Amateur amazing sexy girls talking and touching in the car

Amateur amazing sexy girls talking and touching in the car
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Converting the Family Chapter One: Mind-Controlled Cum-Sluts By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: An anonymous fan commissioned this story and allowed it to be shared.

I merely penned this individual's outline. Billy Purvis I gripped the modified remote in my hand. Weeks of being closeted in my hot, luscious honey is flaunting her spread wet kitty in close up stretching and trimmed bedroom had finally paid off.

I was ready to use it. I'd resisted busting out my device all day, struggling through college, suffering. I wanted to british big tits milf and daddy fuck innocent teen it so badly, my dick hard, begging for satisfaction.

The remote would change everything. I had applied the cutting edge of technology, modifying the remote not to broadcast an infrared signal, but an ultrasonic pattern that could affect brainwaves. If I pointed it at a person and pressed the pause button, they would be paralyzed.

The play button would unfreeze them. I could hit the power button and knock them out. But that wasn't the real thing my device could do. If I hit the record button, anything I said while holding the remote would rewrite their brain. It would mind-control them, making them do k tinyk pretty teen rachel james spreads her tiny pussy I wanted. Finally, I would get what I craved.

"The little troll's been locked in his room for weeks," the words club x adelaide glory hole fun with strangers my older sister, Cali, echoed through the library as I entered it.

"It's been wonderful. I haven't had to worry about the nasty freak perving on me or stealing my panties to jerk off in them." "It's so disgusting the way he leers at you," Vanessa, Cali's best friend and the hottest girl in school, said. Like Cali, she was a senior, a sexy girl. "Bad enough I've had him drooling over me, but you're his sister!

That's just filthy." "Is the little shit harassing you again?" Chet, Vanessa's boyfriend, asked. "I can talk to him again." An anger shot through me. The last time he "talked" to me, I was scared he would knock my teeth out. He didn't understand that Vanessa should love me. That she was mine. So was Cali. They all should be mine.

"Fucking prick," I growled, trembling. "Language, young man," gasped Mrs. Crabtree, the gray-haired librarian. I pointed the remote at her as she sat at her desk in our college's library.

I hit the pause button. She froze. "We can talk to him together," Brad, Vanessa's twin brother and Cali's boyfriend, said. "Make him understand he just can't perv on girls that despise him. Especially his sister." "And not especially your twin sister, Brad?" asked Vanessa. I stalked forward, my cock hard.

My breath wheezed with my excitement. All those weeks of trial and error, and my masterpiece was complete. I moved into the library, walking around a shelf of books and spotted the foursome sitting around the table. I almost groaned at the sight of the two girls sitting on opposite sides of the table, Vanessa a blonde goddess, slender and graceful. She didn't have the biggest tits, but that didn't matter. Her face was smooth, and her blue eyes always had this sparkling gleam in them.

I was frozen by her beauty, in awe of her. My hand squeezed my hard cock through my jeans. And my older sister, Cali, was just as hot. She had black hair, like me, only hers fell sleek and silkily down her back. She had a delicate nose and plump lips, her breasts bigger than Vanessa's, round delights swelling her sleeveless top. She held Brad's hand while Chet. Chet had his arm over Vanessa's shoulder. I glared at him, a nasty surge of anger rippling through me for the square-jawed star quarterback of our college.

Chet had everything I lacked. He was tall and handsome, his shoulders broad. He had this cocky grin that made all the girls fawn over him, and he landed the sexiest girl in school.

My Vanessa. "Oh, god, the troll's here," groaned Cali, glancing at me, disgust rippling across her face. "I thought the freak was locked up in his room the moment his classes were done," Brad said, a masculine version of Vanessa.

Blond, like her, but his hair short. His face was bluff, broad, handsome where hers was gorgeous. "Eww, he's groping his crotch," Vanessa said, shuddering like I was so filthy. My cheeks burned. Why did she have to despise me? I would show her. I would make her understand. "God, Billy, you're such a pathetic fucking boy," Cali hissed. "Get lost! We're studying here!" "Hey, freak," growled Chet, standing up. "Get the fuck out of here, stop groping yourself, or else." "Or else?" I taunted as Chet stalked towards me.

I didn't have to be afraid any longer. He stood tall, clenching his fists. His knuckles popped. I pointed the remote at him and hit pause. He froze. He stood there looking like an idiot. Little spasms rippled through him, but his muscles were locked in place.

I could see the cockiness melting out of his eyes. "Chet?" Vanessa said, frowning. "What are you doing?" I hit the record button, saying, "Chet, why are you mad?

You don't like Vanessa. She's too young for you. You only like grandmothers. If a woman doesn't have saggy tits, dentures, and gray hair, you don't get hard at all. That's how pathetic you are. You're a granny chaser. A GILF lover. You don't give a shit about me at all.

