Nurse peta jensen fucked rough

Nurse peta jensen fucked rough
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I Share My Naughty Secret…What fun! A girl at school asked me: "Laney, what do you do after school?" My face went instantly hot. "What's the matter?" she said. "Nothing." "Come on," she said, "I saw you walking home yesterday but you didn't go home.

You went into a neighbor's house." "I," I stammered trying to think of the proper answer…"I clean up his house while he's gone." "You're blushing," my friend said, "what's so blushing about cleaning shapely milf gives us a reason to jerk off house?" I paused again.

Fran was my best friend at school and we had fun together. We shared our innocent stories about boys and things. We went to some of the youth parties together and talked of "things" after the parties.

I thought and thought. She said: "Well?" Maybe it was too good a secret not to share with someone. Right? So I swore her to secrecy…she agreed…and I told Fran the whole story. How it was an accident; that I was just feeding Jim's dog, doing my homework in the kitchen; that the dog had teased me, started licking at my ankles, showing me his red pointed doggie dick and then licking my leg and had insisted and aroused me a lot…and well…I told Fran the rest of the story.

It just came tumbling out once I started, including my not wearing panties; even what a great feeling I had on his licking tongue. Her eyes were big. Very big! I swore her to secrecy again and she promised…sacredly.

I didn't know but it was a relief to tell someone else what had happened and she didn't condemn me or anything…she was just amazed and obviously excitedly curious.

The two of us walked home from school that day…both of us very silent for a change…I walked into Jim's house and she waved and walked on…only after taking a long look at me and smiling.

"You promised," I said and she nodded but her eyes were flashing. Was she jealous? Did she believe me? But my mind was on other things and she walked on home. Doggie was excited to see me and be fed but more excited to see me. He was jumping up and down as I put his food in the dish but his pointy red dick was already peeking out.

I went to the table, set out my books but didn't plan on homework just yet. The feelings he gave me were too good to wait for, besides I was already aroused…just walking home from school with Fran. What did she really think about what I had told her? I sat down, lifting my skirt first and scooted to the edge of chair, exposing myself completely, patting my leg and doggie trotted over, looking up at me, sniffing my aroma, poking his nose on me, making me jump when his cold nose hit me.

Then that wonderful tongue licking up my spend. I reached down to spread my lips for him…I was so wet and hot…his licks didn't take long to make me close my eyes and start shaking all over as I came hard. Then I pushed him away…I couldn't take any more…and that was the best part you know. I pushed my skirt down settled in to my homework and the doggie finally licked himself clean and laid down against my leg.

He was warm and had a nap as I worked away. Finally, I closed my books, laid the papers aside. The noise of the books awakened him and he stood and licked at my leg. "I've had enough," I said but he continued licking. "Down, doggie," I said but he was fully rested and ready for some more fun…gripping at my knee, and nosing under my skirt…the thought of that cold nose and hot tongue, even so soon after our afternoon, was arousing me again. My homework was done and I wasn't due home for another hour and it wasn't long before my skirt was up and doggie and I went for another wonderful round of pleasure.

Wow, what a way to spend (spend?) an afternoon. Lunch the next day at school and Fran and I sat together again in a kind of strange silence; our thoughts elsewhere. Then she said: "Laney," I looked up from my sandwich, "I…I'd like to meet your doggie." I almost dropped my sandwich. "Really?" I asked. "Yes," she said. ' What you told me…in secret…I couldn't stop thinking about it.

All last night; lying in bed and all day today until now. "Please don't get mad…it's still our secret…but…but…" I just nodded and mumbled "okay." After school we walked to Jim's. She said: " I told my Mom I'd be late; that I was going to do homework with you." We walked up the steps and I opened Jim's door. I was already excited but didn't know what would happen.

Fran and I were best friends but this something else. We had never shown our bodies to each other or anyone else for that matter. What would I do now? I almost changed my mind…but then I closed the door. The two of us walked into his kitchen and there was doggie: tail wagging, tongue lolling, eyes bright. "Nice doggie," I said reaching down to feel his ears. His tongue was out and he licked my hand. Fran leaned down and he licked her hand.

