyone would truly ever give her what she desired. It was a cool and crisp spring morning. The dew on the grass glistened in the morning light. As she glanced at the classifieds, she noticed that there was an opening for an apartment just around the corner from her job. She worked as an editor for the Glamour magazine in New York close to Times Square.

She had been there for 3 years now and enjoyed her job. That was the only thing she enjoyed in life. This last relationship was completely life destroying and she didn't want to look at another man for a long time. She decided to circle the ad and call the number first thing Monday morning to see if she could schedule a showing. She hoped that it would still be available because the location would be absolutely incredible. She continued to sip her coffee and enjoying the rest of the day.

Lilly's alarm clock went off at 6am waking her from her restless night. She had been up half the night arguing with herself about her past. She was still frustrated about staying longer than she should have in the relationship.

She had almost lost who she was with this man who brought her nothing but pain and grief for seven years. He told lies after lies and cheated so many times and she was sure there were times she didn't even know about.

She often wondered what was wrong with her. Shaking off the reoccurring thoughts, saori iwaki has hairy crack pouring cum after fuck japanese hardcore slowly climbed out of bed and headed for the shower.

In the shower, she was just finishing up when she stared at the shower head thinking, "hmmm, maybe I should have a little special time this morning." It had been six months since she had any contact with a man and she rarely thought of playing with herself. The thought of it made her feel dirty especially living at home with her parents.

Yet, this young woman had needs. She set the shower head to massage mode and held it right on her sweet spot.

Her head rolled back as she enjoyed the light pulsing feeling on her clit. She started to rub on her breasts and moan slightly.

She imagined being in the shower with a man imagining he was fingering her ever so gently. She was just about to have a orgasm when she heard a knock on the door.

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"Honey? I'm making blueberry pancakes. Would you like some?" It was her mother. She was such a Betty Crocker. She always made sure Dad ate well. " No, Mom, I'm running late but thank you." She was disappointed she didn't get to finish her endeavor. As she finished up her final touches on her makeup, she glanced in the mirror making sure her outfit was appropriate for work.

She had on a black striped dress pants, white button up shirt with first two buttons undone and a black scarf draped over her shoulders. She wore the black pumps and hair up in a clip with the round hoop silver earrings her mother gave her for Christmas. She thought that will have to do as she applied a thin layer of clear lip gloss to her lips and headed out the door.

On her way to work, she dialed the number to the apartment she saw in the paper yesterday. A warm voice answered the phone with a quiet hello. She explained she had seen the ad I'm the paper for the apartment and asked if she could see the place as well as talk over pricing.

The lady on the phone was very cheerful and was ever so happy to help Lilly. So it was set, Lilly would see her possible new home after work at 5p.m.

The anticipation was going to distract her all day. She loved her parents very much but having your own place is beyond compared especially if she contemplating on dating again. Having a prospector come up to my parents door wouldn't be good for any of us. Her parents have always been overprotective and meeting them early would have any man running for the hills. So, Lilly hoped that the apartment was exactly what she needed. She was ready for her freedom again.

The day was like most days. Papers were floating over her desk getting her approval and suggestions. It seemed like time was standing still. She had one more meeting for the day and then she was off to her possible new apartment. The clock struck and Lilly dashed out of the office and walked to the elevators trying to avoid any after work small talk.

She hurried down to the first floor and out she flew onto the sidewalk through the glass swinging doors. She was in such a hurry, she bumped into someone and nearly fell. She felt two strong hands grip her arms by her shoulders holding her steady.

He said, "Excuse me, but are you alright?" She glanced up gazing at this creature in front of her. He was tall, slender but muscle toned, dark denim blue jeans, fitted blue T-shirt, and white gym shoes. Hair was a little long but thick and his bright blue eyes were burning through Lilly's core! She felt this energy toward this man.

She could have licked his face right there on the busy side walk. She composed herself and thanked the man for his help and tried to excuse herself but found herself just starring at belting fat slutty ass my sub natasja beautiful creation. He gave her a serious eye brow twitch which had a dirty asian in ass to mouth threesome of dominating and she snapped out of her trance, spun on her foot and began walking toward the apartment building.

She felt her panties begin to moisten. How could this man make her wet by just his hand on her arms and his eyes burning into her? She tried to shake the feeling off but there was no hope for her.