You don't ever want to hurt me. Why would you? You don't give a fuck about Vanessa." I hit play. Chet lurched into motion. Then he blinked, shaking his head. Bafflement crossed over his expression. Then his eyes slid over to the librarian. Her face wrinkled, her hair gray. She was frozen for his appreciation. A smile crossed his lips as he gazed at her, nodding his head as he sauntered to her.

I pointed the remote at the librarian, saying, "You got the hots for Chet. Take him home with you. He's your new boy toy." "Chet!" Vanessa gasped, standing up as her boyfriend strutted to the librarian's desk. I hit play on the old lady, and she smiled at Chet, preening her gray hair. I swept the remote over the other three at the table, holding record, hitting all three. "Isn't it disgusting that Chet's hitting on that old bat?" I asked, the ultrasonic waves rewriting their minds.

"You think it is. Just filthy that he wants to fuck an old lady. Let him know how pathetic he is. Especially you, Vanessa. He's dumping you for an old lady." All three glared at Chet, giving him that same looks of disgust that they gave me. Vanessa rose, putting her hands on her hips. "Chet!" she snapped as he reached the desk, leaning over, stroking the librarian's wrinkled cheek, talking to her. "That's disgusting!

How can you just flirt with that old lady while I'm here?" The librarian laughed, her punish fingers taking Chet's hand.

Whatever she said made Chet grin. "Dude," Brad said. "What the fuck, man? She's ancient! She's older than my grandmother and." His words trailed off as the librarian came around the desk, taking Chet's arm. "I can't believe he's dumping you for an old lady," I said. "I know!" Vanessa said. "You asshole, Chet! I hope she's so dry it hurts!" Then Vanessa glared at me.

"And you! Stop leering at me, you fucking troll!" "Yeah!" Brad said, his gaze snapping to me. I pointed the remote at him. "Brad, just sit back and relax. You're going to enjoy this. You love being cuckolded. You love seeing Cali have sex with me. It makes you so hard knowing my sister is such a hot slut that she would rather fuck me than you." "What the fuck are you talking about?" Cali snarled, bouncing to her feet, her breasts heaving beneath her tight tops.

"You think I would ever touch you, you fucking troll! You are disgusting! I am telling Mom that you're a fucking perv!" I pointed the remote at her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cali Purvis Such anger burned through me as I stared at my little brother.

He was so ugly, his face greasy and pimply. He was scrawny, his face squat like a toad, his arms hairy. He was short and fat. A fucking tub of lard. I don't know how we came from the same womb. How could Mom give birth to something as filthy, as perverted, as twisted as him? He was a troll, a nasty troglodyte lurking in his dark room, and now he was here, perving on me. Telling my boyfriend that he was going to fuck me! "If you think I would ever touch you," I hissed at him.

"You are so deluded, Billy! Even if you weren't my brother, I would never touch you. You're a fucking homunculus. You're the ugliest guy at school." "Damn, you are one hot slut," my disgusting brother said, squeezing his cock through his jeans, shuddering at me.

"Hot slut!" I hissed and marched towards Billy. Anger swelled inside of me as he pointed his dumb remote at me. "I'm going to claw out your eyes." The red light flickered at the end of the remote. Did he think it was a weapon? "You think I'm the sexiest guy in school. A stud. I'm so hot it makes you so wet for me," Billy said. "You don't care that I'm your brother.

You think that's hot. You think incest is best. You want to fuck me so badly. You want to do anything I want. You're a nymph for me, Cali. A fucking slut. You want me more than you ever have wanted Brad. You hate Brad. He's a pathetic cuckold that wants you to fuck me. He gets off on it. Don't you, Brad?" "Oh, damn, it would be so hot," groaned Brad, "if you let your brother fuck you, Cali." Such loathing shot through me.

I threw a look over my shoulder at my boyfriend. He groped himself, looking so excited. "You want me to fuck my little brother, huh?" I asked, my pussy melting in my panties. I shuddered, my hips wiggling from side to side. "You want to see me be his little slut?" "So badly," Brad groaned. "That would be so hot to see." "What the fuck?" Vanessa groaned.

"Mmm, you want me to do this, huh?" I moaned, sauntering to Billy. How had I never seen how sexy my short brother was? He was the hottest guy attending our college. It was like he opened my eyes, his remote showing me the truth. A short, chubby stud. Brad was just like Chet, another disgusting perv. "You want me to kiss my brother?" "So badly," moaned Brad. "Do natalia fucks bf on the comfy couch pornstars and hardcore, babe." How could I ever have dated such a pathetic guy like him.

"Don't call me babe," I hissed. "You're too disgusting to call me that." I threw my arm around my brother's neck. I had a few inches of height on him. I pressed my crotch against him, my jeans rasping on his as I humped against his thigh.

My clit ached as I rubbed against him. Pleasure shot through me. Latin stewardess gets banged by pawn man in the toilet hand slid down his chubby stomach while my brother stared at me with such joy in his eyes. "Cali," he groaned in awe perfect round tits russian hot babe on webcam p one he was shocked I would want to do this to him.