She squatted down and gave him a good pet, his tail wagging vigorously. I looked at her playing with the dog and had these strange feelings of what we might do…what I would do…and, of course, what would the doggie do with both of us there…one a stranger and the other, well, his "woman." "What a friendly dog," Fran said.

Just nervously making small talk. We were both blushing and not knowing what to do next. I put my school books on the table, filled the dog's water dish and put out some food. He eagerly started eating and then went to the water dish…his tail wagging all the time. "Fran," I said, "come and sit down at the table." She did and we sat there in a suspended, anticipating silence. "Are you?" she asked. "What?" "Are you naked under your skirt?" My face went red.

Fran and I never talked about things like that but I had told her my secret, all of it, every detail, so I guess it was natural for her to ask.

I was embarrassed and just looked down, nodding. Fran said: "Can I tell you a secret?" "Of course," I said. Then it was my turn to be shocked. "Me too," she said and we both broke out in a serious case of giggles. "Do you think he'll do it today?" she asked and I nodded again. "Well," she said. I leaned back in my chair and looked into her eyes. She licked her lips. I didn't know how to get it started…this was brand new. "Don't be scared," Fran said, "I would never tell anyone our secret.

Go ahead." Then we sat there. It was so quiet except for the doggie breathing or panting. Fran sat across from me but I was in full view. The doggie walked to me, not nervous at all of the new company…just like a dog to go do its thing no matter what. He started with a few licks. I looked at Fran…she was staring intently. Then a few more doggie licks and out came his red dick…it was dripping…and I took off my shoes and played on it with my toes.

I looked at Fran. She took off her shoes. "Come here doggie," she said reaching out for him with her feet. He licked her toes and she began feeling his cock. playgirl fucked before awesome gfs hardcore and blowjob feels so funny," she said, "but funny and nice." He kept licking Fran'sr toes. They were tickling each other. Now I was a little jealous. "It's my turn," I said and patted the dog to my side.

He came over and paid attention to meknow. "We'll have to share," I laughed. "Fran," I said, "you're scared aren't you?" She nodded. "I was, too, at first. I thought he might get excited and bite me or something but he ravishing blonde is down for some dp did…just lots of humping and wonderful licks." Fran looked at me very hard, thinking…then she said: "Well, Laney, let me watch him lick you then!" I just looked back, stood up, lifted my skirt to my waist, exposing my nakedness to my best friend…now I was really blushing…she said: "You're very pretty Laney," she smiled at embarrassed me…but it was done now.

I held my skirt at my waist, feeling very exposed, and sat down on the edge of the chair. "Are you sure?" I asked. Fran nodded. .The doggie was at attention now and came to me, his red dick out, gripping my knee and humping. Then it was as though Fran wasn't there. There was no audience. Just me and doggie at work. I watched Fran as I felt the first lick on my cunt and I squirmed…Fran's eyes got very big…and then more licks…I closed my eyes to enjoy…the quiet of the kitchen…I could hear birds outside in Jim's garden…then another lick and I opened more widely…relaxed at giving my girlfriend an intimate little show and then she wasn't there…it was just me enjoying doggie licks, his tongue dipping in my cunt…I held open my lips for him and petted his ears.

It didn't take long. I was ready to cum and started opening and grunting my little girl grunts…I opened my eyes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Fran had her skirt up, her legs open to view, I could see her cunt…"You're pretty, too," I said between breaths…she looked at me and smiled and was stroking herself with both hands. "I couldn't look at you without getting hot, too," she said. "Will he lick me?" Doggie had finished with me and went to his water bowl, started licking his dick.

I patted my leg and he looked up and walked over. "Here is another treat," I said and led him to Fran's side…he looked at her, sniffed around, caught her scent and licked her leg.

Fran petted his head and pulled his ears toward her. He didn't need coaxing at all and started humping at her knee. I took Fran's hand in reassurance. I touched her cunt and she jumped. She was dripping wet and I took my fingers to doggie who licked them.

I pushed him a little forward and he licked out at Fran's cunt. She had pretty light brown hairs…more than I had…and when he touched her lips she jumped and then jumped again with another lick.

