Skilled chick knows how to fuck properly

Skilled chick knows how to fuck properly
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- Hormones Part 2 - Share and Share Alike (Mf, ff, 1st, rough fucking during her time at boot camp, inc, nc, oral, impreg, voy) by Krosis of the Collective --- Six weeks after Alie had been impregnated the second time by her Uncle Rob she found that she was incredibly horny.

Her breasts were sore but felt good when rubbed, and so she started fucking her uncle again, though she had to find excuses to go out because by that time it was near the end of summer break and she usually only went over to her aunt's and uncle's house after school. Luckily, her aunt seemed to have a flourishing social life away from her husband so his cock belonged to Alie pretty much whenever she wanted it.

--- A couple of weeks later, Alie looked at her naked body in her bedroom mirror. Her stomach only showed a little rounding, but the breast growth she had experienced in the second month of pregnancy was startling.

She figured her breasts might actually get bigger than her mother's if she let this pregnancy go all the way! Not that she was going to do that! She just needed the pregnancy hormones to do their work and make her periods normal like they had for her mother.

The big variable was how long she would have to stay pregnant before her body changed enough to fix the horror that her monthly visitor consistently inflicted upon her. The first time she had gotten pregnant she had aborted the fetus after only a month, but her periods hadn't improved. Was two months long enough? She recalled how much worse her period had been once they resumed after the abortion. She couldn't go through that again!

Maybe three months? --- On the first day of school Alie arrived in new clothes that fit her developing body very well.

Lots of people noticed the changes, including Kay and Kitty Shelton, who managed to corner Alie in the girls' change room after gym class. "There's no way those are real," said Kitty, eyeing Alie's enlarged boobs as they pushed out the fabric of her gym t-shirt. "You wearing one of those water bras?" Alie shook her head. The blonde Shelton twins had always been mean to her, sometimes threatening to beat her up if she didn't do little favors for them like giving them test answers during class.

Alone with them now, she was horny babe shae celestine gets hard cock in her tight pussy. "Show us," said Kay, her sneering face so similar but not exactly like her sister's due to them being fraternal twins instead of identical ones. Alie hesitated and Kitty moved forward, grabbed Alie's shirt and pulled it up.

Then Kay unhooked the bra and Alie gasped as her newly substantial breasts sprang free. The twins stared at Alie's hormone-fueled boobies.

"Holy shit," whispered Kay. "You get some plastic surgery?" asked Kitty, examining them closer. "You were only a little bigger than me last year." She glanced down at her own t-shirt disappointedly. Kay likewise looked at her own chest, which was even smaller than her sister's. "I've.been taking hormones." Alie explained, ".to help with my periods. This is a side effect." The twins nodded sympathetically. They had seen the effect Alie's periods had on her when she wasn't able to get to the bathroom in time.

Kay thought for a moment.

"Get us some of that stuff too." "Um." Alie stammered. "Yeah," added Kitty, "Get us some." In the end the twins threatened Alie again and she had to agree to their terms. What was she going to do? As Uncle Rob filled her up with his cum after school she had an idea. --- The next day she told the twins that she had the medicine at home and that they should come over after dinner. They agreed and showed up at Alie's house around 6:30 PM.

They went to Alie's bedroom after her parents said hello to their daughter's "new friends." As Alie closed the bedroom door behind them she said, "Okay, take off your pants." "What the fuck?!" the Shelton twins said in unison. Alie explained, "I tried birth control pills to control my period but those didn't work. This hormone treatment actually stops your periods entirely, but it has to be administered.down there." She pointed between Kitty's legs. "Let me see the stuff," said Kay. Alie had been ready for this.

Last night she had retrieved one of her mother's empty prescription skin lotion canisters and used her naughty sweetheart raises her long girlfriend and homemade to print out an authentic looking label to tape onto it.

Today when she got home she transferred as much of Uncle Rob's sperm from her vagina as she could into the canister. Given that it looked and smelled exactly like cum from a pussy she had used some purple food coloring and a drop of her mom's old perfume to complete the deception.

She held out the "medicine" to Kay. The girl looked at the purplish semen and then gave it a sniff, wrinkling her nose at the strange odor. She thought for a moment and then said, "Show us." Alie nodded. "No problem.I've been using this stuff for months." She pulled her jeggings and panties off, sat on her bed, and started to work a little of the solution into her pussy. Kitty and Kay were stunned.