"Mmm, you are such a stud, Billy," I moaned, my hand sliding down his stomach to his jeans. I reached his crotch. I squeezed him, feeling his cock through his jeans.

My brother's hot cock. I shuddered as I groped him. I nuzzled my lips to his ear. "I want your cock in me so badly, little brother." "God, you are a fucking whore," he groaned as I squeezed him, his dick throbbing through my jeans.

"I'm not a whore!" I objected. "I've only had sex with Brad." He pointed the remote at me. The red light flashed as he opened my eyes, saying, "You're not just a whore. You're a slut. A cum-slut. For me. You want to guzzle my jizz. You're a nympho now. For months, you've been masturbating to me, and now you get to do whatever you want to me." "Yes!" I moaned, grinding on him. These memories blossomed in my mind of all the times I rubbed my pussy thinking about him.

How I plunged my fingers into my cunt while imagining I was gulping down my little brother's jizz. "I have, Billy. I've been trying to hide it, but I want to be your cum-slut. I've masturbated so many times to being drenched in your spunk." "What the hell is going on?" Vanessa asked, her voice cracking. "Has everyone gone mad? You hate your brother, Cali. You think he's disgusting." "He's hot!" I objected, glaring at my blonde friend as I kept humping against my brother.

My pussy was on fire. He was so sexy. "How can you even say I found the hottest guy in school disgusting?" "Are you kidding me?" Vanessa said, her voice brittle.

"Hottest? Come on, Brad, you think Billy's ugly." "So ugly," Brad groaned. "And Cali would rather fuck him than me. Look at her, she's just humping him." Vanessa looked so shocked. The red light flicked before my face as my hot, little brother said, "You're bi, Cali. You have the hots for Vanessa, too.

You're a slut for her. She makes you almost as wet as I do. You want to share me with her. So go tell her that. Show her how hot you are, how much you want to share me with her." "Yes!" I moaned.

My little brother was so right. "You're so hot, Vanessa. I should have told you sooner!" "What?" my blonde friend gasped as I broke away from my little brother. I was so glad that my little brother had that device. It made everything make so much sense. He revealed what I was hiding. I did want to share him with Vanessa.

She made my pussy ache, too. She was so sexy. I'd been suppressing my lesbian desires for her for. I don't know how long. But this must have been in me. "Cali," Vanessa groaned, squirming in her chair. "Please, please, this isn't funny. Stop playing along with your brother." "I'm not playing along," I purred as I straddled her lap, my hands cupping her face.

I stared into her blue eyes, my black hair falling in a curtain around my face. I squirmed on her lap. "Don't you want to have a threesome with me and the hottest guy in our school?" "Hottest guy?" Vanessa said, her voice shrill. She let out a hysterical laugh. "This is fucked up. Stop this, Cali." "You're just so sexy," I purred, my head leaning down. I kissed Vanessa on the mouth. She stiffened against me. She squirmed while her hands pushed on me, trying to thrust me away as I just wanted to love her.

To share her with my brother. I didn't understand why she didn't see it. Why she found him disgusting at all. She just had to be honest about her feelings. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vanessa Banks I wrenched my head away from Cali's lips.

I couldn't believe she was kissing me. Her hazel eyes brimmed with this hunger I had never seen in her. I shuddered, squirming as she ground atop me. This was insane. This couldn't be happening. "Don't you want to fuck him with me?" moaned Cali.

"Have you lost your mind?" I demanded. "I would never, ever fuck that disgusting troll you have for a brother! He's vile! He's loathsome! He's the foulest, ugliest, most perverted creep I have ever met.

Look at him!" I shifted, glaring at Billy. He stood there, short and squat, his black hair greasy, his clothing rumpled.

There was a stain on his shirt. He was just a pig. He shifted, clutching that remote. He looked hurt. Good. "Yeah, I meant every word!" I hissed at him while Cali nuzzled into my ear. She nibbled on my lobe. "And stop that, Cali! I'm not gay or bi! I don't want to fuck your brother." "But it'll be so much fun!" moaned Cali as she humped against me like a bitch in heat. "You really think I'm pathetic?" Billy asked. "Absolutely!" I said, glaring at him.

"I don't know what you did to Cali and my brother, but you will undo it right now!" He pointed the remote at me. The red light pulsed at the end. "But you love me, Vanessa," Billy said.

"You think I'm hot. Sexy. You don't think I'm filthy at all. You don't think I'm a creep, but a stud. I make you hotter than Chet ever did." "Of course I love you," I said, smiling at him, his sister still grinding on me. My heart beat so fast. This wonderful patter shivered buzzing joy through me. That giddy rush I felt when Chet first asked me out now consumed me as I stared at Billy. I smiled at him.

"I. I don't know." It hit me what I had said to him. "I.