"Oh!" she exclaimed and then "Oh!" again. Now doggie was into his act and anxiously licking my girlfriend's cunt, nosing her hairs, hitting her clit. Fran squirmed a little, put her hands on doggie's head, encouraging him. I watched this scene…the cold nose…the active tongue and Fran shook again and "Ohhed!" again. Uncle fucks niece in car was into her reverie and I could tell she would come soon…her legs opened wide, her bottom moved for better access to that wonderful tongue.

"I had no idea," she groaned, "no idea…Oh…God…oh god." Her body was shaking and tears were in her eyes as she moved her head, her tongue out of her mouth, gasping and oil puss ass in ready group sex she pushed down on the dog muttering "Enough. I can't take any more." And things calmed. I confess, I watched Fran and got hot again…as she was cumming I released her hand, lifted my skirt, sat back down on my chair and brought myself off…I was so hot I had to.

Fran opened her eyes, finally, watching me masturbate to another cum. What a wonderful afternoon we had in the quiet of Jim's kitchen! After that we walked home together and took care of the dog. It was our secret that we enjoyed again and again. Jim. More than just my neighbor Then, Jim came home. Darn! But he was still quite immobile, walking slowly with a cane and asking me to continue coming by in the afternoons until he got better.

Not thinking, I agreed. Then I thought: Jim's back, the dog's there, the darn dog'll come to me and want to lick, I knew it and what would I do? So the next day and my Jim duties after school. I got nervous but excited, too. I wore my bra and panties that day, thinking maybe the dog would behave and that I could feed him, trim some flowers and go home. But then I arrived at Jim's, sat down in his kitchen, said our "Hellos" and just as soon as I sat Jim's dog came over, just as I sexy ebony white dildo riding on webcam feared and began sniffing around, licking at my toes.

NowI was embarrassed and my face got red. Jim smiled at me and I knew his dog had just revealed my little secret! "Was the dog any problem?" Jim asked. "No," I said, "he was not a problem." "Good," Jim said, "sometimes he would bother my wife when he would get that way. So I'm glad he didn't bother you if you know what I mean." All I could do was smile, look down, feeling that my blushing face had already told Jim about his stupid dog! "See you tomorrow, then," I said as I left for home.

My face had told him what I had done. I could fishnet whore takes cocks in all holes tell in his smile and that stuff about "bothering his wife." I thought about not going back; let him find some other person to help out but I did go back, the very next afternoon.

I even went a little early, wondering what might happen. I wasn't disappointed. Jim was a nice older man, not really old, but getting that way and he was nice to me and interested in me, asking about my school and my friends. "Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked and I told him of the holding hands at the local church dances and told him I had never had a boyfriend.

He smiled and asked more questions: "Would you like to see a movie on the VCR?" He put in a movie called "Women in Love" that had some scenes where women were kissing each other. I had never seen anything like that and Jim and I sat on the couch and watched. I sat right next to him and kind of snuggled in. He told me of his wife and how he missed her and said I should have a boyfriend and was very pretty and started holding my shoulder.

He had a nice house; a small house but it was comfortable and he made me feel at home holding my arm and rubbing my shoulder and I got a little closer as sex with three big boobs babes marta la croft suhaila hard and gigi love watched the women and talked. There were some magazines on the lamp table and he showed me some of them. One was called The Forum and had letters by people who wrote about sexual experiences and then some magazines with pictures.

One of them was a foreign magazine, maybe Dutch or Danish, with pictures of women in the nude. It was shocking to me as I had never seen pictures showing pubic hair. One of them showed a woman with a dog straddling her, fucking her and Jim said maybe I shouldn't look at those. I couldn't take my eyes off those pictures and told him it was okay: "They're just pictures," I said. I forgot about the movie just then as his doggie had come into the room and was licking my ankle and my calf and it was very embarrassing.

I pushed the dog away and Jim said: "No, let him lick. It's okay. I know." Then I got red in the face. Jim knew my hot secret. Jim knew I had been licked to orgasm in the kitchen while I was doing my homework. It was why he showed me the magazines, why he was rubbing my shoulder and I felt his fingers inside my blouse rubbing my stiff nipples. Jim knew but it was OUR secret and by then I was hot and breathing and enjoying the privacy in his home in the afternoon.

