Sunny leone saxy story boy saxy story

Sunny leone saxy story boy saxy story
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Ashlynn had been forcefully moved to a different room that was entirely white with one table and one armchair. The two men who apparently worked for the man she only knew as 'Master' had forced her to put on a sheer white baby doll with only lace white panties underneath.

They gruffly pinched at her nipples and laughed to themselves and they were pushing her around. " This little cunt is going to love Mr. Statler.and don't bother screaming and whining to him, he's paying good money to play around with you.and he likes his girls scared and young." They shortly left the room leaving Ashlynn alone.

It all felt so unreal to her.this couldn't be long are they going to keep her there. Before the two men had dragged her to this room they had made her shower and demanded that she shave her pussy completely bare. They also watched her intently while she fisting and pissing on the teen slut so.but Ashlynn has learned by then not to resist.

Before long the door opened and another man in an expensive looking suit walked in.

Ashlynn guessed he was probably 50 years old, she stared at him, her eyes starting to tear up. The man was carrying a leather case that resembled a tool box and he sat it on the ground and looked at her and smiled. "Turn around for me, baby." He said. Ashlynn slowly started to turn around, wishing she was unconscious. "Good. Now take down those panties, spread your legs and bend down and grab your ankles." He casually demanded.

Ashlynn stalled and began to cry. "You little bitch. Do as I say!" He reached into his case and pulled out a leather riding crop and quickly advanced to her. She fearfully pulled her panties down and bent over as he asked. Her ass and pussy were now exposed to him and the cool air. Before she knew it he sharply brought down the riding crop on her ass. She yelped with pain. "That's for stalling, you whore." He hit her ass ass several more times as she stood bent over and then began lightly slapping her pussy with it.

"Reach back her and spread those cute little pussy lips for me. I wanna see if you;re as tight as they said you were." Ashlynn awkwardly reached up and pulled apart her lips, the cool air on her exposed cunt sent a chill down her spine. She felt the man staring at her cunt intently and prodding her open hole with the riding crop.

"Alright, good. Take that nightie off and get on that table. Now." Ashlynn quickly did so, fearing the crop. "Bend your knees and spread your legs." He opened his case again and was digging around, when he found what he wanted to came back to table and showed her a large toy dick. "Alright, slut, pretend it's a popsicle and get it nice and wet with your mouth. Trust me, you'll want it wet" Ashlynn blushed intensely and reached out for dildo, she began licking it and sloppily sucking on it for a minute or two.

"Alright, now your gonna toy with your pussy.and don't half ass it because you're not stopping until I see that your cunt is sopping wet, got it?" He pulled the arm chair up the table right in front of her open pussy and sat richie screwing stacey leanns tight twat so hard. "Go on." Ashlynn, never having used a toy before, timidly brought it to her pussy and began nudging her clit with it.

She was ashamed to find that she was extremely responsive.being naked and spread open for a stranger had been slightly turning her on and she hated herself for it.

"Slap your clit with." Ashlynn obeyed just to hear him demand to do it again and again."Come on, harder. Torture that sweet little pussy." After awhile Ashlynn noticed she was getting moist, and then she felt warm liquid dripping out of her pussy hole and onto the table. The man laughed, "Now fuck yourself with it.

Do it, cunt." She slowly pushed the dildo up her tight pussy and had to steadily hold it otherwise her pussy would push it out, not having been entered in a few months.

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After pushing it in and out for awhile, trying to suppress her pleasure, the man sat up and shoved it all the in to the base. He then grabbed a roll of duct tape and began taping it in place inside her hot pussy. Ashlynn moaned, half in pain half with pleasure. "Ah, see? You are just a little cum slut.born to please me." He then roughly grabbed her legs and turned her over and forced her up on all fours. He grabbed some nipple clamps out of his case, with small weights chained to the end of them.

He stuck these onto her nipples and she whimpered at the sharp sting.

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"Those little nipples are going to be so fucking hard and stiff when I take these offs." He said to old man cuts young girl as he slapped her tits. Her nipples hurt so bad, and the weights were pulling them down mercilessly. The man walked around behind her and she felt something cold being smeared over her asshole.