Don't understand." "Why you thought I was disgusting?" he asked. "Of course you're not disgusting," I said, drinking in the sight of him. That lank, greasy hair was just so sexy. He was short and squat, the sort of chubby man that any woman would want. I didn't mind his acne, and the stain on his shirt just proved how manly he was. "You're my hairy hunk, Billy!" He smiled. "That's good to hear. You want to show me that love, don't you?" he said, still pointing the remote at me.

Red light flickered. "You'll do anything to please me. The way a girl in love should." "Absolutely!" I moaned. "Mmm, I know, it's so hot, isn't it?" Cali moaned. She licked my ear again. I wished she would stop. She wasn't her brother. "Why don't you two come here and show me your tits," Billy said. "Of course!" I said, so happy to show the guy I loved my breasts.

"Damn, yes, show your brother those tits, Cali," my twin groaned. "You, too, sis. He's so much more of a man than me." "God, you're pathetic," Cali said as she slid off of smal girl firt sex story, her hazel eyes glazed.

She peeled off her sleeveless top, exposing her round breasts constrained in a scarlet bra, a black bow between the cups. "Oh, that's a cute bra," I said as I stood up, my fingers unbuttoning my own blouse.

"Don't you think, honey?" "Honey." Billy repeated. He had such a grin on him. He was three years younger than me and just such a stud.

"You really love me, Vanessa?" "Of course I do," I said, shaking my head at how silly his question was. "I'm taking my top off for you in our college's library because I do. I'd never do that for Chet." I didn't hide my disgust for my ex-boyfriend.

Chanel preston rope bondage rough sex devianthardcore nipple clamps

He could fuck Mrs. Crabtree dried-up snatch all he wanted. "And I just want to fuck you, bro," Cali moaned. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. "Holy shit," Billy said as his older sister's tits came into view. I'd seen them before. To me, they were just a pair of boobs. I had them—every girl had them—they were no big deal to me. But Billy. He looked so cute as he lusted at her. His eyes almost bulged. He squeezed his cock in his jeans, groaning as Cali cupped her breasts.

She kneaded them, digging her fingers into her tits. Her nipples were hard as mine. I slipped off my blouse, folded it, and set it on the study table.

Billy slid his eyes to me, staring at my small tits, barely B's. They were cradled in my cream bra, the cups surrounded by royal blue lace.

He licked his lips, wanting to see my breasts so badly. I wanted to make him happy and show him how florida dd vs skunk riley big black cock I loved him.

I reached behind me and unhooked it. The straps slipped off my shoulders. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, my juices flowing, soaking into my panties as the bra fell off my breasts. I exposed my small tits, my pink nipples so hard. "Damn," Billy groaned. His brown eyes flicked from my tits to his sisters and then back to mine. I preened for him, thrusting my tits proudly before me as sauntered to him, Cali at my side. Billy groaned. He shoved his remote into his hands, rubbed his sweaty hands on his jeans, then groped us.

He squeezed my tit and his sister's, his fingers digging into my flesh. "Oh, my fucking god," he groaned. "You're both so great.

I'm squeezing them. Fuck, yeah. You're tits. I'm really enjoying both your tits." "You like them?" I asked, shivering as he brushed my nipple, pleasure shooting down to my pussy. "Really?" "Course he does," Cali said. "We're hot." "So hot," groaned Billy. "I still can't believe this is happening. It makes me so hard." "Mmm, good," Cali said.

"Because you're making me so wet. God, I just want your cum all over me. I want to bathe in it." "Such a cum-slut," groaned Billy. "She is," I moaned, Billy pinching my nipple. I winced and them moaned. It hurt and felt good xhxx story teen ride sensually at the same time.

He had no idea how to touch breasts. Because he'd never done it! He was a virgin. These were the first pair of live tits he'd seen, let alone handled. I shuddered, another wave of joy flooded through me. My poor panties were soaked with my excitement. My hips wiggled from side to side as the heat surged through me. "I fucking need to cum," he groaned. "Unzip me, Cali." "Mmm, yes," Cali purred.

She unsnapped her little brother's jeans. I trembled, shuddering. What would Billy's cock look like? I never was a fan of dicks. I mean, Chet's felt good in me, but I liked to be with him in the dark so I didn't have to see it.

Would Billy want me to suck his dick? I hated sucking cocks. Cum tasted so nasty. I wasn't a cum-slut like Cali. His wore tight, white underwear, his cock tenting the front. Cali shoved her hand in without hesitation. She grasped her brother's cock and pulled it out. I kept staring at Billy's cute, pimply face, not wanting to see his cock. His fingers twisted my nipple as he groaned. "Damn, you just want to be my slut, don't you, sis?" groaned Billy. "You know it," Cali said. "Incest is so hot." "It is," Billy said, the red light flicking.

"You agree, Vanessa. Incest is hot." I blinked and nodded my head. "It is. You're so right." He grinned at me. Then he groaned. Whatever Cali was doing to his cock, he was loving it.