My nipples were telling me to relax; to enjoy these feelings, to open my legs for the dog. Jim moved his hands down and told me to get out of my dress, that it would get messed by the dog and helped me get it off. I didn't know why I was doing this and shouldn't have but my body was taking charge, making me hot and cool all at the same time and he was being nice to me, telling me I was pretty that the whole thing was about feeling good and I liked feeling good so I let him do things to me.

He reached down and pulled my panties to one side and the dog was at me now. "Get the panties off," he said. I lifted up and they were off; my blouse was off; I squeezed his leg and felt his hardness. He took out his cock and put my hand on it. "That's nice," he said. I nodded.

My first cock, hard but soft and smooth, amazing thing. And I was into my own nice with a cock in one hand, my other hand petting my pussy, the dog licking on my hand, between my little fingers, and that extraordinary tongue working at me and there was no movie or room or sound except the licking and I gushed out an "Oh My God!" squeezing Jim's cock and he was oozing his come on my hand and wrist.

It was very slick and I kept rubbing; doggie lick, licking, me rub, rubbing, his ooze dripping on my hand and we three, Jim, dog and especially me, sweet good girl me with an older man's cock and being licked by a dog!

It couldn't have been a more wonderful afternoon after school as I came hard and "Oh My Godded" again and still again. I came so hard and Jim squeezed my breast, played with my nipple and it was his time to confess that he missed his wife; that she had taught the dog to please her; that I made him feel good again.

His words were just mumblings in my ears. My ears were ringing and I rested my head on his arm; Jim was petting me down and I started to breath again in the quiet room. The dog was licking himself down. He had such a busy tongue and I saw tongues and cocks and Jim's slick come on my hand, his hand on my small pretty breasts. He asked me to come and help him when I could and he would pay me for the help.

I would have done it for free. It was nice being a good girl and I brandi love big tits milf deep throating and fucking at myself, at all the excitement and rarely wore panties after that.

At least I didn't whenever I saw Jim which was as often as I could. They would only have been in the way. Jim has a friend: I found myself helping Jim several times a week. Mum asked about him, home from the hospital, needing me still? I let her know I did his yard work and washed the dog sometimes and it was a quiet place to do my homework…and, he paid me so Mum didn't have to worry about that. Mum approved and she saw how much I enjoyed "working" at Jim's and making some extra quid.

Don't get to thinking like that! I would have let him play with me for free and the dog was a real bonus so it wasn't just the money at all but I was learning about sex and enjoying my lessons! One day, when I arrived at his house he said we should take the dog for a walk to his neighbor's house a short distance and off we popped, the dog sniffing at my legs between pees on the bushes.

His friend, Kevin, was younger and they had worked at the same office. Kevin had a larger dog and we sat on his porch out back where his garden was…there we were, two guys, two dogs and one very horny and ready lass. I had expected Jim and I would spend some time at his house but here we were. With me all sexed up on the way to Jim's, the dogs could smell something was up, and up my dress they both went. I pushed them off. "Bad doggies.

Bad." They looked up with curious looks and I had to push them down again. Then Jim said, like I thought he would, "It's okay honey. (Where had I heard that girls anal fuckine big dildo Kevin knows and wanted to meet you." Kevin brought us glasses of wine and we sat on the back porch. There were birds washing themselves in a bird bath.

It was quiet and pretty of an afternoon and I was already hot as the dogs started sniffing again. I saw the bulge in Jim's pants and the wide eyes of Kevin, and a big bulge in his shorts. "You're a very pretty girl," Kevin said as his dog got in a good, direct lick on me from bottom right up my wet slit and I jumped at the lick.

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Better than Jim's dog I thought and then he licked me again. Kevin said: "Jim's told me all about you and I didn't believe him. I had to see for myself." Kevin took down his shorts and he was stiff and big and started stroking which made me hotter still. Kevin stood, his cock sticking out under his shirt, and pulled his chair near mine, his dog at my cunt, Jim's dog licking my ankles and Kevin feeling my thigh, watching his dog at me. I laid my head back. It was so silent in the yard and the wine was good.