Alie had just pulled her bottoms off and shoved some of the medicine inside her vagina like it was nothing! "Okay?" asked Alie, holding the canister out to the twins. Her fingers were wet but none of the "medicine" was left on them.

Kitty hesitated but Kay reached out for it. Alie pulled it back. "Two conditions: you can't tell anybody I gave you this stuff, and you can't take the container with you. This medicine is experimental and my parents had to sign something saying that it would remain a secret. If someone finds out you have this then we'd get in real trouble. I can come to your place or you can come here to get your doses." Alie held the canister out again. "Deal!" said Kay, sitting on the bed next to Alie and pulling her tight jeans off.

Once she was naked from the waist down she took the "medicine" canister from Alie. She dipped her fingers into the purplish solution, rubbed them together, paused a moment to consider, and then brought those fingers down to her own vaginal lips. Alie had been holding her breath since Kay had put Uncle Rob's sperm onto her fingers. Once the unsuspecting blonde touched the dangerous cum to her pussy lips Alie started to breathe again, and quickly.

She was cute brunette gets screwed in a gangbang on at the thought of one of her tormentors possibly impregnating herself with Alie's uncle's sperm unknowingly! It made sense it would be Kay first, as the girl was obviously unhappy with her smaller breasts. Kay took another fingerful of sperm and this time she was able to push some of it into her pussy now that it was lubricated from the first splodge.

"Mmp," she grunted as her finger got halfway inside her. Clearly she was still a virgin. Alie held the container out again. "Try to get it as far up there as possible for the best results." Kay took another batch of potent sperm and pushed it up inside her possibly fertile virgin pussy, giving another grunt as she was finally able to get her finger all the way inside.

Alie thrilled at the trick she was pulling on her tormentors. Alie held the canister out to Kitty, who recoiled. "No, no," the other twin said as she backed away, "This is too weird." "Suit yourself," said Alie.

She looked back at Kay, who had just extracted her finger from her vagina, now clean of semen. Alie's clitoris tingled at the thought of her uncle's sperm now swimming their way deeper inside the ignorant blonde teen. "Make sure to put a pillow under your hips when you get home," Alie advised.

"So the medicine gets as deep as possible." Kay nodded, happy, and both she and Alie got their panties and bottoms back on. Kitty looked concerned but didn't say anything before leaving with her sister. Once Alie got back into her room she again removed her jeggings and panties. She rubbed her clitoris and pushed her fingers into her pussy until she came hard thinking about what the gullible bully had just done.

--- The next night went much the same: Kay pushed more of Uncle Rob's sperm inside herself while Kitty and Alie looked on. "How long should it take?" Kay asked as she put her panties back on.

This time she had worn a dress so that she had easy access to her vagina. "When did your last period start?" asked Alie.

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Kay thought for a moment. "Couple weeks ago?" Alie thrilled at this news. Most likely Kay would be ovulating soon. "It took me a few months for my breasts to start growing, but you should know if it's working if your period stops in a couple more weeks." Kitty spoke up, "That's right, you said that. Why does your period stop?" Alie was ready for this question.

"Well, you know how birth control pills work by tricking your body into thinking it's pregnant? This stuff works much the same, though it's more powerful so it stops your period entirely when it starts taking effect. I haven't had a period in two months!" "Huh." said Kitty as she considered that. As the twins were leaving Alie told them, "We should probably only do intersting sex position for big dick big black cock and monstercock on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or I won't have enough for me, okay?

It should still work even with the lowered dosage." When she had started this prank she had neglected to consider what she would do on the weekends when she couldn't get Rob's cum, and this additional lie covered for that. The twins seemed to believe it. They left and Alie once again returned to her room to frig herself with the mental image of Kay's slim little body filling up with Uncle Rob's baby. --- A couple of weeks later Kay disappointedly informed Alie that her period had arrived.

Alie was likewise disappointed. She suggested that they hold off on the "treatment" for a couple of weeks so that Kay's body wouldn't develop an immunity to the medicine. The dumb blondes fell for it again. --- At the three month mark Alie once again had her uncle take her to the abortion clinic. Her breasts had grown a little more, as had her stomach, and she couldn't wait any longer or her parents would start asking questions.