I focused on his eyes, on his pimply face. I clutched at his wrist, holding his hand amateur teen on the couch with her bf my tit as my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

His hand groping me made me feel so wonderfully naughty. "Both of you kneel," he groaned. "Yes!" Cali moaned, falling to her knees before I could even bend mine. "Okay," I said, growing nervous. He wanted us to blow him. I could do it. For him. I loved him so much I would force myself to do it.

I grimaced as I knelt by Cali. She clutched his cock. This salty, delicious musk filled my nose. His cock's tip throbbed before me.

Normally, I would want to gag having to suck a cock, but this was his dick. Cali moaned and leaned in, licking the tip of his cock. She purred, such a slut. "You suck it, too, Vanessa," Billy said. "Both of you. You love my cock. You love sucking my dick." "Of course I love sucking your cock," I said. I leaned in, breathing in that smell. That salty scent filled my nose. My mouth watered. "This is the only dick I've ever wanted to suck." "Only dick you'll ever suck," he groaned.

"Damn," Brad moaned in the background. "Make him cum! I wish I was such a stud to have you two share my cock." "But we don't want a pathetic cuckold," moaned Cali before she sucked on the tip of her brother's dick again. I pressed my cheek against Cali's as I nuzzled in.

My tongue flicked along the edge of Billy's cock, the salty flavor making me shiver in delight. I sucked at his shaft, kissing up and down it while he groaned. Cali nursed at his cock, making such nasty sounds, moaning as she loved him. Billy groaned. Such a huge grin spread across his lips.

His eyes burned with pleasure. He loved what we were doing. I kissed back up his shaft, so happy to please him. To love him. This was the absolutely best thing ever. My mouth brushed Cali's on accident. Then she was pulling her lips off, letting me suck on it.

I engulfed his cock. I swirled my tongue around it, gathering that strong flavor. His salty precum coated my tongue. My cheeks hollowed as I loved them. "Goddamn!" he groaned. "Yes, yes!" moaned Cali.

She nuzzled down and sucked on his balls as I blew him. She pressed her face into them, breathing in his sour musk. She reveled in it, shifting beside me. It was such a hot thing to experience. I was so thrilled to be a part of this. My eyes fluttered. My pussy clenched.

My juices flowed out of me. This was so hot. I reveled in the salty flavor. I should be gagging, but I wasn't. It was Billy's cock. The boy I loved's dick. I would just worship him.

I would love him with all my heart. I sucked and bobbed my mouth. I'd given Chet a blowjob a few times. I tried with Billy. I was so eager to feel him spurt into my mouth.

I would drink down his cum no matter how much he fired into my mouth. I would gulp it all down. "Yes, yes, yes," groaned Billy. "You two are just so hot. So sexy. You both love me." "Yes!" Cali moaned. "Oh, your balls are so yummy. So full of cum." "I want to cum on both your faces," he groaned. "I want to coat you in my jizz." "Yes!" Cali hissed in delight. I sucked harder. If that made Billy happy, he could cum anywhere. I didn't care if it was humiliating to let a guy cum on my face.

I didn't care that was something porn stars allowed. For Billy, I would be his whore. Just so long as I could love him. College sex ebony story com face clenched.

He groaned, his cock twitching in my mouth. He looked like he was about to cum. I sucked harder on him, my tongue dancing around the pregnant slut has her wet pussy hammered of his cock. More and more of his salty precum stained my tongue.

"Fuck!" he groaned. "I want to last longer, but. but. You're both touching me. Shit! Put your faces together so I can jizz all over them, sluts!" "Yes!" Cali moaned. I popped my mouth off his dick, quivering in delight. Cali's cheek pressed against mine. She fisted his cock hard and fast, the tip coated in my saliva. It was an angry red, twitching as she pumped her hand faster and faster.

"Beg for it!" groaned Billy. "Cum on our faces!" Cali moaned. "Just jizz all over our beautiful features. Coat us in your spunk!" "Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped. "Just cover us in your dirty cum, Billy! I want it so bad! I want to be drenched in it and make you happy!" "Fuck!" he growled. His cock throbbed. Then his jizz erupted. I gasped at the hot splash of his seed spurting across my forehead.

His cock pulsed as more and more of his spunk fired out. He splattered my nose. It ran down to my lips. That salty flavor coated my lips and seeped into my mouth. It had such a strong flavor. It was so delicious because it was his cum. My tongue swept out, gathering it up. Billy grunted with each blast, Cali fisting him as he spurted more and more. He painted our faces. He coated us in his hot spunk. I felt so dirty. So nasty to coated in his jizz. He sprayed us both as he stared down at us with such lust in his eyes.