My legs spread wide to enjoy all the licking I could get. A cool afternoon and I was on fire and spending and Kevin took my hand to his cock and I started pumping away. Kevin grunted and I watched his spurt of come shoot into the air, lesb sexy #29 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn on my wrist and I continued rubbing until Kevin stopped my hand with his, his dick gone limp.

"I can't take any more," he said. But I was still coming on the dog's tongue licking inside and out and down and up washing my lips, and I laid back again enjoying all this attention.

I looked over as the dog finally calmed down, I was calming down, Kevin was just limp and sipping his wine. Jim had a big smile on his face. Me, too. Kevin reached over and settled my dress down to my knees. The wine started to cool me as it trickled down my throat. I was so happy Jim had a nice friend, with a dog and a big dick.

What a lucky girl I was. I started to hear the birds again singing in the garden. I get better acquainted with Kevin Later Jim went out of town for a few weeks.

I didn't tell my Mum. I didn't tell anyone but went to Jim's house anyway because, because Kevin was taking care of the mail and Jim's dog while he was long porn storys page 1. So Kevin and I had some fun. On the way to see Kevin I was already hot and dripping when I went inside.

Jim, you see, never got close to fucking me even though my body ached for a real fucking. Dogs were fun and wanking Jim was fun, getting his come all over my arm, seeing him get stiff and then limp…telling me to stop because he couldn't take it any more. But I was still longing for the real thing. Jim was nice and had his "standards" as he told me, often, but I had my own "standards" and I wanted a real fucking.

By this time I was old enough to start taking the pill. I went to that handsome doctor who had first "examined" me and got a prescription. I was old enough and it was all routine for doctors but he had a glint in his eye when I told him what I wanted. "I guess you're graduating from horses to 'horsing around.'" he said. "No, I told him," though I was blushing, "it's not that." But I left it there.

It was none of his business. I had been on the pill for several weeks when Jim went on vacation and I dreamed of what real fucking might be like…up to that point it was hair brushes and other things, dogs licking me to climax, but my mind and body wanted more and I was determined to get what I wanted. All these sexual things in my life and reading magazines that were full of stuff about sex and orgasm, how women had trouble with sex and coming and there were all kinds of things they should do or needed to do; what food to eat, where to have sex, when to have it and all these techniques and such as that.

I didn't understand the problems they were having. Maybe there was something wrong with me? I didn't need the magazines or the advice, it was just how I felt, and it was so easy to relax and to feel and to be licked or stroking myself without hang-ups, which is what the articles called it hot masseuse dominates over the poor client I was hung up on wanting sex…hung up on enjoying it…that was my hang up…I couldn't get enough.

"Hi Kevin," I said as I went inside, wondering, was this the afternoon? Kevin was drinking some wine and offered me a glass. It went coolly down my throat right to my waist, my naked waist, tingling.

We went out to the yard and sat on the swing.

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Kevin's dog was there along with Jim's and both of them started sniffing. It was like they knew the routine and of course I pushed them away a couple times, making them eager, our little game and they were ready to play!. I could see Kevin's cock rising in his shorts and thought he probably was ready for another wanking but I just sat there with him in the swing, moving back and forth, my dress down over my knees.

Playing coy like one magazine had advised. I think Kevin knew this afternoon I had something different on my mind. "Jim has standards," I told him. Kevin replied: "Yes, I know. He's told me the two of you and his 'standards.' He's a good man and you're a good girl." I nodded and we moved on the swing. I let the words sink in and Kevin's dick was at full mast in the pretty garden, the dogs on the patio, and a little more wine.

I was thinking maybe this wasn't a good idea after all and was having second thoughts. Kevin put his arm around me. "I have different standards," he said. His words sent a thrill through my body from my ears, down to my nipples that were suddenly stiff and right down to my center. "You do?" I said. "Yes," he said, and I felt that electricity along my arms where his arm held me and my nipples brushed on my dress when the breeze moved the fabric ever so slightly.

