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Ebony amateur african blowjob white cock interracial sucking and ethnic
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The Motel By Docker5000 Introductory Let me first start off by giving you a little background information about me and my mother. My father who was a good man died suddenly when I was 15 years old.

My mother was devastated by my father's death. It turned out that his business was in serious financial trouble and we think that caused the extra worry which eventually caused his heart attack and killed him.

We had to sell everything and start over just me and my mother. This is where this story really begins. Teacher and stident xxxx blue film com 1 The wind was really blowing and the rain was pouring down on the umbrella which I was holding.

My mother was under the umbrella with me. She had stopped crying for the moment and we were both just staring at the grave which we had just buried my father in.

All the other people who had come to his funeral were now all gone. And it was just me and my mother stood under hower umbrella with the wind howling around us and the rain pounding down on us both. It was now starting to get dark and the rain and wind seemed to be getting harder and faster. Eventually I said to my mother.

"I think it's time that we left." I now wrapped my arm around her waist and still holding the umbrella to protect us both from the elements I started to guard her back to where hower small car was parked. Once we neared the car I tried my best to get a little smile from her.

So I offered to drive us home. My mother now stopped and started to look at me intently. A small little smile did tiffany watson gets her pussy oiled up and rammed by a bbc the briefest moment crossed her lips. Before she just told me! "That would be nice, but maybe in a few more years." We both now got into our small car, and we started to make hower way back to the run down motel we were now living at.

When my father died his finances was so bad that the bank repossessed our lovely house. My mother was totally unaware that my father had taken a second mortgage out on the house to try and keep his small business afloat. Now we had lost my father our business and even our family car which was a nice new Mercedes. But the car turned out to be a lease car so that had to go back.

My mother had managed to get enough money together to buy a small little runabout for herself. The only thing my father did correctly was to have a small Life Insurance policy which paid for his funeral and left us a very small amount of money. Just much to keep us both going for a few months, if we were both very carefully with money.

So with no were to stay we were staying here until my mother could find us both a cheap flat to live in. My mother now pulled our car up outside the cabin we were staying in. It was at the end of a long row of old wooden run down cabins.

The motel was once very popular years ago with holiday makers. But now it was mainly used by dead beats and of cause the local prostitutes. The man who ran it really did not want us here. But my mother had told him of our situation and that we really needed some were cheap so we could save some money towards getting a little flat. She told him that we would both keep to ourselves and not interfere with his business.

Very reluctantly he allowed us to stay on the condition that blondie anal fucked by big black dicks in the bedroom interracial and pornstars did not interfere with anyone and kept out of his way. We now where trying to adjust to our new lifestyle.

We had no choice but to stay at the motel until my mother could find us a small flat. However flats were very expensive and in short supply were we were now living, my mother used the left over money from my father's Life Insurance to pay for the day to day expenses.

The only luxury that she did use the money to buy was a completely new set of bed sheets and covers. She refuse to sleep on dirty sheets, she also purchased a mattress protector to cover the old mattress as it was well stained. The main drawback to staying in the cabin was that there was only one large king-size's bed so that we had to share it. After my father's funeral my mother made herself busy by completely cleaning the cabin. The bathroom was now shining and completely clean.

She also did her best to clean the living room; she had purchased a couple of new rugs which she now put down so that the old carpet didn't seem so bad. She also opened every window to air the place out, even know it lana violet gets a big hard pecker winter and very cold.

We went out for the day letting the cabin breath. When we came back that night I must admit the cabin did smell and look a lot better.

She had worked very hard making the cabin more like a home. As we were no longer living in our big expensive house; I was no longer going to school and the local schools did not have any vacancies at the moment, so I was being home schooled by my mother.

It was the start of the third week at our temporary home and I could tell my mother was getting really down about not being able to find us a flat. She had found a few flats, but they were way out of our price range at the moment. And it was already costing us £250 a week to stay at the motel which doesn't sound a lot, but it was already eating into our meagre savings. Then on the last day of the third week of our stay at the motel they came a knock on the door it was just after 9am in the morning.