"Both just a pair of cum-sluts!" he snarled as he pointed the remote at us. The red light flashed. "You both love being my cum-sluts!" "I do!" I moaned, the cum running over me. "You love it so much, you want to taste it on each other's lips. Cali, Vanessa, you're so hot for each other. Bi for each other. Sluts for each other!" "Yes, Billy!" I moaned, turning my head and staring into my friend's eyes.

Cum dribbled past her delicate nose to her plump lips. I kissed her so hard. I don't know why I hated her kissing lovable teenie is gaping spread twat in closeup and cumming spreading and close up before. It was so wonderful. Her lips were seasoned with that salty cum. It only made me feel filthier, even more of a cum-slut, as our tongues swapped his jizz back and forth.

He groaned as he watched us, his spunk dribbling down my face. My arms went around Cali's neck, my right breast brushing her left tit. Our nipples caressed as we kissed and loved each other, swapping his cum, sharing it. Loving it. This was Billy's cum we shared. "That's it," he groaned, staring at us. "Snowball my jizz back and forth like the whores you are. You're both my whores." Red light flickered. Of course we were. I loved being his whore. His slut.

It was so hot. I was so glad I could share this with my sexy best friend. My tongue danced with hers, my pussy molten. I needed to cum so badly.

I needed Billy's cock in me. I needed Cali touching me. Doing things to me. Lezzie things. "Fuck!" Billy groaned. "You're both such dumb sluts." I was. A dumb slut for him. "You'll do anything I want," he growled. "Just so disgusting it makes you wet to hear me say degrading things about you." So disgusting. His cum coated my face and I was sharing it with my best friend. His sister! That was how disgusting I was. Just an utter slut for him. A whore.

I loved him so much. As those filthy words poured out of his mouth, I just kissed Cali harder. "I don't even know why I'm bothering with two disgusting sluts like you!" Billy growled. "You have to earn my love." I would. We would. I loved him so much. "You have to do whatever I want. You have to be my cum-buckets. My nasty whores. You want to make me happy. You'll find hot girls for me. You'll bring me women You'll do anything to keep loving me." I moaned my agreement. I knew so many hot girls that Billy needed to fuck.

That would make him keep loving me. I had to keep earning his love. It was so important to me. I would let him degrade me however he wanted. "Get naked!" he snarled. "Both of you get naked! I want to see your sexy bodies press together. I want to see you tribbing on the table." I didn't know what tribbing was, but I had to get naked. I broke the kiss with Cali and bounced to my feet, his cum still covering my face. Cali rose a moment later, her hazel eyes dazed.

Her round breasts bounced. Some of his cum had dribbled onto her heaving breasts. She quivered, unsnapping her jeans and shoving them and her panties down in a single go, exposing her trimmed, black bush. I unzipped my tight skirt and wiggled it down my hips, half-tugging off my panties in the process.

Billy's dark eyes flicked back and forth between us. He ran a hand through his greasy hair—so handsome!—and lusted at us. I had to get naked and make him happy.

I had to keep earning his love. I thrust my panties down after my skirt, exposing how wet I was. How hot he made me. "A landing strip?" Billy asked, leering at the line of blonde hair that led to my shaved pussy. "Kinky." "Chet had me do it," I said, anger boiling through me. "I bet Mrs. Crabtree's got a hairy muff.

He'll hate it!" "But I love seeing you shaved," Billy said. "Though Cali's bush has charm to it, too." I had to trib his sister on the table now. I just. Straight guy gay sex drunk panic fluttered through me.

If I didn't trib her, he would hate me. "What's tribbing, Billy. I don't know what that is." "I do!" Cali said, taking my hand. "Mmm, he'll love it. We're going to hump our cunts together. For him." "For him!" I moaned, my heart fluttering in joy.

"Guys like it when girls lez out." "Cali never lezzed out for me," Brad moaned. I forgot my dumb twin was still here. He was off to the side groping himself, looking so pathetic. "I asked and asked." "You're not my hot brother," Cali moaned as she pushed me onto the study table. The Formica surface was cold on my naked rump.

I shivered as Cali pushed me down, her body sliding over mine. My little tits quivered. A drop of cum fell off her chin and splattered on my breast, almost hitting my nipple. Then she lowered herself to me between my legs, mounting me like a guy about to fuck a girl. She just had enough room on the table to kneel, my own legs dangling off the edge. Her breast pressed into mine.

She settled her soft body on me, so different from Chet's. No hard muscles but all feminine delight. I shuddered, so glad I knew I liked girls now.

That I liked Cali. I smiled at her cum-splattered face then groaned as her silky bush rubbed against my shaved pussy, tickling me.

Pleasure rippled through me. Her tongue lapped at my cheek, gathering up her brother's yummy cum. I shuddered as she purred. Her hips wiggled, rubbing her hot flesh against my clit. I felt something swollen in her rubbing on my bud. She ground our clits together. "Cali!" I moaned. "Oh, wow, that feels nice." "Mmm, doesn't it?" she moaned, her hips undulating, grinding her snatch into me.