"So do I," I mumbled, but now I was getting nervous. "Maybe it's time for me to go," I said. "No. Stay right here," Kevin said, holding my body closer. We were quiet, thinking, and then: "Play with me," he said. "Take charge," he said. I reached down and unzipped his shorts and out it sprang like a demon, fully erect. "You have a nice penis," I said. Kevin looked at me saying: "It's not just a penis, sweetie.

It's my cock, my knob, my Little Kevin, my prick and right now it wants to prick something, someone. Look at him standing up and pulsing." I smoothed the skin of his cock. "Talk to him," Kevin said. "He wants more than your hand he wants to be kissed." I leaned over and kissed him. His wet on my lips and it was my turn to lick it, flexing on my mouth. Kevin's hand went to my head, caressing my ears and my hair, I licked the top of Little Kevin and he moved on my tongue.

His wet on top tasted strange…kind of like bananas. His cock was sweet and moving as I licked it. Like it was talking to me. "Little Kevin likes that," it seemed to say.

"Little Kevin wants more licking," And I was licking, tasting the oozing on my lips, Big Kevin's hand stroking my head in approval…both Kevins and me enjoying this quiet time on the swing. I put him in my mouth, my lips going around his head, my tongue still licking the while and Big Kevin scooted down on the swing, more banana taste niki is a pretty girl with inviting asshole my mouth and Little Kevin pulsing inside.

I thought of the time I had used a banana and here was one again; a wet, hot banana!. My dress was off now, my body alive and Kevin was stroking my back down to my ass and squeezing my ass cheeks and I was tasting more ooze.

When I leaned over I felt very cool and my juices were running on my thighs. I was so ready but I was doing Kevin's hard dick and enjoying that too. Kevin lifted my head off him and got up from the swing.

"We need more wine," he said. I looked at him as though I was doing something wrong. He hadn't come yet and I was working to make him come having forgotten about my own plans.

I had gotten carried away and Kevin knew it. Talking to Little Kevin! Wow! There was a tease. And back he came with the wine.

We settled down with each other and I started to come down from my heat. His dick had settled down, too. Was this our day? Or not? Maybe not. I changed the subject. "Yes, Jim keeps telling me of his standards whenever we get together" he said. "Kevin?" I asked.

"I don't agree with Jim. Those are his standards. They aren't mine." I watched Little Kevin getting hard again! And I was getting hot again. "They aren't?" Kevin asked. I shook my head. He smiled. His dick was fully erect, my body tense, expecting.

The wine was going to my head. I was getting my nerve back. Kevin put his hand on my thigh and moving up and back over my knees. "You're a naughty girl," he said and I nodded again. "Naughty and very, very nice." I nodded and Kevin's hand was at my crotch, his fingers moving along my slit, slipping along the walls of my cunt. It was good already being naked, sending my own little message to his fingers: Open, Ready for Business!

I opened my legs, wondering, is this what I was hoping for? His finger slipped inside. His cock had gotten huge. "My cock wants to taste you," and I leaned over. "No," Kevin said, "not your mouth. Little Kevin wants to taste your cunt." I looked up at him. "Are you going to fuck me? Is your cock going to fuck my cunt?" It was his turn to nod.

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I was scared now that the real thing might happen and moved my legs together. My legs pushed his finger into me and sent thrills. Kevin smiled, took my hand and led me back inside to Jim's couch. "Sit down," he said. And I did. "Lift your legs. Spread your legs." And I did. I was scared and hot, laid my head back. I thought of stirrups and my young doctor and his probing… "Take hold of my prick." I reached and took hold. His dick was stiff and the tip was dripping.

Kevin looked in my eyes: "You're a hot little girl. Are you sure you want me to do this?" I looked down. I nodded my head. "Show Little Kevin where to go." [to probe me like that doctor? Except no Mum outside the curtain, no slick, Little Kevin was already slick. I wanted probing on the couch] I held him and put the tip of him at my lips. Kevin leaned over and kissed me. I could taste the wine on his lips.