My mother opened the door and stood outside with his usual big happy grin on his face was Mr Fraser the motel manager.

As he had been very kind to us my mother asked him in. Mr. Fraser now just stud inside the cabin and looked around. He then said to my mother. "I cannot believe what a difference you have made to this place; it was one of my best cabins. But you really have done a great job cheering the old place up." My mother thanked him for his kindness then asked him. "What she could do for him." Now he went rather shy and when he did speak it was in a low voice and my mother had to asked him if he could make himself heard a bit better.

He now looked her directly in the eye and said to her. "I really don't want to offend you, but you have kept your word and I am in rather a sticky situation. The lady that does my cleaning and she is very discreet, has just now told me that she will not becoming anymore to clean for me.

And I am looking for someone who is very discreet to clean and to tidy up the cabins in the mornings and I know it's not the kind of work you offer to a lady liked yourself. But it is really good money and you did say you were very short of money and if you could help me out I will also half your weekly rent." Tony now looked at his mother, he expected her to politely turn down Jerry's job offer.

Carol looked at Mr. Fraser for a few seconds she then said to him. "Yes, but on the condition that we get rid of all the old bed sheets and covers and clean each cabin properly." Carol now walked out of her cabin and told Mr.

Fraser. "To follow her." Mr Fraser just grinned at me than he went after my mother. I just grinned to myself my mother could be very bossy when she wanted to be. I now put down my school books and took the opportunity to watched some television.

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I could hear my mother and Mr. Fraser's voice as she checked every cabin with him. There were 13 cabins in total. Our cabin was number 13. Just over an hour later my mother came back into our cabin, she turned the TV off and just looked at me.

My mother now said to me. "If you have time to watch television instead of doing your school work. You can help me do some cleaning." With that she quickly went through some of my clothes until she found some of my older clothes. She now told me to put them on and come to her in cabin number one which was right next to the main office and reception. Me and my mother with Mr Fraser now helping us now cleaned every cabin.

We completely stripped off all the bed sheets and covers. Mr. Fraser even closed the motel down for 3 days, which caused a lot of working ladies to get very upset with him.

However when he did reopen all the girls could see how better the rooms were. Some of the girls now started to book their rooms by the week. So that they always got the same room. Each of the Cabins now had a mattress protector to protect the mattress and completely new bed sheets and covers, with spare bed sheets kept in the main office.

One of the main differences which my mother helped put into place was a total drug free ban. Any girl's who were court using any drugs would be banned for life from using the motel. This resulted in several of the cheaper prostitutes going elsewhere. But now we started to attract a better class of prostitute and escort. After three months of hard work my mother had saved enough night cheeting sex with mom to put a deposit down on a small two bedroom flat not too far away from the motel.

My mother was now nearly running the motel for Mr Fraser with a nice pay rise too and we were no longer paying any rent. Once we moved into our new flat I found a place at a school not too far away. Luckily my mother still made me do my school work every day in-between helping her clean out the motel cabins and doing daily maintenance.

I huge tits latina anal fucked in backyard out to be very good with my hands. And after a few months I could nearly fix most things around the motel. Things were now running very smoothly now and I did an hour of work before school and a few hours after school too.

However seeing beautiful half naked women was starting to really affect me now and I often had to quickly disappear to Jack one off. A few girls at my new school had shown some interest in me. But I was not attracted to them, all I could think about where the girls who worked at the motel. Most of them were in their late 30's and very hot.

One evening just before my 16th birthday. I was sat in the office minding reception because my mother and Mr Fraser had gone out for the evening. They had started to date each other.

She would tell me that they were having business meetings. But I knew that something was going on. I didn't consider him to be my mother's type. He was older and very fat.

But she told me he was very kind and loving towards her. We only had two cabins empty this night all the rest were in use or had been reserved by our regular girls. Just before 10pm a car pulled up outside of the office. Two women now walked into the office. I smiled at them both; then I asked them. "If they wanted a cabin for the night? The older woman now smiled at me and said.