With all the changes in her body this time it had to be enough! This time the doctor had to use a machine to perform the procedure.

It was uncomfortable and she had cramps and had to wear a pad for a week afterward, but once again, compared to her regular periods it was "a walk in the park." --- When it came time for Kay's next dose of "medicine" a week later she went over to the Shelton house.

Mr. Shelton answered the door and Alie noted the widening of his eyes as they scanned her chest before settling on her face. "Um, hi," he stammered. "You must be Alie." "I must," Alie agreed, moving into the house at his invitation. She noted that he was older than her own father but still an attractive man. She shook her head. She had not had these kinds of thoughts prior to getting pregnant the second time.

She hoped that meant that the superlatively good fuck of his life three months of pregnancy hormones would be powerful enough to improve her periods this time. Alie had switched back to giving her uncle blowjobs after this last abortion, and he agreed. He didn't want to get her pregnant again.

This also meant that transferring his sperm into the fake medicine canister was much easier. As she handed that canister to the half-naked Kay she said, "You know, the doctor gave me some advice when the medicine didn't take effect for me right away. You should give it a try." Kay took some of the disguised sperm on her finger and dipped it into her pussy. "Oh?" "Yeah, he suggested that I masturbate french hotel maid getting fucked make sure to bring myself to orgasm after.

It really worked." Kitty spoke up as she sat on the boudoir chair in Kay's bedroom, "How the hell does that work?" "Something about helping the medicine to penetrate your uterus. Remember, it tricks your body into thinking it's pregnant, like birth control pills." Kitty still looked skeptical.

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"I'll give it a try," Kay said. Alie waited, watching. Kay took another dollop of cum from the canister. "Not NOW," she said, rolling her eyes, "I'll do it after you're gone." Another glob of sperm-filled semen slipped inside the fertile girl's vagina. Alie was disappointed but didn't let on. It would have been glorious to watch Kay masturbate herself to orgasm and possibly pregnancy. Alie had to settle for thinking of that when she frigged herself after she got home. --- After three weeks of watching Kay push sperm inside her own pussy they determined that Kay had actually missed her period.

The "medicine" worked! Alie and Kay were delighted, though for entirely different reasons. "Now that it's taken effect you only have to take it once a month now," Alie bullshitted. Kay seemed disappointed but then Kitty spoke up: "So I can start on it now?" Alie was surprised. "You didn't want to wait until Kay's breasts got bigger?" "No.I'm more interested in stopping my periods.

They're not as bad as yours private gold a xxxmas sextravaganza nikky thorne they're still pretty bad," Kitty responded. "Let's get started then," said Alie, holding out the "medicine" to Kitty.

--- A few days later Alie awoke to a terrible pain in her midsection and the familiar feeling of blood leaking out of her vagina, soaking her bedsheets. Her mother had purchased rubber mattress liners a year ago so the bed wasn't ruined. "Noooooo." she cried. Even three months of pregnancy didn't do the trick! What was she going to do? --- She was able to hide her menstruation from Kitty and Kay, making sure not to stay too long when Kitty got her "dose." Kay, meanwhile, praised the "medicine" for taking away her period and making her feel great, so full of energy.

Yep, Alie thought, the girl was definitely pregnant. And stupid. Heh, she thought: young, dumb, and full of cum. --- A week later Alie showed up at the twins' house to find that they weren't home. Kay had a sudden craving for ice cream so their mother had taken them out. Alie stifled a snort at hearing that.

"But you can wait for them.come on in," said their father. Alie hadn't had sex for weeks by this point. After fucking her uncle daily for months she was frustrated at only being able to give him blowjobs, but recent events dictated that she shouldn't try to get pregnant again.

Kay was so lucky, she thought, not having to experience her period for the better part of a year! She grinned at that, imagining the dumb blonde laying back on her bed and masturbating in order to give the "medicine" its best chance.

Alie sex story kam umar ki sex so horny! She went to the washroom and locked the door. Pulling her pants down she started to flip her clitoris while pushing a finger into her overheated pussy. She didn't realize that she wasn't being very quiet.