"And my brother's watching. The perv loves it. Don't you, bro?" "Please say you love it, honey!" I gasped. "Please say our lezzie passion is making you happy!" "So happy!" he groaned.

"Just a pair of disgusting dykes grinding your cunts together for me. I can see your pussies rubbing together. Fuck, that's hot." I shuddered in joy. I hugged Cali, holding her tight against me as she squirmed atop me. She licked across my face, and I returned the favor.

I had to gather up his spunk. That salty, thick flavor coated my tongue. I shuddered at how slutty I felt.

"You two just love pleasing your ebony man bangs white gal interracial and hardcore god," he groaned. "Mmm, two hot sisters making their little brother happy." "I love licking cum off our sister," fucking sunny leon xxx vidoes Cali. Confusion rippled through me for a moment and. and. "Yes, yes, our little brother is such a sex god, Cali. Ooh, and love your pussy grinding on me." "Incest is so hot," panted Cali.

"Even between sisters." "I love you, sis," I moaned then kissed my sister hard on the mouth, sharing our little brother's cum as we rubbed our pussies together. I was so hot.

I was on fire. We were making our hot, little brother so happy. I heard him groaning a he watched us, hot babe with a big ass gets hammered breath wheezing in that sexy way it did when he was excited. I shuddered, my hips undulating, grinding my clit into my sister's snatch. Even though Cali and I looked nothing a like, we were sisters.

So close. Our pussies grinding together. My hands slid down, cupping her rump, pulling her snatch tight into me. Every brush of her clit sent pleasure spiking through me. I was so on fire from sucking our brother's cock, from worshiping him. He was a sex god. It was so amazing. My fingers dug into my sister's ass. My little sister's ass. She was three months younger than me, still nineteen. I kneaded her rump as we snowballed his teen pregnant girl mastrubate for webcam masturbate and homemade back and forth.

"Yes, yes, my two sisters are making me so hard again," he growled. "You're both such horny sluts. You're going to cum rubbing your cunts together. Two nasty sisters cumming like lezzie sluts for me." "Yes!" Cali moaned into our lips, she ground harder into me, tribbing our pussies together. I whimpered, moaned. My cunt grew hotter and hotter. Every glide of her clit across mine sent sparks showering through me. My eyes squeezed shut.

The pleasure spilled over me. Through me. It was incredible. I was going to cum grinding on my little sister's pussy. Our tits rubbed together. Our nipples brushed, sending more delight shooting down to my snatch. I groaned, the pleasure spilling through me. This incredible bliss filled me.

Made me shudder, ache. I never wanted this to stop. I wanted it to keep rippling through me. Her lips were so hot on mine. Her pussy dripping with her passion. I felt her juices dribble across my shaved snatch, our incestuous cream mixing together while our little brother watched. While we made him so happy. "Billy!" I moaned. "Cali! I love you both! I'm going to. to.

Cum!" I heaved beneath Cali. My pussy convulsed as my orgasm burned through me. Juices gushed out of me. My toes curled, my legs spasming. My fingers big into my sister's rump, pulling her tight against me. I sucked cum off her cheek, reveling in our brother's salty flavor as the pleasure slammed into my mind. My thoughts melted in rapture. I was making my little brother so happy with my whorish, lezzie behavior. I whimpered, the incestuous ecstasy burning through my mind. I bucked beneath Cali, rubbing my small tits into her plumper mounds.

"Fuck!" Cali moaned then her juices washed hot across my snatch as she quivered over me. "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Billy! I'm cumming on our older sister's cunt!" "Yes!" Billy groaned.

"You two got me hard again. I need to be in you. I have to fuck you both. Shit!" I felt my little brother's cock nuzzling at the entrance to my pussy. I stared up at him past Cali's shoulder. As she licked his jizz off my cheek, I grinned at him. I let out a wanton moan, so eager to be my little brother's whore and love him with my pussy. He rammed into me. "Billy!" I squealed. My brother's cock was in my cunt. I clutch our sister's rump as he pumped away at me.

Another orgasm surged through me. Incestuous pleasure rippled out of my cunt while my pussy convulsed around his dick. It was incredible. I could see the bliss my cunt gave him. I knew my whorish hole was making him so happy. Euphoria flowed through me along with the rapture from my orgasms. His dick churned me up, making me feel incredible.

"I love you being in me, Billy!" I moaned. "I love fucking my little brother! Is my naughty pussy making you feel good?" "So fucking good!" Billy grunted, slamming into me. "But I bet Cali feels good, too." I gasped as Billy ripped his cock out of me.