"That would be nice honey." I was a little embarrassed by the way she answered me and the way both of them were now looking at me. I still wasn't sure if they were a couple of working girls or not? I was a little relieved when they finally went to their cabin.

They were in number 1 right next to the main office. 15 minutes later the younger woman came walking back into the office she was only wearing a very short dressing gown which did not leave a lot to the imagination. She very sweetly told me that her shower was not working.

I grab some tools and went back with her into her cabin. That cabin was notorious for the shower playing up. The girl I was following now sat down on the bed, I never saw the other woman. I now walked into the bathroom and there in the shower was the other woman. But she was now naked and stud under the shower trying to make it work. She now turned to face me and smiled at me. I was now getting a full frontal view of her. She had nice big firm tits and a nicely trimmed pussy.

I could feel my cock starting to get very hard in my trousers as I just stood looking at her. I had seen a lot of tits around the motel. But I had never been this close to an actual woman's pussy before.

I now became aware that she had been talking to me for a few minutes. But I never heard a single word she said.

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I was too busy just staring at her beautiful body. I now made a coughing sound and walked towards the shower. She just smiled top-heavy babes kyra hot dolly fox lick their pinks squeeze their tits she walked past me back into the other room. It took me just under 5 minutes to get the shower running.

I now let it run for a couple more minutes just to make sure it was working ok. I now gathered up my tools and walked back into the other room.

Once in the other room I just stopped dead in my tracks. Both women were now both completely naked and they were both rolling about on the bed kissing and touching each other.

I'd tried to make it to the door without them seeing me. But just as my hand closed around the door handle the younger one saw me and asked me in her sweet little voice. "Was the shower now fixed?" I just nodded to her. The younger woman now jumped up off the bed and headed back to the shower, just as she passed me she turned and said to the other woman. "Come on mom the boys and dad will be here soon." The older woman now walked back towards the shower she just gave me a wink as she disappeared into the bathroom.

I smiled at her then I carried on back to the office. About 40 minutes later a second car with an older man and two lads pulled up outside of the office. After I told them which cabin the women were in they just winked at me and then they too went to join the rest of their family.

As the cabin the men and women were now in was next to the office I could hear the sounds of fucking coming from inside. It sounded like they were having a good old family gangbang. I was very jealous here I am working around so much tits and pussy yet I've not got any for myself. 20 minutes later the man we had hired to do the late nights now booked on.

He was a friend of jerry's I really didn't like him that much. But he was good at the job. I was now really pissed off and determined to go lose my virginity I would have liked to go with one of the girls from the motel but nearly all of them were already entertaining and I did not want to wait.

I had £50 in my wallet so I decided to take a walk to the other side of town where some of the girls who used to come to the motel were now working.

I was determined I was going to fuck something tonight. Carol was just driving back from the motel she had just dropped Jerry off after they had shared an intimate dinner together. She had also given him a hand job in the car. Carol did like Jerry a little bit. But the thought of screwing him filled her with horror. However Carol was feeling just as frustrated as her son was.

Working around so much beautiful russian girls fuck storys and she too was not really getting any. Jerry gave her pussy the occasional good licking out. But she really needed to be fucked and fucked hard. She wanted to feel like one of the whores from the motel. Carol was now heading back towards her flat; she now came upon an accident. The police had closed the road.

This made her even more frustrated as her flat was less than 1 mile away. So now she had to go 3 miles out of her way to get home. Carol was now passing the other end of town were the street prostitutes and drug users hang out. A car suddenly pulled out from a blind junction and Carol was forced to slam on her breaks.

As she glared at the car as it sped off she saw her son just walking down one of the side streets were the prostitutes were known to hang out. Carol instantly got worried; she didn't want him associating with that kind of woman. At least all the women who worked from the motel where clean. She insisted that they get regular medical checkups.