As she approached orgasm the door flew open and Mr. Shelton fell into the room, barely catching himself on the counter before he would have hit the ground. "Damn latch." he muttered. What had he been doing out there?

Alie wondered for a moment, and then she saw the telltale sign of his excitement tenting out his slacks. He had been listening to her masturbate and had put too much of his weight on the door! She walked over to him -- well, shuffled, with her pants still around her ankles -- looked him in the eye, and then unzipped his pants. He closed the door again as she took out his hard cock.

"Do you have any food coloring?" she asked. --- "Why is it blue?" asked Kitty as she extracted the sperm from the canister.

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"New and improved," Alie replied. "I don't know what they changed, but it's blue now." "Why's it warm?" Kitty rubbed the substance between her fingers. "Because." Why why why? ".the canister was in my pocket." She mentally high-fived herself for coming up with that so quickly. "Huh." Kitty said as she started to lube up her pussy lips with the "medicine." --- A few minutes earlier Alie had sucked the twins' father's cock into her mouth, savoring how the penis, larger than her uncle's, felt.

After a bit of that she stood up and bent over the counter, waggling her butt to make her need obvious. Mr. Shelton wasted no time getting his cock inside the sexy young girl. His wife and daughters could be home at any time! Alie's pussy was extremely wet from almost cumming on her fingers so despite the size of his member it slipped into her easily. What followed was a staccato series of thrusting in order to bring both of them to release as fast as possible.

Alie had not felt anything like it before, and when she started to cum she set off the older man's orgasm as well.

"Oh noooo." she moaned as she felt his cock swell and spit its dangerous warm cargo deep inside of her. She had only wanted to fuck him for a bit and then she would have sucked him off, but he had been too fast and too good at pleasuring her so now she was taking a potent load inside her once again possibly fertile reproductive system. Her overheated body greedily accepted the tribute. A few minutes later, alone, she had dumped her uncle's sperm down the sink wet and ready for drilling hardcore blowjob used a few drops of the blue food coloring Mr.

Shelton had given her to disguise his semen as it dripped out of her vagina and into the canister. A drop of Mrs. Shelton's perfume completed the illusion. --- Alie watched with glee as Kitty took another blob of her father's sperm and pushed it up inside her fertile, unprotected pussy.

"You really should masturbate to give it the best chance of working right away," Alie said hopefully. "Hmp," Kitty said. She pushed another glob up inside herself. "It worked for me," Kay said. "Hmm.let me help you!" "Wha--?" Kitty exclaimed as Kay dived head first into her sister's muff. "Kay, I--oh!" Kay had found her sister's clit and was licking it furiously. Kitty was frozen in shock and then a moment later she lay back with a smile, obviously enjoying her sister's attentions.

Alie was shocked but also delighted. She was able to take Kay's fingers, dip it into the "medicine," and then direct those digits into Kitty's now very wet pussy. As Kay thrust her fingers into her sister's pussy and continued to lick her clit Kitty moaned loudly. Then she arched her back and gasped and Alie knew the bitch was cumming on her sister's tongue and fingers as Kay unknowingly pushed their father's sperm into Kitty's body.

Kitty's orgasm helped to pull it even deeper inside. Alie slipped her hand into her pants and came on her own fingers at this incredible sight, unaware that her own orgasm was drawing more of the remainder of Mr.

Shelton's sperm deeper inside her own fertile depths. --- A month prior, Alie's Dad had let his family know the big news: he was being promoted! The only problem was that they would have to move out of state in the next couple of months.

--- Now those two months were up and Alie hadn't had sex with anyone but Mr. Shelton that one time the previous month, but now her period was late and they were about to move away, and there was no time to get an appointment for an abortion before they moved!

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Kitty informed her that she had also missed her period! Those twins would have their babies a month apart, and Kitty's was most likely her own father's! Revenge was delicious. --- Moon Pies are also delicious. After moving to her new home Alie tried her first Moon Pie dessert cake and absolutely loved them.

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Now, four months pregnant, she had quite the appetite for sweets. Her parents thought that she was just getting fat from eating too many of those things but they would soon figure it out.

They had moved to a state where abortion was no longer an option. She was stuck carrying the baby to term, but at least this would most likely fix her period once and for all. She wondered, was "Moonpie" a good name for a boy or girl?