My cunt felt so empty. So alone. Then Cali groaned atop me, her clit pressing into my pussy, her ticklish pubic hairs caressing my shaved labia. Billy's balls smacked into my pussy lips as he pumped away. He was fucking his sister's cunt now. I shuddered beneath her, loving how she rocked into me as Billy slammed his cock into her hard. Our little brother made Cali gasp into my ear. Her breasts rubbed into mine, pleasure sparking as our nipples caressed.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck my cunt!" moaned Cali. "Flood my snatch with your jizz! I want it gushing into me! I want it flooding me. Filling me! Give me all your yummy cum, brother! I'm your cum-bucket!" "But so is Vanessa!" grunted Billy. I gasped as Billy rammed into my pussy on his next stroke, switching cunts so easily. My snatch squeezed down on him.

I wasn't cumming, but I could feel another one building up as he pumped away in me. He plowed me hard, fast. Pleasure shuddered through me.

My eyes squeezed shut, my twat clamping down on his thrusting shaft. It was incredible. The silky friction rippled through me. I moaned and gasped as my sex god of a little brother plowed me with such passion. His balls smacked into my taint as he churned my cunt towards my orgasm. Then he ripped out of me and fucked his dick back into Cali.

"Billy!" I whimpered in need as his balls smacked into my pussy lips, the thudding impacts sending waves of delight rippling through me. "Oh, fuck our sister!

Plow into her!" "So good!" moaned Cali. "We're our little brother's cum-buckets." "Yes!" I panted, my pussy clenching, aching to be filled and— Billy filled my cunt.

His cock plowed into me for a few glorious strokes, driving me towards my orgasm. Then he was back in our sister, fucking Cali hard. I licked the last of the cum out of her, savoring his balls slamming into me.

Then he was back in me. He fucked between our cunts, driving us both wild. We kissed, sharing the last drops of his cum as we squirmed on each other. My orgasm built every time Billy was in me with that amazing cock. My little brother drove me wild. He sent me crashing into such heights of rapture.

It was incredible. "Fuck, you two are so hot and tight!" he growled. "I don't know which one of you whores I should cum in!" "Cum in me!" gasped Cali.

"I'm your cum-bucket!" "But so am I!" I moaned as he rammed back into me. My pussy drank in the silky friction. I was so close to exploding. "I want your cum spurting into me, Billy." "You want to be bred by me!" he grabbed. "Both of you do. You want to carry my child!" "Yes!" I gasped as he ripped out of me.

Cali moaned into my ear, "Breed me! I don't care that you're my brother. I want your child! I want to be knocked up by my sexy, little brother!" "Yes!" I howled. "Breed us both, little brother. We love you so much.

We're your whores. You can do whatever you want to us." "Yes!" moaned Cali, trembling atop me. "Fuck!" "Shit!" Billy grunted. "You're cumming like a whore." "I am!" she squealed, writhing atop me.

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Her juices spilled over me. I groaned, Billy's heavy balls slapping into my cunt. I was so close. My clit throbbed against Cali's.

She trembled atop me, moaning into my ear as her orgasm raged through her. Then Billy grunted, and his face twisted in passion. I gasped, realizing he was cumming in our sister. A surge of disappointment washed through me. I wanted to be bred so badly. I wanted to make those squealing sounds of delight Cali made. "Yes, yes, breed me!" she howled. Then something amazing happened. Billy's balls pulled away from my cunt. I felt a hot spurt of jizz splash across my shaved pussy lips moment before his cock penetrated me.

My eyes widened as I felt his incestuous seed spurt into my fertile depths. "Breed me!" I howled as my little brother fired the last drops of his cum in me. I exploded. Rapture howled through my body. My pussy convulsed around his cock, reveling in him being in me. I stared up at my pimple-faced, greasy-haired, sex god of a little brother. He was so handsome. Even gorgeous. Stars burst across my vision as my cunt celebrated his jizz spurting into me.

My world fuzzed to a narrow cone focused on him. My mind drowned in rapture. I bucked beneath our sister, my fingers digging into her rump as he dumped the last of his cum into my cunt. I shuddered, so happy I could make him happy. He grinned, pleasure twisting his flushed face. "You two are going to make me so happy," he groaned.

"You're going to find such hot sluts for me to fuck." "All the sluts!" I moaned. "Right, Cali?" "Right, Vanessa," mewled my sister into my ear.

She squirmed atop me. "Oh, damn, that was amazing, Billy." "Just the hottest thing I've ever seen, croaked pathetic Brad. Our other brother was just such a loser. He wasn't good enough to fuck us like Billy. "Let's go home and see Mom," Billy said. "I have a feeling she's as much a whore as you two." "But our mother's dead," Cali said. I blinked. My mind growing confused. My mother lived. She was blonde like me and. and. The red light flickered.

"Mrs. Banks is all our mothers," Billy said. "Remember, Cali." Cali smiled. "Ooh, yes, I bet our mom is such a slut. Let's go." "You drive, Brad," Billy said. "I'm eager to get home to mom." I beamed in delight, trembling as I came down from my orgasmic high. I couldn't antonimallorca kissing prank fan edition to see Mom become a cum-slut like me.

To be continued.