But all the girls down here were drug-users. Carol was scared that he would get Aids off them. She now turned her car around and followed him down the street. Tony was now talking to a rather heavily made up woman. She looked to be in her forties and she had a big pair of tits that were nearly falling out of her small dress.

Carol now pulled her car up alongside her son. She then blew her horn. Both Tony and the woman turned to look at her. Carol now let down her passenger window and she now told tony. "To get into the car. Tony only hesitated a few moments he had lost his nerve now and he could see how angry his mother looked. He apologised to the woman for wasting her time and he also gave her £10 for her time.

She tried to persuade him to stay by telling him. "That she would fuck and suck him off so good." However Tony just got into his mother's car. All the way home both of them did not say a single word to each other. Once at home Tony went into his small bedroom without looking or talking to his mother. Carol just glared at him as he slammed his bedroom door closed behind him.

Carol needed to calm down and relax, so she went and had a nice hot shower. After her shower she was feeling a lot more relaxed. She now went into her own room to start to get ready for bed. She put on a black silk nightie which was short and low cut. Carol did not really know why she had put this on; she just wanted to feel a little sexy and maybe wanted.

Every time she wore this little nightie it made her feel wanted. Carol did not really liked going to bed without making an amends with her son and maybe she had shown him up a little bit. So she decided to go and apologise for her behaviour. Carol now went into the small kitchen and made two mugs of hot Coco one for herself and the other one for her son. Carol was now stood outside his closed bedroom door with two hot mugs of Cocoa in one of her hands. She now used her other hand to knock on his door gently.

Carol knocked several times but each time there were no answer. Carol now took a deep breath and opened the door and walked inside. When Tony saw her come into his room he turned over and pretended to be asleep. Carol now put his Coco down on his bedside cabinet. She now took a few small sips of her own drink. She was now just looking at him. The only light in the bedroom was coming from his bedroom window were soft moonlight now illuminated his sleeping body.

Tony only slept in his shorts and his sheet had slipped down so his strong back was on show to her. Carol just looked at his back she could see his strong muscles which every now and again twitched as he pretended to be asleep. Carol was now getting rather annoyed with him for not looking at her. Natural chick gapes tight twat and loses virginity he had been looking at her, he would have seen that for some reason her nipples were now rock hard and trying to poke through the thin material of her nightie.

Carol was also unaware of her nipples being hard, but she was aware that something strange was happening between her and her son. Carol now put her cup down and she now climbed up onto the bed she was going to wake him up. She was now unaware that she was pressing her big breasts into his back. Tony could feel his mother's body close to his and he could also smell the soap she had used when she took her shower.

Tony to was starting to feel very odd. Carol now started to talk softly to her son she was also unaware that her hands were now roaming all over his back. She was giving him a massage but unaware of what she was doing. Tony tried his best not to moan out in pleasure.

But her hands felt really good on his skin. When he did let out a soft moan of pleasure Carol now realised what she was doing to him. However, She did not stop she just smiled to herself and sat on his bum. She now put her hands on his shoulders and she now more forcefully started to massage his shoulders and lower back.

Tony now started to moan even louder as she gave him his first ever massage. And all the time she was massaging his back and shoulders she was trying to apologise for upsetting him. She tried to explain that she didn't want him going with a street whore and risking catching some awful disease. Tony now said through his soft little whimpers that he too was sorry for upsetting her.

He just wanted to feel loved by a woman. A single tear now ran down her face as she continued to massage her son's back. She had totally neglected his feelings.

He had lost his school girls only xxx storys and been thrown into a strange lifestyle which must be really messing with his young hormones. He was daily around women who willingly sold sex for money. More tears now ran down her face when he asked her. "If he would find a woman to love him or should he just pay for love like the men who came to see the women newly met chicks ends up in a super hot lesbo sextape pornstars and fingering the motel?" Carol now wished she could find him a woman who would really love and care for teens lesbian domination by college hazers as their pledge. She knew that a few of the women at the motel would willingly fuck him.

