Gentle loving with a cute all natural sweetheart

Gentle loving with a cute all natural sweetheart
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The whiskers on my face and the fuzzy ears atop my head are going to please him. I wait in my living room. He tells me what a good little slut I am for being so excited. I reach down and rub my bare pussy, waiting impatiently for him.

A knock on the door makes my heart flutter.

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I open the door and he kisses me softly, walking past me to my bedroom. I follow and find him stripping off layers of jacket and then finally his shirt. He eyes me as I come into the room and speaks with a commanding voice.

"How do you greet your master?" I quickly sink to my knees in front of him and unbutton the five buttons between my waiting lips and his long, thick cock. I glance up at his soft, curving body and smile, licking and sucking all up and mmv films redhead gina with an amateur couple his shaft dutifully.

He moans as he feels my lips tight and wet around his shaft, then down sucking on his balls. My tongue flicks up to the tip and then he stops me. He tells me to get on the bed, take off my shirt, and suck. He pinches one of my nipples and growls, "use these too." Strip off my shirt and start sucking, then squeeze his cock between my tits and stroke hard and fast. He tells me to stand, pulls me tight against him, and tells me to drop my skirt. I take it off as he sits on the edge of my bed.

He looks me up and down and says, "I still want that lap dance you owe me. Now." I turn around, sitting in his lap and grinding against his cock, feeling it against my slit and moaning softly.

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He grinds back against me and grabs my tits from behind, rubbing up against me. He turns me around, bending me over the bed and I I know what he wants. I start to get wet at the thought of his long, hard cock stretching my ass, and I feel him spread me and start licking my hole, getting it wet.

He leans over me and whispers, "Relax, kitty." And with that I feel the tip of his cock being pressed into my ass, slipping in with a little force. It is too big and it hurts a little, but I slowly get used to it as I feel more spit and slight thrusting. He holds me by the hips and works it all the way in, making me scream as my knees go weak. He pulls out and tells me to turn and suck it clean. I turn around, on my knees in front of him. I lick his cock all over, slurping and sucking.

He thrusts once, all the way in and then stops me. He demands that I get on the bed, and I climb up obediently. I slip my feet into his lap and start to rub and stroke his cock. Xxx story 2019 dise gril pushes me onto my back, kissing from the arch of my foot, slowly up my leg to my slit, flicking his tongue against my clit and then kissing back down the other side.

I moan and shake as the pleasure and anticipation build inside me.

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He slips two fingers deep into my pussy, getting it wet. He spreads my lips wide open, and pushes his cock slowly into me. I moan loudly and wrap my legs around him, awesome teens play with jock on cam his back as he pushes in deeper.

I pull his body tight against mine as I feel it about halfway in. "Its so big m-master. ahh." he chuckles and grinds against me, "That's only half of it.

Can you take it all kitty?" I nod yes and he starts to fuck me deeper, working me with a slow, hard rhythm and then thrusting hard, all the way in. I scream with pure ecstasy as I feel him pound against my cervix. He uses my body until I'm shaking, in constant orgasm with waves of pleasure rolling over me. He pulls out and moans loudly, jerking and cumming all over my stomach and then dripping down my slit.

He rubs it in until I'm nice and sticky, and we take a short break, laying in bed together. He then tells me to suck again to get it nice and hard.

Once I've deep worship scat ass cleaner shit him back to throbbing hard, he tells me to get onto all four. I obediently get into position, loving his total control over me. He leans down and spits on my pussy, pressing his cock back against my slightly sore hole. I put my face into the pillow and moan, "this is gonna hurt so good." and with that, he shoves all the way to the base, grinding and slapping against my ass.

I scream and grind back on him in time with his thrusts, squeezing his cock tight with my pussy as I feel it throbbing deep inside me. He turns me over and pulls my legs to his shoulders, thrusting deeper and kissing my feet and ankles, pushing into me balls deep and grunting. He pulls out and forces me to suck and stroke his cock, milking his cum and then instructs me to show him before I swallow it all, and then thank him.

I feel him grab my hair as he blows his load into my mouth. I show him all of it, playing with it and loving the way it tastes and the warmth down my throat as I swallow, looking up at him, "Thank you sir." And he smiles.

"You're welcome. Good girl, get dressed." We dress slowly, admirning eachother's bodies, and I follow him out to the couch.

We sit and watch TV for a while, but I notice him looking at me. He wants more. He tells me to get down in front of him and suck while he takes a video. I blush but I obey, getting between his legs and pulling out his cock, licking lightly up and down the shaft.

I love the idea of him watching me later, and touching himself to it. He starts the video and I start sucking it hard and deep, choking a little but still licking and stroking it. I grope his balls as I swallow it all the way, working my tongue and making it nice and sloppy. Spit drips down my chin as I deepthroat his cock, taking it all and bobbing on it happily.

I look up at him while I take his cock, sucking and licking quickly. He starts to fuck my mouth as he gets closer to orgasm, and finishes the video as he starts to cum.

Its another huge load in my throat and I wonder how he can cum so much. I swallow it all and lick him clean, wiping the spit off my chin. He gets dressed and goes home, leaving me to rub myself and day dream about our play time. I can't wait until next time.