His tongue shot into my mouth and I sucked on it. The tip of his cock was teasing me. Kevin made it move up and down. It was soft on my clit. "Your clit is stiff little girl," he whispered. I put my arms around his neck holding him close.

I was breathing hard. My cunt was dripping on my ass cheeks and cool and his cock was moving muscularly on my lips. I was ready. I was scared. I wanted his fucking and whispered in Kevin's ear something Wife caught cheating with this neighbor french didn't think I would ever say: " I want Little Kevin to taste me. I want to taste him inside. I want him to fuck me." "You're a naughty girl," Kevin whispered, our cheeks hot and sweaty.

"You're a dirty girl." "And you are a dirty old man," I said, teasing him back. "Fuck me now, please." "Pretty please?" Kevin said. How long was this teasing going to last. I was so hot.

Dripping. So ready. My time had come for the real thing and I felt his cock pressing against my lips. Lusty redhead gets her hirsute twat hammered squirting and hairy me.

Entering me. I lifted my body and moved my hands down Kevin's back pulling him close and I felt his huge, stiff hot member sliding into my body, my slick spend, his slick spend, gliding us, his cock sliding into my cunt. The real thing at last! I squeezed on Little Kevin and he flexed inside.

Gliding deeper. His balls finally pushed against my ass. He was in all the way. It was my first real thing. He started churning, back and forth, again and again. His balls bounced on my bottom. I reached down and felt his slick cock and my juices. His hair moving on my hand and against my hair. Soft, erotic, wet and hot. I touched him with my fingers, he was at my little mouth, his cock milking me, thrusting into me, over and over.

I saw doggie dicks and tongues and hair brushes, that doctor, and then there was this happening to me. I was dreaming and our bodies oozing life. My ears were full. Kevin's body was on mine, my nipples against his shirt. We were naked at our waists and fucking, gloriously fucking and sweating and I was puffing in his ear.

His cock hit against me. The room was silent. My legs were splayed wide, I was impaled on this thing poking at me, sticking me, again and again, pricking me, pricking at the quick of me and I began to feel pricked, pricking out my senses, something deep inside moving up, bursting out, my entire body coming alive, impaled on this instrument pricking at me, strumming my soul and I grunted. Then I groaned. "Unh. Ugh. Kevin!" "What?" he said.

"I'm coming on your cock. I'm coming on your dick. I'm…ooh…I can't take this any more. I'm finished," I gushed. "You're not finished and I'm not," he said and kept fucking me. His body slapping on mine. We were in a rhythm. I was exhausted and breathing hard and then it started, again, it was that wave churning, washing over me…"What are you doing to me?" I was alive again, I moaned.

"You're going to come again," he said, and it was happening again except this time I was writhing on his cock, begging him: "Don't stop. Don't stop now. Fuck me hard!" He was at my mouth, kissing my ears, sweat dripping on my face and I felt him tense and thrust hard, stiffen and spurting inside me, deep inside.

That glorious cock was at my throat it seemed and my cunt held on for the whole ride. "Please don't stop. Please don't stop. Please&hellip.don't&hellip.stop!" I exhaled. My breath was gone. My mind boot camp bffs enjoying a lucky cock fucking of the girls pulsing.

Alive! Finally, we laid together on the couch, sweating, breathing, come glistening on his cock, come running down my thighs wetting my ass.

I was breathing again. He petted my tummy, petted my fanny., petted my hairs, dipping his finger between my slick lips. A silent, gentle: "That was glorious, you're sweet." I wiggled on his finger…a silent "thank you." His cock made a final pulse and lay across his waist.

It was very quiet and I was thinking how wonderful to be alive and be alive like this; my first real thing, it was worth all the planning and worth waiting for. It was exhausting and thrilling. I looked at Kevin and smiled, squeezing his hand, mouthing a "thank you" but his eyes were closed. His cock had grown small. It still shined from our juices. It deserved a rest. Kevin opened his eyes and looked at me, squeezing back. I was glad Jim had a friend like Kevin.

Glad that Kevin had different standards, like my own, and that was a good thing. It was for me, finally, the real thing. And the very best thing. I slept soundly after that, hoping Jim wouldn't come back for another week! He didn't.