They had told her a few times how cute he was. And one of them had told her when he turned 16 very soon she wanted to give him a very special present.

Carol still ran her hands lovingly over his shoulders and lower back. Her mind was now racing how could she really make him feel happy and most importantly how could she show him what love really was. For the first time in her life she wished she was not his mother then it would not be a problem.

She could show him what love was herself. But that was out of the question and she knew it or was it. She quickly dismissed this idea as mad. Tony now broke her chain of thought by asking her. "What was a body massage? He had heard one of the women saying to one of her customers that amateur couple get caught on webcam at night gave a very good body massage." Chapter 2 1001 things were now running through carols mind after her son had asked her what a body massage was.

She then said to him in a very soft voice. "Would he really like to find out?" Tony was now silent for only a mature cougar milf rides big black cock hard of seconds then he said to her.

"Yes, but would that mean that they would have to go back to the motel and see if one of the girls would be willing to show him?" Carol now rubbed harder on his back. Tony now let out a small cry of pain and pleasure mixed together.

Carol then said to him. "Not necessarily if you want I know how to give a body massage. But it's up to you. We could drive back or you could let me show you?" Tony was really curious to know what a body massage was. But did he really want his mother to give him one. He then thought to himself if it was anything like the massage she was giving him at the moment.

He would definitely liked to try it. Tony now said to his mother in a very low voice because he was getting a little embarrassed by asking her. "That he would really liked to have one, but only if it was okay with her." Carol just smiled to herself in some ways he still reminded her of a small little boy.

Carol told him. "That it would be ok with her, however his room was too small." She told him. "That she would call him once she had things set up in her room which would be a lot better as her bed was bigger than his single bed." As Carol went to leave is room she stopped and looked back at him. She then told him. "To strip off and just wrap a towel around his waist." Tony now went bright red and he just nodded his head to her in answer.

Once back in her own room she closed her bedroom door.

She now rested her back against the door her heart was beating very fast. Was she really going to go through with it she thought to herself? Maybe if she kept her nightie on it would be ok. However, she then realized that was not really a body massage and she would be cheating her son.

If she was not going to do it right, then she should take him back to the motel and get one of the nicer girls to give him one. But for some reason deep in her mind she really wanted to be the one to give him a body massage. She felt like it was her motherly duty to make him feel better and happier within himself.

Carol now walked to her set of draws; she now opened the bottom draw and took out a small box. She now opened the box. The box contained some scented candles and some-body oil. One of the girls at the motel had given her it as a gift. She had a rather embarrassing problem with a client in her room and Carol had helped her sort it out without causing the client any embarrassment.

Carol now lit the scented candles and she now placed them around her room so that they started to give off a pleasant smell. She now took off her nightie and looked at herself in her full-length bedroom mirror.

Carol had always considered her breasts to be a little too big. However, her late husband always loved to suck and play with them. And she had noticed that her son too liked to look at them when she was not looking.

So she decided that they must be appealing to men and just the right size. Carol now lowered her eyes down to her pussy. Her pussy could do with a little tidying up. Jerry had commented on this to her that sometimes he got her hairs in his mouth when he was licking her out. Carol now wrapped a very small dressing gown around herself and disappeared into the bathroom.

When she came back out 15 minutes later her pussy was completely bald. Carol now knocked on her son's bedroom door. She now called through his door. "For him to count down from 30 and then come to her room." Carol was getting very nervous as she sat on her bed and counted down in her head while she waited for her son to appear. There was a soft knocking on her bedroom door, then the door opened and her son came in with a small towel wrapped around his waist.

Carol couldn't help giving him an admiring look. He had a very good body with his strong shoulders and arms and his legs were like tree trunks. All the hard work he had been doing at the motel over the last few months was paying off on his body. She could now understand why some of the older working girls wanted to get their hands on her young son's body. Carol now walked up to her son she had something in her closed hand. In the box along with the candles and oil was a face mask that just covered the eyes.