She thought to herself, "I really need to get laid. Its been too long obviously." She chuckled inside and headed into the doors. The apartment was small and cozy with a huge window in the living room overlooking the city. It was a little pricey but she would save money on gas by moving closer to work. She decided she would take it and gave the landlord her deposit to hold the place. She would have to wait a week to move in but Lilly was extremely petite blonde oils her body at camspicycom. As closed the apartment door, she saw a recognizable feature strolling down the hall.

It was HIM! The very man that caught her outside earlier on the sidewalk outside her work. That burning feeling inside her stomach instantly resided in her.

She moved a strain of hair behind her ear and began to freeze inside. Why was it about this man? How could he have this effect on her with just simply being in her presence? As he moved closer to her, she couldnt help but imagine him touching her again and if he would, she would attack him like a hyena attacking a price of meat. "Well hello there!", said this mysterious man.

" Good to see you standing on your own. Are you ok? I never got a chance to ask." "Oh, yes, I'm fine", Lilly blushed as the words rolled from her tongue. He kept coming closer invading her personal space.

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He became so close, Lilly found herself pushing herself against the door. He now was hovering over her and his blue eyes were just penetrating right through her. She gasped as he had this I'm going to eat you alive look in his eyes.

She tried to speak but nothing would come out and then he spoke again. "I might be being too forward but your lips look delicious. May I .?" He leaned forward and put his hand on the door edging even closer to her. Lilly was frozen like a statue. He smiled and moved even closer to where now their noses touched. Lilly wondered if the feeling of being pulled toward him was how he was feeling as well.

His breath smelled of fresh mint. She couldn't help herself. She closed her eyes and hoped this man would take he in the hallway. She hasn't been touched in so long, she needed a man's touch. He helped himself from her invite and leaned in and began soft kisses on her lips. She leaned forward and opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue in her mouth.

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He gently massaged her tongue with his and pushed forcibly with his plump wet lips onto her dainty lips. She let out a little moan as he started to devour her mouth. His hand raised up and grabbed her lower back and pulled her closer. Instantly, Lilly felt her panties moisten and she thought she might cum from his first touch. She was consumed by this man and never once thought it was strange she didn't even know his name. As he continued to assault her mouth with his, he began running his fingers up and down her back just grazing her ass cheeks.

She began to raise her hand up to his face and tangled her fingers into the back of his hair. He suddenly bit her bottom lip and she squealed. Mystery man suddenly broke up the lip locking, glared into her eyes again panting like a hungry lion and began to move forward when the door to the apartment opened and there stood the landlord.

"Greg!", chimed the sweet voice of this elderly woman as she tried to squeeze past Lilly and the doorway. "Already getting acquainted with your new neighbor are you?" The blood rushed into Lilly's face. She felt flushed and red all over. "Why yes, Ms. Lancaster, I am." "Oh good, Lilly is taking apartment C3 so you will be seeing her more often." Lilly wanted to bolt to the elevator doors out of embarrassment of what had just transpired. "Lilly ehh." Her name rolled off of his tongue like butter.

"Nice to meet you", and offered his hand this time as a greeting instead of his amazing lips. She extended her hand and blushed even more. "Well I will look forward to seeing more of you then." He turned on his heal and disappeared into the wet and ready for drilling hardcore blowjob two doors down from her new home. Lilly stood there sexually frustrated and embarrassed at the same time.

She wished she could have followed her new neighbor into his apartment and continue their random rendezvous. Ms. Lancaster just smiled and headed to the elevators and was gone behind the steel doors quietly leaving Lilly standing there in disbelief of what had just happened. She wondered what to make of what just happened. Was she dreaming and thought if so, she didn't want to wake up. There was something extraordinary about this stranger and hoped she would meet Greg again soon.

She quickly scurried to the elevator doors and pushed the button for floor one and headed back towards her work parking deck.

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Lilly drove home in a daze. Did this encounter just happen? Did she just share a passionate kiss with a complete stranger? She shook her head, adjusted herself in her seat since her panties were stuck to her from being wet earlier and reached forward to turn on the radio. She blared the speakers to rock and tried to focus on what all she needed to do in the next couple of days for the big move back into the city. A small devilish smile crossed her face as she couldn't keep that kiss off of her mind and she convinced herself, she will make sure she has a second kiss soon.