"No! Please don't!" Ashlynn cried out. The man answered by pinching her swollen clit. He then proceeded to rubbing her asshole with the lube, and soon she felt something being forced up her ass. She looked behind her to see a plastic tube being inserted into her ass. The tube was connected to a large bag of water. He kept pushing the tube farther and farther into her ass and Ashlynn could feel her insides cramping and convulsing, the skin at her asshole opening felt like it was about to tear.

Finally he stopped pushing it into her and raised the bag up into air, she could feel the liquid begin to fill her ass.

"Oh, god." Ashlynn moaned.this sensation felt so strange, not entirely painful but definitly, her nipples with turning numb but were dully throbbing, her pussy was spasming in an attempt to expell the dildo taped inside of her, and her knees were aching from supporting her. When the bag was empty he demanded that she clench her asshole as tight as she could. "Anything that comes out, I'm making you lick up and even it's it a drop I'm going to let everyone in this place your tight ass" Believing his threat she clenched as tight as she could as he pulled the tube out, once it was out he pressed something like a plug into her asshole to keep it in.

The plug was thicker than the tubing has been and it seemed she could feel it touching up against the dildo buried in her pussy. Her knees and palms were aching and having to remain on all fours.

"Alright, let's see how your little dirty cunt is doing" He mercilessly ripped off the tape, she could feel it tear off of her tender pussy skin, and the dildo immediately shot out of her dripping pussy. "So fucking wet." He observed and big mom vs boy dirty boxing cum wrestling easily inserted a couple fingers into her cunt. After exploring for a bit, he pulled them out and Ashlynn noticed they were covered in white cream.

"Clean them off, you horny little bitch" He shoved his fingers into her mouth and Ashlynn tasted her own creamy saltiness. "Alright, now get off the table and stand up.

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Be careful to not let the plug come out!" Ashlynn slowly and awkwardly climbed off the table, clenching her ass so the plug wouldn't pop out. Her stomach hurt and she saw that it was slightly rounder with all the water inside her. The small weights were swinging painfully due to her movements. He sat back down in his chair, "Now come over here and give me a lap got to make me want to fuck that dirty little pussy of better make it seem like you want it bad or else.

Rub that pussy into me and beg me to fuck you." Ashlynn was mortified.she stiffly walked over to the chair, it was hard with her ass filled up.and straddled his lap. She began grinding her hips into him and she felt his hard cock through his pants.

"Please, fuck me." She whined. "Sir, call me sir." "Please fuck me, sir." She grinded into his dick harder, it began to feel good and her body desperately wanted release no matter how it betrayed her mind. "Shake those tits, slut" Ashlynn painfully tried to shake her tits around, the weights and clamps more painful than ever.

"Please,f uck me, Sir.

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PLEASE! Fuck me!" "You're just a filthy little slut.your pussy is so fucking sloppy from that huge dildo. WHy would I want you?" He laughed as he ripped one of the clamps off, then the other. Ashlynn cried out in pain while she despreately tried to keep rubbing her cunt against his dick, she could feel her wetness being slathered all over his pants. "Well, you're desperate enough to ruin a perfectly good pair of pants.

I guess I could fuck you since you want it do damn bad." And with that he threw her off his lap and onto the floor.

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"Just don't fucking cum, and definitely don't let that plug out." He yelled as he slid his pants down and rammed his hard giant cock inside her. He began fucking her furiously.way harder and more brutal than she had ever been taken before. She felt like she was being split in two and was trying as hard as she could to clench her ass. He gan biting and sucking at her nipples, letting all his weight crush her onto the hard floor.

She felt her hugely swollen clit throbbing against him and he thrust inside her one last time actually sliding her back along the floor. He groaned as his hot cum began filling her, something she had never experienced, and before she knew what was happening her pussy began spasming and convulsing to orgasm.unwillingly the anal plug shot out of her and the water was gushing to the floor.

After a wave of delirious pleasure overtook her, she immediately felt afraid knowing she hadn't followed orders.