She now put the mask on over his eyes. Tony was just about to say something to please don let me do that molly rae when she put a single finger to his lips to hush him. Carol now watched as his tongue nervously licked his lips. Carol wanted so badly to press her own red ruby lips to his, but she just managed to control herself from kissing his sweet lips.

Carol now led her son over to her big bed. She now told him. "To just lay down on his front and try to relax with his arms and legs spread." Tony was so nervous he was also very excited about getting this special massage especially off his own mother.

Carol now undid the belt to her dressing gown and just let it fall onto the floor. She now wondered what her son's reaction would be if he could see that she was now totally naked. She was very happy that there was a face mask it made her feel a little bit better about what she was going to do and it also made the entire thing a little more erotic. She thought to herself. Carol now grabbed the bottle of oil out of the box and climbed up onto the bed. She now positioned herself on his bum.

The sensation of the towel rubbing against her pussy lips put a smile on her face. Carol now poured some oil into her hands and started to get her hands nice and slippery. She now poured some oil onto his back and used her hands to rub it into his skin. Tony moaned in pleasure as she massaged the oil into his skin. The oil was at room temperature so it felt really good on his skin. Carol now started to pour some of the slippery oil over her own breasts.

And once she had got herself nice and oiled up she quickly pulled away his towel which made him cry out in surprise. She just giggled to herself and gave his bum a playful slack with one of her hands.

Tony now playfully called back to her. "That's not fair." Carol playfully slapped his ass once more and said to him. "Stop complaining or I will stop." However, she did say it in a very playful voice. Tony just moaned softly to himself and then he went silent. Carol was now nicely oiled up so she now started to use her body to massage his back and bum.

At first Tony wondered what this fantastic feeling was that was now shooting through is mind and body! Carol was now using her big breasts to massage his shoulders and lower back and of course she was rubbing her big oily breasts in-between and all over his cute tight firm ass. She kept doing this to his back and bum for several more minutes adding more oil when it was needed so that she easily slipped over him.

Carol now found that she was also getting hell of a lot of pleasure herself from rubbing herself all over her son's young hot body. It was now time to turn him over Carol was xx vedios of suuny leone getting very wet in her pussy with the thought of her seeing her sons cock for the very first time.

Carol rubbed her breasts slowly up his body from his legs to his bottom and up to his shoulders. She was now laid on top of him. She was pressing her oily body very hard onto his. Tony's breathing was now coming hard and fast and he could feel his cock trying to make a hole in the mattress. Carol now playfully licked his ear and then she whispered sweet petite dakoda brookes and nicole ray it.

"That it was now time for him to turn over so that they could continue with their little massage." At first Tony was absolutely terrified of turning over, because he knew that he had a big raging hard on and he didn't want his mother to see it. Carol now got in patient with him so to get him to roll over she dug one of her long nails into his left ass cheek.

Tony quickly got the message and he now turned over. He now tried to cover his cock with his hands. However Carol was not going to let him do that. Carol quickly darted off the bed and before Tony could react she was back. Carol had quickly grabbed a scarf from her draws. She now securely tied his hands to her metal head-board. He was now totally at her mercy. Tony now demanded to know what the hell she was playing at. However, Carol was now beyond playing she was completely out of control with both lust and frustration and this was no longer her son but a hot young stud which she was going to use for her own pleasure now.

Carol was now rubbing her clit all over his big hard cock the sensation going through her body was unbelievable. However, she wanted her son to also want her. Carol now ripped his mask from his face so that he could see her. The first thing he saw when she ripped the mask from his face was her big oily tits dangling just above his head.

She just smiled at him as she continued to rub her clit up and down his rock hard young cock. Tony started to open his mouth to asked her what was going on. But she quickly pounced on him and forced her lips down onto his and forced her tongue into his mouth. Carol continued to kiss her son her tongue was trying to find his tongue. Tony now started to try and use his own tongue to play with hers but he was very inexperience when it came to kissing.

However, Carol did not care about how clumsily he was. She was just happy that he was kissing her back. Carol now raised up her bottom and without even touching his rock hard cock she impaled herself onto it.

She now took every inch of his precious young cock deep into her womanly pussy. He was hell of a lot bigger than Jerry or her late husband. Carol now just enjoyed the feel of his big hard cock deep in her pussy. Once she was accustomed to him being inside of her pussy she just looked at him and gave him a really big smile.

Tony was just looking at her with a look of pure wonder on his young face. Tony's hands were still fastened to her head-board.

Carol now just winked at her son; very slowly she started too raised up off his cock only to slam herself back down onto it. Mother and son were now moaning with mutual pleasure as Carol rode her son's cock. She was riding him very hard and fast now. Carol was now completely out of control as she rode her sons wonderful hard cock. Carol had her head thrown back and she was also playing with both her own breasts as she continued to bounce up and down on her son's cock. Carol now looked at her son and smiled to herself.

Tony had his eyes closed and he was moaning softly to himself he was also thrusting his own hips up to meet her down would thrust of her pussy so that he could get deeper penetration into her pussy which she loved.

Tony could feel himself about to blow, but he did not want to stop thrusting into his mother's wonderfully wet tight pussy. Carol to as she rode her sons cock hard and fast knew that it wouldn't be long before she too had a wonderful orgasm.

And just like magic mother and son both climaxed at the same instant. Carol now just collapsed down onto her son her breathing was coming hard and fast and both their bodies were covered in sweat.

Tony was still hard and he was still buried deep inside his mother's pussy and every now and then Carol would whimper as his cock twitched inside her pussy giving her another wonderful small orgasm. After a few minutes rest, Carol looked up at her son. He now had a really silly expression on his young face. Carol didn't feel any regret or shame about what they had just done, all she felt was love for her son.

She now crawled up his body kissing him as she went. Carol now pressed her rosy red lips onto his lips and they both shared a long passion filled kiss. After they broke off their kiss Carol just gently stroked his face with teen blonde serving fat pecker for breakfast ex girlfriend girlfriend hand a single tear now fell from her face.

Tony seeing that his mother was upset or so he thought was just about to say something to her. Carol just smiled at him lovingly she also put one of her slender fingers to his lips to hush him.

Tony now fell silent and he just looked at her, his young brain was trying to figure out what he had done to upset her. Tony was just too young to know that she was crying because she was happy and in love with him.

Carol now without saying a single word started to untie him, once he was untied she took him by his hand and led him to the bathroom. Still not saying a single word to each other, she started to run the shower. Once the shower was hot she stepped into it. She now held out her arms for him and smiled at him so lovingly that Tonys heart nearly melted. Tony now felt his own tears running down his cheeks and he now knew why she had been crying.

He smiled at her and just stepped into the shower with her. Once he was in the shower they just wrapped their arms around each other and once again just started to kiss each other passionately under the warm waters of the shower. After they had finished kissing each other they took great pleasure in soaking up each other's bodies.

Tony took particular pleasure in soaping up his mother's big boobs. As it was now getting late they both decided to have an early night as they left the bathroom Tony started to go towards his own bedroom and Carol went to her bedroom.

However, she just stopped in her doorway and said to him. "My bed holds two are you coming." Tony just grinned like a school-boy, but he now followed her into her room. After that night Tony never went back to his own room. A month later they both moved into a very nice one bedroom flat with a super-king sized bed.

Tony and Carol now live as man and wife. They both still work at the motel. Tony after leaving school now works full time at the motel with his mother. The working girls are now all gone as the Police had a crack-down forcing them to move away from the area. Jerry died while Carol was sucking him kinky milf stretching pussy giving birth to ice at the end one night.

Tony understands that she still had to keep him happy. Jerry left the motel to her and Tony. After running it for two happy years Carol got an offer for it that was too good to turn down. So they both sold it and moved away. The End